Reader Top 30 #5

It’s Roman Quinn by a large margin in what many thought would be a close race. The top 4 prospects as voted by you so far with the # of votes, % of vote, and margin over next prospect –

  1. J.P. Crawford, 318 votes (of 356), 89.3%, by 301 votes over Maikel Franco (17 votes).
  2. Aaron Nola, 203 votes (of 430), 47.21%, by 14 votes over Maikel Franco (189 votes).
  3. Maikel Franco, 349 votes (of 416), 83.89%, by 321 votes over Roman Quinn (28 votes).
  4. Roman Quinn, 241 votes (of 384), 62.76%, by 191 votes over Zach Eflin (50 votes).

Although the top 4 prospects received 1371 of 1586 votes cast (86.44%) and outdistanced other prospects by convincing margins, somehow the remaining votes cast for the top 4 spots were divided among 27 different players.

Up next #5, should start to get interesting now.

34 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #5

  1. going with Knapp here, our future 2016 catcher and his plus switch hitting abilities is a hard combo to pass up, although Altheer should be up for conversation here as well

    1. Maybe a Sept ’16 call up but he isn’t inline to be the starter for a long while. He is going to spend at least a year each in AA and AAA.

          1. rated top hitter in organization top hitter during instructs he was re-habbing arm during his early stint in Florida St league he’ll be there for half the season then off to AA Reading for 2nd half, then Arizona Fall League. Don’t get caught looking at stats all the time watch the kids hit, look at their swing

            1. Rated top hitter in organization by whom? I don’t get much chance to watch these guys in person so I’m going largely by scouting reports that can be found online. There’s not a lot of buzz about Knapp right now so if you’re that confident about his hitting then you’re probably in the minority.

              I do give him a break for the time he missed with the injury, but his stock is still not high. The Phillies thought he was ready for Clearwater and that proved to not be the case- hence the demotion. In Lakewood he was solid but not great; a 22% strikeout rate for a 22 year old bat-first prospect in Lakewood isn’t encouraging. I have him around #20 in the system, but I could see having him a little higher than that.

  2. Biddle over Eflin. Barely. I have to imagine we as a group will have more faith in Biddle than the national average based on our understanding of the circumstances surrounding his last two seasons of bizarre illness and injury. Maybe that’s coloring my view rosier than it should be, but I don’t find it unreasonable to think he can be the guy we thought he was destined to be before 2013: a mid-back end starter who eats innings.

  3. I checked with Matt Eddy of BA, and they considered Rule 5 picks in their upcoming Prospect Handbook. Since we are following BA standards, I will add Odubel Herrera to the next poll.

  4. Glad to see Imhof gaining momentum. I thought I was the only one who rated him highly.

    Surprised to see so much for love for Biddle. You’re living in the past, man.

    1. When he was healthy this year, he still showed the stuff that had people excited about him in the first place. I have him over Eflin here because he misses more bats.

    2. I understand that people don’t have any faith in Biddle after the insane expectations that were thrust upon him. It’s actually sad to see fans devolve into sniping concerning players who had unfair expectations by those same fans who now have given up on said player. If you go back to when Biddle was drafted, he was never expected to be a #1. He was slotted as a #3-#5 and a solid innings eater. If he can stay healthy, he can be that.

      1. I thought he was viewed as a #2/3/4 when drafted. I haven’t lowered him based on inflated expectations not being met. I’ve lowered him based on injuries (he currently has a sore elbow), lousy conclusions to both the 2013 and 2014 seasons, a bad stint in winter ball, and inconsistent/reduced velocity. I’ve seen him pitch at Reading, and other that the first time I saw him in 2013, have not been impressed. He just totally lost his delivery, once in the second inning and once in the fourth. On neither occasion could he right himself. On the one occasion, he was reduced to lobbing eephus pitches that weren’t close to strikes before finally being lifted. My brother and I thought he had blown out his arm, he was throwing so poorly and looking so totally lost. I still cannot understand why he was asked to pitch through as many injuries/illnesses as he has. I fear that the Phillies have ruined him. It is a sad case. He should have rested, rather than tried to make up innings in winter ball. It was abundantly clear at the end of 2014 that he still wasn’t right. Hopefully he starts 2015 healthy and confident and the pitcher he seemed to be at the start of 2014. I’m not at all sure he isn’t going the Morgan route.

        1. Morgan had a devastating shoulder injury. Biddle got hit in the head with a piece of ice. Not sure if those two situations are comparable or not.

          I agree with the injury concerns however and if you want to knock him based on that, that’s fair.

