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2014 Draft Tracker

This is the place to keep track of all signings, bonus information, pool spending, and media regarding all 40 2014 Draftees. I’d love your help here, finding me articles from local media and social media and the like. Please post any links you have, or if it’s a tweet, just post the text or however you like. I would ask only that you post any new information as a new comment so it appears at the bottom and makes it easier to find amongst what’s likely to be a pretty large post with possibly hundreds of comments. If you have something super urgent that you want to draw my attention to and you don’t think it can wait until I get back on and check this page, you can always tweet at me @bxe1234. Good chance I’ll see that within an hour or two most times.

Notes on when I update what will be kept in a running timeline after the jump. Continue reading 2014 Draft Tracker

What to Expect from Ken Giles

Mike Adams to the DL, which means Ken Giles is coming up.  Giles has been a darling of fans so far because of his minor league numbers and triple digit fastball.  However, you might want hold off before anointing him a dominant closer.

What you’ll See Now:

Giles will sit with the fastball mostly 96-98 but you will see 99s and 100s.  He has had enough control to get it in the zone for the most part (walks were up in AAA), but he still lacks command of the pitch.  When he misses he will miss up, and major leaguers will be able to time that pitch.  He pairs that with a short slider around 90 mph.  It is more of a quick cutting pitch that a wipeout pitch.  There is potential for it to be a plus plus pitch in the long term, but right now it lacks consistency.  He might mix a splitter in at times, but it is far behind his other pitches. Continue reading What to Expect from Ken Giles

Around the System–Corner Infield

This is really frighening.  Next up, Middle Infield.

Lehigh Valley

Maikel Franco, 21, Signed as a free agent in 2009; .223/.290/.357 in 224 AB’s; 5HR 25RBI; 8%bb/16%k rates; .276 vs. LHP; .205 vs. RHP; .243 with RISP; 46 games at 3B with 2 errors (.984); 11 games at 1B without an error;  Hitting .255 since May 1.  Improved since we last spoke but nowhere near where most of us thought he would be offensively.  Playing well with the glove.

Jim Murphy, 28, Phils 18th round pick in 2006; .240/.321/.423 in 208 AB’s; 8HR 31RBI; 9%bb/24%k rates; .211 vs. LHP; .252 vs. RHP; .236 with RISP; .226 since May 1.  49 games at 1B with 3 errors (.993); Murphy is providing some pop but he is hitting about 30 points below where most expected this year. Continue reading Around the System–Corner Infield

Draft Day 3 Recap

The Phillies had a strange Day 3 of the draft, starting it off with 18 straight college players, despite having freed up money on day 2.  They did rebound with a lot of HS guys late, so we will see how it all filters out on signing day.  With 30 picks there is no way to give them all full attention, but here are some highlights.

Drew Stankiewicz – A bloodlines guy.  Drew is a left handed hitting SS who likely moves to 2B in pro-ball.  It is a long road to climb, but second baseman who can hit have a chance to stick around and surprise later.  Solid pick.

Austin Davis – I love this pick, but I have a thing for lefties with changeups.  Davis has been up to 94 with the fastball and the changeup is solid, he also lacks the heavy workload of other college juniors.  Right now he has to find a consistent arm slot and a breaking ball.  This pick my take a bit, but there is upside here. Continue reading Draft Day 3 Recap

Box Score Recap – 6/6/2014

I kinda rambled on and on here. I blame the dudes tearing down a shed outside my bedroom window at 7:15 am. Anyway, Happy Draft Saturday, everyone! Let’s all keep a good thought for “Prep Arm With Upside” or “Toolsy Outfielder Who Really Isn’t As Interested In College As He’s Led His Parents To Believe, And Is Willing To Break It To Them Over The Next Five Weeks, Because While Breaking Your Mother’s Heart Is A Bummer, Money Is Way Better Than Learning And Stuff”.

On to Friday’s results – Cam Rupp had two hits and Cam Perkins drew two walks for LV. Perkins has done a nice job taking his walks this year, improving drastically over his 2013 rates. If you’re a corner OF with an ISO of around .150, any extra offensive value you can add is huge, and walking your way to an OBP over .400 is a pretty good start.

Jesse Biddle did not fair well in his start – 7R on 6H, 2HR, 2BB, 2K in 2.1 IP. Just under 60% of his pitches went for strikes. Colt Murray with six Ks in an extended relief, and first baseman Brock Stassi played mop-up for Austin Wright, inducing a fly ball out with the bases loaded to close out the top of the ninth of a Reading blow-out loss. Wright walked four men (around a FC and a wild pitch) in the ninth. That’s…that’s not so good.

