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  1. Singleton and C. Hernandez have really been on fire recently!

    Appearently the phils tried to change Singleton’s swing but everyone always went on about how “sweet” it was, so I wonder what they tried to change with it… Either way I’m just glad he’s back to doing his thing.

    1. I feel like a tool for saying we needed to downgrade him three days ago. He’s 8 for 11 with 3 HRs since then. I still think that at the time it was a fair argument to make. However, I’d rather look like a fool and have him go on a tear than be right and see him continue to struggle. Go Homerton!

      1. You weren’t a tool. He was struggling then. He’s doing better now. You inspired him with your statement of the obvious!

  2. Not that I’m taking any credit for prescience, it’s just more or less a coincidence, but it was just a two or three weeks ago that I realized just how well Galvis was playing this year. And since then he has really been on fire. Last 10 games, .372/.400/.512; June .315/.340/.457.

      1. maybe if he hit .300 then the majority of this board would realize what a better prospect he is than derrick mitchell!!!

        its weird, the matt rizzotti love has died down considerably this year, but some of it has been transferred to derrick mitchell. i wonder if we did a venn diagram of matt rizzotti lovers and derrick mitchell lovers, if the whole thing woulkd be just one big intersection. i think it would…

        1. It’s annoying to me for precisely one reason: the over-the-top Michell love from some quarters drowns out the fact that he is a fun player to follow who could have a real future as a 4th/5th outfielder. It makes it harder (for me) to genuinely appreciate the guy.

          I’m actually not as certain about the overlap. The fact that they are older prospects in AA is about all the two of them have in common.

          1. that is also the reason it bothers me. and the same reason the rizzotti love bothered me. they are both fun guys to follow as potential bench players for the phillies. but a certain segment of commenters tries to blow these guys up like they are the next coming of jim thome and barry bonds. i dont understand why every prospect has to be turned into an uber-prospect by some commenters. the majority of these guys will never even play in the majors. very few of them will make it as AAAA players that bounce back and forth. even fewer will make it as a major league bench player or bullpen piece. and extremely, extremely rarely one of these guys will make it as a major league regular/rotation member. if mitchell or rizzotti makes it as a major league bench player that is awesome and tremendous accomplishment. but the people that are saying mitchell will play CF for the phillies in 2012, and that rizzotti could be a starting DH in the AL right now are actually doing these guys a disservice by putting unrealistic expectations on them.

            and the i agree the fact that they are older prospects in AA is about all the two of them have in common. and this is precisely what places the rizzotti and mitchell lovers in the same subset. they dont fully grasp the age/level component of prospect ranking.

        2. I think a lot of us are actually pretty realistic about Mitchell. We see what he is likely to become, but he’s a very unexpected surprise, so he’s fun to watch. Agreed that, at best, he’s probably only a 4th or 5th outfielder in the majors, but originally, it looked like he would never make it past Clearwater, so it’s easy to have a soft spot for him. It also helps that he has a broad range of talents. For now, I’m just enjoying the Derrick Mitchell magic carpet ride – he’s flying places I never thought he’d go. Good for him!

          1. thats the great thing about mitchell, everyone thought he would never go past clearwater (Larry M, Answer333). Many people think he will never get past Reading, it will be great to see them eat crow!!! Its up to the player not the people behind the computer watching, and mitchell has more tallent then his age to level will ever hurt him. Time is on his side and he will get his shot!!

            1. You’e either a family member of Mitchell’s, in which case your position is understandable, or a moron, and I’m sure the knowledgeable people who are touting Mitchell’s chances are incredibly embarrassed to be associated with you. Please, please, please do not start saying nice things about Galvis, Singleton, or Collier (to name just 3 prospects), because then I will have to reconsider my belief that they are good prospects.

  3. I swear, every time I see Overbeck in a game he homers. I’ve seen him play five games total and he has five home runs in those. Seven radar guns pointed at Schwimer when he pitched. Rain was brutal though on the drive home.

    1. How was he in the field? And did he have a good AB? Was the opposing pitcher any good? Are you “Alan” or are you a different Alan altogether?

