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This is the place to keep track of all signings, bonus information, pool spending, and media regarding all 40 2014 Draftees. I’d love your help here, finding me articles from local media and social media and the like. Please post any links you have, or if it’s a tweet, just post the text or however you like. I would ask only that you post any new information as a new comment so it appears at the bottom and makes it easier to find amongst what’s likely to be a pretty large post with possibly hundreds of comments. If you have something super urgent that you want to draw my attention to and you don’t think it can wait until I get back on and check this page, you can always tweet at me @bxe1234. Good chance I’ll see that within an hour or two most times.

Notes on when I update what will be kept in a running timeline after the jump.

Posted 6-7-14 with the list of all picks, slots, schools, etc., and the first two signings I know of, Shortall and McWilliams, both of whom spilled the beans via Twitter. Keenan Eaton (39) just tweeted “Thanks to the Phillies…for drafting me today and making my dream come true…” – doesn’t mean he’s signed. We’ll see on that one. I originally posted that I didn’t have height, weight, etc., but I found it before I posted. All that’s left is the signings and the bonuses.

Updated 6-8-14 – noon – McWilliams and Stankiewicz indicated signing/leaving for Florida tomorrow, etc., and 11-40 BA Top 500 rankings, plus Liebrandt who I had missed.

6-9-14 – 3:30pm – Updated with Hoskins, Fisher and Tomscha signings, plus two more Top 500 rankings that I missed. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to search for the rest. Let me know if I missed any others.

6-10-14 – 9:00am – Updated with Joel Fisher and Bryan Sova signings via Twitter. I almost added Austin Davis, as he’s indicated to a reporter that he intends to sign, but with someone mentioning on Twitter the other day that he might be difficult, I’ll hold out. Hopefully today is the day The Phillies post their list for 2014 with all the senior signings and others confirmed.

11:15pm – Updated with Nola and Oliver and their bonuses, plus I called Austin Davis. Guy’s tweeting photos of himself in a Phils’ cap after telling a reporter he was going to sign. I feel like tomorrow we’ll get the signing dates for a dozen and a half college guys, plus we’re going to get WIL roster tomorrow which should include at least a handful of guys.

6-12-14 – 11:15am – Updated with all the signing dates from the Phils MLB page, plus Scott Harris from Twitter. Also, I shaded in those that signed to make it easier to review quickly who’s left. No bonus info has been made available beyond Nola and Heyman’s report on Oliver. Annoying.

6-13-14 – 10:00am – Updated with signings for Imhof and Brown, as Amaro stated on the MLB telecast yesterday that the first ten picks have agreements in place. I suppose one of the deals could fall apart, but I’ll assume for the sake of my own sanity that Amaro’s not going to announce something like that unless he’s sure. Still just two bonuses reported.

6-16-14 11:00pm – Been a couple days and we’ve finally got a good idea of bonuses.

6-17-14 – Noon – I miscalculated something last night, (had Marrero’s slot instead of actual in my figures), and was short a couple thousand dollars. Updated below, plus Tomassetti signing.

6-17-14 – 10:30pm – Added the bonus for Imhof. Slot.

6-18-14 – 9:30am – Added a note that Powers is playing college summer league, which makes him seem less likely to sign. Added the signing for Fisher, who changed his Twitter to reflect he’s a member of the org.

6-19-14 – 1:45pm – Jon Mayo is reporting Aaron Brown signed for $750,000. This completes the first ten rounds and give us the totals the Phillies can consider spending. “Savings” is the pre-tax amount they can spend in aggregate over all picks from round 11-40. The “Total Over $100k Rd 11-40 w/out Lost Picks” is the total over $100k they can spend on all guys from Round 11-40 without losing future picks. So they could give someone $556,235, or split up $456,235 as additional bonus over $100k to any combination of guys.

6-20-14 – 11:00 am – Looks like Jacques DeGruy and Austin Davis officially signed, per Phillies. The lesson I learned this year is to watch the Phils transactions page, not their draft results page. Silly me. No more bonus info since yesterday. Davis is one I’m concerned about, and I guess the other juniors and Tomassetti, plus any of the JuCo or HS kids that eventually sign. Seniors aren’t getting north of $100k beyond round 10.

6-23-14 – Adding Tanner Kiest, per his Twitter account. Still no more bonus info.

7-8-14 – Added Thornhill.

7-17-14 – Heard back from Jim Callis that he’s heard of no 11-40th round Phillies over $100k. That’s good for the club if they’re targeting someone with the extra cash. Also, not sure why comments are closed here. It’s not something I did in the settings. I even tried to reverse it by clicking and unclicking that setting, but it didn’t take. Don’t know. Maybe 349 is the limit?

Draft Tracker 2014

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  1. Small thing. You cheated Liebrandt out of his ranking. He was #317. Brandon Murray was #385. Stankiewicz was #448.

  2. I leave my draft posts to a minimum because I really don’t have the knowledge and background to provide meaningful comments. However, without knowing more, all the college draft picks make me strongly suspect that this draft was not primarily about taking the BPA – it was about getting guys to the majors quickly so that those in the front office could save their jobs. I hope I’m wrong, but I would bet I’m at least partially right.

    1. I think that you’re comment is 100% correct. The picks may be fine, but the strategy is flawed.

      1. ]\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I dont understand when i said it back in the 14 th rounds i had a run on negative checks, it was so obivious, what they were doing,

      2. Strategy is flawed??????
        Is it flawed for the Cardinals?
        Everyone complains about the 99 44/100% failure rate of the ‘toolsey’ guys and then when they go modified people still complain.

        1. Romus did you see the guys stats and ages?? i did on a lot of these guys, after round ten, why older guys with bat stats in bad conferences>> thats my point .I like some of the picks but a lot of 22-23 yrs olds, with bad averages and throwing less than 90, what does that accomplish, maybe its just me.

          1. roccom…..you could find the ‘diamond in the Ruf’ with one of these guys.
            How many Hewitts, Greenes, Colliers, Altherrs do you want to keep bringing in?
            One has relatively made it….Gose.
            Like I said earlier, Perkins is a type of player that fits the mold of what they are looking for as to a positional player.

        2. I understand the Cards strategy of picking more college players. The Phils strategy was to pick ALL college players just for the sake of speed to the majors. I find it hard to believe all of those college picks were BPA.

    2. I think its fairly obvious Amaro is on his way out. You just hope he does things for long term potential of club. If he is drafting and not trading players to save his own *** then we have a serious problem in philadelphia. I could see fans revolting under that scenario.

      I like the draft approach…lets see what happens with College route. We know what happens when they draft post card looking toolsy HS kids.

    3. I guess getting guys to the majors is better then the alternative….Hewitt, Golson, Collier, Altherr, Greene, the other Greene.
      Perkins, is one who fits the mold for the college draftee…and I like it so far how that is working.

      1. Romus i have a question, if a high school kid isnt drafted can the phillies sign him as a free agent,? with no restriction on what they pay him?

