19 thoughts on “Jarred Cosart and Sebastian Valle heading to the Futures Game

    1. Ditto that—it will be interesting to watch them on the network covering the game this year..

  1. Both of well deserved, I was wondering though about Rodriguez being from Puerto Rico, when it comes to the Futures Game are PR players considered for the world team? the reason I ask is because those players are drafted, not sure how it all works.

  2. Phillies probably could only get one U.S. player on the team and I would put Cosart ahead of May at the moment (yesterday’s game notwithstanding). Valle is the only player from Mexico on the team so I imagine that helped him to provide geographic diversity on the roster.

  3. Good choices, especially since those two are probably the number #1 and #3 prospects in the system, once Brown and Worley officially graduate.

  4. It was interesting to read the recent article on Singleton changing his approach to batting. He has basically said good-bye to the first half of the season and embraced the second half as a new season, or beginning, for him. I’m impressed with his maturity and…he’s still a teenager!

  5. Singleton recovering! I suppose that the left field experiment was put on hold for now. That’d allow him to concentrate on his hitting/oba/HRs. Perhaps in about 2-3 weeks, with his offense then solidly in place, the LF challenge will go on.

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