Reading Report: 6/16-6/22

I wish I had something fresh, new and exciting to report with the Fightins this past week. Alas, with the team’s 0-6 record, there just isn’t much to talk about here, so we will keep this to a bare-bones recap.

The week began with a 15-10 slugfest loss against Akron, a game that saw the return of Kelly Dugan to the Reading lineup. Dugan had been out since April with the oblique injury, so these next eight weeks or so give him the chance to show something and finish the season strong. He played in four games for the week and had a hit in each of them.

Jesse Biddle’s start on Wednesday probably had everyone saying “here we go again” after the first couple of innings, as he fell behind 2-0. He did recover, however, and ending up going seven innings, allowing four hits, three runs and three walks while striking out five. He’ll go again Monday night in Reading.

Aaron Altherr returned from his brief trip to the Majors on Friday night, so we’ll keep an eye on him. Hopefully Altherr can continue to hit the ball well, as he was doing before his call-up.

Sadly, Nefi Ogando’s season has taken a turn for the worse. This is his June:

Yeah. Not pretty, including those two games in there this week. Would love to see him get things back on track, but right now, it’s a serious struggle.

Jake Fox is hitting .333/.361/.667 so far, so he’s been a solid addition to the Reading lineup and has served his purpose so far. Ultimately, Fox would like to work himself back into a Major League job, which he’s trying to do right now. He has not been in the Bigs since 2011.

Questions for the week:

1. Will Biddle put together a couple nice starts this week?

2. Can Dugan finally prove he is healthy?


23 @ Binghamton, 6:35 PM
24 @ Binghamton, 6:35 PM
25 @ Binghamton, 6:35 PM
26 vs. Portland, 7:05 PM
27 vs. Portland, 7:05 PM
28 vs. Portland, 6:35 PM
29 vs. Portland, 1:35 PM


2 thoughts on “Reading Report: 6/16-6/22

  1. I went to two games in New Britain. NB was on a 9 game win streak (now 12), while the Phils were going in the opposite direction. NB wasn’t better than Reading. Reading outhit them. The problem was pitchers not throwing strikes, singles, singles and more singles but double plays galore and finally shoddy fielding. Nefi was one of the worst. People asked me if I thought he was hurt. He throwing 95 to 97 but most of the time he was out of the strike zone. They weren’t even close. Garner was throwing 92 to 93 but again, we couldn’t get the fastball over the plate. His offspeed stuff was fooling NB hitters but he couldn’t get enough strikes with the FB to make a difference. He pitched his final inning with almost exclusively sliders and curve balls (or maybe a change). NB used the long ball in one game and they were out of the park in a hurry.

    Dugan ran into Alonzo during a pop fly chase and he had to leave the game on Friday. He didn’t play after that. He stayed down for a long time while the trainer for NB took a look at him. He got up and walked off under his own power, no limp or sign of injury except he didn’t appear to know which way to go. I thought he was trying to go back to his spot in RF and then was pulled out of the game. But he was kind of wandering around for a bit. I think he got his bell rung. Any word on the injury?

  2. The Ogando stat line got ugly in a hurry. The first inclination would be injury, but based on what Bellman stated, he was still hitting mid 90’s. I guess you cannot rule injury out, but it does not seem obvious from the radar gun.

    It could simply be that, well, he is not all that good by professional standards, even with a 95-something MPH fast (that is odd to type). After all, the Red Sox did trade him for the immortal John McDonald for a one month rental.

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