Reading Report: 6/2-6/9

Since I knew there was just no chance in hell I was getting a report up before that crack of dawn 9:35 AM game Monday morning at FirstEnergy Stadium, I figured we would include that in this week’s report.

It was a busy week for the Fightins roster-move wise, probably the busiest week of the season in that sense. It was also a tough week on the field for the team, as there was a five-game losing streak with just two wins sprinkled in.

Here is your laundry list of transactions for the past week:

OF Peter Lavin promoted to Reading from Clearwater
LHP Adam Loewen promoted to Reading from Clearwater
OF Anthony Hewitt assigned to Clearwater from Reading
OF Cameron Perkins promoted to Lehigh Valley from Reading
INF Addison Maruszak received by Reading from Lehigh Valley
OF Jiwan James activated from D.L.
C Lars Davis activated from D.L.
LHP Jay Johnson released
RHP Seth Rosin received by REA from Lehigh Valley

Wow. No shortage of shuffling or the week, eh?

The Lavin move was a long time coming, as he was playing well in Clearwater. The Anthony Hewitt move is no shock either. Hewitt is an almost unbelievable .142/.146/.181 for the season, and at this point his time in the organization is running out.

I suppose the organization thought sending him down to Clearwater could at least clear the pressures of being at a higher level, but it hasn’t worked. He has three hits in 24 at-bats in Clearwater. At this point, you can’t really do anything else with him except let him finish out the season somewhere (probably Clearwater) and just let him go.

Hewitt hit 16 homers last year in Reading, and despite a low on-base percentage, had shown at least some power numbers. Now, that’s disappeared. It is truly disappointing, and nobody likes to see a prospect fail, especially a first-round pick. However, barring some sort of miraculous turn-around in Clearwater, Hewitt’s time here is done.

Good for Cam Perkins, who deserved his call-up to Lehigh Valley. Sad to see Jay Johnson go, who was a good foot solider for the organization, but just didn’t have the talent anymore. Let’s get to some of the on-field action for the week.

The talk to begin the week centered on the team’s near no-hitter on Monday in Harrisburg. Hoby Milner pitched five solid hitless innings, but had to be lifted after a rain delay that lasted over an hour. Ryan O’Sullivan picked it up from there, going three hitless innings, leaving things to Kyle Simon in the ninth. Simon got two outs but allowed a hit on a two-strike pitch to Quincy Lattimore, which broke up the no-hitter. So close.

How about the week for Carlos Alonso, which netted him the Eastern League Player of the Week Award? Alonso went 12-for-25 with four doubles, a pair of homers, seven runs scored, and 3 RBIs. It was a bright spot for the Fightins, who struggled this past week offensively. The Fightins had just four runs in the first three games of the series against Richmond before breaking out Monday for an eight-run outburst in their victory.

One of the lowlights for the week was the poor start for Jesse Biddle on Friday night. With things seemingly looking better as of late, there’s been talk about whether or not Biddle could get a call-up before the end of the season. Friday night did not help. Biddle gave up a three-run blast in the first inning and struggled from there, lasting just 2 1/3 innings. He allowed seven runs on six hits while walking two and striking out two.

Sadly, this is the type of start which will make it tough to call Biddle up to AAA. While things had been looking better as of late, this is a major setback. We’ll see if he can bounce back in his next start.

One final piece of good news to head off on (pardon the language of one Jason Parks, but color me excited):

Can the organization ignore what Ogando is doing? He had a real crummy game last Thursday at Harrisburg and allowed three runs en route to a blown save, but what he has done has been encouraging. If Ogando keeps this up through June and July, what do the Phillies have to lose by calling him up for the rest of the year? Out of all the arms they could try to fix this bullpen, Ogando’s worth a look before the end of the season in the big leagues if he keeps up his pace.

Questions for the week:

1. Can we get a bounce-back performance from Jesse Biddle?
2. Is it time to cut ties with Anthony Hewitt?
3. Where will the Fightins find the offense without Cam Perkins?


10 vs. New Britain, 7:05 PM
11 vs. New Britain, 7:05 PM
12 vs. New Britain, 7:05 PM
13 @ Altoona, 7:00 PM
14 @ Altoona, 6:00 PM
15 @ Altoona, 6:00 PM

5 thoughts on “Reading Report: 6/2-6/9

  1. Thanks Victor really appreciate the reports and good luck going forward until there are any more promotions…..Uh wait not much in CLW so sorry for the loss of Perkins.

    1. I’m not advocating this but Franco is getting all twisted up in his underwear. Perhaps a quick trip to Reading will wake him up. I know… boo-hiss.

  2. Just to let you know that everything isn’t about the draft, I read your write up. Altherr is on a “terr”. He’s hit in 7 straight games with a .462 BA over those games. It’s strange that he’s hitting against lefties and .266 against righties this season. I’d like to see Altherr replace Perkin’s offense.

  3. The only way they can replace Perkins’ offense is to get Dugan and Joseph back, probably. Who knows when that’s going to be?

    Ogando is a good story this year. Getting him for McDonald is making something out of nothing. And good for Alonso; he usually contributes something good to the box score. I just wish he had some more power or speed because he seems like a guy who’s a solid enough hitter but just doesn’t have the secondary tools needed for big league success.

  4. The offense is not coming anytime soon. Certainly not from Clearwater lol

    I agree with Ogando, lets see what he’s got. Although he may very well be a guy who throws 97-98 but flat and gets hit, at this point why not see. By reading this blog daily for the last few years, it seems like developing command in a pitcher is a nearly impossible task.

    I know it is a huge longshot, but I am paying attention every time Lowen pitches. In recent years, combacks have not been rare among once highly touted pitchers, so while I know the odds are againts him, it could be a great story if he continues to pitch well and makes it back to the bigs

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