      1. Same one, note my Twitter account. He played first base, I don’t think he looked terribly smooth but he got the job done. Disciplined at the plate, he worked a walk and did not chase bad pitches. The opposing pitcher was Brian Burres, who I first saw in Baltimore as part of Texas’ legendary 30 run outburst. That probably should tell you what I think of Burres’ ability.

  4. Singleton is playing out of his mind right now! Sad day fro Philly though..looks like Oswalt is done for the Season and Carter and Richie are out of town!

  5. It looks like, and this is pure speculation, Carpenter or Schwimer will be the next one up to the Phils’ pen. I’m guessing Carpenter to give them flexibility in long situations but Schwimer really deserves a nice shot to pitch in Philly.

    1. One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity. If Oswalt goes on the DL as seems likely, Mathieson or Carpenter could be called up. Probably, the callup would be the long man while Kendrick would start. It looks like the timing on Gordon’s release could have been better for the Phillies.

      1. True enough in retrospect, but then again it isn’t as if Gordon is off to a great start with the Yankees.

      2. If Mathieson can repeat what he did last week against Pawtucket, we’ll have ourselves a hell of a 5th starter. His stuff was truly electric that day. He has command of the FB and was throwing good breaking pitches. I could barely believe what I was seeing.

        I think he goes against tonight, so we’ll see if he can do it again.

  6. I honestly prefer the box scores in the format above. Clicking each one is like opening a x-mass present (I’m Jewish, but I assume my assumption is correct).

  7. Sad day for Phils and Roy Os. His post game interview just sounded like a guy who is done. I really don’t know what else to say…horrible

  8. Fun to watch the continuing development of Freddy Galvis and Derrick Mitchell into future major league talent Thursday night in Reading.

    Galvis pounded the ball left handed by pulling a line drive single and hitting a long gap double to right but booted what should have been and easy out on a ground ball to short when he tried to backhand the ball and throw in one motion. But Freddy now has more than a little “pop” in his bat even if his errors are up this season.

    Your know a player has arrived when the opposing team’s manager puts on a shift to stop him at the bat. D-Mitch beat a shift employed by the Erie manager that put three infielders on the left side of the infield by moving the second baseman on shortstop side of second.. Derrick inside outed a ball to where the second baseman would normally play for a two out, RBI, game tying, single. His swing caused Manager Mark Parent to jot down some quick notes from his third base coaching box after that at bat. That clutch base hit would then help set up Tuffy Gosewisch’s go ahead grand slam to complete the big seven run fourth inning and the R-Phils would go on to finally end a 7 game losing steak. In his final at bat Mitch only needed a homer for the cycle but went with the pitch to almost again beat the same shift but the Erie first baseman ranged far to his right to field the ground ball and throw to the pitcher covering at first on a bang, bang play.

      1. Don’t mess with Rickey. He provides a lot of 1st hand descriptions of the prospects. He’s our own personal scout. He attends ST every year. He’ll often give us 1st hand accounts of games in CLW and Reading. Most of us read a box score and say, “Wow this guys hot or this guy couldn’t hit a beachball.” But many times a box score doesn’t tell you half the story. Case in point, I saw Galvis in one of his 1st games with Reading a few years back. He went 2 – 4. Looked like a good game. One hit barely left the infield and the other was a cue shot off the end of the bat that rolled between the 1st and 2nd baseman. It hit the outfield grass and actually rolled back onto the infield. Rickey has been talking up Mitchell this year but look at the stats, he deserves a little extra attention.

        1. Agreed – Rickey is perhaps the best “advance scout” that this website has. He was the first one to bring Derek Mitchell to our attention, and did so at a time when, viewing his age and his statistics, the first reaction might have been “give me a break, are you kidding?” But you know what, Rickey was apparently right. He pays very close attention to the players’ skills, demeanor and projection. He loves Mitchell and Derek has been proving him right this year. Mitchell is one of these players who just keeps getting better and better and better. This is one thing a high level of athleticism will do for a player – it permits more growth over time.

          As for Galvis, if he keeps doing this, the team is going to have think carefully about what kind of resources it wants to devote to Jimmy Rollins. Very interesting and very encouraging.