        1. That would need ‘dcwldcat’ or ‘VOR’s’ response.
          I would say yes, since drafted players are exclusive rights property to one team at the exclusion from other teams. A UDFA player is open to all teams in the fair market..
          But not positive on that,

          1. No. Otherwise, why bother Drafting an overslot guy in Round 30 and beyond, just sign him as a FA after the draft for $2mm and usurp the draft pool completely. You can sign non-drafted College Senior Free Agents post draft. Not sure how they would handle a High School kid with no College Commitment, but any kid worth drafting would probably have one anyway.

            1. If it’s open bidding on undrafted guys, you draft an overslot in a late round so that you’re not bidding against anyone for him.

    4. I mostly agree …. one small disagreement, one additional thought.

      I’ve argued in the past against comments blaming the owners for poor decisions made by Amaro. And I stand by those arguments. However,in THIS case, I think the reasonable inference is not that Amaro and others are trying to save their jobs, but rather than the organization, from the top down, wants to avoid a period where the franchise suffers one or more hundred loss seasons. In other words, they want to cushion the rebuilding process.

      And as I’ve argued in the past, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing if the team isn’t sacrificing the future for the present and near future. Are they? Like catch, I am no draft expert. From what I read, though, this seems like a defensible draft on it’s own merits.

      My one concern is this – it does look a little like the team took their new obsession with college talent to an extreme. Such a huge course correction doesn’t inspire confidence that the organization has a good plan for rebuilding.

      1. Unless they are taking the venture capital portfolio approach: draft 30 college guys, hope that three turn into major leaguers and one of them turns into a star. Ultimately talent is kind of a crapshoot, especially in baseball, so they are picking a timeline for arrival (2 years) and then maximizing the number of potential bodies that might be able to fill those holes.

        As I said before on another thread, I don’t necessarily think it’s such a terrible idea, especially since as we all know they have bet hard on talent 19 and under in previous drafts. Yes, they’ve missed on a lot of those bets, but if Crawford, Franco Biddle and maybe two of the other high ceiling guys ranked 4-20 arrive in the next couple years, and Nola and maybe 2 others from this draft come along the same timetable, you add them to the mix already in the majors (Hamels on the staff, Diekman and Giles in the BP, maybe Brown and/or Revere if they figure it out, Asche as a super-sub) and maybe you have the makings of a decent young team. At least a cheap one.

        I do wonder how they are going to find playing time for all these guys, though. I guess a lot will go to Williamsport to start, but at some point it seems like there’s going to be a big logjam at Reading.

        1. ACA…agree with that assessment. However, as for the logjam down the road in 2015/16,s ay at Reading…I think a lot of the current guys, now in Clearwater and maybe some in Lakewood, will be gone.

      2. Did anyone see the comments coming out on wip, that montgomery was forcing the contracts extension on howard, ruiz and utley.And rollins, interesting if true,

    5. I like their first two days of the draft. Their picks in rounds 11 and 12 I like, too. What I don’t get is why they waited until the last quarter of the draft to take any HS talent.

      We know what the success rate is like on college players taken after the 10th round. Most of those guys have org-filler as their upside. So why let other teams take the high school talent off the board and be content to scoop up what’s left? Unless they really think there’s no difference between the high schoolers drafted in round 15 and round 35, I don’t get it.

    6. Mr. Positive strikes again! Did you think that the most of current pitching crop in Lakewood and Clearwater needs to be replaced?

  3. BPA has always been what GMs , coaches, and commentators like to say but when the time to pick arrives they add in the (unmentioned) needs of their respective organizations. Another reason they say BPA is so as not to alert other drafting organizations of their plans.

    This draft more fully shows the truth for/by the Phils: the organization may have the least worthy pitching prospects than all of the others. It was/is their crying need. And, since the cupboard is so bare in their AAA & AA teams (LV, Reading), pitchers closer to the pros (College players & pitchers) were targeted.

    It seemed obvious to me and plenty others here. And what many were “demanding” of this org.

  4. I know you had this format for the draft picks last year as well. I’d love to see a side by side as we move along just for some perspective. I love coming here for the prospect info. Best site around for Phillies prospects. Thanks for great work.

    1. If you look under writers at the top, my email address is there. Hit me up and I’ll send you the excel spreadsheet which has the last three in similar format.

  5. I don’t really know how to feel about this draft yet. I am ok with the college route in the first 10 rounds as a new tactic to try. I was quite disappointed they didn’t take a run at a few kids in the teens. as far as the normal college sr class goes, I think we got a decent one. I like the run of Juco and HS kids at the end, hopefully we can poach a few. What really gets under my skin though, is that going into this draft everyone, including FO people on many different teams, said this wasn’t a great talent class at the top but it had great depth at HS pitching and catching, while the college hitting class was subpar at best. I really don’t think the phils took advantage of that depth when they should have.

  6. one interesting thing of note. We only took 6 guys that are under 6 feet tall, and 3 of those play SS where height isn’t as much of an issue. They really stuck to their trend of having an almost chip Kelly like focus on size requirements.

    1. Only 3 hitters over 6’2″ though, and none over 6’4″, so no Altherr’s/Dom Brown’s this time around.

    1. I doubt it’s a very high bonus so hopefully he refrains from buying a round and then spending like 25% of it.

      1. I doubt he’ll spend that much. The round of drinks, maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. Depends on how many people he has to buy for.

    1. I believe he will sign, he decommitted over the money his family would have to pay, vandy scholarship money wasnt what they had told him. so imo if phillies pay him a bonus and buy him a sholarship he should sign.It would take the financial pressure off his family, this kid i really believe, if they dont low ball him will sign.

  7. https://twitter.com/s_gonzales35/with_replies

    he says thanks when someone says good luck.. this early on im reading it as signed. mostly because its 1am. On a related note he has a twitter conversation with a friend with the handle mattwink18… which means this is destiny and he will become the next big thing in Phillies prospects.

  8. Hoskins as well

  9. James Harrington @James_H24 · 8h Thanks to my friends and family, and especially the Phillies organization for giving my such a great opportunity #blessed

  10. Would you guys be interested in a thread dedicated to when our college draftees are playing? I know I would appreciate it. I missed some last summer and this year I assume there are more of them. Thanks.

    I have to say it’s nice to see these guys tweeting their gratitude for being drafted. Maybe the entitled generation is over.

  11. Lets say that you have 400k saved from the first 10 rounds for rounds 11 to 40. If you sign 4 people for 100k does that take up the 400k? I was looking at the Phils 2012 draft signings. All they had was 193,000 saved for rounds 11 to 40. They signed 4 people for 100k. They did not have to pay the tax. Why not?

    1. Here’s how i think it works. Rounds 1-10 are dollar slotted – but for the players signed, the dollars are aggregated. Each draft position is assigned a dollar slot, if that player pick at that slot signs, money for that slot is contributed to the team’s 1-10 round pool. If the player picked is not signed, the money is forfeited for that slot. So, if a player’s slot is worth (just making up a number) $500k for round 3 and the aggregate money the team has allotted for rounds 1-10 is $ 7 million, and the player signs for $100k, that means $400 k for rounds 1-10 can be allocated to other players in those rounds. However, if the player does not sign at all, the teams loses the money for that slot and the team now has $6.5 million for rounds 1-10 (obviously not all 10 rounds since once player has not signed). This is why teams love signable seniors in later rounds – they sign for $5k and their money is allocated to other picks.

