Roster Moves

A busy morning for the Phils who announced several roster moves.  C Lou Marson was released.  P Kenny Giles, P Cesar Jiminez and SS Andres Blanco were re-assigned to minor league camp.  OF Zach Collier, OF Tyson Gillies, P Jeremy Horst and C Tommy Joseph were optioned to minor league camp.  I wouldn’t characterize any of these moves as a surprise absent mild surprise at Marson’s release.  Thinking of that as a positive, maybe the Phils are feeling more comfortable with Tommy Joseph’s health.

13 thoughts on “Roster Moves

  1. I think the only move I would have done different is Giles. I would have kept him up through the last weekend series and then sent him to Lehigh.

  2. Slightly surprised Horst was cut so soon. Probably the last we’ve seen on him in the majors. Its good to see Aumont sticking around, with Giles gone, I think he actually has a decent shot to make the team now. Anyone hear how Ethan Martin’s recovery is going?

  3. in my opinion NO shot Aumont makes the team. Bullpen will be Paps, Bastardo, Diekman, DeFratus, Camp, Lincoln, DeFratus, Rosenberg. And if they keep another arm or one of these guys falters I think Munson might have a better chance than Phillippe of making the team. Also keep in mind Adams is due back sometime in late April.

  4. IF Joseph is going to compete ever for a catcher’s position in the bigs, he not only will have to overcome his concussion vulnerability, but also demonstrate his ability to hit. In the short time he was able to play before concussed he didn’t show the ability to make contact even though he could shoot an occasional long ball.

    Mark me as skeptical about him until he shows much more at the plate as well as behind the plate. I wish him well.

    1. Judging how the Phillies do not force-feed their catchers, but seem to let them thoroughly develop, I can see Joseph playing another two years, thru 2015, minimum at LHV before they move him up to the majors.

      1. I was a little surprised they cut Marson but I don’t think Sandberg liked him. They actually brought Valle back up to be their 5th catcher, in the bullpen. There’s still the same problem of three starting catchers for two levels.

        1. We can hope Valle plays well enough to make it a problem. But he seems to have lost his starting role. I think he’s just a minor league back-up now. Marson’s exit may shows that the Phillies have some hope or faith in Valle. More likely it just shows that Marson is just done. He may not have come back all the way from his shoulder surgery and he wasn’t very good to begin with.

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