Saturday Chat

I will be spending the day on a plane and in airports, so with the draft 5 days away, what better time then now to chat about the draft, the farm system, the majors, and non-baseball related topics.

I will answer questions here in the comments and put some of the best questions into this post.  I will also take questions on Twitter, and on the facebook page.  I will answer the questions where ever they appear.

Otherwise, the DSL starts today so everyone have a good weekend.

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29 thoughts on “Saturday Chat

  1. Do you think the Phillies will reconsider their stance on picking pitching first if Jackson or Gordon falls to 7?

      1. Though if I went through all the leagues correctly, Clearwater does have the worst differential in affiliated ball at -135 (no, I didn’t normalize per game). Scary.

        1. You guys are misreading the Fangraph’s article. What they are saying that, using “expected” runs and runs allowed, the Phillies are last. That’s “expected” based on peripherals.

          You can argue at the significance of the result, but it is accurate. On the one hand the Phillies “expected” run differential is 20 runs worse than their actual differential, almost entirely because the pitcher’s peripherals are worse than the ERA. On the other hand, the two teams with worse actual run differentials both have smaller “expected” run differentials.

  2. Hoffman a steal at 7? Risky but he was a consenus top 3 pick before TJ. And he could arrive around the coming of Crawford.

    1. I am strong advocate of Hoffman at #7. With the surgery timing he really misses closer to a half year of development. He is advanced enough he could still end 2015 in AA and be ready for a callup in 2016. And for that you are getting a Top 3 talent in the draft.

      1. Do you think he’d take underslot deal? I mean at 7 he’d almost have to right as he could’ve easily slipped to end of 1st and lost millions?

  3. 1. What do you think is the main reason Gueller isn’t at LWD?

    2. How depressed should we be about Altherr?

    3. 2nd rd pick on Knapp sure seems iffy right now

    4. Really excited about HS pitching depth that will be available in 2nd and 3rd rds

    1. 1. Control and feel for stuff. He was extremely raw out of high school and my guess is the Phillies wanted to give him hands on instruction in Florida rather than feed him to Lakewood.

      2. Not too depressed. He had surgery on his wrist, those injuries sap power and hard contact. Give him some time.

      3. It doesn’t look great right now, but as with all injury guys, I am giving him a bit of a break because there is so much involved there.

      4. Yeah this draft makes up for its lack of impact at the top with a lot of depth.

  4. I’ve seen a lot of mock drafts with us taking Nola. Would you be okay with that? Im in the Jackson/Gordon boat and the possibility of Hoffman too.

    1. I could live with Nola, but I wouldn’t be happy. I think it is unlikely Gordon or Jackson are there. I personally would go Hoffman, Newcomb, Touki, Nola, Freeland

  5. what is Gordon’s hit tool like? If it isn’t advanced then I would rather go with Jackson or one of the pitchers being mentioned with the 7th pick.

    1. Advanced hit tool. Overall Gordon is very similar to Crawford a year ago. More arm and power potential, and obviously without the pro track record Crawford has shown

  6. Max Pentecost, C, Kennesaw State. I looked at latest mock and had this kid on it or Jacob green wood, any chance you see them taking either kid?

  7. Do we pay slot for the best player, or do we work out an under slot deal with someone? If we are willing to go over for Flaherty, we have to make it up somewhere. And where does Flaherty profile, 3rd or P?

  8. What do you know about Isiah Gilliam? He’s actually only considered a JR. In HS but is draft eligible. I’ve seen him rated anywhere from a 2nd to 6th rd pick.

  9. Some players have been tweeting they’re heading to CBP for pre draft workouts. Matt Hockenberry and Tyler Badamo so far.

  10. How would you compare Gordon’s defense at SS to Crawford’s when he was coming out of high school?

    Can you name a few players that the Phillies could realistically take at #7 that you would be most upset with?

  11. I guess you can never have too many shortstop prospects, but if Gordon was somehow to fall to them, which of the two would end up moving off the position (presuming neither was traded) and were would he go? Lot of hypotheticals there, but I’m curious.

    I like the idea of Hoffman at #7, but you really have to wonder how it would play out from a PR perspective. If he were to be one of that minority of guys who don’t make it back the same, then it’s Savery redux, but much worse considering their draft position.

  12. so what do you want your team to be,always on the verge of the playoffs and getting beat in the first round or do you want a champion ever now and again. I know what I want , PICK TOUKI !!!!!!!!!!! and go for broke, look what playing it safe got mariners and Hultzen. I dont want a guy who is gonna be a 3/4 guy I would rather lose out on somebody who will be an ace, playing it safe in the first round is for perpetual losers, and that is not who I wanna be!!!

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