      I believe after round 10, the team can spend whatever it wants on a player up to $100k, I believe there are penalties of some sort after $100k is contributed. Can anyone describe this in further detail?

      By the way, the entire system is so freaking stupid. Now that the draft is cost controlled, there is very little reason not to allow teams to trade picks. Imagine if the Phillies could have traded Cliff Lee for compensation a pick that would have enabled them to pick Nick Gordon. How great would that be?

      1. your joking cliff lee for a unproven high school kid, who moved up because this was a weak hitters draft, omg

        1. Well with Cliff Lee out injured and the Phillies in the basement, a trade of Lee for the chance to sign Gordon during the off-season/ST would look pretty good right now. On the hook for a lot of $$ to Cliff. He might not pitch for a while and however well he pitches, the Phillies aren’t going anywhere this season. Gordon would be a building block. He didn’t rise in the draft just because hitters were poor — he was competing against a lot of quality pitching prospects. He is a legit top 7 in draft — just about any draft year.

        2. I meant to say “among other consideration” – you’d want more than just one pick unless you thought it was a once in a generation type player.

    2. I believe that after round 10, you can give anyone up to 100k without penalty. The round 1-10 excess is added to the 100k.

      1. So if you have 400k left from your 1-10 slot allocation, you can sign one player in the later rounds for 500k and as many as you want for 100k (or you can divvy up the 400k among multiple players).

        1. Yes. If you save 400K in rounds 1-10, you can sign a guy in round 11 for 500K.

          If the Phillies sign everyone in rounds 1-10, their entire pool is 6.89 million. They can spend up to 4.9% over that amount so they could also have an additional 340K to use on a Brandon Murray. They could offer him 440K, if they sign all of their 1st 10 picks.

          1. If they put everything on Murray, then it’s 440K plus however much, if any, they are under after Round 10.

  12. catch you are right about the first 10 rounds. There are slot money recommendations for each of the first 10 rounds. You can go over or under on each individual pick, but based on those recs, you have a total money pool that you are allotted. After round 10, the slot recs are considered to be 100k. If you sign anyone for 100k or under, there is no penalty. If you go over 100k, then the amount that you are over the limit gets included into your bonus pool from the first 10 rounds. if you go up to 5% over your total money allotment for the entire bonus pool, you pay a 75% tax on that total. If you go over 5% above your pool, you start forfeiting future picks.

    1. So your saying if we have 400k from rounds 11 to 40 we can sign 4 players for 100k and then sign one for 400k and we wont be penalized?

        1. Right. You could sign 29 guys for $100k and sign the last one for $500k. The first $100k for rounds 11-40 is irrelevant to any calculations.

  13. I would give Austin Davis and Brandon Murray each 300k a piece. I think if we sign those two then that would be awesome. Then I would sign how many high school/JUCO players we could for 100k. However, Murray probably won’t sign.

  14. Does anyone have the scouting report on DeNato, the diminutive LHP from Indiana?
    His last velo report I saw was 84 but I think that may have been HS…and he ges a lot of swing and misses for a 5’10” pitcher.
    I can see him in the ‘pen.

    1. His fastball is around 90, more consistently around 87-88. I’m sure they will work to improve his strength even more, so maybe he can hit 90 more consistently.

      Lincecum, Cliff, Dallas Keuchel, Niese, Hudson, Harang, John Danks, Jason Vargas, Weaver, Arroyo, Buehrle are all under 90 MPH on average this year.

  15. We’ve got about another $300K from the 5% overage, which we can spend and incur just a small $ penalty.

  16. Did anybody get to see Aaron Brown play today He was absolutely terrific. He got the start today and pitched 7 shutout innings, 5 hits, 2 walks, 4 so’s. threw 118 pitches 70 for strikes. he also went 1-3 at the plate with a double and a walk and to top it off he also threw out a runner at the plate.

    1. Joel, Brammie and Grandpa Badger wish you happiness and success. We are so very proud of you. All of your hard work has opened a huge door for you. Take care and beware.

  17. I Dvr Aaron Brown game today.He’s a power keg when he’s on the his the mound.His fb 88 to 91 needs to keep it down. His Slider is his best off seed pitch works better against lefties.When he used his ch-up it was effective. He worked out off jams most off the day do to horrible defense behind him .His first a bat he single the other way.He also has really nice pick off move to first base. He also saved the winning run when he throw a dead on strike to home plate. The announcers of the game were all over him with praise . He looks good on the mound.he’s a short around arm lefty with above Ave stuff. Think Bastardo on steroids. Hitting he looks the part , strong powerful swing strong wrist.I Was glad to see him go the other way today. He has an interview with Philly Csn tomorrow not sure what. Fwi Jamie Moyer’s son is on the same team as Brown. A Senior 2nd baseman he’s 6st in the ncaa in doubles with 24, he’s fast and players good defense He is a udfa. Hmmmmmm

    1. I also watch brown play today, I love the arm from center field, his speed, the only concern is his bat , will it be good enough to play in the majors,

  18. The next big dates for the phillies as far as prospect’s go . July 2 is the when teams can start signing 2014 international players. The Phillies signed Jose Pujols and Deivi Grullon raked 16 and 17 international players by Mlb in 2012 . They signed Luis Encarnacion in 2013 who was rated 12 by Mlb as a international prospect. I know this is old news for most of you. We can hope they sign some more this yr. The second big date is the MIb trade deadline. The phillies as of right now have the second worst record in all of baseball .I hope that changes they get better either way they have too get younger at some point. There a Japanese pitcher who can throw 97 m mph he’s only 19. I forgot his name.

    1. I believe the Phillies have been mentioned with Lenin Rodriquez C (Venezuela,). Should be in the $500k to $1 million range.

      1. Joe, have you heard of any other high profile Latin players associated or linked with the Phillies?

      2. Matt mentioned the other day that the Phils are “in on” a bat-first catcher (Lenin Rodriguez?) and a glove-first shortstop.

  19. Do you guys think that maybe the phillies drafted a lot of Sr this yr is they want some of them to teach the younger players we have ? I know we have coaches to do that .the Seniors can teach our toolsy players what to do on a day in day basis . Sometimes it’s what u do off the field that counts aka workout etc . A player that has been in college for 4 years knows baseball better then a 20 yr in most cases. The phillies have a lot of toolsy players in the system aready. Outfielders u have Cozens , Sandberg, Pujols , Hiciano etc.I like this draft we need an infusion of pitchers that can pitch in the higher levels . I think we only have 4 pitchers in our top 20 prospects. Plus at the major league all of our starting pitchers are 30 yrs old.

