28 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 8/31/2014

  1. The Phillies late “winning streak”, is hurting their draft position. I, for one, want them to lose every game. And PLEASE buyout Ryan Howard.

    1. “Buyout” is not a thing in baseball. They can trade him or release him. Both unfortunately unlikely.

    2. If you want the Phillies to lose to improve their draft position, shouldn’t you be happy that they’re starting Howard?

    3. And as for “los[ing] every game …. first of all, the team is unlikely to pick higher than 6th or lower than 11th, given current personnel/standings/other teams. This is baseball, not basketball. The difference between picking 6th and 11th is minimal.

      But winning also means (1) young guys playing well, which bodes well for their future, and/or (vets playing well, which enhances trade value. So yeah, even apart from the fact that, all else equal, it’s nice to see your team win, finishing out the season at around 75-87 (.500 the rest of the way) would be a good thing.

      1. where does the protection of your 1st draft choice when signing a free agent kick in. aren’t the bottom ten teams protected? so 11th could hurt your chances of signing a free agent. not sure,just asking. and to say difference between 6th and 11th is minimal may not always be true.

        1. The team should absolutely not, under any circumstances, even consider signing the type of free agent that would normally demand compensation. Even if that compensation is only a second round pick.

          This might be a relevant concern in 2 or 3 years.

        2. The new CBA protects the ten worst records plus Houston gets the #2 pick due to not signing Aiken. That means the first 11 picks are protected.

  2. When is the post season top 30 lists going to start. I think there will be a good deal of debate, and some interesting AA and AAA players to follow next year.

  3. I went to the Reading Phillies game at Trenton last night and saw some encouraging moments. Alonso, Lavin and Altherr got key hits for Reading and the team as a whole showed good plate discipline. Lavin threw a runner out at home, Collier and Altherr tracked down some hard hit balls. Logan Moore the catcher called a good game and ran very well for a catcher but has a low average. Ryan O’Sullivan pitched alright but walked four, allowed two runs and was removed in the sixth inning. Matt Hoffman finished the sixth and got two outs in the seventh before turning it over to Kyle Simon who closed the game out for the win. There does not appear to be future major stars in the positional player area but Reading looked defensively sound and there may be some platoon/role players that can come to Philadelphia from this squad. The scoreboard was not showing velocity levels of the pitchers so I have no information to share on that. All in all it was an enjoyable but late night.

  4. It looks like the only position players who have a shot at contributing later next year would be dugan, who I think could be a good player if he can stay healthy and get stronger and altherr. The next year maybe talk about Crawford and a better handle on cozens, quinn, knapp. If they can get lucky and acquire some good young talent for Hamel they will have some pieces to build around.

    1. Peter Lavin might surprise people as he hit, ran the bases and fielded well last night. His average was around .275 and I could see him as a 4th/5th outfielder on the Phillies in a platoon role.

    1. You can still get the box scores….click on the link, and then choose your team and click on the “Box”

  5. I know this really doesn’t have to do with the box scores but can someone explain WAR a little better to me. I know what it stands for (know what it means) but I was on baseball reference last night and it had Josh Donaldson as the AL leader in WAR. Looking up his numbers he’s hitting .259/.349/.471 w 26 HR 88 RBI (certainty not a bad season). He doesn’t steal bases, doesn’t get a ton of doubles, doesn’t really walk THAT much and has K’d over 100x. His D isn’t bad but it certainly isn’t gold glove caliber. I don’t see how he leads the AL in WAR. If the rest of the league is weak at 3B does that makes his numbers that much better bc of what they would see a replacement player as? I just never under stood it completely. I remember a few years back Lawrie lead the AL in WAR which I didn’t really understand either.

    1. Fielding metrics see his D as very good – second best third baseman in baseball. Buy that or not, it’s a huge part of why his WAR is so high. Add in that he plays third base, Oakland is a pitcher’s park, and .259/.349/.471 is actually pretty darn good* in the current hitting environment, and there you have it.

      No time for a more detailed look at it; maybe someone else can chime in.

      *In context, he is the 21st best hitter in baseball this season.

    1. I have another item to cross off my to-do list. I was at the game, and it was fun to watch. In the fourth, I turned to my son and said Cole had a no-no, but he was already up to something like 75 or 80 pitches. We got autographs from Duekman and Giles before the game, which made the game much cooler to my 9 year old son.

      Well done Phillies.

      My other baseball item which I crossed off about a decade agp – I was at a game with a triple play. Now, that mas a minor league game, but still cool (I want to say BJ Upton hit into it).

    1. I just hope the combined brain cells of Amaro and Sandberg can find way to play him everyday because he is that type of player who needs volume to get going.

  6. Brad, taking the JMJ trade pretty hard?

    After the trade, I saw someone (I forget who) say to add this to the list of Amaro mishaps. Um, he may not have been great and thinking he was a starter was a mishap, but we got him for Greg Golson who has 41 career AB’s and a .198 average. so . . .

    1. Mayberry is a greatly under rated by 80% of the fans who comment here. Part of that was misuse by the Phillies – he does not have the skill set to be a full time player.

      As a 4th/5th OF he was one of the best. In that role, his huge platoon split was actually an advantage.

      That trade, far from being a mishap, was a GREAT trade. Of course his usage pattern was a mistake – though partly borne of necessity given injuries.

      1. Not saying that trading him away was the wrong call – his value to the team going forward would have been lower.

      2. It was a good trade based on 2011, but since then Mayberry has been basically worthless. It’s hard to be a good bench player if you can’t hit 73% of pitchers, and don’t add value on the bases or in the field.

    2. Mayberry was a team player, never complained and did what they asked.
      An odd stat, in 500 games he had 52 HRs.

  7. Usually a 4th or 5th Of wouldn’t get so much mention. The fact that Mayberry Jr and his abilities are so known to fans and his ability even being discussed leads me to believe he was totally misused by the Phillies. He played too much or not enough in the right situations and if the “starters” ahead of him were doing their jobs and producing like starters should we would be lamenting his loss or cheering the value we got back. He’s been traded and I have no feelings either way.

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