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    1. I remember him saying he was “pitching to contact”, in his words meaning that rather then aiming to strike people out he was looking to use less pitches so that he could throw more innings this year. This may be false but at this point I personally would like to see him just get healthy innings under his belt

  1. Galvis with another great night 3/4, HR, SB. He is .350/.395/.550 over his last 10, a few more walks might be nice but I think he is definitely ready to give LHV a shot either this year or next (maybe a possible SS cascade with Tyler Greene moving to WPT to make room for more draft signees)

    1. Galvis should stay in AA all year. He’s young as it is for AA and seems to be making some great adjustments in his approach at the plate as the year progresses. Let him get a full season at AA ball under his belt before we start talking about Lehigh.

      1. Do they give him a rest this off season or does he go to AFL or a Winter League to get more ABs?

        1. Someone posted that if you are able to play winter ball ,the AFL is out. Is Galvis in that class?

  2. Another nice start for Austin Hyatt. I think that is 4 in a row from him. Maybe a call up to AAA the final month as the Iron Pigs shoot for the playoffs? Freddie Galvis average up to .270 and he had a homerun. Rizzotti with a hr and 3 rbi. Could both of them help Lehigh in August? Cosart pitched 7 shut out innings. Don’t worry about the low strike outs. Phils have him working on things. If you saw the Futures game you saw he could strike out people. Claypool struggling at Lakewood. Austin Wright continue to pitch well for Williamsport. He pitched a rained shortened CG, 5 ip 1 hit and 1 run and 8ks. I like him, Morgan, and Mike Nesseth. Lakewood should have all three next yr if not sooner

    1. Concerned about Freddie G. hitting HRs—may get into the JRoll mind-set as a hitter. As a lead-off guy that is not always the best approach.

      1. You don’t like first swinging at fastballs above the chest that result in sky-high pop ups caught by the SS in foul ground???

      2. Look at Galvis’s hitting in every year prior to this one compared to his hitting this year. There is only reason to be happy, no reason to worry.

  3. 1. OF – Domonic Brown (PHI-9/13/87) – (.247) 0 for 3 with a K
    3. OF – Jon Singleton (CLW-8/18/91)- (.282) – 0 for 3 with a BB, SB (3), 2 K’s
    4. RHP – Jared Cosart (CLW-5/25/90) – (9-8, 3.92) – 7 IP, 6 H, 0 R, 3 BB, 4 K (win)
    6. C – Sebastian Valle (CLW-7/24/90) – (.325) – 1 for 3 with a 2B (17), run
    10. RHP – Justin De Fratus (LHV-10/21/87) – (2-1, 4.70, 2 SV) –2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, BB, 2 K’s (loss)
    12. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (CLW-5/23/90) – (.263) – 2 for 3 with a 2B (7), SB (16), run, RBI (30), K
    13. OF – Domingo Santana (LWD-8/5/92) – (.263) 0 for 4 with a K
    15. OF – Aaron Altherr (WIL-1/14/91) – (.270) – 0 for 1 with a run
    17. C – Cameron Rupp (LWD-9/28/88) – (.270) – 1 for 3 with a 2B (17), 2 RBI (27), run, 2 K’s
    18. OF – Jiwan James (CLW-4/11/89) – (.280) – 0 for 4 with a K
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (REA/12/24/85)– (.291) – 3 for 3 with a HR (19), 2B (25), 2 runs, 2 RBI (62), 2 BB
    25. RHP – Austin Hyatt (REA-5/23/86) – (10-5, 3.88) – 6 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 6 K (win)
    27. OF – Miguel Alvarez (LWD-8/27/89) –(.260) – 1 for 4 with a 2B (14), 2 K’s
    28. OF – Kelly Dugan (WIL-9/18/90)–(.280) – 1 for 2 with a run
    29. RHP – Josh Zeid (REA-3/24/87) – (2-3, 5.65, 1 SV) – 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, K