    1. Who knows? The PHillies DO seem to subscribe to the myth of the importance of player-leaders. Really, I don’t think the players can do the job of the coaches. If Cozens, Sandberg, Pujols, and Hiciano haven’t been taught the right approach by our coaches this far into their baseball careers, then we have a big, big problem in our minors. You can’t draft coaches. The guys we draft are interested in their own careers, not helping to coach up our prospects. Where there is some validity is that spirits are brighter and players may prosper more on winning teams, so the addition of non-prospect college kids who add to the wins of our minor league teams could help the prospects. It’s hard to teach a young pitcher to induce more ground balls if those ground balls go for basehits, because your fielding stinks. It’s hard to teach situational baseball and eking out an extra run, if the players always see themselves losing by half a dozen runs.

      1. You do have more mature, intelligent, disciplined and to some degree dedicated players from the college ranks.
        Which is a plus.

  20. Last year, Brandon Murray was extremely highly regarded after impressing scouts in the showcase circuit. Murray’s first pitch in last summer’s PG’s National All-American game was clocked at 98 mph. His stock really shouldn’t have dropped, considering he grew 2 inches, his average FB velocity jumped 3-4 mph and he went 9-1 with a 0.98 ERA, 114 strikeouts in 64 innings pitched his Senior year. Here’s a sampling of Murray’s (mostly preseason) draft-centric accolades:

    PG 2014 All-American 2nd team, 1st team Central region
    PG rating 10.0 (out of 10)

    “a/b” grade on MLBprospectguide, same as Nola. Leibrandt was their next highest rated Phillies draft pick with a “b” grade

    xmlbscout’s Sept 2013 mock draft had Brandon Murray going 16th overall, (and Nola 17th). Interestingly, velocity had little to do with it, because he mostly clocked Murray’s FB sitting at 90-91.(published before his velocity increase) Rather, this “ex-scout” noted the run & sink on Murray’s fb, his competitiveness and deceptive ability to throw three pitches for strikes from the same 3/4 arm slot. Prior to reading this account, I thought Murray was just another raw projectable type, so I found the notion that he was a premium prospect before his velocity jump awfully intriguing. Also interesting was a Jake Peavy comp for Nola, which he treats as common, but I hadn’t encountered elsewhere.

    44th on Scout.com’s September big board(Aiken was 39) How is he #270 on their final board? Is anyone aware of an injury? because he seemed to pitch a full season BTW Phils did great by scout.com, drafting 8 of their 231 Liebrandt 198 Austin Davis 113 Rys Hoskins 97 Allen 94 Oliver 58 Imhof 7 Nola

    99th on Matt Garrioch’s (BA and bonus baby) Feb 7 big board

    29th on Jeff Sullivan of ninebaseball’s july 2013 top 100 list

    Murray is the high-upside prep day 3 lottery ticket many hardcore Phillies supporters clamored for on day after their uncharacteristically prudent approach of days 1 & 2.They saved some money with a couple below slot savings, but a million dollar offer requires significantly more draftees to go unsigned. I wont argue the merits of either approach but at the very least, Murray presents a viable alternative.

    Who would they have to not sign to come up with a 750k offer?

    1. It can work close to that way. The Phillies are allowed to spend 104.99% of their draft allocation without more than a minor $ penalty. That adds $340K to the pool. They are allowed to spend any unspent top 10 round allocation in the later rounds( assuming they signed the players in those top 10 rounds). The 9th and 10th round picks, having a combined bonus pool of $290K, were throw-away picks, signable for $10K each. That’s another $270K available. In addition, the first $100K spent on a draftee after round 10 doesn’t count against your pool. So, if picks 1-8 sign exactly for slot, on average which is reasonable, the PHillies could offer Murray up to $730K. The downside is that would leave no $ to give anyone else after round 10 a bonus larger than $100K. Obviously, Murray can’t be made this offer until after all of the top 10 picks have signed at the $ I estimated, thus freeing up the $730K.

      1. I was referring to the “a million dollar offer requires significantly more draftees to go unsigned …Who would they have to not sign to come up with a 750k offer?” portion of his comment. As you of course know, you lose the money if you don’t sign the pick.

        Your analysis, though, is of course correct.

        1. No, you’re right. I took it as what they would have to give up is any over $100K signing after round 10, as in he would be the one and only splurge. in which case, guys like Wiggins are who you would forego signing.

        2. Who else after round 10 would require a 100+k signing bonus? I only know of 3 or 4 candidates, and of those guys, Murray seems to have the highest ceiling.

          Austin Davis has two years left so he could cost a bit, but the Junior 3rd day picks don’t want to risk losing leverage and don’t seem like potential high picks next year.

          Of the HS guys, I’d think Eaton and Wiggins would be overslot candidates, but I’d gladly forgo them for Murray if possible. They’re more like backup options.

          730k is a nice number but I can’t fault Murray for believing he could make millions after 3 years in SC…but chances are he’d go on the 2nd day and end up with close to the Phillies offer.(plus potentially lose service time if he really has that much confidence) I’d love to sign him- he might be the only pick who could alter the complexion of this draft if he signed. He has as much potential as any Phillies pick this year.

          1. I would give Austin Davis 400k. I think that he will be a steal. Then, I would sign the JUCO for 100k a piece. I would give Wiggins 200k. I would give Harrington 200k. Then, I would give Al Molina the rest, which is around 250k if they go over the tax.

      1. My bad — I had him confused with Chris Oliver:

        Ned (Cali)
        Is chris Oliver a steal for the phillies and where do you project him?

        Reliever for me. Live arm, might be very good in that role, but slight build and lack of FB life probably put him in the pen.

        Also had this to say about Phils draft picks:

        Lou (Philly)
        What’s Imhof’s potential? Back of the rotation guy at best?

        I think 4th starter ceiling. What worries me is that he might lose some velocity when he moves to going every fifth day.

        Rob (Philly)
        MLB Network compared Nola to Leake with a slighter better grading across, fair?

        Sort of. Nola’s got deception Leake never had.

        1. I probably pay more attention to Keith Law than I do the others who report on prospects, but he, by his own admission, makes evaluation mistakes. Furthermore, he is quite candid in stating that his rankings are not to be viewed as better than any team’s internal prospect rankings.

          Law ranked Kyle Schwarber No. 26. Schwarber was drafted by the Cubs at No. 4. Although Law didn’t approve, he acknowledged that the Cubs were not necessarily wrong in their pick.

  21. Would you start Nola, Imhof and Oliver all in Clearwater? My rotation there would be Nola, Imhof, Oliver, Ethan Stewart and either Colin Kleven or Jeb Stefan. When Shane Watson gets healthy he takes Stefan or Klevens spot.
    I would send Austin Davis and Liebrandt to Lakewood. My rotation in Lakewood would be Austin Davis, Liebrandt, Tyler Viza, Drew Anderson and Mark Leiter.
    My Williamsport rotation would be Denton Keys, Mitch Gueller, Hockenberry, Feliberto Sanchez and who do you think is the best college starting pitcher that we took from rounds 11 to 40? That would be the #5 starter.

    1. No question Nola starts in CWater. I think they start Imhoff at WPort or LWood. He’s a little raw and needs to develop at least 1 other secondary pitch or possibly 2. With Oliver not sure. In most cases he’d prob be at LWood or WPort but with CWater so thin they may be aggressive. That is assuming they don’t try to make him a RP right away.

