17 thoughts on “Tyson Gillies Released

  1. Will Phillippe Aumont join Ramirez and Gilles as the last in the triumvirate of the Cliff Lee trade that looks to be a complete bust? Or will this be averted with the moderate effectiveness shown in his recent outings?

  2. Judging Aumont, Gillies, and Ramirez at the time we acquired them, they were legit prospects. Injuries played a role in their demise and they each likely had their own particular skill deficiencies. Still, it is hard to escape the conclusion that our minor league development staff helped them not at all.

    1. Agree atown….they all came in with talent..
      Aumont is a top ten 7th pick in his draft year.
      If Aumont can get hot in the next few weeks, perhaps Ruben can be used in a deadline package deal.

    2. They definitely all had talent, and if things went their way they could have been helpful major league players. But at the same time, there were definitely scouts who felt Gillies was no more than a 4th OF. Aumont had already been moved to the bullpen by the Mariners, and JC Ramirez was coming off of a fairly rough year, albeit one in a hitter’s paradise.

      I don’t think it was a good return, even looking at it from the perspective of 2009. But it could have turned out better.

      1. It remains a shame that the Phils gave up more for Oswalt than they got for Lee. And the $ they got in the Oswalt deal is meaningless

  3. We must admit the return to the Phils for these trades was/is horrendous. It is my thought that their evaluations of the players they chose to receive were inadequately research both as to physical skills (without Sabremetrics assistance) and character including emotional disposition.

    Both Gillies and Aumont have shown vast open spaces in both of these aspects. Failure to perceive and appreciate by careful study resulted in NO/ZIP/Zero help from any of them.
    IMKO, a disgrace, leading back to Amaro and his advisers.

    Justifiable, we thus have to be very wary if/when Utley, Rollins,…Lee (?), etc. are used at/near the July trade deadline. They MUST get a good return this time, hoping they’ve learned their lessons…or be stuck in the 2nd division for a looong time.

    1. ” … were inadequately researched…”


      “”Justifiably, we…”

      Corrections submitted. I CAN spell better than that!! I think.

  4. The Cliff Lee trade is exactly the reason that I don’t want Amaro presiding over the rebuilding. I am skeptical of his ability to spot value and he’ll just replicate that deal. The Mets got Zach Wheeler for an aging Beltran. The phillies need to stumble onto a deal or two like that. I have my doubts on whether or not Amaro and his management can do that.

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