          1. I am sorry for spelling Derrick (not Derek) Mitchell’s name wrong – I guess he’s not on my radar screen as much as I had thought.

          2. With all the, excitement over the current run of the mill prospects at Reading, should be a frenzy next year, when some real prospects get there.

  9. Congrats to all the D-Mitch fans. Maybe the guy really is a viable prospect for the big club…Lehigh Valley…I’d say.

      1. HMART 3 for 3 Baby….I can’t wait to hear Ricky’s take on this kid once he sees him live. No disrespect to Ashe but put these 2 side by side and there is no comparison and I don’t predict Ashe can stick at 3B where as Harold is a slick fielding prototype of what a 3B should be.

  10. The A’s had the chance to send 2 former Phuture Phils to the hill in Outman and Gonzalez but we’ll only get to see Josh. Boy was I high on Gio when we got him turns out he is pretty much what he was projected to be.

  11. Yeah Martinez with 5 hits in the last two games and Ashe 4 hits in the last two games. Not much ahead of them in Lakewood. No offense to you “Moose” Mattair or Perdomo fans. Would like to see them get a few swings at Lakewood near the end of the season and a real chance for a double jump to Clearwater next year. Very excited to see Singleton crush the ball. Hernandez average keeps going up after an awful first two months.

    1. I had the same thought. They drafted multiple college 3rd baseman, in part, because the Mattair experiment has run it’s coarse. Cut Mattair, and move one of those college guys in Lakewood. They played major college ball, and Martinez has played in the Cape Cod league, so he’s hit with wood bats. Put that guy in Lakewood, so Asche and Franco don’t miss any ABs or fielding time.

    2. Absolutely. Harold is already 21, had a high pedigree coming out of HS, started all 60 games as a freshman with the U no reason not to fast track him to his age appropriate league.

    3. I’d like to see HMart/Asche hit a little bit more before moving one of them up. These are still early returns (right Gregg? Ha ha).

      1. Yeah, when they drafted Martinez I thought they might assign him to Lakewood, because of the fielding lapses at the time of Geancarlo Mendez (looks like now a forgotten man on here, what with the decrease in playing time and all). Mattair down from Lakewood then, and has not excelled. Yesterday 0-3 with 3 K’s. Opposing pitchers had 11 K’s yesterday, Mattair 3, Santana, Collier, Duran 2 each, + 2 more. Hewitt and Rupp Did not strikeout but were 0-3. 3 hits for team.
        Collier in CF yesterday, Dabbs LF, Hewitt RF, Santana DH.
        Suspect Alvarez may be injured and Mendez not playing much.

        As for Williamsport, Ache has been playing 2B since he started to play the field. Seems like Martinez and Franco have alternated at 3B/DH. Hudson CF, Dugan RF, and Witer Jimenez in LF. Jimenez might play regular with Dugan going to 1B at times. Patrick Murray back at 1B as Altherr DNP.
        Murray is older than Derrick Mitchell.

  12. Good to see a very nice start from Biddle. Galvis’s bat has really heated up, but his D seems a bit off from last season.

  13. never saw galvis play,but all I ever read about him ,is how good he is defensively, wonder what happen to him, that his defense is off??

  14. 1. OF – Domonic Brown (Phillies) – (.200) 0 for 3 with a BB and K
    3. OF – Jon Singleton (Clearwater)- (.270) –3 for 3 with 2 HR (6), 2B (9), 3 runs, 2 RBI (29) and a BB
    6. C – Sebastian Valle (Clearwater) – (.343) – 1 for 3 with a 2B (11)and RBI (23)
    7. LHP – Jesse Biddle (Lakewood) – (3-6, 3.70) – 6 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 4 BB and 6 K’s
    12. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (Clearwater) – (.259) – 1 for 3 with a run, BB, SN (10) and K
    13. OF – Domingo Santana (Lakewood) – (.266) 1 for 3 with a 2B (15) and 2 K’s
    16. RHP – Jon Pettibone (Clearwater) – (7-4, 2.80) – 7 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 2 BB and 5 K’s (win)
    17. C – Cameron Rupp (Lakewood) – (.214) – 0 for 3
    18. OF – Jiwan James (Clearwater) – (.263) – 0 for 4 with 2 K’s
    23. RHP – Michael Schwimer (Lehigh Valley) – (3-0, 2.13, 3 SV) – 1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, O BB and a K
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (Reading) – (.299) – 1 for 3 with a run and BB
    28. OF – Kelly Dugan (Williamsport) –(.259) – 1 for 4 with 2 K’s