    2B– Cody Asche (WIL-6/20/90) – (.205) 0 for 1 with a BB, K
    3B – Carlos Rivero (REA-5/20/88) –(.277) 1 for 5 with 3 K’s
    3B – Maikel Franco (WIL-8/26/92) – (.273) – 1 for 2 with an RBI (25)
    3B – Harold Martinez (WIL-5/31/90) – (.283) – 0 for 2 with a K
    3B – Willians Astudillo (VSL-10/14/91) –(.358) 2 for 3 with a HR (1), 2B (6), 4 RBI (21), 3 runs, 2 BB
    SS – Freddy Galvis (REA-11/14/89) – (.270) –3 for 4 with a HR (8), 2 RBI (34), SB (18), K
    SS – Edgar Duran (LWD-2/10/91) – (.251) 1 for 4 with a 3B (3), 2 RBI (40), K
    SS – Tyler Greene (GCL-12/1/92) – (.500) 3 for 4 with a 2B (2), 2 runs, K
    SS – Alejandro Villalobos (GCL/8/20/91) – (.306) 1 for 4 with a K
    SS – Jair Morelos (VSL-2/2/94) – (.279) – 1 for 4 with a K
    OF – John Mayberry (PHI-12/21/83)- (.255) – 0 for 1 with a K
    OF – Derrick Mitchell (REA-1/5/87)- (.273) – 0 for 3 with an RBI (63), BB, 2 K’s
    OF – Zach Collier (LWD-9/18/90) – (.269) – 0 for 4 with a K
    OF – Anthony Hewitt (LWD-4/27/89) – (.238) – 0 for 3 with a run, K
    OF – Kyrell Hudson (WIL-16/6/90) – (.271) – 1 for 2 with a CS (7)
    OF – Herlis Rodriguez (VSL-6/10/94) – (.279) – 1 for 5 with 2 runs
    LHP – Austin Wright (WIL-9/26/89) – (3-1, 3.38) – 5 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 3 BB, 8 K (win)
    RHP – Scott Mathieson (LHV-2/27/84) – (0-1, 2.85) 6 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 4 BB, 2 K
    RHP – Garett Claypool (LWD/8/21/88) – (3-7, 3.70) – 5.1 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 3 BB, 6 K’s (loss)
    RHP – Steven Inch (GCL-2/1/91) – (0-1, 10.80) – 3 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, BB, 2 K”s

    1. Looks like the last time we see 3 and 4 in gkketch daily post. Pence better be worth it.

      1. And Colvin better be all he’s cracked up to be or else we’ll be watching our future #1 pitching in Houston.

    2. Dude your postings get me through my first hour at work on a daily basis…. don’t tell my boss.

  4. How about Scott Mathieson- six strong, but walked too many. I saw Amaro say somewhere that Scott would have started in place of Oswalt if he weren’t needed in the bullpen. I hope his arm stays on.

    1. Do you have a link for this? Fascinating if true. Would be something if they valued Mathieson above KK as a starter, though I can’t really see how that would be possible (as much as we all love to hate on Kendrick, he has proven to at least be a modestly effective big leaguer, something Mathieson has simply not done).

  5. I have a feeling this is the last time I will include a Cosart start in my nightly reviews.

    1. Losing Cosart would be tough to swallow, but if it makes us better, I guess they have to do it.

      I don’t care about losing Singleton, he was going to be trade bait any way, but Cosart’s a big loss if the trade goes through.

      1. Singleton’s trade value should be much higher, without the need for additional players. If the Phillies make this rumoured trade they are getting hosed.

        Singleton is unimportant to this team. It is a lateral move if they replace Brown, and a slight improvement if they remove Ibanez in his current hitting streak. This is by far the worst thing I have read today.

    2. I would not be totally surprised to see the #1 name included in the trade but after the Giant series exposed the LH batters we need a good RH bat.

    3. Yeah thats gonna leave a Mark but we still would have May and Biddle, Larry Greene hopefully fills the Singleton void.

      I’m not crazy about Pence but you can’t argue the numbers he’s putting up this season and he’s definitely going to be familiar with the teams you will face in the playoffs. having said that if you have to break the bank in prospects to get him I would look Quentin and BJ Upton as possible fall back options.