Ethan Stewart induced 11 groundball outs and struck out five over seven innings. That’s the kind of performance that keeps people wondering if there isn’t something valuable lurking under the surface on that guy, if only he could be at all consistent. You don’t generally get 11 guys to ground out in a game by accident. Since a meltdown, seven walk performance on May 26th, Stewart has walked just five over 16.1 IP. So keep any eye on him going forward.

Dylan Cozens hit his third triple of the year. He’s a guy who’s not ready to give up on the idea that he can be a true athlete – he’s stolen 10 bases and been caught just twice this year. If he doubles up on his counting stats by the end of the year, (we’re close to the halfway mark), he’ll have 30 doubles, 6 triples, 14 homers and 20 steals. His 26% K rate is high, and his walk rate is historically low for him, ~6.5%. It was around 10% last year and even higher in the GCL in 2012. All in all, I’d take that kind of season as a pass of the level, for sure.

Also of note from Friday, Yacksel Rios struck out four in a two inning save, adn Carlos Tocci was 2-4 with a double for Lakewood. KC Serna had four hits including two doubles for CLR. Carlos Alonso hit a double and a home run for Reading. Sean O’Sullivan managed to work his way through seven innings of one-run ball for Lehigh Valley. And both Complex League teams lost to the respective Complex League Cubs, or “Los Cachorros”. I could never do the “rr” sound. It’s why my career dream of being a diplomatic translator for the Chilean Minister of Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries was eventually crushed. DAMN YOU TONGUE ROLL SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!

Roster news from the last couple days – Tyson Gillies was DFAed by the Phillies and cleared waivers, and is expected back on the Lehigh Valley roster. Cesar Jimenez was also DFAed to make room for Ronny Cedeno to go up to the Phils. Luis Garcia completed a quick rehab assignment at AAA and was optioned off the DL, and Jiwan James is back in Reading, as is previously injured C Lars Davis – not sure if they’ve moved Logan Moore back to CLR, but I wouldn’t be surprised, even though he’s had seven hits in his last four AA games.

Continue reading Box Score Recap – 6/6/2014

MLB Draft Day 3

There are 30 picks to be made today, some will be overslot and at slot ($100,000) HS players, some will be guys who will never sign, and then there will be college players picked for their ability to fill a need on an organizational roster.  We will keep it updated when we have a chance.

A quick note from Brad – We have our first signing reported by the player on Twitter – It’s 10th Rounder Matt Shortall. No bonus info yet, but bet on saving a $100K plus on that one. Anyway, I’ll be working to get the draft tracker up after we have all 40 picks.

Also Sam McWilliams has signed – Matt

Round 11 – Drew Stankiewicz, SS, Arizona St (JR)
Round 12 – Austin Davis, LHP, Cal State Bakersfield (JR)
Round 13 – Nathan Thornhill, RHP, Texas (SR)
Round 14 – Chase Harris, OF, New Mexico (SR)
Round 15 – Jared Fisher, RHP, Washington (JR)
Round 16 – Calvin Rayburn, RHP, Barry University (SR)
Round 17 – Damek Tomscha, 3B, Auburn (SR)
Round 18 – Sean McHugh, C, Purdue (SR)
Round 19 – Joey Denato, LHP, Indiana (SR)
Round 20 – Derek Campbell, 2B, California (SR)
Round 21 – Tim Zier, 2B, San Diego State (SR)
Round 22 – Ryan Powers, RHP, Miami (OH) (JR)
Round 23 – Joel Fisher, C, Michigan St. (SR)
Round 24 – Preston Packrall, RHP, University of Tampa (SR)
Round 25 – Bryan Sova, RHP, Creighton (SR)
Round 26 – Jacques De Gruy, RHP, Furman (SR)
Round 27 – Scott Harris, LHP, Buena Vista University (JR)
Round 28 – Tanner Kiest, RHP, Chaffey College (J2)
Round 29 – Al Molina, SS, Red Bank Catholic HS (NJ)
Round 30 – Brandon Murray, RHP, Hubert HS (IN)
Round 31 – Shane Gonzales, RHP, Fullerton (Calif.) JC (CA)
Round 32 – Tom Flacco, OF, Eastern HS, Voorhees Township (NJ)
Round 33 – James Harrington, RHP, Mesquite HS, Gilbert (AZ)
Round 34 – Scott Tomassetti, C, Sierra Vista HS, Las Vegas (NV)
Round 35 – Thomas Gamble, OF, Moorestown HS (NJ)
Round 36 – Blake Wiggins, C, Pulaski Academy, Little Rock (AR)
Round 37 – Heath Rogalla, RHP, Oak Park and River HS (IL)
Round 38 – Kollin Schrenk, RHP, Kell HS, Charlotte (NC)
Round 39 – Keenan Eaton, OF, Chaparrell HS (CO)
Round 40 – Jesse Berardi, SS, Commack HS (NY)