        1. Isn’t the SEC considered to be on par with High A? (Honest question)…Assuming the level of play is close to the FSL, then I don’t see why he wouldn’t start in Clearwater, especially considering how dominant he was in the SEC.

          1. No, it’s not on a par with high A. Don’t believe me? Check how many SEC draftees start in high A. How many of the starters on SEC teams ever even make it into pro ball and how many of those that do start in a rookie league like NYPL.

            1. Wolever was the one who said this. I didn’t agree with him either, but I think he may have made that statement to tip his hand that Nola was going to Clearwater.

              Also, just because the FSL as a whole is better competition than the SEC, doesn’t mean that our stellar Threshers are.

          2. I’ve heard some NCAA baseball people compare the SEC baseball to A-ball and they’ve said on Friday Nights when teams have their #1 starter they think it’s closer to AA. Of course that’s NCAA baseball people and you have college fans/analysts say stupid things like the Alabama football team could beat the Oakland Raiders or silly stuff like that.

            I still think Nola should go to Clearwater though. He’s been pitching in the south so he’s used to the heat and I think having him at the Phillies main instructional facility would serve better for in-between starts.

      1. Looks like the Phillies FO must have told Hockenberry that W’port is his designated assignment after he reports to Florida. He mentioned in an interview.

    2. Nola’s workload will be severely restricted because of the innings already on his arm this year. He might not be seen anywhere before mid-July or even August. They won’t want to tax that arm once they get it going. He could pitch for CLW at some point this year but more as an emergency starter because he’ll be working out in Clearwater. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in Williamsport with possibly a late season start at Lakewood. So I’ve covered the bases. He could start anywhere including Citizen’s Bank Park.

    3. Agree to start all of our first 3 pitchers at Clrwtr High A.
      Challenges immediately could be answered by work in their intro to pro ball. Hint: the Giants, whose pitcher development has been excellent, are not afraid to challenge their draftees with starting at a challenging level quickly.

    1. ‘He was informed that, pending a physical, once he signs after arriving in Florida, he’ll be assigned to a Short-A team for the remainder of the season. Already, he’s fine-tuning his focus’.

      Short-A I believe is W’Port in about two weeks

      1. Oh crap. You’re right. “Short-A”. I read “Low-A”. Sorry. Williamsport it is. GCL would be “Rookie ball” right?

  22. Pepperdine on now last game against TCU. Lakewood could use the pitching if they get better pitching with that offense could make a run a the playoffs.

  23. i think I’m just going to assume that every college senior is going to sign and not get that excited about it.

  24. Phillies seem notoriously slow in releasing the signing figures. Any reason or just a preference?

    1. Could be to use as a bargaining chip in negotiations with those they haven’t signed.

      To clarify for those wondering how that would work, if they released signing bonuses as soon as people signed then the agents of the unsigned can keep track of how much slot money is left to be spent. They could then demand to get more of that money. But if they don’t know, and the Phillies say they are low or out of slot money, then that doesn’t give the player any leverage other than his performance and tools (plus his ability to go to college or what have you). It also makes it impossible for the agent to say, “well you payed x player y money and my player is comparable, so we should at least get that much money.”

  25. Aaron Brown with opposite field homer. Has a 2-3 day with 2 rbi’s. On the homer, all I could imagine was it being in the flower bed at CBP.

  26. I think I need a primer on this every year. Does a college scholarship dollar value count towards their bonus?

  27. Riley Ferrell came in for TCU to put out the fire. Some reports have him as the #1 College P next year and a top 3 pick.

    1. Ferrell in 2014: 0.72 ERA, 37.2 IP, .128 BAA, 2.66 BB/9, 15.0 K/9

      However, he’s been used as a reliever (and usually pitching more than one inning). He needs to show next year he can be a dominant starter to be a top-3 pick. It’s one thing coming in and facing guys one time through the lineup. It’s another when you start and face the same batter 3 or 4 times.

        1. Avoid TCU pitchers. Their program is notorious for putting wear and tear on arms. See Andrew Cashner and Matt Purke. Brandan Finnegan, drafted this year, also has experienced arm problems.

  28. Did you see Brown on mound last night? this kid is confident. Love his makeup. This is player I would pay to see.

    1. I would not be surprised if the Phils sign all of their top 20 if not 25 round picks and then issue a press release like “The Philadelphia Phillies are pleased to announce… blah blah blah… we’ve signed every one of our first 25 picks… blah blah blah”

      Of course when so many of them are seniors it makes it less thrilling and of the college juniors I really think there’s only 1 or 2 slightly difficult signs, but even those I think will get done.

    1. Works for me.

      btw, has anyone found an “official” website with the listing yet? Phillies.com only has the 2013 draft information. With guys confirming that they’re going to Clearwater, I figured they’d have an easily accessible list with this information. I guess they don’t…or the person/people in charge of the website haven’t gotten any word yet.

        1. I’m sure there’s a sizeable portion of ‘old guard’ and the Phillies organization who lament the Internet and prefer the old days where none of the fans knew who anyone drafted was, all you found out was a list printed in the paper and the only time anyone cared who got signed or not was for the first round pick.

  29. Per mlbtraderumors: The Phillies announced that they have agreed to terms with right-hander Aaron Nola, whom they selected out of Louisiana State with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 draft.

    Nola, considered by some to be the most polished collegiate pitcher in the 2014 draft class, was a consensus Top 10 talent and generated some buzz within the Top 5 leading up to the draft as well. Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com ranked Nola sixth among draft prospects, while Baseball America pegged him seventh and Keith Law of ESPN.com ranked him ninth.

    [No financials provided.]

    1. 4:08pm: Nola will receive the full slot bonus of $3.3MM and change, tweets Jim Callis of MLB.com.

  30. Just based on prospect ranking I would think if the Phillies sign the top 30 this is a better draft than last year. Not sexy, but certainly would make the organization stronger.

  31. I noticed that Martarano was drafted by the Cubs so he obviously never signed with the Phils last year.

    1. He is playing football at Boise State this year. The plan is for him to play for the Cubs Boise affiliate as well.

    1. •The Phillies have agreed to a $550K bonus with fourth-rounder Chris Oliver, reports Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com (via Twitter). That represents a $83K overage as against the $467K pool assigned to the 112th pick. MLB.com’s Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo pegged Oliver as the 48th-rated draft prospect, while Baseball America rated the University of Arkansas righty as the 66th best player available.

      1. I think it was worth going over slot a little to sign Oliver. Hopefully that much will be saved from the top 3 pick slots.

        1. I Cant find anything on oliver like his velocity what he throws, I saw only his era was 2.51 and his record was 9-4 but that is it, anyone help?

          1. According to MLB.com

            Projectable power arms from the college ranks aren’t all that common, but Arkansas has a good one in Oliver. A member of the Razorbacks’ weekend rotation, the tall right-hander has some serious upside.