      BJ is having a poor season hitting for avg but he is hitting for power and he did hit 7 HRS in the Playoffs in 08 one of only 3 players to do so.

      1. You can argue the numbers he’s putting up. He has a high BABIP which contributes to his high average… he’s going to regress.

      2. I’ve been an Amaro defender but honestly I can’t imagine anyone defending the deal we have been hearing about. Cosart alone is overpaying – perhaps justified anyway given the team’s situation, but overpaying none the less. Singleton … I wouldn’t do Singleton straight up. And Houston wants both and another top prospect?!! The trade is absolutely indefensible on any grounds.

        And you sure as heck can argue with the numbers Pence has put up this year. Still can’t take a walk, power is good but not exceptional, decent BA driven by an unsustainable BABIP – no thanks. WAR has its limits but IMO in Pence’s case is more than fair (among other things, it gives him full credit for his BABIP driven BA). Even this year – a career year – he is only the 14th best NL outfielder in WAR. Oh, and his fielding – look, I’m not wedded to the analytical metrics, which overall show him a little above average but nothing special (and even below average this year), but NOWHERE other than this site have I seen anyone claim he is an exceptional defender. Yes he would be an improvement over Ibanez in that regard, but I can name probably 200 outfielders in the majors and minors that would be better defenders than Ibanez.

        If this move gets made, you will never hear me say another kind word about Amaro again, and I will loudly join the fire RAJ crowd.

        1. I agree with your analysis. I’m not sure Cosart alone is overpaying since you are trying to go for a championship and the team is awash with fine pitching prospects, but paying a heck of a lot more for just a good player is not very smart. But the concern with Ruben is that like kids with money, good prospects burn a hole in his pocket. Seriously, as soon as a guy burns things up in high A ball, it is highly likely he will be traded by this team. It can be depressing.

          I don’t know a sure fire way to build and sustain a dynastic team, but I know one way to end it is to trade the young players who would sustain the dynasty in the heat of the moment to obtain only a good talent. If this team is to be sustainable into 2013-15, we are going to need our young prospects to contribute. That’s not going to happen if all of them have been traded away.

          1. sorry – this was posted in the wrong thread. Won’t make that mistake again.

        2. I know we’re not supposed to discuss such things on this thread, so I will just say, Larry M speaks the truth. And I’m not just saying that because I overvalue our prospects. If it’s Singleton, Cosart, Brown, that’s an absolutely stunning overpay.

    1. The talk about a bidding war for Pence now going on has me hoping the Braves win it – especially if the reports are true that Cosart, Singleton, and a B pitching prospect weren’t enough.

  6. Great hitting for Astudillo today.
    More hits for Tyler Greene, including a double. A good start for him in the very, very earlygoing. Great appearance for Josh Warner. Six Ks one walk and 9 groundouts, yes please.
    Good Ks for Wright, although the three walks are unfortunate.
    Not a good start for Claypool.
    Nice game for Cesar Hernandez. Like the double and steal. Like Cosart’s results but not the BB/K.
    Yeah Freddy Galvis! A steal and three hits including a home run. Nice start for Hyatt too.

    1. Astudillo was out for a week and half but has come back strong. He’s hitting .429 since his return. He’ll be 20 in October so it will be interesting to see if they bring him state-side next year. He plays all over the place: C, 2B, 3B, 1B. He makes a lot of errors but I think they are mostly at 3B and on throws. When he was catching yesterday, He picked a guy of 2B who strayed a little too far of the bag after a pitch.

      How about Hyatt picking Gose off first base? That’s the way to slow the speedster down.

      1. Yeah Astudillo interests me. He’s old for still being in the VSL but his contact rate (1 K this year) is amazing. If they don’t bring him stateside I’ll probably just assume there are problems with his defense/baserunning/something that we can’t see, because the hit tool seems worthy of a shot in the GCL.

  7. How is Michael Taylor doing? I am surprised he hasn’t made a major league debut yet.

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