Madson to DL; Carpenter Recalled

Ryan Madson was placed on the 15-day DL retroactive to June 19 with the hand injury.  He’s eligible to return on July 4.  Andrew Carpenter was recalled.  After being DFA’ed during spring training, Carpenter has been reborn as a middle reliever, pitching to 1.58 ERA in LHV this year, including a 0.00 in eight June appearances.  A 51 K / 9 BB ratio over 45.2 IP is obviously helping.  The way things are going, look for him to settle into the closer’s role shortly.

59 thoughts on “Madson to DL; Carpenter Recalled

  1. Good thing that the Phillies depth right now at the upper levels is bullpen arms because they are certainly using them up quickly.

  2. Just to head off these complaints: Pretty disappointed that it’s not Schwim, but I would guess the front office wants to see if Carpenter can duplicate his performance at the next level before they risk losing him at the end of the season (when I believe–correct me if I’m wrong–he’d be a minor league FA).

    1. Carpenter if left unprotected next season, that would be minor league free agency. He started in 2006, those that started in 2005 go this season. It is not really 6 year minor league free agency, it is really 1st season plus 6 year minor league free agency.

      1. He should have at least 1 option left, though the Phillies might end up using that this year if they keep him on the 40-man when they send him down.

  3. Question – can a rule 5 selection be removed from the active roster once the playoffs begin?

    Or do they still have to remain on the active roster?

    1. Yeah Martinez can go on the inactive list after the season and they don’t lose him. Basically we need to get to 9/1/11 and you probably won’t see too much of him.

  4. I don’t think Carpenter can be sent down again without being DFA’d again, and with his track record, he’ll get claimed.

    1. Is that the case? I was of the understanding that a player who previously clears waivers can be designated during the same season without needing to cleare waivers

    2. Is that the case? I was of the understanding that a player who passes through waiver can be designated during the same season without be exposed to waivers again.

      1. I don’t think that is the case. Remember that year when people were returning from injuries and Wilson Valdez cleared waivers? And then he came back the second time and I remember the announcers saying that there’s no way he’s clearing waivers again.

  5. It was only a matter of time…Carpenter was pitching very effectively ; plus, he has been in the show and won’t be frightened by the “big time or the fans for that matter.” Schwimer might very well have been ill prepared for that.

    Anyone notice how this RP Juan Perez throws a tailing cut pitch that almost looks like a screwball. After I saw him throw it in a game I was amazed that his results are so mediocre because if he could ever command the pitch better he would be almost unhittable to most hitters – sidedness irrelevant. The operative word is “command.”

  6. I have a gut feeling they will keep Carpenter as the long man and DFA Baez when Madson comes back.

  7. LHV bullpen is like a bad game of musical chairs. Schwimmer and Grilli tensely circling around one chair until the music stops…..

  8. I hear that Bastardo could become the closer. I don’t know about this. As we saw the other day, the ninth inning is a high-stress inning (I’m talking about Mike Stutes). I don’t think it’s an accident that Contreras suffered a terrible injury while closing, a role with which he was not familiar. Bastardo has had a bad medical history. I say that no one gets appointed closer at this point. Just piece it together- whoever is available, what the matchup is, who’s hot.

    1. You really think Contreras got injured because he was pitching in the 9th inning instead of the 8th?

      I mean, really???

    2. Contreras got hurt because he couldn’t get a save without throwing 20-30 pitches an appearance.

    3. Charlie certainly sounded as if he is going to use Stutes and Bastardo depending on the hitters they must face. You will see Bastardo start an inning if two left handed hitters are due; then you ‘ll see Stutes to face the right hander.

    4. Think it’s more likely he got hurt because he’s somewhere between 39 and 89 – and earlier in the season some people were saying let Madson walk and make Contreras the closer next year – even though there was zero evidence/track record that he could/ would hold up for a year in that role

  9. Bastardo has a 0.87 ERA so far and will probably be an All Star. He will be the closer until Madson gets back which could be as early as Sunday if the injury doesn’t worsen.

      1. Don’t think Bochy takes Manuel out of respect? And asks his input on who to take? Only other solid lefty middle man is maybe Marshall, but Bastrado is playing much better.

        1. I know he got rocked the other day, but they won’t take more than one lefty reliever, and it will be venters

            1. I also doubt that Bastardo makes it, but we should at least note that he has a better ERA, a better WHIP and more Ks per 9 than Venters this season.

  10. I don’t think Schwimer is on the 40 man roster yet, it’s probably holding him back from getting the call

    1. Carpenter was not on either, if they wanted to move injured players to the 60 day DL, they would have lots of room,maybe they could outright a player or two also.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong. They took Sardinha off the 40 man roster to make room for Andrew Carpenter. Looking at the phillies website, they are only listing two catchers. I am going to make an assumption that they’ll make another move come Sept to get 3 catchers on the 40 man roster.

