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Box Score Recap – 5/31/2014

Jesse Biddle returns from a bout with hail-head to pitch pretty well – 3R, 2ER, 5H, 2BB and 3K in 6.1IP. Kyle Simon didn’t do Biddle any favors, allowing both of his Biddle-inherited runners to score. Miguel Nunez made a triumphant return to starting after a couple weeks in XST and the CLR bullpen – he went six scoreless innings, striking out five and allowing just three hits and one walk. Roman Quinn with a hit in that game. He’s still yet to draw a walk in nine games.

Willians Astudillo kept his hitting streak alive at 15, going 2-4 for Lakewood, while Dylan Cozens received a pretty terrible 20th birthday present. It came in a large hat box and it shines like Skinny Elvis’ most famous suit. I think Fat Elvis’ karate jumpsuit is probably more famous than the one from the postage stamp. so I figured I’d point out which iteration of Elvis I was talking about. And for all the young folks out there, Elvis was a rock n roll singer. People used to make music with like their mouths and instruments and stuff instead of computers. Wild, I know.

And DSL started today, with Edwin Rodriguez the most interesting guy to watch, IMO. He’s 16 for a couple more days, and received $100k to sign – Ben Badler from BA reported at the time that he was a “corner outfielder with a nice swing, a good approach, gap-to-gap pop and below-average speed”. The DH was Luis Beaufond, who’s listed as a catcher and will play the year as a 17-year old, so it’s worth watching him as well, I’d say. The more interesting names that were on the roster just a few day ago have been removed, and are likely headed to the Gulf Coast League roster when they kick off a few days after the draft concludes.

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Threshers; May 31, 2014

Tonight, over 5,000 people were treated to an old fashioned pitchers’ duel. Left-handed Orlando Castro of the Bradenton Marauders held the Threshers to 3 hits and 1 run in his 6 innings. He was bested by Miguel Nunez who allowed 3 hits in 6 scoreless innings. The Bullpens matched goose eggs and the Threshers made a first inning run by Roman Quinn hold up. Continue reading Threshers; May 31, 2014

XST; May 31, 2014

Today’s game against the Blue Jays started at 10:00AM. It was scheduled for 7 innings. By mutual agreement during the game, the teams extended the contest to 8 innings. In three different innings, the Blue Jays coaching staff asked to pitch to extra batters to make sure their pitchers got their work in. This is evidence that a lot of the young Phillies batters swing early and often. The Jays starter needed to face two extra batters in the 4th inning and still fell short of his 50-pitch limit.

Denton Keys Started for the Williamsport squad. He produced a fine effort. Continue reading XST; May 31, 2014

Saturday Chat

I will be spending the day on a plane and in airports, so with the draft 5 days away, what better time then now to chat about the draft, the farm system, the majors, and non-baseball related topics.

I will answer questions here in the comments and put some of the best questions into this post.  I will also take questions on Twitter, and on the facebook page.  I will answer the questions where ever they appear.

Otherwise, the DSL starts today so everyone have a good weekend.

Box Score Recap – 5/30/2014

Colton Murray‘s getting it done at Reading – one hit and three Ks over 2-1 scoreless today, and he stranded the runner he inherited. Gabriel Lino was 2-4 with a 2B and 2Ks, while Brian Pointer was 2-3 with a pair of 2B for CLR.

Willians Astudillo has now hit in 14 straight, but Delmarva’s Hunter Harvey shut down Lakewood pretty well. Again. He did the same a few weeks ago, though this time the Claws managed two hits instead of one and two walks instead of one and scored a whole run instead of, well, not. The Orioles should promote that guy already.

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