135 thoughts on “General Phillies chatter, week of 18 July 2011

  1. Latest is that the Phils are willing to send Singleton to Padres for Adams, yet “this may not be enough.” Seriously?

    1. Supposedly, the Padres want a top 12 prospect. Luckily, the Phillies don’t have any, so maybe they won’t be able to make this deal. On the other hand, if the Padres can’t get what they want, they may come down and then the deal becomes possible.

      My feeling is that the Phillies bullpen is a bit precarious right now with only two or three reliable arms. They are an injury away from big trouble. However, if they get Lidge and Contrereas back healthy, they may not need another arm. On the other hand, Adams could be insurance in case they can’t resign Madson.

      1. I don’t expect much from Lidge or Contreras this year. They are defintely adding a bullpen arm first, righthanded bat second.

    2. Lol. This is a silly rumor and it’s hard for me to take it seriously. Ruben doesn’t love prospects, but then again, he’s not a total idiot. Right? Right guys? {{nervous laughter}}

  2. Singleton for Mike Adams being discussed per mlbtraderumors.com, I really don’t like that deal! Any thoughts???

    1. No no no. Seriously no. I mean, I get the guy is a solid(awesome) bullpen arm that is cost controlled but he’s still a reliever.

      1. Agreed, relievers are volatile and other a season they are not worth more than a win or two (if they are really good).

        The thing that no one is saying is that we are talking about trading for pitchers playing Petco. The track record for pitchers leaving Petco and having success elsewhere is low, it is an insane pitchers park

        1. Not only that, but it’s not like the guy Adams would be replacing is a 0 WAR player(unless we’re talking about Baez, but that’s a totally different story). So, you’re talking about giving up for Singleton for what amounts to about a 1 WAR gain a season. There is a bad ROI on that investment.

        2. His ERA is .82 at home
          His ERA is 1.72 away.

          His SO/9 is above 9 at home
          His SO/9 is closer to 6 on the road.

          His WHIP at home is .727
          His WHIP on road is .762

          The only two home runs he’s given up all year have been on the road.

          He’d probably still be a solid reliever for the Phillies, but not a reliever worth trading Singleton for.

    2. I think I would literally vomit if this trade were made, Singleton and some other A-list prospect. Jesus.

    3. Generally speaking, and of a purely anecdotal nature, my experience is that trade rumors seem to have a habit of overshooting the actual return.

      We shall see, and Adams holds a lot more value than Bell, but I can’t believe that’s on the table unless a)RAJ is feeling absolutely desperate about the inexperience in the pen or b) Singleton has fallen far from the high perch he held this offseason

      1. Having read that piece, I don’t see anything that makes me think it any more reliable than anything else. First, its posted on an unemployed journos blog, not a site with any editorial control (as in, “so Tom, who’s your ‘source'”). Second, it makes no mention of a Padres or Phillies source. I don’t know much else (except at least this guy was a sports journalist at some point, so he may have a credible source elsewhere), but that hardly makes for smoke in my book, much less fire. But we’ll see.

        1. The guy describes offering Singleton for a 32-year-old reliever with injury history as “conversation starter, perhaps.”

          Sorry, I don’t buy it.

  3. Looks like Jimmy Rollins is starting his salary drive. He is up over .270. However, he needs to pick up from the right side (.232). Let’s hope that he can keep it going long enough to help the Phillies grab another World Series title.

  4. Reminds me of when the Royals demanded Donald for Mahay. The price tag for all of these relievers will come down as more teams come to the realization that they are sellers. The Pads do have a little leverage cause he’s under team control but Amaro doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank for a reliever.

    The current cast might be good enough so another guy in the back end is more a luxury then neccesity. Plus if Oswalt does come back Worley would provide more depth in the BP as well in the playoffs.

  5. Adams is really good, and I think the Phils should really try to get them, but Singleton is obviously a little too much. Beyond Brown, Singleton, and Valle, there really isn’t a whole lot it terms of position players right now. I think a guy like Trevor May would be a more reasonable trade chip.

    1. Nix. Right now, Trevor May is the Baby Ace I want to keep. Cosart is not his best this year or recently. Could be ongoing arm issues that come and go. May is dominating and consistent. He’s the one we want to keep.

