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Florida Instructional League – Adam Morgan Edition; 9/24/2014

In Florida, Wednesday is Camp Day. After morning workouts, the players head over to Bright House Field for an intrasquad game. Today, a little past 12:30pm, Adam Morgan started a game for the first time since he was shut down in 2013.

Intrasquad games are a pain to score. The line ups are fluid, innings can start with runners on base, innings can last more or less than 3 outs, and there are double the number of pitchers to chart. I can provide a lot of detail on Morgan and some sketchy highlights on the rest of the game. Continue reading Florida Instructional League – Adam Morgan Edition; 9/24/2014

General Discussion – Week of 9-22-14 – End of the Line Edition

Last week of the year. Three at Miami to close out a ten game road trip and three at home with the Braves over the weekend. Last place in the division looks like a near certainty at this point. A protected pick is all but guaranteed as well, as the Phils sit four games “behind” San Diego for 19th in baseball, (oops, I meant 20th, the first unprotected pick) with just 5 games to play. Still looks like they could luck into as high as 25th place, for the 7th overall pick next year, and they currently sit in 23rd place, in line for the 9th overall pick.