      1. Let’s see , they sent Sardinha to the minors when Brian Schneider came back from DL, and at that time they outrighted him rather than option him because they either thought they would not lose him to another team’s claim or didn’t care. That left the 40 man at 39, so they could add Carpenter when Madson was DL’ed.
        Seems like I don’t recall them ever not adding at least a 3rd catcher come September 1. Having a 40 man active roster and no 3rd catcher , makes little sense. Always good in case of injury, and it opens up the use of the back-up Catchers in a game used as pinch hitter. Maybe they use Gosewisch this season , as , if unprotected, will be a minor league free agent, or , in a longshot, Valle as an emergency 3rd catcher ,or more, as Rule 5 eligible

  11. Bastardo an All Star? That’s ridiculous. Madson if healthy yes, but not Bastardo. Phils all stars look to be Halladay, Hamels, Madson, Polanco, and Lee is sure working hard to get added to that list. Howard has an outside shot, and Ruiz is less likely but based on reputation I wouldn’t count him out.

    1. Polanco will be voted in, Halladay, Hamels, Lee are near locks. Madson is on the outside because he doesn’t have the save numbers. No way Ruiz gets in, Howard will only get in if there are more 1B injuries, no way Bastardo gets in.

      1. Look at the catchers in the NL after McCann. If McCann gets voted in, I would say Molina looks like the clear backup, but if they take a third catcher, nobody stands out statistically and based on Chooch’s reputation at this point, I would say he has an outside chance if he has a strong couple of days and moves his avg up into the 260s or 270s.

  12. How about one Jason Grilli? He’s certainly pitched well enough for LVIP to merit being in the discussion for a big-league job. With Carpenter up, perhaps it slides Mathieson into a little later role in the bullpen.

  13. They take a middle relief/set up guy every year, how could you say that bastardo is not worthy of that with his stats. Have you looked at what he is doing this year? 3-0, 0.96 ERA, 33 Ks, 31 games, 28 inn, 11 hits, 13 walks, 3 ER. That is very worthy of ASG.

    1. You make a good case, but the only reliever that really makes an ASG is a closer (as cited above) and the primary reason for this boils down to this, the best relievers are closers, and relievers are not nearly as valuable as starters (look at innings pitched as your sole reason if you wish). Hence why we discount them on this site as prospects.

  14. Been noticing Grilli, too. He has pitched one or two innings at a time with total innings pitched being 22. He has allowed almost one hit/inn…WHIP 1.28. The few inns he has pitched suggest that they are being very careful with his arm because he’s had arm problems and is attempting to join the ranks of the healthy and ready.

    It seems like an experiment and could–in time–yield a respectable MLB pitcher. Just not yet.

    I agree that Carpenter’s time to put up or shut up has arrived. Or, fish or cut bait. Etc. Etc.

  15. Carpenter was once a high level prospet and certainly has been a good soldier down on the farm. I’m glad he is getting the opportunity to try one more time. If “the schwimmer” were up, we could look at all of them at once and hopefully cut Baez when all these injuries are over. May the best men win !

  16. who the hell is left in the LV pen? will there be another promotion from Reading to fill in?

  17. I wish Carpenter the best. His past outings have been, to say the least, awful. Hopefully, he’s found something down on the farm, and can help the Phillies.

  18. what’s sobering in this whole scenario is that the phillies are already down to their FOURTH CLOSER and it’s not even the AS break. and i thought last year was bad for injuries …

  19. Hopefully someone more familiar than I will respond to the waiver question specifically but I believe there are three waiver periods during the season. A player that clears during one period can then be moved back and forth without having to clear again until the next cycle.

    Carpenter though does have one more option year so the Phillies could keep him on the 40-man and then option him back to the minors. Of course next season he would either need to be on the active roster or could become a free agent… I think. (Mathieson and Zagurski are have used their last option years in 2011 so same goes for them next season.)

    I think it was smart not to start Schwimer’s ‘clock’. Having options on quality relief pitchers is quite useful. Not having an option means guys like Baez stay on the roster. Also, Schwimer would be plugged into the blowout game role (most likely) and not pitch very much. Probably less of a concern for a (minor league) veterans like Carpenter and Mathieson.

  20. The front office really should get more credit than they do for how well they have dealt with a disasterous string of injuries among the relievers. Almost evey move has worked out wonderfully, and the bottom line is a fine 3.10 ERA for the relievers.. Let’s try to remember that the next time someone whines about Baez or the like.

    1. What the hell does Baez have to do with anything. BTW He has no like. Try again Larry.

  21. Isn’t it almost unanimous?: Baez to go ,for Mathieson and Carpenter to stay!

    Surely (“Don’t call me Shirley”) some here must have noticed that Schwimmer gets righty hitters out, but lefties pound him. He’s got to learn a good changeup to contend with lefties…a reason to not call him up now.

    Agree that the good fortune of newbie relievers has saved the pen and sets up 2012’s pen when Lidge, Baez, Contreras, and even Madson may be gone. We’ll still need another lefty for the pen.

    But ’12 looks good. Now if they can get a righty OFer w some power for LF.

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