36 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 18 July 2011

  1. What a surprise! Spencer Arroyo stops the Blueclaws 7-3. He still gives up a lot of hits, but our guys scored only three times thanks to some shoddy base running (Collier), which eliminated three potential runs. Spencer seems to have overcome his physical problems and has found success with Kannapolis.
    Manzanillo has been progressing. This is a bit of a setback for him. I hope he stays positive and realizes his chances as a left hander.
    Galvis and Mitchell had their hitting shoes on tonight. The two extra base hits for Galvis were good signs. Hyatt had a great game with ten strikeouts.
    Ruf was the only positive thing I saw about Clearwater. They don’t seem to be improving, but going backward. They have too many good players for this to happen.
    The GCL Phils came back again. They come back like the Iron Pigs. They are never out of games. Good pitching, especially from Luis Gonzalez.

  2. Wow, Cosart with Doc Halladay post all-star game syndrome – 7H and 7ER in 1IP. Ugh.

    Collier picked off first base twice – seems hard to do.

    Kyrell Hudson with 2 errors. Tough night.

    Also, did not realize that Travis d’Arnaud was hitting .330 with a .950 OPS, or that Gose has 45 stolen bases. Pretty impressive for both.

    1. 6 of the 7 hits were ground ball singles. Maybe they were all smoked, or maybe there was a lot of bad luck / bad defense mixed in there.

  3. With Brown, I think the issue is timing. He’s got to stop grounding the ball to second, popping it up, and fouling it off. He’s just a shade in front or a shade late. I think that soon we will see him turn those grounders to second (some of them hit on the nose, but, still, pitchers always want ground balls because the possible outcomes ranger from very favorable- double play- to tolerable- double down the line) and those infield pop-ups and those foul balls into the left-field stands into doubles into the gap in right-center and bombs into right-center.
    I think Mayberry has really dedicated himself to listening to his coach’s advice. His big issue has been chasing breaking balls that start in the strike zone and swerve out. In the at-bat against Marmol, he impressed me very much when he kept staying back on those wicked sliders. He had a really funky swing at one because he was staying back for so long. Mayberry is a guy with plenty holes in his swing, but his tools are unbelievable.
    Brown showed a similarly strong makeup when he waved off the trainers when he went into the bricks at Wrigley. He wants to play. I saw some video of him talking to some kids and he has a great personality. He was cracking jokes and was very upbeat, like Ryan Howard. He also struck me as quite young, a little intimidated by his new roles in the big leagues (talking to a roomful of excited people). In any case, the mental makeup seems to be there for both of these guys and this bodes well considering the tools they have.

    1. Actually, Brown needs to stop trying to pull the ball on the outer half of the plate and start driving it to left center. He’s grounding too many 2-0 outside fast balls to the second baseman.

  4. I like Pointer’s 2 hits and steal tonight. Looks like Morgan got hit badly, Morgado was alright, and I am never going to keep the two of them straight.
    Like Santana getting a triple but not all of the pickoffs at Lakewood.
    Good to see Singleton hit and walk today, but blargh at Cosart’s outing.
    Galvis had a good night- two doubles and a walk. Also nice start for Hyatt.
    No hits for Overbeck but a walk and no Ks. Brandon Duckworth sighting!

  5. Chuck LaMar singing praises of Mitchell, Susdorf, Ruf and Schwim—-of late, the forgotten ones of the farm system.

    1. I like Susdorf. He’s the 2nd line I look for after Galvis whenever I open a Reading boxscore. Guy gets no press even though he’s hit at every level. I think this speaks to projectability’s dominating role in rating prospects and it’s the same reason why guys like Bastardo, Stutes and Worley make impacts in the bigs without ever being considered a ‘prospect’ (perhaps Bastardo was on that list at one time, albeit for a very short period).

      Guys like Overbeck, Mitchell (meh) and Susdorf may end up fighting for a bench spot in 2012. We certainly won’t see Francisco back.