            Oliver has a live arm, with a fastball he can dial up past the mid 90s at times. He throws downhill from his 6-foot-4 frame with some run and sink as well. Tall and slender, Oliver calls his breaking ball a curve, but it’s really a slider. It’s inconsistent from start to start, but it shows flashes of being an out pitch. His changeup is below average and behind the other two. That, along with his command, are the two things that hold him back as a starting pitching prospect.

            The jury is out about whether Oliver will remain a starter, but he has the power arsenal to succeed in the bullpen if that’s the direction that makes the most sense.

            1. They gave his fastball a 65 out of 80, which is between above average and well above average

            2. A bullpen arm, per Keith Law.

              “Reliever for me. Live arm, might be very good in that role, but slight build and lack of FB life probably put him in the pen.”

              Hope he’s wrong.

  32. Brad, thanks for maintianing this page. I think it might be helpful if it’s not too much trouble, to include our top 10 slot amounts.

  33. “Kyle Freeland, LHP – Intriguing lefty, huge projection here, with a commit to a mediocre or below D-1 program, might take more than $200K, but not sure he’s worth more at this stage”


      1. I think what JG is trying to do….is go back to the year the Phillies drafted Freeland….2011 I believe and the write up on him at that time as a HS senior.

  34. Anyone know how much Hoskins signed for? I’m hoping that he signed for 300k. That will make up almost 65% of Oliver’s over slot.

          1. Thanks. I used search first (which was no help.) I was also checking Brad’s followers last night, but I have no clue how I missed him. I just had my eyes checked a few weeks ago too.

  35. I always like to review the Phillies picks in the BA handbook, to see how they were ranked preseason.
    In the College top 100:

    05. Aaron Nola
    22. Matt Imhof
    27. Chris Oliver
    68. Rys Hoskins
    83. Austin Davis
    93. Aaron Brown

    All college draft, but the guys do have pedigrees and didn’t just jump out of nowhere.

  36. Diekman hit 100mph today. Any word on Chase Harris he can run has the hit tool. Plus great defense. I life 10 mins away from the Flacco ‘s and have no idea what he’s going to do. Paplebon got his 300 win today.

  37. Do you think the phillies really needed to go overslot 83k to sign Oliver? Who is going to sign underslot to save some money to sign a extra guy or 2 (Austin Davis, Wiggins, Powers, Flacco, Berardi. Austin Davis is a must get imo also love Wiggins bat. Picks 9 and 10 would have to sign for 100.000 each just to make up for signing Oliver. Nola Signed for slot so im not sure where the money is coming from.

    1. call me an optimist, but I’m OK with 83K over slot for Oliver. He was ranked over slot. All good so far, but things change.

    2. I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. The Phillies will “save” 125K each on both the 9th and 10th pick. Neither one of those guys will get a bonus over 25K.

        1. Agree with this. Both Hockenberry and Shortall were way off the board picks, even for college seniors. They’ll each get 5K and that’s it.

    3. It really wasn’t the Phillies choice. If that’s what Oliver was demanding, you meet those to sign him.

  38. I thought they’d get Oliver for less than slot given the DUI. Instead, they went over. Very surprising to me.

    1. His bonus is in the middle of where he was picked and where he was rated. He took a hit after the DUI, but had leverage (return to school) if someone wouldn’t pay him what he wanted. So they got a 2nd round talent (plus baggage) for 3rd round money and only had to use a fourth round pick, essentially.

  39. Oliver had a BB/9 of 3.5 and a K/9 of 5.7. He better be really really projectable because those numbers do not bode well.

  40. Of course the flip side is Oliver was projected as a 2nd rounder before the incident. The Phils may of just figured the value was too good to pass up and paying him a little overslot in 4th round was worth it. I’m not saying what they should’vr done but there are 2 ways of looking at it.

  41. To add to Oliver talk (and i understand 83k overslot hurts pool $) but you got a second round talent for half the price.

  42. I hate to be fatalistic, but Rhy Hoskins sounds like this year’s Matt Rizzotti or Chris Serritella. The Phillies had great success drafting Ryan Howard in the 5th round, so I think they now have a general strategy of drafting a college first baseman between the fourth and sixth rounds in an attempt to obtain value. I guess we’ll have to see how it pans out.

      1. I think these guys are taken as org filler to provide some minor league offense and help the other kids develop. Serritella was a bust who didn’t fulfill this purpose. They lucked out on Ryan Howard. Eventually they may luck out on another college 1B.

          1. Look back on some Phillies drafts of the past decade. Plenty of low bonus/org filler picks. I remember commenting over the winter how bad it was that the Phillies messed up on their 5th and 6th picks in the 2013 draft and lost the slot $ — the general consensus was ‘huh? Picks 5 and 6, who cares? They mean nothing.’ That’s how the Phillies have trained up a lot of their fans. Satisfaction with a three player draft has become fairly common and the Phillies have conducted a lot of three player drafts over the years. Look where we drafted a guy like Tyler Mach.

          2. Pretty sure they aren’t drafting anyone within the first couple of days hoping for an organizational guy. With the slotting system they might draft a guy or two that they think will sign below slot but I doubt they are doing so with the intention of getting a good AA filler..

    1. I know what you are saying, but Hoskins did get some prospect nods unlike Rizzotti or Serritella. BA ranked Hoskins the #1 prospect in the WAC (not the strongest conference, I recognize that). Jonathan Mayo gives his power a 60. He also fared well in the Cape Cod League and was among the leaders in HR and AVG there.

      Rizzotti and Serritella showed quickly what kind of hitters they were at WPT, so I guess we will know soon where Hoskins falls. At least he is supposedly a nice guy.

      1. Am pretty sure that Serritella was something like the BA #180 prospect in 2012. Hoskins was like BA #278.

  43. When you look at it….those college pitchers that really blossom and become studs and high picks have done it after three ‘minor-league’ equivalent seasons in college.
    Then, after being drafted by a major league team, there is the further developmental 1.5 to 3-year period in the real high minors before hitting the major league scene.
    So the HS pitchers that are signed out of HS and have not shown anything resembling spectualr pitching or just progression by their 21-year age season, then it looks like a reliever in the works or a minor league org player.
    Exceptions do exist like a Vogelsong or Grilli however, or even Warren Spahn.

    1. Sorry but College baseball is not equivalent to minor league baseball. Many of these college pitchers that really blossom were also highly regarded HS pitchers as well.

      Talent is talent.

      1. Did not say that……in quotes means their three year ;apprenticeship” if you like, is what I am alluding to.

      2. Not always, Nola was a 22nd round pick by the Jays in 2011, 600 or so, picks higher then him…..that isn’t that high.
        Freeland was a low Phillies pick also in 2011.
        Just two for example..

        1. I think everyone and their brother and sister knew Nola was going to LSU to play with his brother. That was the only reason he was drafted so low out of HS.

          1. That may be the case, but he was not ranked as high as some of the other HS pitchers.
            What’s the case for Strasberg or Lincecum?..my point, HS pitchers apparently develop just as well in their three years in college,

  44. MLB.com has updated the Phillies signings Brandon Leibrandt, Emmanuel Marrero, Chase Harris, Calvin Rayburn, Sean McHugh, Joey Denato, Derek Campbell, Tim Zier, Preston Packrall, All signed. Does not have Chris Oliver, Austin Davis, or Jared Fisher signed.

