Box Score Recap – 6/21/2014

Not a whole lot of note in AAA or AA, so I’ll start with JP Crawford getting his first extra base hit and his first multi-hit game at Hi-A. USA Today’s man in Lakewood Steven Falk reports that Yacksel Rios has taken Drew Anderson’s spot in the rotation while Anderson is out with an elbow injury. Sounds great. Just super. Rios went three innings, allowing five hits and five runs, though only one was earned. Larry Greene walked twice and walked-off in the tenth with a single in his return to Lakewood following a one=game rehab assignment at GCL. Andrew Knapp went deep in that one.

Cord Sandberg kept his season-long hitting streak alive with a 2-3 night, and he added a walk. He’s OPSing .994 in nine games. Damek Tomscha was 3-3, and Jake Sweaney stole two bags for GCL. Jason Marquis started his rehab assignment there today, and Jim reports that after his appearance, he got himself a couple simulated innings to get to 90 pitches. May not be long until he’s pushing for a big league spot, if he’s showing good stuff and getting some guys out when he gets to the higher levels.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


69 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/21/2014

  1. I really want to keep my expectations in check, but it’s really difficult to not get excited about Cord Sandberg right now. Showing speed, power and hitting for average out of the gate. I just really feel like he has potential to be an every day player in the MLB which is refreshing compared to others on the farm right now. Also nice to see JP Crawford get his first two hits for Clearwater, hopefully he settles in nicely.

  2. Cord has the potential to be more then just an everyday player, he has the potential to be an all star caliber player. I feel like we’ll see a lot of progress quickly with him as he has been focusing soley on baseball for the past year. He’s off to a nice start.

  3. Btw tale about a nice pro start . . . schwarber (Cubs 1st round pick, 4th overall) is hitting .577/.613/.1.308 with 5HR and only 2K’s. Kid can hit!

    1. Schwarber was the most advanced bat in college and he’s crushing short season. That would be the equivalent of the Phillies sending Nova to Williamsport.

  4. Cord does look good but it’s still the GCl. I said in the Draft blog that Schwarber was the best bat in the draft. Glad to see Knapp finally coming along.what’s with Latin pitchers U in Williamsport. I thought we drafted pitchers . No offense just like to see some of the new guys.

  5. Should say *talk

    It was pretty much known by all that he was the best hitter in the draft but still his numbers are crazy so far

  6. Cord is actually in WPort not GCL. It’s just a little over a week into the season but there’s a lot to be excited about. The tools are there. He can run, hit and play D. Hopefully , he keeps progressing.
    Also, I’m glad Crawford got his 1st hit out if the way at CWater. It’ll be real interesting to watch him and Quinn bat 1, 2 the rest of the yr. together. There’s a lot of potential with those 2 there.

  7. I went to see Reading play New Britain again last night. The Phils did everything they could to lose the game. Perci Garner, for the most part, awful. In 6 IP, he walked 5 guys, he had a WP and a HBP. He was having tremendous problems throwing strikes. The defense behind his was terrible too. Phillips had 1 error in the box score but he had 2 terribly botched plays that cost multiple runs. The hits were hot smashes but still a decent 3B makes those plays easily. Lars Davis play was hard to describe. He made 4 throws to 2B on steals. 2 went to Altherr on one hop (hint: Altherr plays CF). One throw Duran had to go up the ladder to about 10 feet to stop from going into CF. The 4th throw was 8 feet from the bag. I thought he was a good defensive catcher?

    Altherr is an impact player. He had a hit and 2 BBs. He almost made another highlight reel catch on a ball off the CF wall. He was backing up catcher throws all game long. The downside was he had 2 Ks looking. Both called strike 3s were right down the middle of the plate. One was with men on 1st and 2nd in the 9th inning to end the game. In both ABs, he started the AB aggressive with a long, wild swing for the fence. If he connected, the ball would be coming down in Reading today (from CT). It reminded me of Pat Burrell a few years back when he would swing wildly at strike one and two and then watch strike three. Like a deer in headlights.

    I’m no professional scout but when Garner was getting pitches over the plate, he was almost unhittable. He was consistently 92 to 93 MPH. He had a couple of 94s and a 95. His offspeed stuff had NB batters looking really bad. They were moving away from pitches that were breaking over the plate. One guy jumped back for a pitch that was right down the middle of the plate. He started to use the offspeed stuff later in the game and it was fooling NB hitters. He had what I thought was an 84 MPH slider. He also had a pitch that was 77 or 78 from time to time. Looked like a slow curve. If he can get the fastball over the plate and then snap off one of his offspeed pitches, I could see a decent pitcher. He’s a strong guy, looks like a linebacker. His fastball tails into righties and if he pops 93 regularly, righties have a hard time staying in the box. But walks will kill you and he was 2 – 0 or 3 -1 on most batters the whole game. The NB pitcher, on the other side, was hitting 87 on the top end and the Phils were smacking him all over the place but they couldn’t score much off him. He was getting the ball over the plate. Big difference when you throw pitches for strikes.