  6. Does anyone think that this may eventually end up with a Schwimer and a “B” prospect for Adams possible trade?

    1. No. The Padres can get a better haul from Texas, who has a better farm system in terms of MLB ready talent.

      1. Saw they asked for Profar from Texas. Is their GM nuts? The best SS prospect in baseball for a 33 year old closer.

    2. Well, Schwimer is a “b” prospect (generously). I think a Pettibone / De Fratus package would hold some value and if they want a position player, I’d put James / Galvis / Santana in the B range and wouldn’t be unhappy to include them in a trade for a very good reliever.

      1. Why not—we seemed to have accepted three “Bs’ for a Cy Young pitcher named Lee a few years ago.

  7. Not wild about a top 50 prospect for a reliever either, but I do think this is also a good lesson for us to remember how the industry views prospects. We all pretty much think the world of Singleton yet another club (allegedly) balks at taking him for a setup man. It’s so tough to remember that must of these guys won’t even make it beyond a cup of coffee because we follow them for so closely for years before they ever even make it to the major leagues. This is just another reminder of that. On another note, that mlbtraderumors piece mentioned that Kevin Goldstein released a new top 50. Any word on how many Phillies prospects made it?

    1. Just one. Cosart.

      Let’s not take these rumors as Gospel. Rumors are manipulated every year by teams trying to increase/decrease trade value of particular players as well as Journos trying to type something relevant.

      1. Good point. Also thanks for the update on Cosart. Where did he rank him? I assume around 40 look most publications, I know he was really impressed with him at the futures game.

  8. I’ve wanted Adams, and still do. I don’t think Madson/Bastardo/Stutes is a championship calliber back end of the bullpen. That said, I will not trade Singleton, Cosart, or Valle for him.

    I’d rather try to rent Heath Bell for a package centered around Colvin or May and one of the AAA relievers.

  9. Apparently the Phils are willing to give up Singleton, but San Diego wants more.

    Adams is a cost controlled alternative to Madson. Madson will likely require AT LEAST 3/30 and the Phillies need to resign Hamels and Rollins. Adams would solidify the pen during the World Series run in ’11 and give them flexibility beyond.

    Anyone have a scouting report on Mike Adams?

  10. I don’t own a farm, but if I did I would wager it that Singelton is not involved in any trade for Adams or any other relief pitcher. The Phils front office didn’t put this team together by being stupid.

  11. Is Singleton as good as we think he is? He is having a nice second season, but expectations may have been too high after last year… keep in mind over the last few years we have traded away a lot of prospects… not many have gone on and made us question the trade… prospects are just that ‘potential’… and few make it. A bird in the hand…

    1. Agreed, and not because I’m down on Cosart. He needs much in terms of development to be a front of the rotation starter. Cosart, Francisco for Adams, Ludwick and $$

  12. I’d make the deal one on one Singleton for Adams. several reasons.

    Madson will most likely require a multiple year deal out of the Phillies price range. No viable closer for 2012. Maybe 2013, probably 2014. So, by getting Adams you can offer Madson arbitration which he most likely rejects. That nets the Phils a 1 and a supplemental pick. Without Adams the Phils would need to sign an expensive FA to close. Adams takes over as closer. Phils can sign to a 3 year deal at reasonable $$ or go to arbitration. Adams probably gets like $5 to $5.5 and stays as closer. Phils would offer arb again in 2012 and probably pick up another 1st and supplemental pick. Should be OK because Defratus, Amount, Bastardo… for closer.

    Best case: Adams helps the Phils in 2011 and nets 2 1st’s, 2 suplementals and is the Phils closer in 2012 for about $5-$.5. I love the Phils chances with 7-Bastardo/Stutes, 8 Adams, 9 Madson

    1. Getting Adams wouldn’t preclude the Phils from offering arbitration to Madson. They certainly will offer irrespective of any trade outcome. If Adams is a type-A in 2012 and refuses arbitration, we can land a 1st and a supplemental as compensation

    2. Why not just use Bastardo as the closer if Madson walks next year? Bastardo has nearly identical numbers to Adams. Bastardo has an FIP thats .5 higher, but has better K numbers. They both have microscopic BABIPs as well as equal LD%. I just don’t see a reason why Adams is THAT much better of an option to close if he even is a better option at all.