      1. Sudsdorf didn’t hit that great last year, so “hits at every level” is debatable.
        Totally incorrect on Bastardo comments. Bastardo was talked about on this site in 2008 as much as any of the Clearwater guys are right now. Some of the debate was whether he could be continue to be a starter as opposed to being a reliever. Everybody knew he was good.

        1. The remark was not whether Bastardo was talked about, it was whether he was a prospect in terms of his placement in our rankings. 24th, 21st and 12th in the past few years. I’m not arguing that our rankings are off, just that projectability, particularly with young, unproven talent, typically weighs heavier than ‘lesser’ seasoned prospects with proximity.

          Susdorf dipped a bit in 2010 but I also suspect he was disappointed when assigned to Clearwater in 2010 instead of Reading. Perhaps he lost some motivation. Even still, he hit .278 last year as is a .300 in his minor league career. Certainly shows some consistency, no?

          1. I seem to remember a lot of what hurt Bastardo were concerns about his durability and about the accuracy of reports on his stuff and velocity. He is under 6 foot and has yet to go through a full season without injury, and to go along with his insane k/9 numbers there were reports on his velocity ranging anywhere from like 84 to 95, much like Julio Rodriguez. There were also scouting reports that said he was anything from a mirage to the second coming of Johan Santana. Please, try ranking that fairly.

            And as it stands, I’m rooting for him all the way and his major league stint has been incredible to say the least, but it has still only been a few months yet.

  6. Collier not only got CS twice, he also got picked off twice- that is hard to do (reminds me of Gose a few years back). Nice to see Hyatt dominate. Overall an ugly day for the boys…

  7. Cosart stinking it up could be a good or bad thing. Apparently, Amaro and other teams’ scouts are scouting the Baby Aces as we speak. Saw speculation that we might give up a few of them for Hunter Pence. Hmmmm ….

  8. Well, since Williamsport was in State College last night and State College actually has a radar gun, I decided to track pitches and pitch speeds for Adam Morgan’s start. It’s the first I’ve seen Morgan pitch, but I liked what I saw. Relies heavily on the fastball, which he spotted well. Went more to the change-up later in his outing. Fastball was consistently 86-89, touched 90 three times, including hitting 94 once on a called strike three (but I’m guessing that was a misread by the gun). Slider was consistently at 82 with a change-up that was mostly 75 and 76. Solid chance I missed a pitch here or there, but this is pretty darn close to what he threw. Here we go.

    38 fastballs (31 strikes)
    (1-94 mph, 2-90 mph, 13-89 mph, 16-88 mph, 4-87 mph, 2-86 mph
    8 sliders (5 strikes)
    (2-83 mph, 4-82 mph, 2-79 mph)
    15 change-ups (10 strikes)
    (3-77 mph, 6-76 mph, 6-75 mph)

    What does all this mean? I don’t know. I think the minimal range in speeds means he’s consistent in his delivery, doesn’t really try to overthrow the ball in big spots. Morandini thought he got hurt more with his slider than his fastball, but most of the hits he gave up in the first two innings came on fastballs when he was ahead in the count. Not overpowering, so his location has to consistently be good. And the scouting report says he has a delivery and arm action like Cliff Lee, and it doesn’t lie. It’s kind of like watching Charlie Morton pitch with Roy Halladay’s delivery. It’s weird to watch, but effective.

    Couple other things from last night: Both of Hudson’s errors came on one play last night, but it probably should have been only one error. He bobbled a base hit to right-center that allowed the batter to get to second and the baserunner went first to third and broke for home on the bobble. But Hudson threw back to the infield to nobody in particular and the ball rolled free to the third base line. The official scorer gave a second error on the throw saying that’s what allowed the runner to score. I didn’t agree, but my opinion doesn’t matter.