    Colton Murray was dominant. He threw 94 consistently. He threw strikes. He didn’t strike anyone out but there was only one out that I would call difficult. The rest were pop ups and weak grounders. He walked one but he was all around the plate including one that fooled the umpire and the hitter. Looked like a called strike 3 but I think the umpire probably thought it sounded low.

    Lavin is a very small guy. The umpire and opposing catcher towered over him. I was trying to find out about Dugan, since he was hurt the day before. He didn’t play and I didn’t see him at all. James cost the Phils a run. After a single, Davis hit a fly ball to left. James had to hustle back to first and a throw went errantly past the 1B. James stood on 1B as the fielders scurried around trying to pick up the ball. Both he and the first base coach (Collier, I think)were unaware of what was going on. He could have easily been standing on 2B just by being aggressive. Duran singled after that and that was a lost run.

    1. Great report. For all their faults, the Phillies are starting to consistently develop some nice bullpen arms and, after what seems like years of waiting, many of those arms are maturing at the right time in the big leagues. Murray sounds like the next guys up and, as I noted earlier in the year, Knigge can really throw too. I would hope the Phillies might consider taking one or two of these guys and seeing if they could stretch them out and perhaps become starters. The Rangers have done this with a few guys (C.J. Wilson being one) – so it does happen and God knows we need some more strong-armed starters.

      Great to hear about Altherr – sorry to hear Dugan is hurt yet again.

      Thanks for the report.

  8. Andrew knapp crushed his home run last night!! He really has a quick bat. He is getting good at catching also!

  9. Larry Greene is back? Somehow I didn’t miss him while he was gone. I love what Cord is going at Wmsprt. Move over Larry, someone’s about to pull your rip-Cord.

    1. Larry Greene, Mitch Walding and Chris Serritella may all be looking for jobs in about a month, if they don’t get going. There are a number of players that may be currently ‘held back’ because they are being one last chance to justify the money invested in those three.

        1. Since they’re going to use a revolving OF in Lakewood now, every rep Greene gets in the field and every at-bat he gets is one less for Tocci, Hiciano or Cozens. And every game he DHs probably takes ABs away from Astudillo or Knapp. Also, you could make an argument that Tromp is more deserving of that place in Lakewood than Greene.

          1. walding had 2 hits last night, crushed a ball off center field wall in Lakewood (which is a huge park) with 2 outs and 2 runners on and team was down by 2 in the bottom of 8th inning. maybe a foreshadow of things to come

        2. Larry Greene is in an OF slot that could be used for Tromp or Sandberg. Walding is taking 3B reps from Green. Serritella is getting ABs in High A that Astudio could be getting. And then you have all of the 22-23 year old seniors playing for the GCL team.

          But I can understand the team trying to make sure they give me those guys every opportunity to get it together.

      1. Really, Walding & Greene are just 21 yrs. old. They came straight out of High School.They are no different on where they are at, than a guy drafted out of college and entering the system.I have seen players come into the system from good careers
        in college and struggle, so give them a break. You are such a hater.

        1. There’s a difference between a player who comes out of college where they were a successful hitter and a HS draftee who hasn’t hit at all in 3 years, including two at the same level (Walding) or a draftee with only a hint of success and uniformly awful scouting reports (Greene).

  10. If Ruben could move Ben Revere, would like to see Altherr promoted to the Phillies as the 4th/5th OF. At least he plays more then adequate defense for all OF positions….and can throw.

      1. Yes I would agree for the prospects who are expected to be more then a future 4th/5th, like a Tocci, Quinn, Cozens, Sandberg, Pujols, and maybe a Hiciano or Tromp…all down the road.
        But Altherr’s ceiling now at age 23 and, 24 in January, seems lower, and not so much in development anymore.

        1. Altherr has always had a lot talent but has taken time still each level. There’s still a chance that Altherr could be a starting OF in the majors but I agree that 4th of is more likely. His varied skill set would seem to make him well suited as a 4th guy though.

        2. Zach Green will have more game power than any player in Organization Did you forget about him just because he had a hip injury for a month ?? He’s baaaaack !! and already mashing

          1. Unfortunately Green is limited to two positions at this point.
            He better get well acquainted to first base, because looks like that will be his final home, unless another slow-footed LFer is in the mix for him.

