ICYMI – Roster Maneuvering

So this week we saw a bunch of moves involving Phillies minor leaguers. I’ll try to sum them up here and list the broader highlights below the fold, but the biggest news is Cameron Perkins promotion to AAA and Ethan Martin back in MLB:

With big league implications – Aumont and Jimenez went up to the bigs and Aumont is now back at AAA, with Ethan Martin taking his MLB spot. To make room for Jimenez, they DFAed Horst, who cleared waivers and has accepted his assignment to AAA. Darin Ruf went down to AAA, and down to a wrist injury last night colliding with a wall. They’re calling it a sprain, and his ultimate status is unknown, but it did not look great.

Cam Perkins, Hector Neris and Tyler Knigge are up to AAA, Pete Lavin and Logan Moore up to AA, and Justin Parr came back to A+ from XST.  Meanwhile, Anthony Hewitt, Andrew Knapp, Delvi Francisco, Alejandro Arteaga, Jon Prosinski, Chris Serritella and Malquin Canelo were all demoted. See the list below, from the transactions page on this site, which is maintained regularly, if you’ve ever got a hankering for roster moves.05/27/14–P Hector Neris promoted to Lehigh Valley from Reading

05/27/14–P Alejandro Arteaga assigned to EXT SPT from Lakewood

05/27/14–RP Luis Paulino released

05/27/14–SP Jon Prosinski re-assigned to Lakewood from Clearwater

05/29/14–INF Robinson Torres sent to EXT SPT from Lakewood

05/30/14–C Logan Moore promoted to Reading from Clearwater (for injured Lars Davis)

06/01/14–RP Tyler Knigge promoted from Reading to Lehigh Valley

06/01/14–P Jeremy Horst designated for assignment

06/01/14–P Cesar Jiminez and P Phillippe Aumont called up to Philadelphia

06/01/14–1B/OF Darin Ruf optioned to Lehigh Valley

06/02/04–C Andrew Knapp sent from Clearwater to Lakewood

06/02/14–P Ryan Demmin and 1B Chris Serritella sent from Reading to Clearwater

06/02/14–INF Malquin Canelo assigned to EXT SPT from Clearwater

06/02/14–RP Delvi Francisco sent to EXT SPT from Lakewood

06/03/14–SP Jason Marquis signed to minor league deal. Will report to EXT SPT

06/03/14–RP Ethan Martin called up to Philadelphia from Lehigh Valley

06/03/14–RP Phillippe Aumont optioned from Phillies to Lehigh Valley

06/03/14–OF Justin Parr promoted to Clearwater from EXT SPT

06/03/14–OF Anthony Hewitt sent to Clearwater from Reading

06/03/14–OF Pete Lavin and P Adam Loewen promoted from Clearwater to Reading

06/03/14–OF Cameron Perkins promoted to Lehigh Valley from Reading


10 thoughts on “ICYMI – Roster Maneuvering

  1. Knapp has looked good in LWood so far. I can’t see him staying there long. Especially, with the draft this week

  2. What does Hewitt need to do to get released, kill someone??

    Nice to see Perkins get bumped to LHV, it was definitely deserved.

    1. Maybe they like his attitude around the younger players, (I would say that’s got to be at least not a drawback at this point), and he can still stand in the OF for a team that needs a body, so no harm holding on to him. He’s an org guy and has been for the last couple years, so if he doesn’t gripe about it, they may just keep him around until there’s not roster space to hold him.

    2. He’s still a year and a half younger than everybody’s hero, Peter Lavin, and just last year put up respectable numbers in Reading. He’s not a prospect, but for the life of me I can’t understand why everybody is demanding his release. Is it such a big deal that he’s still in the organization at the expense of Chris Swauger?

      1. Others perception of Peter Lavin has absolutely nothing to do with Hewitt and his abilities to play – or utter lack thereof. If you’re arguing he’s only holding a spot until draft picks are signed and assigned this month then so be it. But the argument that “he’s not taking AB’s away from anyone else” stopped holding water a long time ago. Time to move on. We know he can’t play – find out if someone else can.

        1. Who is he taking at-bats from? His wasn’t in Reading’s everyday lineup, so he didn’t take at-bats from Altherr, Dugan, Perkins or even Zach Collier. His presence didn’t stop Peter Lavin from being called up. So who exactly is he blocking and why doesn’t that argument hold water? Who is the “someone else” you want to get Hewitt’s already diminished playing time?

      2. If .240 with a lot of K’s is your vision of respectable, then I’d like to see what the bottom of the barrel is for you.

        Also, if he wasnt a 1st round pick, he would’ve been released a few years ago. Those darn toolsy players the Phils love to draft I tell ya.

        1. Increased walk rate, .198 iso, 98 wRC+. He’s far from a prospect but his numbers improved making arguably the biggest jump in minor league baseball. They were respectable numbers.

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