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XST and Threshers; June 2, 2014

The XST games had been moved up from their 1:00PM start to noon, so when I arrived they were just completing the 2nd inning. As I walked up to the Williamsport game, Justin Parr was completing his AB, working a walk. Nick Ferdinand followed with a perfectly executed hit-and-run. Then the Yankees “rolled” the inning. I overheard one of the Yankee pitching coaches remark that the pitcher had thrown too many 3-2 counts.  Apparently, it was “Take a Pitch Day”. Most of the Williamsport batters were working deep counts, even guys who usually hack at the first pitch.

Feliberto Sanchez pitched 6 innings. Continue reading XST and Threshers; June 2, 2014

Reading Report: 5/27-6/1

It was a bit of a busy week for the Fightins, even though this recap will only cover six games. (I cheated a bit and posted last Tuesday instead of Memorial Day.) For the team, it was a bit of a rough go, as they went 1-5 from Tuesday-Sunday. There are plenty of storylines to cover in this week’s recap, so let’s get to it. Continue reading Reading Report: 5/27-6/1

Around the System–OF

Lehigh Valley

Leandro Castro, 25, Signed as a free agent in 2007; .249/317/.367 in 169 AB’s; 4/7 SB; 8%bb/17%k rates; .216 vs. RHP; .263 vs. LHP; .277 with RISP; Hit .255 in May; 48 games in the OF with 6 errors (.946); 4 OF assists; Castro has greatly improved his walk and strikeout rate, which were an area of huge concern in years past. That said, he has been mediocre thus far, and his fielding is always an adventure.

Tyson Gillies, 25, Acquired from Seattle in 2009; .224/.280/.315 in 143 AB’s; 2HR 10RBI; 3/5SB; 4%bb/26%k rates; .147 vs. LHP; .248 vs. RHP; .219 with RISP; .242 in May.  36 games in the OF with 1 error (.991); 2 OF assists; Just flat out lousy.  A little less lousy in May.

Steve Susdorf, 28, Phils 19th round pick in 2008 draft; .281/.343/.338 in 160 AB’s; 0HR 14RBI; 3/5SB; 9%bb/17% k rates; .257 vs. LHP; .288 vs. RHP; .286 with RISP; .322/.392/.402 in May.  20 games in the OF without an error; 1 OF assist; After a very slow start, Susdorf is now hitting in the manner he is capable which is high average with little power.  He gives you a professional AB every time. Continue reading Around the System–OF

Box Score Recap – 6/1/2014

Couple notes here as I post the graphic. Leandro Castro is trying to get back on track, OPSing near .800 for his last 10 games after a 3-4 with two 2B on Sunday. Severino Gonzalez got roughed up after a trio of decent outings previous – he was throwing strikes, though many of them were hit with bats, and three of those traveled quite far.

Andrew Knapp hit his first HR of the year. Ethan Stewart had a nice line, his best since the third week of the season. Willians Astudillo kept his hitting streak alive at 16 games. Delvi Francisco came apart at the seams, and our main man in the VSL Jesus Alastre has been out of action for a couple days now.

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