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Checking in on Severino Gonzalez

Ever since his breakout last year, Severino Gonzalez has been a source of much discussion. There have debates not just about his ceiling and profile, but also about how that profile fits into the value scale of a major league team. Last night Severino made his 6th start of the season, and while it is too early to write any conclusions in stone, we can start to look at emerging trends.

So lets start with the overall stats:

2013 25 103.2 2 2.23 0.31 0.43 1.91 10.33
2014 6 34.1 3.67 3.23 0.311 0.52 1.83 6.82

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Box Score Recap – 4/30/2014

Ken Giles finished up his month with his seventh save, allowing 1R on 1H, 1BB and 1K. He ended the month striking out 25 of the 50 men he faced. Math tells us that’s a pretty good rate of…uh…carry the two…err…Fifty Percent?!?!?! That can’t be right. In all seriousness, the fact that he only walked four of those 50 is almost as impressive, and even more encouraging than the Ks, which we all assumed he’d be able to produce at a high level.

Cameron Perkins continues to hit – I feel like I say that every couple days. He had two doubles last night, and 11 for the month of April, and averaged an XBH every 7PAs or so. Impressive. I’ll guess he’s in line for a promotion to AAA by mid-June at the latest if he doesn’t fall off a cliff, or get swept away by a flood, as it were.

And poor Anthony Hewitt – guy had a really bad April, capped off by ye olde golden sombrero last night. He struck out 22 times in 17 games in the month (48PAs), for a Giles-esque 46% K Rate. Props to Hewitt for how hard he must have worked, and how hard we’ve heard he works, to improve over the years just to make it to AA, but I have a feeling we’re witnessing the end of his Phillies career right now.

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