    1B – Cody Overbeck (Lehigh Valley) – (.182) 2 for 3 with a HR (2), 2 RBI (3), BB and a K
    3B – Carlos Rivero (Reading) – (.252) – 2 for 4 with a HR (8) and 2 RBI (28)
    3B – Maikel Franco (Williamsport) – (.292) – 0 for 4
    3B – Harold Martinez (Williamsport) – (.333) – 3 for 4 with a 2B (2), run and a K
    2B/DH – Cody Asche (Williamsport) – (.217) 2 for 3
    SS – Freddy Galvis (Redding) – (.277) –2 for 4 with a 2B (13), run, BB and CS (8)
    SS – Jair Morelos (VSL) – (.333) – 1 for 5 with a run
    OF – John Mayberry (Lehigh Valley) – (.261) – 1 for 4 with a K
    OF – Derrick Mitchell (Redding)- (.282) – 3 for 4 with a 2B (12), 3B (1), 2 runs, RBI (46) and CS (4)
    OF – Steve Susdorf (Redding) – (313) – 1 for 4 with a run, RBI (22) and a K
    OF – Zach Collier (Lakewood) – (.263) – 0 for 2 with 2 BB, CS 7) and 2 K’s
    OF – Anthony Hewitt (Lakewood) – (.244) – 0 for 3
    OF – Kyrell Hudson (Williamsport) – (.296) – 0 for 4 with 3 K’s
    OF – Brian Pointer (GCL) – (.286) – 1 for 1 with a 2B (3) and run
    OF – Herlis Rodriguez (VSL) – (.302) – 0 for 2 with a run, 2 BB and a K
    RHP – Drew Carpenter (Lehigh Valley) – (5-0, 1.58) – 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB and 3 K’s
    RHP – Tyler Cloyd (Redding) – (1-1, 2.77) – 8 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 3 ER, BB and 4 K’s (win)
    RHP – Justin Friend (Redding) – (0-0, 3.50, 0 SV) – 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 Bb and a K

  15. I like what Biddle is doing. He is not getting the run support but he is 3-3 2.70 ERA in his last 10 games, .217 average against. Too many walks as he is averaging about 4.5 per 9 innings in his last 10 games

    1. Yeah , he plays them all (OF positions) started in RF this season, till injuries to Gillies and Chris Frye. Mitchell has also been a regular in the minors at 2B, SS, and 3B. But was moved off of IF due to trouble with the sidearm type of throws and flips (from something posted on here awhile back source). He is also now 6’2 210 instead of previous size.

      1. That is good to know. Any scouting reports on his arm strength from the OF? I assumed he could play RF since they’ve been starting him quite a bit in center however you need a plus arm in RF (generally)

        1. He had quite a few assists last year in the FSL playing right field, if I remember correctly.

    2. I know where you’re going with this but I’ll play along. Mitchell plays all OF positions. This year he’s played 63 games or so in CF and 6 in RF. Last year @ CLW he played 65 games in RF, 17 in CF and 36 in left. He had 6 assists from RF last year. He also started as an infieder and up until 2008 he played 2B, SS and 3B. He had a ton of errors in the IF so the OF has become home to him.

      And no, he won’t be replacing Brown in Philly next week.

      1. LOL well something has to give. I’m desperate for a young exciting positional prospect to come in and inject some excitement into the big club. Sometimes a guy just needs a chance….he gets it he seizes it and he never lets it go.

    1. With one difference, despite some negative comments from me lately: Mitchell has a far greater chance to play a back up role in the majors than Rizzotti did or does.

      1. Definitely – Mitchell is an athletic player who can do a lot of things and play multiple positions. He bears little resemblance to Rizzotti except for the fact that both had breakout years at age 24. Aside from that, they are extremely different.