    1. I haven’t seen anything that he is signed but he should sign pretty soon. His season just ended a few days ago but given how bad the Phillies have been at signing their top 10 in recent years he is the only one i am worried about. Outside of Nola he is my favorite pick.

  45. Flacco playing in the Phillies Carpenter Cup today. I wonder if the Phillies are there watching him?

    South Jersey Sports @sjsportsdigest · 47m
    BASEBALL: Tom Flacco hit a lead off double to center, steals third base and scores on the overthrow by the catcher. 1-0 Oly-Col

  46. I was just reading a recap of the Phillies draft over at the Good Phight they really disliked this draft.
    “I dislike this draft pretty strongly. Nola is a good pick and I like Brown, but 12 Seniors, by my quick count, in the first 28 rounds is somewhat absurd. There’s not a lot of Ceiling to dream on and most sources seem to think Brown’s ceiling is much, much higher on the Mound, eyt the Phillies listing him as an OF suggest he’ll play there, where his Hit tool is pretty substandard (perhaps there’s a hope, he’ll suck and agree to switch back to the mound). Take it all with a grain of salt, I loved the 2011 Draft out of which most of the High School and JC prospects have flopped (pretty much only Quinn is still standing for HS picks and Giles for JC picks) and Asche looks like the only College pick who will provide any value.”

      1. I’ll be stunned (but pleased) if its that much. I suspect that they saved 280K on the 9th and 10th rounders. They went 83K over on Oliver. They probably went over on McWilliams too. They probably paid every one else slot (they really are among the least creative teams out there). We probably have 150K left and are hoping Austin Davis takes that.

        1. Ruben said this afternoon, that because of MLB fiancial slotting requirements , it will be difficult to draft and sign any HS players after the 2nd round…..translation….it will be predominantly college all the way from here on in

            1. Rube really is consistently disingenuous. This is the 3rd year of the system. In 2013 the Phillies themselves signed HS picks in Round 3,3,4,11,30 and 32. In 2012 the Phillies signed HS picks in Rounds 3,5,13,14,21

          1. So wait … he’s saying all those HS picks that other teams made from rounds 3 to 10 aren’t signing? Really?

            The slotting requirements cut both ways. A HS kid who wants to sign now – and many do, for reasons financial or professional – has no choice but to take slot. Many of them will.

            Now, he sort of has a point about rounds 11 and lower – though not entirely there either. But for rounds 2 to 10 … you have to hope this is one of those times Amaro is spouting off less than candidly.

            (This directed at Amaro; I know you aren’t agreeing with him.)

            1. RAJ is patting himself on the back for signing a HS kid in round 8. Early teens is certainly possible. We did that just last draft and the slot rules haven’t changed since then. The Phillies really are spinning this draft hard. One might reasonably conclude that they are feeling very defensive about only signing one HS kid.

            2. Agree….he used the public TV forum to subtly set in motion his future plan of avoiding for the most part, the HS player….unless it is a 1st or 2nd round kid..

            3. If he really is serious going forward, i don’t understand where he is coming from. It’s not a “cheap” strategy, they’ll still spend the max money or close enough to it to make no real difference, just, over the long run, a stupid one.

            4. IMO, I think Ruben is not concerned about the slotted money…that is money already ‘spent’ more or less….it is the fact and embarrassment of not being able to sign any top ten picks….the last two years with missing out on Alex Rash, and Wetzler and Monda from last year, must have been a hard pill to swallow for him.

          2. Didn’t we draft HS players in the early rounds last year, and failed to sign 2 of our top college picks?

          3. Its because he and his staff are less creative than the other teams. It never even crossed their mind to offer Nola less than full 7 slot (but more than 8) and save 150K. Never crossed their minds. They can’t walk and chew gum. Its going to be very hard to compete in the next decade when other front offices are populated by bright creative thinking guys and our staff is a bunch of old dinosaur friends of Monty’s that still think that we should use the same data from the 1970s.

        2. ugh, I replied under the wrong post. I was including the 4.99% overage without forfeiting draft picks. The 2011 draft was a total disaster they need to spend every penny the have.

          1. 2011 wasn’t so bad. We got Asche and Giles from it and still have Quinn. And of course Morgan was looking pretty good for awhile. 2010 looks pretty ugly though.

    1. He is? Unless it’s later, I haven’t seen him.

      No clue on Joseph (am I the only one who’s thinking the Phillies really got fleeced on this one?) or Dugan though.

  47. copout, cheap statement by big rube. other teams didn’t seem to have much trouble. i sure hope he is not around for this next year.

  48. I am very suprised the red sox went over slot by 167 thousand for the kid from neumann goretti, didnt think they would go that high for him,

    1. I wonder where the Phillies had this kid pegged if the Sox took him in the 5th round and paid over slot? I was told the Twins and Cardinals also had him highly rated.

      BTW, the young man handled himself well in the Comcast piece I saw yesterday. Have to like him very much.

  49. I know that he worked out for the phillies twice, just like he did for boston, I Dont know what other leagues he played, i will ask my kid who knows him, not well but they talk,

  50. Josh Ockimey is a Philly kid played for powerhouse Neumann -Goretti . The Red sox gave him 450,000 which was over his slot value of $ 282,000. Big power hitting left handing hitting 1st baseman .

  51. nik besides Murray, who would you want. I Have been looking at the high school kids, just looking at stats, don’t see that much, but that is just a opinion. Flacco is suppose to stick with football.

    1. I agree with this statement for the most part. Although, Wiggins would be a pretty good get as well.

    2. Highschoolers are all lottery tickets. I’d say if we had $300k under slot left over, we could offer two guys with projectable bodies $250k and see if they go for it.

  52. That’s fine nik, I only would right now like to see all of any money go towards Murray,he seems to have some good upside, on what little I read, or could find on him,

    1. Pitching -Fastball: 90-95 Curveball: 77-80 Commitment: South Carolina
      …will take some money to get him to sign.

      1. They can offer him every penny they have available – and I’m guessing that they will – and I am pretty sure it won’t be enough. They’ll get one or two of the lesser guys, not becuase they are sheap or because they prefer a couple of lower upside players, but because that will be the best they can do.

  53. I guess your right, but that would be my kind of hs kid to sign, wish i went to college these words, sheap?? Looking at what they laid out so far in top ten leaves them with little it seems, to get any top hs kid

    1. For those not keeping track that leaves us at $157,700 of excess slot allotment if all unannounced bonuses are at slot.

    2. poor hockenberry, He might have spent that five thousand in gillians, Celebrating with his girl and friends,

  54. I would give Austin Davis 350k. We have to sign him. I would give Powers 150k. I’m ok with paying the tax in order to get some good pitchers.

    1. According to Keith Law’s draft recap, Austin Davis was considered a top 3 round talent earlier in the year. He thought he would be a tough sign, but apparently the Phillies already got him.