    3. Not to be rude but AB has 6 lifetime saves. Adams has only 2. We know AB has taken to ending games. While Adams is a fine pitcher, you can’t be certain. Add on he is a bit
      of a late bloomer(sometimes fade early) and that most of his success in one stadium.
      All of his stats are good but he is best with none on.
      He would be a great addition but Madsen proved he could do it this year after several tries. How many tries will Adams need????.

  13. id be very hesitant on dealing the kids in High A. Next year when they reach double A their value as trade chips will increase 10 fold.

    1. I was thinking the same thing … holding onto these guys and allowing them to develop could net you a top guy next year (B.J. Upton?). I’m willing to take my chances adding a lower tier guy and leaning on the starters in the playoffs.

  14. Anyone want to speculate on what it would take to get BJ Upton from the Rays? Singleton might make sense in that deal.

    Defensively, you put him in Left Field, Victorino in Center, and pray to the baseball gods that Domonic Brown can learn Route Running… That would be great.

    1. .241 BA/.313 OBP/.686 OPS
      .237 BA/.322 OBP/.745 OPS
      .240 BA/.322 OBP/.740 OPS

      the last 3 seasons for Upton. I don’t really get what the big fuss is about the guy. I think Charlie Manuel said he wants a consistent bat to put into the lineup. Upton doesn’t hit or get onbase with much consistency. He does add some pop and is a righty, but I’m not sure why a team should give up top-notch prospects to get him.

  15. How about Michael Martinez? He has been doing great recently. I couldn’t stand him before but he is starting to grow on me. I don’t think he will ever be an everyday player for the Phils but he is a good guy to have on the bench if he keeps hitting like he has been.

  16. i think Anthony Hewitt can get us a righthanded bat like Greg Golson—-just trying to add my own little sarcasm

  17. I have no problem selling singleton and cosart. I just think of we are taking salary back, we need an impact right handed bat most of all.

  18. Padres need help in the majors right now. Am A-ball 1b/possible lf player shouldnt be their desire. Singleton sound like a nice name to say but I doubt either team brings him up. Padres can get a more major league player from another team. Singleton doesnt make sense for either team in this deal. Just my uneducated guess.

    1. it makes no difference to the padres as long as theyre getting premium talent because theyre not contending this year or the foreseeable future. if they receive a major league ready talent now the arbitration clock starts ticking so they might prefer some lower level prospects

  19. when i read that singleton was possibly available, i wondered immediately if the phillies are convinced he can’t be anything other than a first baseman. and we all know what the situation is at that position.

    on the other hand, san diego has hot prospect anthony rizzo at first, so wouldn’t they be looking elsewhere?

    1. I was thinking this too. It makes sense that the Phillies would shop him. I’d rather see him bring someone like Pence back instead of a reliever.

    1. agree wholeheartedly. herndon’s no better. they really need to get oswalt back so KK can go back to middle relief.

      1. At least he has a MLB fastball.

        Carpenter has pitched in 8 games. 6 of them have been scoreless outings.

        I’d like to just send Herndon down to AAA. At least he has a MLB fastball.

        1. carpenter has given up runs in three of his four appearances this year. he hasn’t impressed me at all.

          1. I meant 2 of them have been scoreless outtings. His MLB debut in 08 and the blow out this weekend against the Mets.

  20. just read that lidge will likely rejoin the team friday. that’s good news, because that at least means one of their crappy relievers will get sent down.

    1. I’d trade Colvin or May for him. The Mets are going to want something REALLY good from us though, especially if they have to eat his salary.

      1. Colvin is untradeable at the moment, with his arm problems. May is the Baby Ace that should be kept. He is the best combo of low risk/high ceiling among the whole staff.

          1. The Mets get no draft pick compensation for losing Beltran to free agency, as per his contract. That substantially lowers his value as a trade commodity. I think we could get him on the cheap— no that I want him. I don’t care what his numbers are; he is a clubhouse disease.

            1. He’s the best bat on the Market and there are other teams that want him. Plus we’re their rival and they’re not going to give him away for us.

              How’s he a club house cancer besides the fact that he’s a Met?