            1. For the record, Green is only playing 1B right now because they don’t want to push his hip too much. I don’t believe the ship has sailed on him at 3B.

            2. Every scouting report I’ve read has said that Green will stick at third. What makes you think he will have to move away from there?

            3. Maybe he will. Who knows. Even if he doesn’t, that doesn’t mean he’s limited to 1B or LF. He could always be traded.

    1. Revere is probably one of the 2 or 3 players on the major league roster LEAST likely to be moved, at least this year. That’s far from an unqualified endorsement of him, but:

      (1) He’s young and cheap.
      (2) No short term options to replace him – and I mean none.
      (3) Trade value is meh – what are they going to get for him?

      He’s not being traded, and shouldn’t be traded.

      1. I Just don’t see any value, in trading revere to any other team, I think his only real tool is speed, no power, no arm, average to below fielder, I think imo his real value is late inning runner to steal a base in close games,

        1. If he has no value then just getting him off roster would be addition by subtraction…not say i agree or disagree about reveres value

      2. If and when a team loses a starting OF to injuries, then Revere could be used to make a move.
        What can you get in return, more then likely, a second tier young prospect.
        And can he be replaced in Philly…seriously Altherr alone is a better defensive outfielder then Revere.
        Then what happens when Ruf is ready to come back, who can play the corners in a pinch….BUT hits for whole lot more production then Revere.

        1. Heck…I would even put Reid Brignac in a corner OF position with all of his 4 major league game experience in the outfield….and his batter plays better then Revere’s.

      3. Wow. I thought the idea of trading a player was to make the team better. Not sure how trading Revere would do that.

        (1) Return – set aside the fact that, if he’s as bad as you guys think he is, a 2nd tier prospect is incredibly optimistic. The bigger problem is fit. There isn’t a contender out there who would want him as their regular center fielder. There might be interest in him off the bench – but you’re not getting even a second tier prospect for a bench piece. Some non-contenders might want him as a regular – a cheap buy low player who could still improve. But they won’t trade a prospect for him – they’ll want to trade a (mediocre at best) veteran. Pass.

        (2) Replacement – this isn’t a case of the alternatives being poor, this is a case of there are no alternatives. He’s not a corner outfielder, he’s a center fielder. Mayberry, even setting aside the fact that he’s not really a center fielder, can’t hit right handed pitchers at all. He is not an every day player. Byrd was a center fielder, but isn’t now. Plug him in center field, Ruf in left and Brown in right, not only is the OF defense FAR worse, and certainly the worst in the majors, but maybe one of the worst in baseball history. Maybe more to the point, if you’re going to trade an outfielder, Byrd likely has more value and is not someone who has any chance of helping the next contending Phillies’ team, whereas Revere might, as unlikely as that may seem to some. In any event, Revere is cheaper in the meantime. Altherr has been playing well lately – all the more reason NOT to screw up his development with a premature promotion. (Even that aside, at this point he would not, overall, be an upgrade over Revere. Maybe in 2016, though 4th/5th OF is still more likely. There’s no one. Bad enough for 2014, but who do you think is going to play CF in 2015? The FA options are poor to say the least.

        Not happening, shouldn’t happen.

        1. Question….has Revere made the the team better? Explain how this year it is better hen last year with him being healthy?

          1. What is Revere’s 2014 WAR at $2M annum?
            Again, AA-experienced Altherr will give you more bang for the dollar then Revere.

          2. Better than who? You need a center fielder. Rules require it, and your pitchers wouldn’t be happy without one. Better than the alternatives. Even better than Altherr – but even if I’m wrong about that (doubtful), why mess up his development?

            Romus, no disrespect, but you don’t have an argument. None at all. Not even a BAD argument, no argument at all.

            (Parenthetically, he’s better than you are giving him credit for – speed has value, he has good contact ability, his defense is not great but better than the consensus around here believes.But EVEN IF I’m wrong about that – and I’m not – it would still be insane to trade him, (1) since the alternative is a choice between one of the worst defensive outfields in history (not good for the young pitchers), OR ruining a perfectly good prospect, and (2) if he is that bad, we don’t even get a C level prospect in return. We don’t get a prospect at all for him.)

            Sorry man to come down so hard on you, I like you even while usually disagreeing with you.

        2. I agree Revere isn’t that bad.yes he has an below avg arm but has made some good plays .Plus he, s the only true lead off hitter he, s hit 300 before and can steal 50 bases.I agree there, s no one to replace him or his speed.maybe he can move to 2nd base in a couple of yrs.

