XST; May 31, 2014

Today’s game against the Blue Jays started at 10:00AM. It was scheduled for 7 innings. By mutual agreement during the game, the teams extended the contest to 8 innings. In three different innings, the Blue Jays coaching staff asked to pitch to extra batters to make sure their pitchers got their work in. This is evidence that a lot of the young Phillies batters swing early and often. The Jays starter needed to face two extra batters in the 4th inning and still fell short of his 50-pitch limit.

Denton Keys Started for the Williamsport squad. He produced a fine effort. He allowed only 3 hits in his 5 innings although 1 was a solo home run. He walked one and struck out 3 batters. He had a sharp curve working that he used in the middle of the count and recorded a couple of his strike outs on curves. Keys only started 6 batters with first pitch strikes, but he only reached two 3-ball counts, his one walk and the home run.

Chris Nichols came on to continue his knuckle ball experiment. He didn’t have enough movement on it and little command of his fast ball as the Jays scored 3 runs on one bloop single, 2 walks, a wild pitch, a stolen base, and 2 sacrifice flies. You can see that the batters are having trouble making hard contact, but they were able to get the ball in play when runners were in scoring position.

Rick Bielski was able to induce 2 ground ball outs and a fly out, but also gave up a broken bat single, walk, and line drive double to surrender two runs.

Lino Martinez pitched the final inning. He gave up a hard ground ball to second and a harder line drive to Trey Williams at first. A single and a triple to the warning track plated another run.

Meanwhile the Phillies managed 6 hits and 3 runs even with all the extra at bats they received. They were unable to work any walks and struck out 6 times. Through 5 innings, they only reached one 3-ball count.

Individually, Herlis Rodriguez doubled hard to the right field wall in 4 at bats; Jose Pujols gapped a double in 3 at bats; Jan Hernandez tripled to the wall in 3 at bats, drove in a run, and scored on a wild pitch. Jake Sweaney went 0 for 3, but reached twice on infield errors. He scored a run on a suicide squeeze executed with catcher Jesus Posso at the plate.

One of the benefits of the early start was that I was there to see a lot of activity that is usually over when I get to the Carpenter Complex around noon for 1:00PM games. I saw –

  • Miguel Gonzalez working with a trainer. He was performing some sort of simulated pitching motion exercise with his feet apart at an exaggerated distance.
  • Cody Asche walking around in gym shorts and a t-shirt with his thigh wrapped.
  • Larry Greene, Kelly Dugan, Tommy Joseph, Zach Collier, and Matt Tolbert running the bases in different drills under the direction of a trainer.
  • Adam Morgan, Josh Warner, Chace Numata, and Freddy Galvis in civvies after receiving their treatments.

I saw Shane Watson behind the cage. I think he might have pitched with the GCL squad yesterday.

I think I saw Jonathan Pettibone but can’t be sure. I did not see Harold Martinez, but he has been receiving his treatments and sitting on the bench or coaching first during the Threshers’ games. I did NOT see Zach Green or Julsan Kamara. Kamara has been removed from the DSL roster. The 18-year old will graduate high school this spring. I’ll be looking for him after the draft in the GCL camp.



3 thoughts on “XST; May 31, 2014

  1. Thanks. It’ll be upper level to get on hand reports about our minor lg teams. A shame that the real prospect pickings appear to be slim.

    After the draft, some college draftees should be starting at Wmsprt. Has their roster been named?

    Wait–I’ll check on this website…thanks.

  2. I’ll be excited to see how Denton Keys does in Williamsport. The Phillies need all the young pitching they can get in their farm system.

  3. Shane Watson already threw a game? Didn’t he just start his throwing program like Monday or Tuesday?

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