  21. Go get Adams! You have a team built to win now but is having issues keeping reliable arms healthy in the bullpen. Despite our starters, you will still need bullpen depth to win playoff games in the NL. He will be under contract in 2012.

    Singleton is a prospect. A “maybe” at a position we have covered for 4 more years.

    Get the deal done and bring home the championship. We’ll figure out who plays first base in 2017 later.

    1. a team built to win now with aging veterans means you shouldnt be trading Singleton for about 80 innings from a reliever. Trade the arms we can spare. We cant spare a future bat.

      1. We’re talking first base. Not pitching or an up-the-middle player. There will always be a first base prospect moving through the system.

        “Those that can’t pitch, field. Those that can’t field, play first base.”

  22. I know Law has seen Singleton in person and Goldstein’s connections are more midwest teams. These lists from guys like Goldstein and Law during the season and in the offseason a little less are more from reports from scouts.

    Singleton is one of the youngest players in his league that is a pitchers league. His approach is extremely advanced for being 19. In most cases that tool is the hardest for a player to ever achieve.

    Putting players like Sano, Hicks, Gary Sanchez ect ahead of Singleton based on a an advanced power and sketchy hit tools is much more of a risk than Singleton. Logan Morrison, Freddi Freeman and Carlos Santana show what I think Singleton could be at the by 2013.

    1. Agree on Singleton. I think he’s the most likely Phils prospect to develop into a perrennial All-Star. 19 yrs old and handling his own in the advanced pitching FSL. While I like Cosart, Singleton is the only ‘untouchable’ as far as I’m concerned.

      A bullpen piece is coming so be prepared to lose one of our top prospects. If not Cosart or Singleton, likely a few of our 2nd tier prospects. We need a bullpen arm and we need a right-handed hitting outfielder. San Diego is offering both.

    2. Agree. Keep Singleton, May, and Valle. Offer a package from James, Pettibone, Hyatt, J-Rod, Pettis, DeFratus, Mathieson, Schwimer, Overbeck, a few others. Use Cosart as the final hammer for a deal, if you’re getting something very good. He could be the next Knapp. Colvin untradeable at present.

      You deal from areas of strength and depth, not from scarcity.

  23. I would love to get Pence. Love his energy. Would package Stutes, cosart ad singleton to get pence and a reliever. Especially if wade will eat salary again

  24. phillies have two million to spend they said. can someone answer this question dont they get insurance money on blanton and ligdge over 60 days they get insurance dont they? cant they used that money to spend on over budgect player

    1. I’ve often wondered about this. Can someone explain how insurance money works and when that kicks in? If Lidge makes 4 appearances and goes back on the DL for the remainder of the year, how much if any of his 12 million is recovered through insurance money?

      1. It all depends on how the policy is written. A lot of policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions and/or only kick in if a player hits the 60-day DL. So, for instance, with a player like Lidge it probably wouldn’t have covered his injury since it is a recurrence of a previous injury. But again, there is no one hard-fast rule for the policies.

  25. mlbtraderumors and Jerry Crasnick are reporting Phillies and Marlins talked about Leo Nunez… I don’t know how I feel about that. Marlins would want young pitching in return.

    He’s got better #’s than KRod. I don’t know how comfortable I would be with him in a 1 run game though.

  26. why no insurance money, are they uninsuranble???? mlb reports that the phillies offered singleton for adams straight up. do you believe that one??

  27. I think Amaro knows best what’s right for his team, but the only name that has popped up in the media that I like is Melky Cabrera. His salary is quite low, he is just 26, his tools are exciting and he is having a breakout year this year. He has postseason experience. I believe in hanging onto your young players in order to keep your team viable for the future, but I see Cabrera as a prospect of sorts. So if we had to part with a DeFratus and a Santana for Cabrera, I wouldn’t mind giving up these kids as much as if we got an older player. He’s a guy who has played part-time with the Braves. He knows the NL East. I could see him getting playing time in every outfield position (I think he can do this), coming in against lefthanders and Manuel would watch his playing time to make sure he is getting enough. Then next year you could have a viable candidate for leftfield. Amaro has expressed concern over the age of the team, so Cabrera would be a good fit.

  28. James has triumphantly returned to twitter, reporting the front office is “in on Matt Kemp.” Any way that deal gets done without trading Brown? I’d do it.

