Draft Day 3 Recap

The Phillies had a strange Day 3 of the draft, starting it off with 18 straight college players, despite having freed up money on day 2.  They did rebound with a lot of HS guys late, so we will see how it all filters out on signing day.  With 30 picks there is no way to give them all full attention, but here are some highlights.

Drew Stankiewicz – A bloodlines guy.  Drew is a left handed hitting SS who likely moves to 2B in pro-ball.  It is a long road to climb, but second baseman who can hit have a chance to stick around and surprise later.  Solid pick.

Austin Davis – I love this pick, but I have a thing for lefties with changeups.  Davis has been up to 94 with the fastball and the changeup is solid, he also lacks the heavy workload of other college juniors.  Right now he has to find a consistent arm slot and a breaking ball.  This pick my take a bit, but there is upside here.

Nathan Thornhill – Command-control sinker baller in the upper 80s.  Not a big guy (6’1″ 180) but maybe they can turn him into a good middle reliever.

Joey Denato – Denato is a good example of the differences in pro ball and college.  Denato is the ace of the top Big Ten team this year, but a FB in the 80s and a diverse arsenal is not going to cut it in pro-ball.  If he can pitch smart, maybe there is a LOOGY in there, but it is a long shot.

Damek Tomscha – He was the Phillies 50th round pick in 2010, so there is that.

Sean McHugh – 

Ryan Powers – This year’s Dan Child, a college starter turned reliever with arm strength.  The Phillies could put him back in the rotation, but he is a relief candidate.

Brandon Murray – Power arm up to 94, max effort delivery.  Has a commitment to South Carolina, overslot bonus candidate.

Blake Wiggins – Catcher with good raw power, likely will end up at third base.  Will need to pried away from an Arkansas commitment.

Tom Gamble, Tom Flacco – Football connections here.  Don’t know anything about Gamble, but Flacco is an interesting guy, but he is likely going to college for football.

Rags Rogalla, Kollin Schrenk, James Harrington – Welcome to the point where the Phillies take large HS RHP and hope they can get more velo and stuff out of them.. I hope they sign them all.

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Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has previously appeared on Phuture Phillies and The Good Phight. You can read his work at Phillies Minor Thoughts

4 thoughts on “Draft Day 3 Recap

  1. Out of the High School picks, who do you think the most likely are to sign? Not including the 8 th rounder.

    1. Not fair to say Schrenk either, who is signing and joining his dad (GCL pitching coach) in Clearwater. I think they can go get Murray if they want, but I think Harrington at least signs.

  2. matt you think once the new kids start signing, that it will be the end for guys like hewitt, serriterilla and charles and a lot of the pitchers at clearwater

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