Juan Perez Called Up, Contreras back to the DL

The Phils placed RP Jose Contreras back on the DL with continued arm issues and have called up LHP Juan Perez from AAA Lehigh Valley.  Perez, 32,  is a lefty specialist that has good stuff, but often has little control. In 28 appearances this year, Perez is 0-3 with a 3.52 ERA and five saves. He averages well over a strikeout per inning (12.3/9) and has help the opposition to a batting average right around he Mendoza line. The problem is he walks over 6 hitters per nine. He last appeared in the majors in 2007 for the Pirates (17 games)

21 thoughts on “Juan Perez Called Up, Contreras back to the DL

  1. The older guys in the ‘pen continue to waste roster sports for the Phillies. Romero is gone, but still have Contreras and Baez to deal with. Not to thrilled with the walks… if Perez stinks then give Schwimer or Carpenter a shot. I know they need a lefty in the ‘pen, but they may have to look beyond their guys Perez and Zagurski.

    1. Yawn. It would be ridiculous to bring Schwimmer up now. The back of the pen gets absolutely no work. Pitching twice every ten games would hurt Schwimmer. Getting dependable innings in AAA is better for him and the Phillies at this time. His marginal improvement over the guys in the back end of the bullpen hurts the Phillies in the long term with no real added value in the short term.

    2. Charlie has the 7th, 8th, and 9th innings locked down with Stutes, Bastardo, and Madson… when do you want him to pitch Schwimer.

    1. If Schwim could learn to pitch with his left arm and do so as well as he does with his right arm, then bringing him up instead of Perez would have actually been a sensible option! Well that is except that I also agree with what RULZ said above.

  2. Perez is up because Manuel wants another lefty in the pen and Zagurski has been terrible in the bigs. And before you can say that Contreras is RH, Manuel feels that Contreras has been very effective against lefties because of his changeup.

  3. guru nailed it……Stutes is doing what Zagurski has never been able to do, once you get your shot NEVER let them take that opportunity back……Schwim will get his shot 1 day, may end up being a Sept 1st call-up but without a doubt will get a chance to make the team in ’12 out of Clearwater.

  4. Perez will probably do as well as Romero, which isn’t saying much, but having Romero didn’t hurt the Phillies too badly, since he wasn’t used a great deal. Contreras will be missed, but it looks like David Herndon, who has pitched well since coming back up from LHV, Michael Stutes and Bastardo will make up for his absence. I sense an opening for De Fratus coming closer, if he can pitch well for the Iron Pigs.

  5. If Oswalt heads to the DL, it’s possible that De Fratus gets called up because he’s already on the 40 man with Kendrick headed to the rotation.

    1. 40 man roster isn’t a big concern right now. There are a number of guys on there that can be removed and probably won’t be claimed/wouldn’t be an issue if they were lost.

      1. defratis gets minor leagers out but his mechanics wont pass in the bigs. he shows the ball for a good 3 seconds. long enough for any good hitter to know what pitch is coming.

      2. They also have numerous players that could be placed on the 60 day DL, and then would not count on the 40 man roster.

        1. If Oswalt goes to the DL, we might see Kendrick starting and Mathieson called up to be the long man, as he is in the process of getting “stretched out”.

  6. Yes DeFratus definately deserves his opportunity in AAA but its a good reason why he wouldn’t get called up to fill a roster spot in the pen.

    Didn’t ready NYPhils comments as a knock on the guy, just that he’s not ready for the majors.

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