Box Score Recap – 6/9/2014

Leandro Castro is trying hard to haul his OPS up over .700 for the year. He was 1-3 with his 18th walk of the year last night. Remarkable for a guy who hasn’t walked that many times in a full season since 2010. He’s added .42 OBP points over last year and he has the exact same AVG. Nice to see.

Aaron Altherr was 3-5 plus a walk – he’s on a bit of a tear, OPSing over 1.000 this month after an abysmal May which saw him OPS .505. Ryan Demmin and the CLR bullpen shutout a pretty bad Daytona Cubs team.

Andrew Pullin had three hits and Dylan Cozens launched his eighth home run of the year, leaving him tied with a handful of guys for sixth in the league. Yacksel Rios struck out five in four innings of scoreless work. He’s been pretty solid out of Lakewood’s pen this year.

Bryan Martelo made his pro debut in the DSL. The 2013 signee ($230k), went 0-4 with a strikeout. Hugo Arrocha, who you may recall was seriously injured in a collision at 1B during spring training, is also back in the DSL after a long look at XST. And it took 17 innings for the VSL squad to take down Seattle, on a walk-off wild pitch. Three men logged seven offical ABs, two men took nine (!) and Jesus Alastre was 2-6 and was hit by a pitch twice. Only one offensive substitution was made the entire game – not showing a lot of confidence in the bench, there, skip.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-9-14 boxscores

18 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/9/2014

  1. Nice to see Altherr headed in the right direction.

    Quietly, Crawford’s average is creeping down towards .300. The numbers still look great but maybe an indication that it was a bit premature to say he had nothing left to learn at Lakewood.

    Nice to see Cozens with another dinger but a .293 OBP is not gonna cut it. If he could get it back up near his career norm of around .340 or .350 his OPS would look more respectable. I’m not so concerned about the drop in slugging due to park factors.

    At what point does our position on Maikel Franco shift from, “Don’t worry, he’s learning” to “Uh oh”? I watched him for a week in spring training and he did not hit a ball out of the infield, and it’s been pretty awful with the exception of one or two stretches at LHV. This is one of those cases where I wish we had some professional scouting reports, not sure if he’s just struggling to hit more experienced pitchers or if some sort of fundamental flaw has been exposed. (Of course, it’s probably too soon to tell which it is.)

    1. Personally, I’m going to give Franco the whole year to figure things out. I was expecting him to struggle in AAA, so this is really no surprise. He’s very young for the level, and we knew his approach was flawed.

      His overall May line was .282 / .358 / .445, so even counting his awful June numbers he’s improved since April.

      That said, I certainly hope his current slump ends soon.

      1. He’ll be ok. He had a nice play last night laying out for a ground ball and throwing the runner out from his knees. Also Perkins attempted takeout of the third baseman on a contemplated double play was priceless, much to the chagrin of the 3rd baseman.

    2. Not trying to stir up trouble, but is it a coincidence that JP’s struggles seem to have begun when he got benched? I would think the two are unrelated but you never know,

      1. Would certainly hope they are unrelated. If being pulled from a game is affecting his performance, he’s got no career ahead of him.

  2. Andrew knapp starts catching games on thursday for lakewood! I will be there so i will report how he does

    1. Not many most of them (the new signs) will wind up in the GCL and WPT. It’s not like there will be this massive influx of players all at once.

  3. What if Perkins never develops power? Does that make him a non-prospect? If he can hit .310 in the majors, walk a little, and show doubles power, id be fine with him on my team

    1. I liked Cam enough to put him in my top 10 in February but I don’t think he is a .310 hitter in the MLB. I’d say more like .270 with 20+ Doubles and 10 HRs to start but he could be a guy with experience that develops more power.

      A potential late bloomer in the area of HR’s.

    2. I would think becasue of his size he could hit 12-15HRs a season playing half his games at CBP….but it would be great if he hit 30/40 doubles a season to go along with that.

    3. If Perkins doesn’t develop power or start walking more, he would need to maintain his career .348 BABIP to have any value.

      Maybe he can sustain that in the majors, but it’s pretty unlikely.

  4. Perkins will be find needs at bats will be an august call up.He had a wrist injury last yr might not been able to lift weights. He’s 6 “5” 200 lbs there’s a lot off room to gain muscle . Franco doesn’t scare me he’s been a late starter before . Who scares me is T Williams, Herandez, Sandberg, Pujols etc.they have to start producing for the 2 drafts to look good.

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