          1. The concussion and whooping cough were freakish, but there is the arm injury, the prior foot injury, and I really think he ended 2013 as well as 2014 with some sort of arm woe, since he was throwing at all right.

            1. Oops! That should read ‘since he wasn’t throwing at all right’. And, it was very obvious to even a casual observer.

        1. No, that was the commentary both at draft time and as he progressed through the low minors. He was never regarded as a #3-5, that is just inaccurate. After the 2012 season, BA described him as “The safe projection would be to call Biddle a solid No. 3 starter who can eat innings in the middle of a contender’s rotation. But he could have more upside if he continues to get better like he has throughout his young pro career’. After his bad ending to 2013, BA still described him as a middle of the rotation guy, but lowered his downside to ‘toward the back end of a rotation’. This year, they removed him from our top 10 prospects. His stock has definitely declined after his 2013 and 2014 seasons. This is not a case of fans latching onto inflated expectations, but rather a stalling in Biddle’s development, largely fueled by illness/injury and pitching through same. Problem is, pitching through injury can damage the arm and that damage may or may not fully heal.

  5. I feel like everybody at one time or another have said Eflin, Biddle and Imhof project to be mid to back end starters. I was going to go Biddle, but Eflin seems to have so much more control, I went with him. But it was close. We all know Biddle and what he’s capable of. But unfortunately, that is a double sided coin.

    Also, Altherr was on my mind as well, due to his pretty good winter numbers.

  6. Eflin here. He pitched successfully as a 20-year-old in the notorious California League. He seems a good bet to be a big league starter, even if it’s closer to the back of the rotation.

    Biddle’s curveball keeps him in consideration here, but he’s nearly three years older than Eflin and will likely be in the same rotation as him this season (I’m assuming he’s staying at AA — let me know if I’m wrong). Plus, two straight years of control issues like the ones he’s faced do not instill confidence in Biddle, regardless of the circumstances.

  7. I agree with Brad. I was between Eflin and Biddle, and based on what we know to be extraordinary situations, an illness, and then the Concussion, and his upside, I went with Biddle. If he is back to form health wise, I think he projects a bit higher. Giving away my #6 pick because this was very close.

  8. It must be me and not you guys. Maybe I give way to much love to oft injured players but for my money I have Dugan in this slot. I see him as a potential everyday LF with 20+ HR potential good and OBP skills, slightly avg to good defensive skills….if healthy this year!

    1. It’s a defensible choice for sure. We’re at a point where we have a bunch of players that profile similarly – decent regulars/mid rotation starters, close proximity, some risk, injury or otherwise. Then there are some higher upside/higher risk/less proximity players. There are maybe 6 or 7 players I could see in this spot.

      1. The problem is he probably won’t start at AAA this year. I would like him to get there this year and maybe be a Sept call up along with Eflin.

          1. That’s true he is still ahead of the age curve, but that advantage is washed out with him being at the same level for the last 1.5 yrs

    2. Dugan was in my mind too. I might take him over Biddle next time. But I went with Eflin here, based on projection, age and being in AA next year.

  9. I went Eflin over Biddle here too. I love Biddle and still consider his ceiling unchanged–and a touch higher than Eflin’s. However, his floor might be lower, too, if these injuries continue. Some dudes are just snake-bit–through no fault of their own. Gonna go Biddle next unless I reconsider Odubel.

  10. I considered three pitchers here: Eflin, Biddle and Mecias. Eflin I obviously know the least about, but some national publications were talking about him as slotting into the Top 5 in the system immediately after the Rollins trade. I’m not sure I see it based on the profile. Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but he looks like a Pettibone type to me–nothing to be ashamed of there, but not someone who immediately rockets to the top of the chart in my book. I hear what you’re saying, Greg, about not judging the concussion too harshly. That said, large parts of 2013 and 2014 have been lost for one reason or another and the organization seems like they’re down on him, based on Amaro’s comments at the time they shut him down. That alone might not drop him down the list, but then there was the elbow soreness that shut down his winter league stint. Again, maybe nothing catastrophic, but it’s more lost developmental time.

    I feel like Mecias has the most upside of any of these three, even if he’s a bit overlooked at the moment due to the TJ surgery. The reports on him when he came back at the end of last season made it sound like he looked recovered. So to me, I’ll take the guy who has come back from elbow surgery over the guy who looks like he might need it.

    I guess I also could have gone for Dugan, Tocci or Grullon here, but none of them make me all that excited at the moment. Yoel Mecias gets it with a shrug.

    1. Sorry, I should have made it clear that the second half of the first paragraph is about Biddle with the concussion, not Eflin, should be obvious but it’s confusingly worded.

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