    1. Would imagine it would be tough to pull off without Brown but am all for giving it a go. Give em Cosart, Singleton, Alther or equal + one AAA reliever like Schwimmer.

      1. Does anyone see a way to do it without Brown? I mean how can the Dodgers (a financially strapped team) not require a young major league ready 4/5-star OF prospect who is cost controlled for the next 6 if they are giving up a guy who is just entering his prime and is a possible 40/40 guy and in the top 5 mvp discussion. He’d have to be in the deal and I don’t think any of us should really object to be honest.

        1. When does Kemp’s contract expire? After next season, right? I think it would be in their best interest to pull a trade now rather than wait til the off-season. You know that kid is going to hit free agency and make out like a bandit. So the Dodgers are almost forced to make the move this season. The longer they wait, the more teams are going to realize they don’t have to surrender a big package. Look at the Johan Santana scenario. The Yanks refused to give up 2 stud pitchers, as did the BoSox. So who was the next best option? The Mets. And they didn’t give up a thing for Johan. Same could happen with the Dodgers. The Dodgers should make it known he’s available to drive up a bidding war.

        2. That is a very realistic view and to be honest, if it was really just a Kemp for Brown deal with a few minor prospects thrown in I think I could be convinced its a good move. You get an above average CF who could push Vic back to right where his arm plays extremely well who is RH at the plate and is only 3 years older than Brown. It doesn’t sound as insane as a Kemp/Vic/Brown outfield would next year but you have to give to get.

          1. I think at the very least, it’s would cost Brown AND Singleton. Included would probably be May or Colvin and one of the AAA relievers thrown in.

            Matt Kemp, Ethier, and Kershaw are the only things that are drawing people to the ballpark.

          2. Kemp is actually a below average CF, he does not make good reads in the field. This just means that he would move to RF (if Brown is traded) or LF (if they did it w/o Brown) and Vic would stay in center.

            Maybe a package of Cosart, Pettibone, Singleton, one of the RP (Stutes, Schwimmer, DeFrantus, Aumont) would get it done w/o Brown (I think it would be selling Brown at a low point to trade him now)

            1. If they got an mvp candidate for brown, how is that selling low on him? What would they get for selling high?

            2. The fact is that it will take brown plus other prospects to get that deal done. One year ago brown was untouchable in deals for perennial cy young winners and contenders. Brown no longer has shiny prospect status, when he is still really raw and has a lot of potential going forward.

              Would you argue that Halladay>>>Matt Kemp, Cliff Lee>>>Matt Kemp?

      2. Yeah, I think the Dodger’s request is more like Brown, Cosart, and Bastardo.

        For some reason I thought Kemp had two more arb years after this one, but per Cot’s he’ll be a FA at the end of 2012. I wouldn’t give up Brown for a year and half of Kemp, even at his current production level (which is, admittedly, insane). If they’d consider it for Cosart, Singleton and another guy or two, though, the Phillies HAVE to make that deal.

        1. I’d love to see the Phillies get Kemp, but I don’t want to see them give up Brown. They’re going to be paying big money to Lee, Halladay, Howard and Utley over the next few years. And that is before resigning Cole. And possibly Rollins. They need cost controlled players to balance out the money they’re paying the vets, and Brown still has loads of potential.

          If there is a way to get Kemp down with Brown — perhaps Singleton, one of Colvin/Cosart/May, and Biddle, I’d love to see the Phillies make it happen. I’m not sure that a package like that is enough. Maybe Valle has to be included, I’m not sure.

          And I’m not sure that the Phillies will think this way, but their draft this year could give them some extra flexibility in making a trade. Maybe they go harder after Garvey if they trade SIngleton, or harder after Riley Moore if they trade Valle. I know it really isn’t in their organizational philosophy to overpay on draft signings, but I’d love to see them expand the draft budget to compensate for trading prospects.

  29. I think you guys are all nuts! We have the best record in baseball. We just got Madson back. We’re getting Lidge back. Contreras might be back before the end of the year. Oswalt will be back and pretty fresh. Why do we NEED to give up top talent for a small piece???

