Box Score Recap – 8/30/2014

Lots to talk about today – A good start from Brad Lincoln and Ethan Martin struck out five in two innings. Roman Quinn was 2-2 plus two walks, though he was caught stealing. CLR bullpen backed up a good start from Miguel Nunez. Malquin Canelo and Zach Green had two hits a piece, and Andrew Pullin was a triple short of the cycle. He’s got nine homers on the year. Wonder how many he’ll hit in a better hitting environment in Florida next year. Prediction – 14. And for WIL, Cord Sandberg hit his fifth home run and Rhys Hoskins his ninth. Hoskins 2015 HR prediction? 22. The last 8 at Reading. I’m being bold this morning.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

8-30-14 boxscores

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  1. Jan hernandez has been a big disappointment. A lot of people including this site had him high on their lists given the scouting reports re his tools. Is he a miss? I would expect that he’ll repeat Williamsport next year.

    1. Scouts still love him, he has a ton of potential and is super raw. He has been good defensively, he likely goes to Lakewood next year and you could see the stats tick up

    2. As Matt said, people in charge still love him. They seem to have no qualms about showing real patience with him. I’d expect some big change in his mechanics or approach during the offseason. He’s so pull happy that they’re almost trying to slow him down to use the whole field.

    3. I thought he would repeat GCL. He had not mastered GCL pitching last year. He has the tools. He is young. Somtimes young players catch up. He is capable. That is why they moved him to Williamsport. They may also move him to Lakewood. He hit much better at Williamsport than he did at GCL. Why not move him?

  2. I think I asked both of these questions before but I don’t remember the answer:

    1. What is Quinn’s arm like in CF?

    2. Where has Martins velocity been? Still plus?

    1. 1. It was a plus (60) arm at shortstop which would make it a real weapon in centerfield

      1. What is Revere’s hit tool? 70?

        It would be interesting to see what each player on the Phillies roster scouting numbers (20-80) would be.

        1. Keith Law was talking about Revere’s hit tool grade the other day, I don’t think he settled on one, only the crime it would be to have to refer to a revere as the batting champion if he ends with the highest average. He has a simplified bat to ball approach- but the best you could give him is 60 given how bad his peripherals are.

  3. Pullin is guy I really had high hopes for after seeing him early in their season. He looked the part: played with sense of urgency, nice swing, runs hard, solid defense. Here is how his season shaped up:

    BB% up to 7.6 (from 3.2 in ’13)
    K% up to 17.5 (from 16.9)
    ISO down to .104 (from .152)
    OBP up to .331 (from .283)

    Thoughts on season he had?

    1. He was back to hitting this year after learning how to play second base. I look for him to do well from now on. He can just get better each year and be a fine second baseman with power.

    2. Think we just have to wait and see what he does next year to determine his potential. This year hasn’t been great but at least he some progress (at the very least he didn’t regress) in moving up a level. Valentin is clearly the better prospect at this point at 2B so I’m more interested in his progress.

    3. I still don’t get Pullin . . . Every time I’ve seen him hit he’s looked TERRIBLE, he was always out in front with his swing . . . And I mean EVERY TIME. I obviously haven’t seen every game, only maybe 20abs but they looked horrible. I feel like he’s someone who has feasted on bad pitching, hopefully I’m wrong. I’m more a pitching guy so my hitting opinion isn’t gospel but for what it’s worth I always thought he looked bad.

  4. watched some of the LV game on tv last night. I was surprised at how skinny Perkins looked, but was glad to see him knock in the game winner, hope he can build off this and try to take some positives away from what has likely been a very tough season for him.

    MAG was impressive with his FB (I saw several 94’s and 96’s, at least one 97 and one 100). His curve wasn’t working too well but I really liked his demeanor out on the mound. Very interested to see what the future holds for him. I didn’t know he could hit 100 but I also don’t know how accurate the gun is in LV.

    Franco hit a bullet in his 1st at bat but right at 3b, his next ab he also hit one hard but the LF made a good running catch. The announcers said that they were told that a Franco call up was 50/50 and after the week he had that they were leaning towards calling him up.

  5. Watched some of the LV game last night, first time seeing them this year, was surprised at how skinny Perkins looked but was glad to see him knock in the game winner.

    MAG was impressive, especially his FB as I wasn’t aware he could hit 100, or at least that’s what the scoreboard flashed so I don’t know how far off the gun is there. He had several FB’s at 94 and 96, saw at least one 97 and the 100 mph heater. He had some trouble with the curve but the announcers had a lot of good things to say about him. Should be very interesting to see how he does in his call up and next year.

    Franco hit a bullet in his fist ab but right at the 3B. His next ab he smoked the ball again but the LF made a nice catch. The tv announcers said that they heard the phils are 50/50 on a call up but after the week he just had that they were leaning towards calling him up.

    1. Perkins had two seasons — one in which he was the best man on the field for Reading and te second in which he tried to master the curve ball. It has taken him that time in LHV to learn how to hit what is not a fast ball. Judging from his performance he should have a good season at LHV next year and possibly get a call-up to the Phillies.

      1. From the Inquirer:

        “With (Perkins), it’s been pitch selection,” IronPigs manager Dave Brundage said. “We would like him to walk more.”

        It may be a small thing, but it’s nice to hear somebody in the organization say they want a guy to walk more.

  6. I went to the Lakewood vs Hagerstown game on Friday and had a few observation:

    1.Carlos Tocci is still very skinny but had a good approach. He was still overpowered by a goo fastball. Like it has been repeated on here before he must get stronger.

    2. Pullin played poorly in the field – he did not look natural at second – and just average at the plate.

    3. Knapp was solid at the plate but brutal with the gear on. The pitching staff did him no favors but cannot see him sticking as a catcher.

    4.Cosens is physically impressive. Though he ran a few deep counts his ability did not shine on this night. Struggled with pitches below the knees.

    5.Green did not have as much bat speed as I might have thought but he followed it up with 3 doubles this weekend. He was the eh

    6.walking was slick in the field but his bat still needs work.

    7. Rios did not look good at all. Control was lacking

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