John Mayberry Jr., traded for Gustavo Pierre

The Phils announced this evening that they traded OF John Mayberry Jr to Toronto for High A 3B Gustavo Pierre.  Pierre, 22, is a DOminican native and played for Toronto’s affiliate in Dunedin this season, hitting .263/.285/.390, with 7HR 40 RBI and 8SB.  Most problematic is the 3% walk rate to go along with the 26% k rate.    Pierre has played 104 games at 3B this year and committed 24 errors (.909).  Just last week, Pierre was called up to Toronto’s AA affiliate in New Hampshire to finish out the season and Pierre is likely to start 2015 as Reading’s 3B.

Credit where it is due to Amaro.  Mayberry had no future in Philadelphia and while likely neither does Gustavo Pierre, there should be an appreciation for the fact that Amaro acquired something of value, albeit likely minimal for something that has zero current or future value for the Phils.

20 thoughts on “John Mayberry Jr., traded for Gustavo Pierre

  1. This seems like a trade just to get something for Mayberry. Pierre being the AA 3rd baseman makes sense. There’s really nobody of interest that was likely to play there next year. Considering Mayberry was likely to be non tendered in offseason at least they got something. Albeit it looks more like an organizational depth piece more than anything. At least it clears a spot on the 40, too.

  2. FYI. HIs last name is not the same as, say Juan Pierre. It is pronouned in three syllables. pee-you-ray is as close as I can come on an American keyboard.

  3. Too bad Mayberry got hurt this year or he probably could have gotten something better in return. Granted I don’t know anything about Pierre but his stats, but they don’t paint a pretty picture.

    1. Yeah, a 22 year old with a 26% K-rate, a 3% BB rate, and a .263/.285/.390 slash line at high A isn’t exactly promising. So while the return for Mayberry doesn’t seem much better than a couple of buckets of baseballs, I guess it’s not really surprising, either.

  4. Maybe it is just pronounced P-U since the reports say he stinks….I think the Phils did it to thank Mayberry for his years of service,

  5. It is a step forward, not having to hear about giving him a chance to win a regular OF spot! Whatever we got, it is a good deal. Only needed to make 6 more trades.

  6. Darin Ruf should be happy with this trade as it looks he will inherit Mayberry’s playing time in 2015 and hopefully more.

  7. Unless he gets traded as part of a package in the off-season! If Howard doesn’t go, do not be surprised.

    1. Prefer that Howard goes and Ruf stays as Ryan’s lack of contact and inability to run contributed to the loss yesterday. This would mean that Brown moves up in the order and gets his last chance.

  8. Ruben on Mayberry and churning the roster, with Jim Salisbury, CSN:
    “We’re looking to make some changes,” Amaro said before Monday afternoon’s game. “Not that it’s a huge change, but we’re going to have to start churning the roster in a way that it’s going to have to be improved. We felt like this was the right thing to do for [Mayberry] and us.”

    Amaro was asked if he believed the team needed “significant” changes. “I do,” he said. “I think we need it. What we have on our roster right now isn’t working. How much we do depends on what makes sense for us. We’re still assessing what we have, but I think it behooves us to look to make changes because we need to be better.”

    Amaro will consider performance and chemistry as he tries to make changes. “There are a lot of factors — how a player will fit short-term and long-term, what the guys bring to the table on and off the field, intangibles,” he said. “It’s all those things, and we’ll look to improve in all those areas.”

    1. Ruben is under contract for one more year. Not sure he will be able to recruit additional scouting personnel without an extension in place for himself.
      Most scouts may not want to come to the organization with a lame duck GM as their boss.

  9. Any chance Charlie Manuel works with this kid and gets some decent results. Pierre isn’t on any top prospects list, but has some pop in his bat. If he can cut down on the strikeouts maybe we will get a nice utility piece out of this deal (if not more). Nice project player to acquire for a guy whose time in Philly was running out anyway (plus he did not start nor was all that healthy lately)

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