  55. Cant believe the phils spent a 13th round pick on this guy from texas. He’s throwing 86-88 LOL.

    1. I’m not sure why that comment got 3 thumbs down. Anonymous is correct. Like this draft after round 1 or not, I would hope that all would agree that in a HS pitching rich draft, the Phillies needed to sign more than one HS pitcher. Going more college heavy, especially in the first two rounds is not a bad idea. Going for what is likely a plus reliever prospect from college in round 4 is also a good idea, but this draft had entirely too many collegians, especially too many college seniors. Nola has a good chance to be their best first rounder since Hamels, but apart from that this really wasn’t all that super a draft.

    2. Oh those wasted 13th round picks. That’s the kind of thing that we’ll be talking about for… days?

      1. Yeah, with an average amount of $ in their draft pool, the great major league team they have, and the super strong farm, the Phillies can well afford not to have the best possible draft. Good enough is just good enough and we should all be satisfied.

        1. Good enough is, by definition, good enough. And people besides the Phillies seem to like Thornhill enough to be a 13th round pick. Anonymous wasn’t criticizing the Phillies draft as a whole, he was criticizing the choice of a guy who doesn’t throw hard in the 13th round. Fwiw, Thornhill has thrown in the low 90s previously.

        2. What intrigues about this draft….especially the first 6/7 picks….is that most have just turned 21-years old recently or some will not turn 21 for a few months.
          I believe in the ‘young-age draft theory’ that Rany Jazarly (sp) of BP proposes as a good barometer for a successful future major league player
          I believe Aaron Brown may be the only of the top ten who would be considered aged..

  56. Really all those toolsy high school hitters and pitcher’s that we were drafting in the last 10 yrs made a big impact on our team.it’s not how fast you can throw a baseball it’s the movement of it.Almost no major league pitcher gets by with a fastball. Giles throw a 100 mph fast to a below avg mlb player it was it for a hr . the next batter he throw his Slider for strike 3. Cliff Lee , Hamels fb sit between 91 to 93 mph.they both have great control and off speed stuff. Jamie Moyer , Tom Glavine, Greg Maddox, all were great control pitchers. I’ just saying you don’t have to throw 97mph to be a good mlb pitcher.

    1. I totally agree that you don’t need the super fast FB, although it helps. That’s why I’m quite happy with the Nola pick. As chancy as high ceiling HS kids may be, I don’t think a system thrives by signing college seniors. We took way too many college seniors in this draft. I do believe that Romus’s BP draft age theory is very valid. That’s just another reason not to draft a lot of college seniors.

  57. I’d still love to find out how much $$ they have left. 2 more in the top 25. When is the signing period over?

  58. RAJ has said we are willing to eat some contracts.J Roll broke Mike Schmidt s hit record. Build around J roll and Utley. Well at lease for 3 yrs anyway. Any trade should be for pitching help,Pitching and def win . Just a nice note phillies bullpen is really doing better.Young guns becoming pitchers ty cooch.

  59. I’m an eternal optimist. huge games from now until the 13th of July. We won’t know until then unless they drop to 10+ out.

  60. Jim CallisVerified account‏@jimcallisMLB ·
    Hoskins = $349,700. Leibrandt = $261,800. Marrero = $175k. @jbecker024: any news on @phillies 5, 6 and 7 round bonuses? @MLBDraft
    Just got this info from Jim Callis. We only saved about 20k.

  61. So assuming Imhoff and Brown sign for slot what does that leave Phils with to sign some of the HS kids or just Murray?

    1. About $519,000 (including maximum tax overage without losing a pick). We have $178,900 left of our slot if those two sign for slot.

  62. Williamsport roster got a couple more players today . Stovall, Sova, Campbell, Marrero,.plus Rayburn they say he’s 6 “8” 200 lbs and Donato. No Nola, Brown, I’m
    Hoping soon.

    1. ???? After Brown signs for full slot (which is expected) they are only going to have an extra 178K left. They may have to give most of that to Austin Davis at 12. They may have already given some to Stankiewicz at 11. Maybe they can get Ryan Powers too but its not clear. I doubt we sign any of the HS guys but then again I was surprised that Viza signed for cheap last year. I don’t think they will willing pay the tax. They only paid the tax last year because they were embarrassed when Wetzler backed out of his deal and they couldn’t lose Keys too.

      1. They can spend an extra 330,000 without incurring any draft penalty only a monetary penalty of 75%. The total is a little of 500K they can use.

  63. Ok. I understand. I just would be stunned if we paid anything which pushed us into the 75% tax. So I strongly suspect we’ll spend the 178K and that will be it.

    1. They have to restock the farm. if they can get a HS player or 2 I think they’ll spend all they can without coughing up picks. Will be interesting to see if they think anyone left is worth the extra money.

    2. They finally spent their entire pool and got all of the top picks signed. Now we’re upset we didn’t lowball more of the higher rated guys (Nola, Imhoff and Brown), so we can give a bigger bonus to the#385 rated player in the country, rather than guys who were rated in the top 100.

      1. Well $500k can be a very persuasive amount for a high school kid. I’m not upset at all about the amount of slot we’ve spent. I think most of the guys were gotten at a fair price tag. Although I thought for sure Hoskins (and maybe Leibrandt) would have netted us some slot savings.

        Hope they see something in him.

      2. I’m totally OK with this draft. Especially considering, rating wise on those signed it out performs last years draft. Only time will tell. I do hope they bring home the top 30, including long shot Murray.

  64. FYI All – I just noticed that Ryan Powers is playing summer league college ball. Good chance he’s not signing, though he still could I suppose.

  65. ty jack, wow, that is bad for us signing any hs kids, of value. murray is a no, and not a lot to get wiggins, so I guess its all college kids.

  66. Brown got 750k according to Jonathan Mayo. Not to good considering that we have no money left for high schoolers..

    1. After Brown we only have 111K in pool money. I suspect we had to give a good chunk if not all to get Stankiewicz and Austin Davis to sign. I don’t think we’ll be signing any HS guys at all unless they take 100K

    2. So if that is the case, they spent all but 110K of their bonus pool. Plus the have another 340k due to what they are allowed to spend over, before penalties.

      As long as it’s true that they signed Austin Davis, the 12th rounder, then they had a solid draft. They would have signed 6 of the BA pre-season top 100 college players. And if you use the MLB ratings, they signed at least 7 of the top 200 players this season.

  67. Cardinals signed local recent HS grad Bryan Dobzanski. 29th round. 700K so a big 600K chunk from their pool. I would’ve loved for him to sign in Philly.

    1. Yeah, the cardinals are a well oiled machine, Dobzanski was an undefeated state champ in wrestling and all state football so he is one heck of an athlete.

  68. psu joe, How many world titles do they have??? more than all our sports teams combine, two since 2000.What was dave Winfield, what was Gibson?????? both played football and other sports, in fact Winfield was a first round choice in baseball, drafted in football and basketball, so what is your point?

    1. roccom…..the Philadelphia A’s have more championships then any of the other Philadelphia teams…and they left the town 60 years ago.

  69. Saw a tweet from one of Nathan Thornhill’s friends asking if he will be flying to Clearwater which means he could be signing and reporting with the Phillies

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