MiLB Spring Training 2014; March 14th, Phillies vs. Blue Jays

Groups 1 and 2 traveled to Englebert Complex in Dunedin.  Groups 3 and 4 played at Carpenter Complex.  Group 5 played a local college team at Carpenter.  Jay Hernandez started at third for group 4, so no serious injury from the other day.  Zach Green made a couple good defensive plays today.

Group 3 summary:

Top of the 1st; Jeb Stefan pitching, no score

  • Pompey grounded out to second.
  • Thon reached base on a walk.
  • Thon was thrown out stealing second by Chad Carman.
  • Smith flared a single down the left field line.
  • With Nessy batting, Smith was thrown out stealing second by Chad Carman.

Bottom of the 1st; Graveman pitching, no score

  • Tocci struck out swinging.
  • Phillips struck out swinging.
  • Cozens walked.
  • Zach Green struck out swinging.

Top of the 2nd; Stefan pitching, no score

  • Nessy flied out to shallow center.
  • Hawkins hit a line drive over first baseman Art Charles for a triple.
  • Leyland hit a sac fly to right center.  The runner beat Cozens’ throw into a strong wind.
  • Garcia flied out to shallow right center.

Bottom of the 2nd; Graveman pitching, Jays leading 1-0

  • Charles grounded out to short.
  • Carman reached on an infield single up the middle and took second on an ill-advised errant throw to first by the shortstop.
  • Hilton Richardson doubled into the right center field gap scoring Carman.
  • Pierce flied out left.
  • Mora grounded out to second.

Top of the 3rd; Stefan pitching, score tied 1-1

  • Sweeney grounded out to second.
  • Flores doubled into the left field corner.
  • Pompey struck out swinging.
  • Thon struck out swinging.

Bottom of the 3rd; Graveman pitching, score tied

  • Tocci walked.
  • Phillips singled into right center.  He continued to second when Tocci rounded second and stopped, got caught off base, and was tagged out trying for third.  (He should have just continued on to third without the big hesitation.)
  • Cozens singled to center, Phillips scored.
  • With Zach Green batting, Cozens stole second base.
  • Zach Green flied out to left.
  • With Charles batting, Cozens moved to third on a wild pitch.
  • Charles walked.
  • Avendano came on to pitch for Graveman.
  • Carman struck out looking.

Top of the 4th; Jordan Guth pitching, Phillies leading 2-1

  • Smith reached on a fielding error by Green at third.
  • Nessy singled to center and took second when Smith was thrown out going to third by Tocci.
  • Hawkins popped out to third.
  • Leyland tripled to the warning track in right center, Nessy scored.
  • Garcia flied out to right.

Bottom of the 4th; Avendano pitching, score tied 2-2

  • Richardson struck out swinging.
  • Pierce grounded out to short.
  • Mora grounded out to second.

Top of the 5th; Guth pitching, score tied 2-2

  • Sweeney flied out to center.
  • Flores popped out to second.
  • Pompey walked on 5 pitches.
  • Thon singled to center, Pompey stopped at second.
  • Smith struck out looking on a good curve ball.

Bottom of the 5th; Avendano pitching, score tied 2-2

  • Tocci walked (Good at bat)
  • Phillips grounded into a 6-4-3 double play.
  • Cozens reached on an infield single to first.
  • Cozens stole second.
  • Green walked.
  • K. Anderson replaced Avendano.
  • Charles bounced a ground rule double off the warning track in right center scoring Cozens.
  • Carman flied out to left center.

Top of the 6th; Delvy Francisco pitching (Astudillo catching, Pierce from DH to 1B), Phillies leading 3-2

  • Nessy hit a hard ground ball to third, good play by Green.
  • Schaeffer flied out to left.
  • Ramirez hit an even harder ground ball to Green’s right that he dove to field and recovered to throw the batter out.  Even better play.

Bottom of the 6th; Anderson pitching, Phillies leading 3-2

  • Richardson struck out swinging.
  • Pierce singled to right field.
  • Mora hit into a fielder’s choice, Pierce was retired by the second baseman.
  • Mora was caught stealing with Tromp at the plate.

Top of the 7th; Francisco pitching (Tromp replaced Cozens in right, Hiciano replaced Richardson in left.), Phillies leading 3-2

  • Leyland flied out to right.
  • Garcia popped out to second.
  • Sweeney struck out looking.

Bottom of the 7th; Donahue pitching, Phillies leading 3-2

  • Tromp hit by pitch.
  • Tocci sac bunt, Tromp to second.
  • Tromp caught stealing third.
  • Phillips flied out to right.

Top of the 8th; Keivy Rojas pitching (Dove in for Green at third), Phillies leading 3-2

  • Lopes grounded out to third.
  • Frank flied out to shallow center.
  • Thon flied out to center.

Bottom of the 8th; Permison pitching, Phillies leading 3-2

  • Dove grounded out to second.
  • Astudillo flied out to center.
  • Hiciano reached on an infield single to third.
  • With Pierce batting, Hiciano stole second.
  • Pierce walked.
  • Mora grounded out to second.

Top of the 9th; Rojas pitching, Phillies leading 3-2

  • Reeves flied out to center.
  • Schaeffer flied out to center.
  • Ramirez walked and stole second.
  • Leyland struck out swinging.

Bottom of the 9th; Cordero pitching, Phillies leading 3-2

  • Tromp walked.
  • Astudillo grounded out to second, Tromp to second.
  • Tromp advanced to third on a passed ball.
  • Dove struck out swinging.
  • Hiciano flied out to center.

Blue Jays again tomorrow.  Groups 1 and 2 at Carpenter, 3 and 4 at Englebert.

10 thoughts on “MiLB Spring Training 2014; March 14th, Phillies vs. Blue Jays

  1. Thanks for the writeup, as usual.

    If you remember, how many pitches did Tocci see in the AB’s where he walked?

    1. Six. He took a couple close ones with two strikes. You could see he was ready to swing but held back. I was impressed with his discipline.

  2. Looks like Cozens had a good game offensively. Got on base 3 times and stole a couple bases.

  3. Just as a suggestion…maybe you can use the official codes to save some typing…ie K = strikeout, BB= walk, etc.
    Otherwise, thanks for all the updates and good reporting.

  4. Let the guy write what he wants to write! The guy is doing us a favor and using his time to report the games. How about u just don’t post or read what he puts on here. Thanks for the reports and for helping us all over.

    1. I think Romus was just making a suggestion to make it easier for the guy. He wasn’t complaining

      1. Which is fine, but when you’re writing these things down quickly, what are you going to remember first? The abbreviation or the longer word? While the former is easier, when you’re in a hurry, I would guess you’re going to think “walk” and “strikeout”

        Anyway. I’m planning to do writeups for LHV (and Williamsport/Reading/Lakewood, if the opportunity arises) games. I’ll be taking notes on everyone, so let me know if there’s anything specific you guys want me to look for.

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