        1. If he only shared one thing with Rizzotti – BB% – even I would think that he has at least an outside chance at more than a back up role. But his other skills don’t make up for that lack, and at 24 he is IMO unlikely to improve much in that regard. Though I wouldn’t say it is impossible, just unlikely. (See Ruiz, Carlos, for a rare example of someone who made dramatic, late improvements in his BB rate).

          I wouldn’t even mind people who made a measured case for the possibility that he could grow into a regular role. It’s the … well, you know … comments that drive me up the wall.

          1. I do wonder sometimes about where the fault lines lie in terms of the people commenting here. It isn’t a pure analytical versus traditional breakdown. The same people who don’t care about analytical stats also don’t respect traditional scouting or traditional baseball decision making. Trying to avoid any unfair characterizations, there is a segment of the commenters here that:

            (1) Makes judgments on small sample sizes;
            (2) Mostly ignores age/level;
            (3) Values power (especially) and BA relative to BB/contact data, and ERA relative to K/BB/HR data for pitchers;
            (4) Mostly ignores context;
            (5) Mostly ignores traditional scouting;
            (6) Place little value on defense; and
            (7) Believes that minor league stats (especially AA and AAA) directly translate to major league stats.
            I’m not sure how to fairly characterize that mindset; it certainly isn’t a respect for “traditional” analsyis.

            1. LOL, flattered I guess that you found/saved that, whatever your intent in re-posting it was.

              It’s true, though. Of course I’m not saying that that applies to most or even many of the people who disagree with me, just a certain segment.

            2. I am guilty of all these judgments for numerous reasons. But mostly because every player is unique. Other than maybe their coach, every other evaluator is working on ‘small’ samples: leagues/levels are different, players are ‘working’ on something, undisclosed injuries, playoff situation…. For example, Singleton changes his swing and has a few HRs. Which part of his season do I use for evaluation?
              A combination of many factors makes up a ranking of player which is why there are so many different opinions and discussions.

    1. And they are suggesting May to AA. 🙂 Not that I agree, no reason to rush him at this point. I’d rather he continue to work on his command & control in a more forgiving environment.

      1. If you think about it… he probably should be in AA this year anyway. I don’t know when, but, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that he could pitch there this year.

      2. Rarely do I ever have any interest in seeing a guy pushed to another level before the Phillies do. They are usually pretty good about knowing when to move guys or not. They haven’t hesitated in the past to move guys quickly if / when they thought it made sense.

        What May is doing in High A is impressive either way. Quite frankly the roster at Clearwater is so good…and clearly the best prospects in the system…I would handle all of them very carefully. Right now, whatever future for the MLB club exists in the farm system, it exists at Clearwater.

  16. Mathieson up to push Kendrick into Oswalt’s rotation spot. Guessing the multiple inning capability weighs heavily plus hes already been optioned this year, and I will still root for him to succeed. But if I needed to use a AAA reliever for any length of time, he wouldn’t be the first, second, or third name I’d call.

  17. Mathieson called up, according to Twitter, along with Schneider off the DL. In retrospect, maybe the whole “Mathieson to the rotation” thing wasn’t crazy–they just wanted to stretch him out for what they suspected might be coming. Those comments from Oswalt last night were scary sounding, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in them as a statement of his long term intentions. He was in serious pain, frustrated, and facing a trip to the DL. He had to be pretty frustrated and depressed.

  18. Yes, everyone’s taking Oswalts comments way to seriously. He was obviously frustrated. Wait until the doctor’s have a chance to look at him before declaring his season/career over..

  19. I think the Mitchell to Rizzotti comparison of prospect growth is reasonable. Both showed some ability but were too old for their level. Both had breakout seasons. That should be a reason to be excited about them and I certainly am. It is/was unlikely either will/would continue that upward path (as Rizzotti is already unwanted by other organizations).
    Rizzotti actually is having a slightly better year than I expected. My high end expectation for him is about that of Gload, while for Mitchell I think of a Francisco type player.

    1. Hopefully this works because he hit two balls hard… one off a tough lefty and another right back up the middle.

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