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XST; June 4, 2014

Today’s games with the Pirates began at 10:00AM. While waiting for the Williamsport squad to take the field, I saw Zach Green in uniform.  I followed him over to Roberts Field.  After determining that he wasn’t playing the field, I headed back to Ashburn Field.  Ricardo Pinto started and threw 6 great innings. While over at Roberts, I missed the first batter he faced. When I got back to Ashburn, there was a runner on second; he scored with two outs on a throwing error by Jan Hernandez. Pinto picked the runner off second to end the inning. Over the remaining 5 innings, Pinto allowed 2 walks and a hit batter. He also picked a runner off first base. So, depending on how the first batter reached base, I saw either a no or one hitter over 6 innings. He also struck out 6 batters. Continue reading XST; June 4, 2014

ICYMI – Roster Maneuvering

So this week we saw a bunch of moves involving Phillies minor leaguers. I’ll try to sum them up here and list the broader highlights below the fold, but the biggest news is Cameron Perkins promotion to AAA and Ethan Martin back in MLB:

With big league implications – Aumont and Jimenez went up to the bigs and Aumont is now back at AAA, with Ethan Martin taking his MLB spot. To make room for Jimenez, they DFAed Horst, who cleared waivers and has accepted his assignment to AAA. Darin Ruf went down to AAA, and down to a wrist injury last night colliding with a wall. They’re calling it a sprain, and his ultimate status is unknown, but it did not look great.

Cam Perkins, Hector Neris and Tyler Knigge are up to AAA, Pete Lavin and Logan Moore up to AA, and Justin Parr came back to A+ from XST.  Meanwhile, Anthony Hewitt, Andrew Knapp, Delvi Francisco, Alejandro Arteaga, Jon Prosinski, Chris Serritella and Malquin Canelo were all demoted. See the list below, from the transactions page on this site, which is maintained regularly, if you’ve ever got a hankering for roster moves. Continue reading ICYMI – Roster Maneuvering

Box Score Recap – 6/3/2014

A quick note for the comments – please try to keep the daily box comments to prospect and minor league chatter. There’s been a great deal of Amaro/big club talk lately, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but try to take it to the general discussion. It just keeps the whole thing cleaner. I get that the team and its minor league/prospect components cannot be completely extricated from one another, but the site is intended to be for prospect talk. I don’t want to be the guy going through and asking you to move on to another section every day, (especially when I am guilty of it at times, as well), so just try to think about it when you’re typing, say “Amaro” or “Revere” or “Kendrick”. Maybe it’s big league talk for the General Discussion. I welcome your feedback on this subject.

A couple notes on Tuesday’s results – Reading pitching, led by five innings from Hoby Milner (who was pulled after a rain delay), and three from Sean O’Sullivan, no-hit Harrisburg for 8.2 innings before Kyle Simon gave up a hit with two outs in the ninth. ALVIN!!!!! I mean SIMON!!!!!!!!!  Lehigh Valley managed 11 singles and no extra base hits in a losing effort against Louisville. It’s been widely reported that Darin Ruf went down with a wrist injury and needed stitches on his leg after sliding for a foul ball near the wall in left field. Not great.

Jeb Stefan couldn’t get out of the first for CLR – the bullpen did a good job in mop-up to not let the game get further out of hand – kudos to Dan Child and Lino Martinez for that. And there were a bunch of nice performances in the Lakewood game – mainly by the Andrews Brothers, Pullin, Knapp and Anderson. Ok, they’re not really brothers, nor do brothers generally all have the same first name as opposed to the same last name. Except George Foreman’s kids. (Now who’s off topic?)

Continue reading Box Score Recap – 6/3/2014