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Reading Report: 6/16-6/22

I wish I had something fresh, new and exciting to report with the Fightins this past week. Alas, with the team’s 0-6 record, there just isn’t much to talk about here, so we will keep this to a bare-bones recap.

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Reading Report: 6/10-6/15

It was a mediocre 2-3 week for the Fightins over these past five contests, with a rainout thrown in against New Britain on Thursday. Let’s get to the big stories of the week, including one man on the comeback trail, and another getting his first taste of the Bigs.

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Reading Report: 6/2-6/9

Since I knew there was just no chance in hell I was getting a report up before that crack of dawn 9:35 AM game Monday morning at FirstEnergy Stadium, I figured we would include that in this week’s report.

It was a busy week for the Fightins roster-move wise, probably the busiest week of the season in that sense. It was also a tough week on the field for the team, as there was a five-game losing streak with just two wins sprinkled in.

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Is Jesse Biddle Still on Track for a Mid-Season Call-Up to AAA?

In their quest to add to their pitching cupboard, the Phillies last night turned their attention to Aaron Nola and Matt Imhof, two men they hope will join the Major League rotation in Philadelphia someday.

Four years ago, however, it was Jesse Biddle’s time in the spotlight, when the Phillies made him the 27th pick in the 2010 MLB Draft. While Biddle is still just 22, there are certain pressures and expectations that come with being the top pitching prospect in an organization. Throughout his career in the Minors, Biddle has done a fine job of navigating the waters while finding himself as a pitcher.

As Matt mentioned in his blog post last week, one of the moves he would make in June would be to promote Biddle to Lehigh Valley as soon as possible. While we did just see two call-ups this past week, with Tyler Knigge and Cam Perkins going to the Iron Pigs, is Biddle due for a promotion as well? Continue reading Is Jesse Biddle Still on Track for a Mid-Season Call-Up to AAA?

Reading Report: 5/27-6/1

It was a bit of a busy week for the Fightins, even though this recap will only cover six games. (I cheated a bit and posted last Tuesday instead of Memorial Day.) For the team, it was a bit of a rough go, as they went 1-5 from Tuesday-Sunday. There are plenty of storylines to cover in this week’s recap, so let’s get to it. Continue reading Reading Report: 5/27-6/1