    The postseason is all about who gets hot for 2 weeks. Adding a Melky Cabrera, or a Ryan Ludwick or whomever else is not going to make us that much better. If we get stuck facing Tim Lincecum again, is Melky Cabrera gonna be the guy to carry us? Trading top talent for a reliever is silly too. Come playoffs, it’s a tight game and Halladay gets into trouble in the 7th, who is better than Roy Halladay to finish that inning? Nobody. Is Mike Adams going to be a better option than Madson or Bastardo? I doubt it. Let’s all relax. A trade does not have to be done this year.

    If an 83-win, 2006 wild-card, Cardinals can win the World Series, anybody that makes the post-season has an equal shot. A set-up reliever, or part-time outfielder is not going to put anybody over the top.

    1. Having said that, yes, I’d rather have a Heath Bell or Mike Adams over Denys Baez in my bullpen, but at what cost? We’ve already got the best starting rotation and our bullpen is either the best or damn near. I’m not willing to give up a 19-year old, highly polished hitter, who might end up being our future LF-er. Learning a new position is difficult, especially playing in a pitcher-friendly league, in your first full season while being one of the youngest in the league. Give the kid some time. He doesn’t have to be rushed or traded.

      1. Pujols’s home run against Brad was in 2005. Then the next game was the game where Oswalt won the tractor.

        The 2006 NLCS was agaisnt the Mets.

          1. It happens. I think it validates that point even more since the Mets were the best team that year.

    2. Completely agree. We are 8.5 games up in the Wild Card for a playoff spot, barring the ridiculous (losing two of the three aces) we aren’t missing the playoffs. Another hitter would be nice off the bench in the playoffs but known of the names thrown around except Pence or Kemp is anymore than a hand full of PH ABs in the playoffs.

      A bullpen arm is worth 3IP in the playoffs, but if the bullpen comes back healthy we are never going to see anything more than, Bastardo, Stutes (facing a couple of RH), Perez (LOOGY), Lidge (see Stutes, Michael), Worley (only need 3-4 starters so meet your long man), Oswalt (if it is a 3 man rotation), Madsen (closing). Is the difference between Adams/Bell and Stutes worth a top prospect? Baez, Herndon, and Kendrick are never seeing the field in the playoffs (unless it is a complete blowout)

      1. This is a good point. If the Phils clinch a week or two early, I see them using Vance as a reliever the last two weeks of the regular season to get him ready for that role in the postseason. This of course assumes he remains effective, doesn’t get traded, and Oswalt is healthy.

    3. The Phillies went into the post season last year with 3 relievers they could trust. Same as they would this year (I don’t know what to expect out of Lidge). Nobody expected them to need Chad Durbin, JC Romero, etc… and they became so desperate for another arm they could trust that they used Oswalt. Now, if the price is too much, I’d rather they stand pat and see if DeFratus can be that guy (which I’ve been totally against). But, if they could get a guy like Leo Nunez or someone like that for a B-C type prospect, I would do it.

      Same thing with the offense. The Phillies are close to the NL Cellar when it comes to OPS against a left handed pitcher. They need a guy to balance out the lefties in the order. Whether that guy is an All Star like Beltran or a role player like Josh Willingham, they need to get that guy. This is the only move the Phillies 100% have to make.

      It’s not US who’s saying it. It’s PAT GILLICK who says the Phillies need a right handed bat. It’s CHARLIE MANUEL. RUBEN wants a reliever. Do you think Pat Gillick is nuts?

      A trade 100% has to be done if the Phillies want to win the World Series.

  30. what a dream kemp. man that would really be a braves counter to there lefthanders,. the braves set up there bullpen to beat the phillies with lefthanders, like the giants did. kemp would help counter that move, what a dream. and would also like a diaz type for off the bench can i dream. let me

    1. Kemp/J Upton are the two I’m willing to give up top tier specs for. I’d give three guys for Kemp or two for Upton.

  31. Trade Singleton for Adams. ASAP. Singleton is still a man in search of a position. He won’t be playing 1b for the Phillies anytime soon. As a LF, he’s a dime a dozen. I do think that there is a realistic chance Madson plays elsewhere next season and it will be good to have someone of Adams’ experience as either the set-up (if Bastardo closes) or closer (if Bastardo is set up).

    1. I always feel like it’s better to trade from where you have depth, so if we were to make a deal I’d prefer moving pitching rather than Singleton.

