MiLB Spring Training 2014; March 22nd, Adams vs. the Blue Jays

Groups 1 and 2 this morning.  Normally, I would have watched Group 2, but Mike Adams was going to pitch the first inning in the Group 1 game.  Since this would be against slightly more advanced hitters than those he faced against Group 2 in an intra-squad game earlier in the week, I chose to watch Group 1.  Adams was followed by Pettibone for 3 innings.

I reported earlier this week that Adams threw well against Group 2, but after retiring the first 3 batters, he gave up singles to Joseph and Harold Martinez before the outing was called by the coaches.

Today, Adams retired 3 Blue Jays on 12 pitches, 11 were for strikes.

First inning, first batter

  1. Thigh high on the outside corner for a called strike
  2. A little further out for a ball
  3. Waist high down the middle for a called strike
  4. Waist high inside part of the plate for a foul ball
  5. Topped off Adams’ glove, 1-4-3

First inning, second batter

  1. Low inside part of the plate for a called strike
  2. Waist high outside part of the plate for a called strike
  3. Similar location, but a little lower for a foul
  4. Off speed pitch, low in the center of the plate for a called strike three

First inning, third batter

  1. Low outside part of the plate for a called strike
  2. Up in the zone toward the inner side of the plate for a swinging strike
  3. Same spot, maybe a little lower for a tipped strike three

Adams had good control and good placement.  He recorded two strike outs and a weakly hit ground ball.  I hope to see him again in 2-3 days.

Second inning, Pettibone had a quick, 5-pitch inning, 4 strikes.

  • Ground ball to short on his first pitch
  • After a ball low in the middle of the plate, a ground ball to third
  • After a called strike down and away, another ground ball to short

Third inning, Pettibone threw 16 pitches,

First batter

  1. Called strike down and away
  2. Foul ball down and away
  3. Ball, check swing on a ball away
  4. Ball same spot
  5. Ball low and outside
  6. Foul on a ball away
  7. Fly to left on a ball away

Second batter

  1. Called strike low down the middle
  2. Ball low and outside
  3. Ball low and outside
  4. Ball high
  5. Called strike waist high down the middle
  6. Walked on a ball low and outside

Third batter

  1. Called strike below the belt and in
  2. Fly to center on a pitch a little further overt he plate

Fourth batter

  1. 5-3, not sure which pitch

Fourth inning, Pettibone threw 16 pitches

First batter

  • All 5 pitches were in the same general spot, low and away.  Swinging strikes on the first, fourth, and fifth.

Second batter

  • Again all 4 pitches were low and away, but the second third and fourth were in the strike zone, infield single to second, the fielder stumbled between the catch and throw and threw late to first

Third batter

  • Four consecutive pitches off the plate outside for a walk

Fourth batter

  1. Called strike away
  2. ball low
  3. ground ball on a pitch low in the middle of the plate to second for a DP, 4u-3

Pettibone also looked good.  He did have the two walks, but I got the impression that he was working on keeping the ball away from left-handed batters since he was consistently on the outside part of the plate or just off to the lefties.  He was also down for most of his pitches.  I can only remember 3-4 that were at or above waist high.

Horst came on to pitch two innings.  I wandered over to see what was going on with group 2.  I watched a sequence that saw Perci Garner move Negrych to second with a sac bunt.  Nieves singled to center between short and the bag.  The runner had to hold with the ball hit in front of him and only made it to third.  Justin Parr was batting when I told the guy next to me that he hits well but hasn’t shown home run power.  Sure enough, he homered to right on the next pitch.

I spent the rest of the day talking to the very nice couple he stayed with when he played in Williamsport last season.

Earlier, the talk around the cages was about Franco being sent down to the minor league camp this morning.  And, of course, MRSA.

Camp day tomorrow.