    I’m a firm believer that Hudson is still a legitimate prospect and still has a lot of potential, but I was disappointed in his performance last night. He’s been moved to the nine-hole to take some pressure off of him and force him to take pitches and get better pitches to hit. He struck out three times and that’s going to happen from time to time, but he looked like he didn’t want to be there last night. He an Altherr let a fly ball drop between them that they both coasted after in left-center but I thought was Hudson’s ball all the way. I thought he made a poor effort on a deep fly ball to center field in one inning Morgado pitched. I asked the radio guys if they thought he looked disinterested and they agreed. Now, yesterday was one of the first truly brutal hot days that they’ve had, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it. I’ll be interested to see if he plays tonight and how he plays tonight against Auburn at home.

    Not concerned by the lack of offense last night, State College pitchers worked ahead all night and the Cutters hit some balls really hard. I can think of three Web Gem-type plays that took hits away from Williamsport off the top of my head.

    On the injury front, Taylor Black got drilled in the right elbow Sunday by Spikes pitcher Stetson Allie and is “day-to-day” Morandini said. He had the arm wrapped yesterday and didn’t participate in BP. He also didn’t throw with the team. Morandini said they’re waiting for the swelling to go down and for him to get some flexibility back in the arm before he gets back at it. My guess is they won’t DL him and Kenny Miramontes (who has been really good lately) will play at short. I would think either Maikel Franco or Harold Martinez would be the emergency choice at short if it was needed.

    Perci Garner threw a bullpen session on Sunday and everything went as planned. No discomfort in the right oblique and no set-backs. If all continues to go as planned, Morandini said he should come off the DL at the end of the month.

    1. Good report Mitch–aprreciate the updates. Mickey may have to have a little talk with Kyrell to boost his confidence and remind him to keep his eye on his goal.

      1. Since his first outing when he was obviously just too amped up, I like what I’m seeing from him. Breaking ball looks good. It’s clearly an out pitch, not one that he necessarily wants to throw for a strike. Last night his fastball sat at 91. Maybe a mph one way or another from time to time.

        When he struggles, he struggles up in the zone. He figured it out last night in the middle of his second inning and made a nice adjustment, but not until after he walked the leadoff batter on five pitches and gave up an RBI triple blast to center field. When he’s down in the zone, he’s really tough to hit. Really smooth with his mechanics, not a lot of moving parts. Delivery seems effortless and I like to think that if he wanted to he could consistently run a fastball up there at 93 or 94, but I think doing so would throw him out of whack. Looks last night like he threw an occassional change just to show something different. I like what he’s done, and as long as he controls the strike zone, I think he’ll be fine.

    2. Mitch, thanks for your reports, they add so much to the sure. Was hoping you could provide some comments on Nesseth, his numbers are very impressive this year.

      Thanks again

      1. Saw Nesseth last night for the first time in about a month. He’s been making all his starts on the road. I posted in the June 19 score roundup about his start last night.

        I think he’s figured it out. It’s taken him some time I think to get full control of his fastball, but he’s got it now. He’s pitching to contact, not striking a lot of guys out. I think the slider he’s throwing can be a strikeout pitch. Really good, hard bite to it. Fastball sits low 90s. I think he said consistently 90-94 when I talked to him last week. He feels good, not afraid to throw the slider after Tommy John.

        Only chink in the armor I’m seeing is holding runners. Has a really high leg kick from the stretch. It’s not an unnatural leg kick, just one that goes with having a 6-5 frame. He does a good job of varying his delivery to the plate and holding on to the ball or getting rid of it quickly. But I think at higher levels teams will be able to run on him. He’s an older guy so I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get to Lakewood this year. But if he doesn’t, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get a chance to jump to Clearwater next year.

  9. As bad as Cosart’s line was last night, the play by play had all but one or two of their first inning hits being ground balls. Some bad luck mixed in?

  10. This st lucie vs Clearwater series is the hottest I’ve or seen a team. There has been about 30 bloop singles by the mets in the last two days. David wright has like 8 hits, and it helps that his zone is the size of a peanut. I feel bad for the pitchers out there, it seems everythig hit is landing in between 3 guys.

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