    2. Singleton is a dime a dozen?

      I hate this time of year. Think before you speak, people!

  32. Just saw this …
    Phillies Triple A right-hander Jason Grilli will be in the majors within the next few days.

    Maybe it will be with the Phillies. Maybe it will be with the Pirates or another club.

    Grilli, 34, has received at least one major-league offer, and the Pirates are among the teams interested in him, according to major-league sources.

    The Phillies, who must decide within three days of a rival offer whether to promote Grilli or allow him to depart as a free agent, are “on the clock,” one source said.

    The Pirates are seeking to add an established eighth-inning reliever. Grilli does not fit that description, but would give the team additional bullpen depth.

    Pirates manager Clint Hurdle had Grilli with the Rockies in 2008 and ’09 – and Grilli was especially effective in ’08, producing a 2.93 ERA in 51 games.

    Grilli missed all of ‘10 recovering from right knee surgery. He signed a minor-league deal with the Phillies that gave him the right to leave for another team on June 1, but was on the disabled list with a right lat strain at that time.

    A scout who saw Grilli recently said he was throwing 93 to 95 mph with a power slider.

    Grilli is 4-1 with a 1.93 ERA and three saves in 28 games at Triple A.

    -Ken Rosenthal

    1. Smart thing to do is bring up Grilli and have the Pirates give us something for him. Dont let him walk for nothing.

      1. Or, they could bring up Grilli and demote Carpenter. This would allow them to keep both in the organization and give them a chance to see if Grilli can provide depth to their bullpen.

        The 40 man roster is currently at 39. Lidge is set to come off the 60 day DL soon, but Naylor and Garcia can both be moved to the 60 day DL to free up a spot.

  33. I’d love the Phils to bring in a guy like Thome for PH/DH (WS!) duties. Once he hits 600 and the Twins are out of it at the end of the month, they shouldnt be asking a whole lot.

  34. Phils are looking at Adams, Nolasco, etc for this year and for next year because there’s a high probability Madson is gonzo after this season. They will not pay him what Boras will demand, IMO. If Singleton is seen as a 1b then he’s blocked so getting one of the best BP arms in baseball is worth it. Over his last 146 innings he has a 1.35 era and a 0.80 WHIP.

  35. Great game by Ruiz. He kept the batter from digging in against the youngster. Brown seemed a lot less raw in the field. Again MM with the big heart. fun game.
    Adding Adams would cause a shortage of innings to go around. Every one loses. Better a fifth started with KK going to long relief
    I think Ruiz likes the young guys because he can whisper in their ear. chuckle chuckle

  36. Decided to look some numbers up and am posting some of the ones that stood out to me:

    Carlos Beltran Career .OPS in the post season is 1.302
    Raul Ibanez OPS is .663
    Ben Fransisco has 1 career Post Season hit. ONE.

    Melky Cabrera .717 OPS Lefties
    Ibanez .628
    Fransisco .610
    Mayberry .708
    Willingham .771
    Beltran .839
    Brown .708
    Diaz .621
    Pence .767
    Kemp (Not going to happen… but why not) 1.101

    So as you can see, adding any one of those guys (besides Diaz) is an upgrade over what we have.

  37. Pence is officially available. Phillies discussing a Melky Cabrera deal with the Royals. MLBTR.

  38. I would not trade domonic brown for anyone I really think with experience he can turn into an all star caliber player.

  39. If the Astros would be dumb enough to take Brown for Pence I would do it in a heart beat. Just watch Brown play he will never be more the Ben Francisco. Just watch him play the outfield and you can tell he does not have baseball instincts or natural ability.

    1. This is terrible news. I’ve read so many scouting reports about his natural ability and now to find out they’ve all been wrong all this time? Wonder if the Phillies brass knows this…

    2. I’m glad you are not the Phillies GM, the Phillies will not trade Domonic Brown. Brown may not be Willie Mays but he will be a solid player at the least.

  40. The three rooks are 14-2. Mighty fine.
    Bastardo was a little rough with the closer rush.
    Why is Herndon still here? If he fits anywhere it might be a starter. Back to AAA to work on that and bring up Swim.

  41. This Martinez kid can really play. Think he is going to be a solid ML utility player…

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