22 thoughts on “MiLB Spring Training 2014; March 22nd, Adams vs. the Blue Jays

  1. Crazy detail Jim, I watched the same thing but couldn’t provide this kind if detail. I asked Nieves, who caught Adams and Pettibone, about them and he said Pettibone was good but Adams was very good. Garner bunted every time someone got on to start an inning and was 4/4 in bunt attempts. Nieves must have batted 10 times going back and forth between games batting every inning, he was exhausted but seemed like a really good guy.

  2. Thanks for the recap, you should get an award for giving us the fine details of these minor league games, I look forward to your recap each day. Thanks

  3. Parr,along with Perkins are Big Ten guys and Parr was Big Ten Player of the Year. .
    The league competition is below a conference like the SEC but they are still pretty competitive and above small college comp.

  4. Over in Dunedin the 3 and 4 groups played, but the only positives involving the “prospects” was that Cozens had 2 singles and Jan Hernandez had a double. Pujols played up today and looked a little out of his element with 2 Ks and a flyout. Sandberg, Green, Greene, Hiciano, Tocci, Crawford. all played but as far as I could see they did not get any hits. Prosinski started one game and did well, but I checked the radar and he was only hitting 88 on the gun.Nichols and Rojas also pitched and both got hit around pretty good. There are videos at

  5. Franco will be at LHV to start. Lots of cuts were made yesterday afternoon and this morning. It’s the sad part of this stuff as many guys have to decide what’s next.

        1. Another good looking lefty 4 years ago, that eventually was done in by a shoulder ailment.

          1. That sucks.

            Maybe he’ll always have a future as a (bad) umpire. His bio says Angel Hernandez is his uncle.

        2. Some good news, Ethan Martin resumed his throwing program on Thursday and threw again yesterday. He had been shut down for 3 weeks with a shoulder strain
          WIth Pettibone coming around and Martin starting to throw again things are looking up for the pitching for the LHV rotation.

          1. Pettibone still has a chance to get the starts before Hamels comes back. He’s on the 40 man already so it would be much easier for the team. He looked good yesterday but I would assume his next start will be important to see how his shoulder bounces back from yesterday.

            1. They will not need a 5th in the rotation until mid-April, so Pettibone could get 2/3 starts before May.

  6. Wow, Frandsen taken off 40 man. Hopefully he’ll stick around at LHV. Cesar win a spot? Maybe it’s Gwynn who wins a spot and they’ll only keep one IF (Brignac or Cedeno).

    1. If Gwynn makes the team, I don’t think Mayberry will; unless they see Mayberry spelling Howard in late innings. Frandsen and Ruf would have done it, but they won’t be around. At this point it looks like Brignac over Cedeno.

  7. I could see the Phils going with an extra bat off bench to start season. Especially, since they’re prob gonna go with 4 man staff for first couple weeks. I see bench as Nieves, Mayberry, Gwynn, Hernandez, Abreu and Cedeno/Brignac. With Frandson gone, I would think this cements Hernandez making team

  8. where is concern over Franco swing? IMHO this is biggest story of spring training. He was completely exposed and it looks like his swing needs to be changed. Is he still in top 3 or does this drop him significantly?

    1. The swing has easy fixes. The biggest problem which caused him to be late on pitches is his deep load as he begins his swing, he comes far back before going forward. The swing path is fine after that. If they either move the load to pre-pitch or start him at a different point it would close up many of the gaps.

      He is still in the Top 3 (nothing has change to greatly alter anything about him). It is a flaw I have been mentioning for near on 8 months now, it is not a surprise at all. He still has insane bat speed, huge power, and great hand eye coordination.

      Also remember he only has half a season of AA, anyone who thought he was ready was either delusional or really hadn’t seen him. A full year at AAA, would not be bad for him.

  9. According to the league transaction pages justin dalles zach cooper josh ludy logan pierce jim neyrch were all released

  10. Didn’t see the Ludy release coming–they were pretty high on him early last year. Others not that much of a surprise.

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