  11. Roman Quinn’s OBP is now at .340 and he’s been walking a lot more recently. His stats are starting to look pretty decent!

  12. Interesting (to me) to think about what the organization top ten will look like at the end of the season. In that context, I looked back to Matt’s preseason top ten which is holding up pretty good – a couple of “stock up” players – Grullon and Sandberg – were already in his top ten, rankings that looked aggressive at the time. Other returnees are obvious – Franco, Crawford, Biddle and Quinn. Add Nola. That’s seven. Who else? Candidates:

    Altherr – was in Matts’ preseason top 10. I said he was “stock down” at one point but he his proving me wrong.

    Dugan – also in Matt’s preseason top ten, but his injury plagued season may push him out.

    Giles – would be a strong candidate but probably will lose prospect status.

    Tocci – very controversial around here of course. I’m not one of the strongest skeptics, but am not as high on him as some. Has increased his stock this season if anything. Some would say his improvement is a BABIP illusion, but that’s wrong. His BABIP was low last year and decent this year because he is making much better contact. K rate is a little concerning.

    Martin – was in Matt’s top ten. Hard for me to see it because of his role. Probably passed by other prospects.

    Pullin – cooled down a bit after a hot May but stock has risen.

    Others – no one else in Matt’s top 30 has taken a big stride forward, though obviously the short season players have just started. Nola aside, Maybe one of the other new draftees?

    Keeping in mind that the following is in part rest of season projection, I’d add Altherr, Tocci and Pullin to the seven listed in my first paragraph. 8 position players, 2 pitchers.

    1. Why is Franco an automatic. The year he is putting together is horrible. In my estimation he has fallen considerably. If he stays in top 10 it will be 8-10 at best. Ashe seems like our long-term 3B

      1. I guess everyone is watching a different Franco than me. Take away his name and rank the raw statistics. Needs a return to reading

        1. He passed Reading last year. The consensus is that AAA is presenting a different challenge than he would see at Reading, which is why it does no good to demote him.

          Besides that, a lot of people expected him to need time to adjust to the new level. To me, Franco’s stock isn’t markedly down because we already knew that his approach was raw and he had holes in his game that he needed to work on.

          1. I don’t agree that we felt a guy who did well in high-A and AA was still raw. I don’t think any of us expected Franco to turn in this bad a first half. He’s young and still has next season to redeem himself in AAA, but I won’t shy away from saying is stock is down significantly. A lot of guys who hit a wall at a particular level don’t improve significantly on a repeat of that level. His first test is improving his performance in the second half of this season. If not, perhaps a winter off cures some of what ails him. That worked for Pat Burrell after his disastrous season following the big contract. Next season he bounced back. On the other hand, coaches and pitchers can figure guys out. The Dodgers figured out Howard in the playoffs and he hasn’t been the same since. Pitchers pitched differently to Domonic Brown after his success last year. He was a bit derailed the remainder of 2013 and has really been bad this year. Does he recover in 2015? He might, but one can’t count on it. A lot of guys hit well as they move up the minors and then hit a wall from which they never recover. We’ve seen it with Marson, Valle, Gillies, perhaps Joseph..

            1. I know there were definitely people who felt like Franco was close to contributing in the majors, but I wasn’t among them and I wasn’t the only one. There were doubtful scouting reports through large parts of last season- I know you remember the “arm bar swing” discussions. It was also said that he was over-aggressive and would need to adjust his approach.

              Some people overlooked those doubts because of his performance, but clearly they had merit. I’m not saying I knew his OPS would be under .600 this late in the year, but I’m not really stunned either. On the bright side, his BABIP is very low and at least some of that is likely due to luck- his batted ball data probably isn’t different enough from last year to account for a .086 point difference. And he still has time on his side.

              It’s true that not everybody recovers after they struggle at a certain level, but most of those hitters don’t have Franco’s ability. And he hasn’t been struggling for so long that we need to panic, imo. We should have seen this coming to some extent.

      2. He’s had one bad half(So far). Which doesn’t counter 3 years of very very good. He’s playing at AAA which is full of major league experienced starters.

    2. LOL on the Franco comments. Satire or serious?

      Perkins I don’t buy, but I can see why some do.

      Green, who I like more than some do, and Knapp … I can see them being in the conversation, but “easily” top ten? Of the guys I listed, who are they “easily” ahead of?

