MiLB Spring Training 2014; March 21st, vs. the Blue Jays

Groups 3 and 4 were back on their normal fields, Ashburn and Schmidt playing the Blue Jays farm teams.  Group 5 was playing an independent team from Long Island, the Storm.  I was able to get a good spot at the backstop on Ashburn, so I Group 3 and Miguel Nunez.

The posted line up was –

  • 6     Crawford
  • 8     Tocci
  • 5     Green
  • 3     Charles
  • 7     Hiciano
  • 2     Lino
  • DH Carmona
  • 9     Pointer
  • DH Astudillo
  • 4     Phillips

There was no wind to speak of, conditions were great.

The first disappointment occurred when Crawford was scratched from the starting line up for Brignac.  His insertion into the line up also meant that he would bat every inning.  I almost switched games, but decided to stick it out.

Top of the 1st, Miguel Nunez pitching

  • F-6 on a soft line drive
  • 1B on a line drive to center
  • F-8
  • F-9
  • Nunez threw first pitch strikes to all 4 batters, in fact all 9 pitches he threw were strikes.

Bottom of the 1st, no score

  • Brignac BB
  • Tocci 1B, Tocci pushed a bunt perfectly between the pitcher and first baseman that the first baseman had to field.  The pitcher didn’t win the race to first.  However, the second baseman arrived just as Tocci did and there was a collision that Tocci lost.  He lay on the ground for a minute or so in obvious pain.  But he eventually got up and took his base.  Tough kid.  As a point of reference, the collision reminded me of the hit Mark Wahlberg takes as Vince Papale trying out for the Eagles at Widener in the movie Invincible.
  • Green FC, everybody safe when the third baseman fielded the chopped ball and held it too long before throwing late to first
  • Charles Ks on a curve ball
  • Hiciano Ks
  • Inning called

Top of the 2nd, Nunez pitching, no score

  • 2B to left center on an 0-2 pitch
  • 4-3 on an 0-2 pitch, runner to third
  • 1B back through the box on a 2-2 pitch, run scored, first balls and first time Nunez didn’t start with a strike
  • F-9 on a 1-0 pitch
  • FC 6-4 on the first pitch
  • Nunez threw 14 pitches, 11 strikes, 4 of 5 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 2nd, Jays 1-0

  • Lino KL
  • Carmona F-7
  • Brignac F-7 on a good catch by the fielder

Top of the 3rd, Nunez pitching, Jays 1-0

  • 5-3, a nice backhand by Green, the throw was across and in front of the bag but Charles made a nice catch and tag
  • 1B to right
  • 2B down the left field line, run scored
  • F-6, a soft line drive toward second that resulted in a DP, 6u
  • Nunez 12 pitches, 9 strikes, 3 of 4 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 3rd, Jays 2-0

  • Pointer 1-3
  • Brignac BB
  • Astudillo 4-6-3 DP on the first pitch

Top of the 4th, Nunez pitching, Jays 2-0

  • HR, well hit to right
  • KL
  • F-4
  • 4-1
  • Nunez 20 pitches, 13 strikes, 3 of 4 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 4th, Jays 3-0

  • Phillips 2B between the third baseman and the bag
  • Brignac F-7
  • With Tocci batting Phillips steals third
  • Tocci 1B on a line drive to center scoring Phillips
  • Green F-5 on a line drive
  • Charles F-3

Top of the 5th, Nunez pitching, Jays 3-1

  • F-6
  • 3-1
  • BB
  • 1B to right
  • F-7 a shallow pop up
  • Nunez 18 pitches, 12 strikes, 3 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 5th, Jays 3-1

  • Hiciano BB
  • With Brignac batting Hiciano steals second
  • Brignac 3u, Hiciano to third
  • Lino SF-8, Hiciano scored
  • Carmona F-7

Top of the 6th, Lee Ridenhour pitching, Jays 3-2

  • KL
  • Ks
  • 5-3
  • Ridenhour 11 pitches, 8 strikes, 3 of 3 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 6th, Jays 3-2

  • Pointer Ks
  • Astudillo 5-3
  • Phillips 1-3

Top of the 7th, Ridenhour pitching, Jays 3-2

  • Ks
  • 5-3
  • 1B to left
  • 1-3
  • Ridenhour 14 pitches, 12 strikes, 4 of 4 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 7th, Jays 3-2

  • Serna Ks
  • Crawford KL
  • L. Greene F-7

Top of the 8th, Walter pitching, Jays 3-2

  • F-8
  • 1B up the middle
  • F-4
  • 5-3
  • Walter 9 pitches, 6 strikes, 3 of 4 first pitch strikes

Bottom of the 8th, Jays 3-2

  • Green 5-3
  • Serritella 1B to right, Serritella fouled a pitch off his ankle and was replaced with a pinch runner after reaching first
  • Hiciano 5-3, runner to second
  • Mayorga 1B to shallow center on a hit-and-run, runner scored
  • Carmona 3-1

Top of the 9th, Chris Burgess pitching, score tied 3-3

  • 1B to left
  • 1B to left
  • SAC 3-4 runners at second and third
  • Ks
  • F-8
  • Burgess 20 pitches, 13 strikes, 3 of 5 first pitch strikes, nice job pitching out of trouble

Bottom of the 9th, score tied

  • Pointer 3-1
  • Astudillo F-9
  • Serna Ks

Game over

The game only took about 2 hours.  The Phillies pitching was particularly good.  As a group, they pitched ahead of most batters.  The hitters were able to comeback from a 3 run deficit.  And Tocci provided an example of how tough a skinny kid can be.

Saturday’s games start at 10:00AM

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  1. 10 games today. Pettibone looked very good. Perkins hit a homer but later dropped a fly ball after a long run. I wanted to watch Parr and he delivered with a 3 run homer. Giles pitched 2 quiet innings, boy is he fun to project. He really throws hard and seems to be improving his off speed stuff. Austin Wright struggled again but O Sullivan bailed him out. Joseph struggled at the plate, I worry about his long swing.

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