  13. I get to watch lhv on Saturdays on tv, I Think its really hard to play in that league, and here is why imo. The pitchers for the most part, that I have seen are retreads, low velocity, and throw so much off speed stuff, its nuts, the umpires are terrible, major league hitters would kill a lot of these guys, But young kids for the most part get eaten up by the junk ball pitching that I have seen, The key would be to keep your hands back on the junk they throw ,which is one of the hardest things for young kids to do, they committed too soon, and its something franco is doing in the little that I have seen, you can commit your body, as long as your hands are back, but franco is so off balance he hits a lot of grounders, and Perkins is a clone of pence to me without the power. I wish that they would show reading more love to see the kind of pitching you see in that league,

    1. I’ve attended four Allentown games this season. In each game, the opposing starting pitcher had a FB that ran in the range 90-93 in addition to off-speed stuff. In only one of those games did the Iron Pigs starter get his FB into the 90s. If you are judging based upon what our pitchers throw, I think you are missing the at least average FB velocity that our hitters face. Most of Greg Smith’s FB are mid-80s. Last night, Enright’s FB was upper 80s, but our hitters were facing low 90s. The Columbus pitchers also had better control.

      1. Allentown I said I only see the games on tv, my justment was based on that, you must see a lot more than me, so you have a better read, But a right handed who is 90 or less with the junk I have seen them throw, was my point, on how hard it is for young hitters, and the umpires stink, so the strike zone is really a issue, but if all you see if guys with great velocity and not junk balls, when I watch a different game on Saturday,

        1. Not great velocity, generally, but low 90s. Yes, they’ve got good off-speed stuff to support the FB. Yesterday was my first Saturday game in Allentown.

      2. There’s a mix in AAA. Zach McAllister dominated LHV yesterday, but he’s a major league pitcher who’s just trying to get straight in the minors right now. The Clippers also employ Tyler Cloyd, and I’ve seen games on TV with opposing pitchers not hitting 90. I must have seen them face Yuniesky Maya three times and I’m pretty sure he mostly sits in the high 80s, and throws a lot of softer stuff.

  14. With this team not too far out, I’d sign Ibanez and Sizemore, and play Sizemore in CF and platoon Ibanez with Mayberry and then Ruf in LF. I’d option Dom to LV to play everyday there and use Revere as a 5th OF.

    Assuming the team falls out of the race over the next 5 weeks which I believe they will, maybe Ibanez and/or Sizemore have a good 5 weeks and become a trade piece or in Sizemore’s case a longer term OF option.

  15. Great day for our future catching in Grullon and Knapp..and also nice seeing Sweeney ‘ s succeeding elsewhere.

    …but wow we actually have more than 3 or 4 future major leaguers in this system. Cord and Quinn are becoming everyday reasons to check the box score.

    Any reports on Cord ‘ s OF defense? Is he a corner or could he potentially handle CF?

  16. Great day for our future catching in Grullon and Knapp..and also nice seeing Sweeney ‘ s succeeding elsewhere.

    …but wow we actually have more than 3 or 4 future major leaguers in this system. Cord and Quinn are becoming everyday reasons to check the box score.

    Any reports on Cord ‘ s OF defense? Is he a corner or could he potentially handle CF? Quinn, Aaron Brown and Sandberg could form a great defensive outfield.

    The top 10 will be very interesting…but also past that- for the first time in a while, there will be actual depth, ie major league prospects filling out 10-15 and beyond. How recent draft picks finish out this season will shape the list. Less than a month ago we were worried about there not being a legit 5th best prospect; funny how fast things can change with these kids.

    It is finally looking like the Phillies could field a team in 2017 comprised of prospects-
    C Knapp/Gruillon
    1B Hoskins/Cozens/Franco
    2B Bregman! (I wish 2015 1st rd)Hernandez/Stankiewitz
    SS Crawford / Marrero
    3B Asche/ Franco / Green
    OF – Quinn, Brown & Brown, Sandberg, Altherr, Tocci, Dugan
    SP- Nola, Biddle, who knows
    P – Giles, Diekmann,

    The Phillies should make an all-out push for 23 year old Cuban slugger Yasmani Tomas. It’s easy to believe they might, given their needs and willingness to spend. They desperately need youth, excitement, power, a right-handed bat and a corner outfielder. He’d give the fans something worth paying to go see and provide a building block for the future. The Phillies need him as much as any team, might be willing to spend the most and have the money to make that offer. They almost did last summer on MAG and could try again – hopefully this time it works out better

    1. I just don’t get the ” there willingness to spend”. They refuse to sign Cuban talent or latin players for big money. Mag was a joke, if that is the kind of player they will go after they should keep there money, and spend it on lunch for the fo.

  17. Sorry about the Williamsport Sandberg thing oops. Everyone forget about Hiciano I think he been steady for a 20 yr old in lakewood. I seen part of the game Franco and Perkins were in.there both trying too kill the ball.Franco did hit a line drive to the cf.

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