Time to Notice…..Tyler Cloyd?

In what may become a new feature, there are players throughout the organization, worthy of notice that from time to time sneak under the Phuture Phillies radar screen.  Is Tyler Cloyd one of them? 

Cloyd, 24, was a 18th round pick by the Phils in 2008 and a Bellevue, Nebraska native.  CLoyd progressed through Williamsport in 2008, followed by Lakewood and CLearwater in 2009, putting up decent numbers as a starter.  Going into the 2010 season, the Phils made a decision to use Cloyd predominately out of the bullpen, a transition with which he had some difficulty, finishing the year with an ERA over 5.oo, spending most of the year in Clearwater.

I had a chance to see CLoyd live during a trip to Spring Training this year and came away extremely impressed. He started against the BlueJays AA group and threw three hitless innings, striking out 6, toying with most hitters.  While without radar numbers, he changed speeds very well and threw a good slider.

Going into the 2011 season, I expected Cloyd to begin the season in Reading however, when the rosters came out it was back to CLearwater he went where he bounced back and forth between the bullpen and rotation, performing in each role equally well, while dealing with the difficulty of an ever changing role.  In 13 games with the Threshers (5 starts), Cloyd went 2-1 with a 2.75 ERA and a very impressive WHIP of 0.96.  A very nice bb/K rate of 1.6/8.9, helped prove he was ready for the move to AA.

In his first three starts in the Reading rotation which he  joined after the roster juggling of the last couple of weeks, CLoyd has looked good, throwing 17 innings and giving up just five earned runs (2.65).  Again, back to his control.  He has walked just one and struck out 18 in his 17 innings as a starter, a ratio that can lead to a very good future.

CLoyd throws strikes and while it sounds simple, the lack of that ability has been the downfall of many a minor league pitcher.  He can locate his fastball and his off speed stuff is improving to an extent that it is being noticed by those “in the know”. Time to notice in my opinion.

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  1. If the Phillies hit on the Cloyd selection, it will serve to add to an already impressive 2008 draft. https://phuturephillies.com/the-draft/2008-draft-picks/ Interestingly Worley is the first to make a contribution to the Big Club. However, there are several others who make regular appearances on this site for their top of the system status. We all wish for draft years that productive on a regular basis.

  2. Good to see this kind of agenda here; adding the “little noticed” is a good and interesting feature. Thanks.

    On Cloyd: I’ve also noted that crazy ratio of Ks to BBs. However, there is no mention of his FB mph, so I hope he is not a relatively soft-tosser relying just on command and changes of speed…like Moyer(?)(!).

    Hopefully somebody can fill us in on this.

  3. Good to see this kind of agenda here; adding the “little noticed” is a good and interesting feature. Thanks.

    On Cloyd: I’ve also noted that crazy ratio of Ks to BBs. However, there is no mention of his FB mph, so I hope he is not a relatively soft-tosser relying just on command and changes of speed…like Moyer(?)(!).

    Hopefully somebody can fill us in on this.

  4. I have always been impressed by Cloyd. When he was in Williamsport and in Lakewood, he had a wonderful ball to strike ratio. Last year was an aberration. He is again showing excellent control and is showing command of an increasing range of pitches. I can’t help but think that the Phillies have already noticed this. He is a starter and should move up in the estimation of those on this site.

  5. That draft will look better next year and the year after.

  6. I got a chance to see Cloyd pitch this year in Clearwater, and had a chance to sit behind some scouts. During one of his starts he was throwing around 88-90 consistently, I saw him hit 92 a couple of times. I dont know if he usually throws that. But as all of you have been saying he did locate and change speeds very well. He made some hitters look foolish at the plate.

    1. I also remember seeing reports of upper 80s on his FB. We shall see if he can continue to make that translate.

  7. Unfortunately for Tyler Cloyd, the Phillies seem to be focused on the ‘future aces’ in Clearwater and the few chosen at Reading—Tyler Cloyd may end up in the bigs with another club similar to the way David Herndon was obtained by the Phillies-Rule 5 candidate

    1. Hopefully there would be some value gained back rather than losing him to Rule 5. Speaking of which, I wonder if there are any changes on the table for CBA.

  8. Nice feature, Gregg. My vote will go to Susdorf. It’s interesting how the organization’s consideration toward him seems to be no more than the next Rich Thompson. I know he had a down year last year, but he otherwise seems to be consistent and a good guy to have around. Hopefully for him he would at least catch on with another team.

    1. The problem with Susdorf is contained in your second sentence – the organization doesn’t seem to see him as a prospect. But the guy can flat out hit, moreso IMO than the other two older outfielders who garner so much attention among commenters on this site.

  9. Sustorf’s bigger problem is that he has little power & little speed. No OF will be considered a prospect if they don’t provide one of those 2 items.

    Cloyd on the other hand has an opportunity to fill a role as a middle reliever for the Phillies or someone else. 88-90 with plus command and control is something that can get you a ML job.

    1. Agree on Cloyd.

      On Susdorf, he does have a little power – .161 ISO. But looking at MLE – we’re still talking a modest .261/.320/.382. Which surprised me; eyeballing his numbers, I would have thought maybe .280/.350/.390, which wouldn’t set the world on fire but would be something to grow on.

      Which puts Mitchell and Overbeck into perspective as well – both with sub .300 OBP MLE.

      1. Little skeptical about player hr numbers at Reading, especially for 1/2 season. Bigger concern with Susdorf is that he’s not shown power at any previous stops.

        11 hr’s and just 41 total xbh as a 24-year old in A+ ball in over 540 PA’s just isn’t good enough. Even with Clearwater being a pitchers park, those numbers are too low and that was his best season.

        This year he only has 12 xbh in 160+ PA.

  10. Hey folks, do not take away all the future ‘time to notice’ players, like Susdorf, by discussing them here.

    Agree, that this feature is excellent. Kind of a ‘get to know’ type of article. Given the popularity of this site and of the Phillies and prospects in general, I think it will be well received.

    I wonder if the Phillies are getting some ‘inflation’ on their prospects due to the teams’ popularity. (Mets, Yankees, RedSox are commonly accused of this opinion.) It would be great for the organization and also a reason to root for ex-Phillies prospects (until they play the Phillies of course).
    Carrasco and Marson are useful. Outman and Gio Gonzalez. Drabek, D’Arnaud and Gose.

  11. Love the feature! We don’t all get to see or know much about every player if we don’t see them in action, like Clearwater.

    I was at the SAL All Star game last night at Delmarva. Excellent showing of Phillies fans there in O’s teritorry! Its great to wear the Lakewood gear and people slap high fives in support! Also side note 5 Blueclaws made the roster. Hewitt made it to the second round of the HOUR derby and obviously David Buchanan got the start.

    1. Just saw this from tonight’s game too. I believe he only threw 95 pitches through his 8IP.

  12. I just wanted to bump this as he continues to throw well. Could Cloyd be the non-elite prospect that steps up for the big club in the future (ala Kendrick, Happ, Worley)? As I’m thinking of a potential trade of Worley and the need for an additional arm, Cloyd came to mind. I know he’s green but if he throws strikes and gets ground balls with very few walks, he might transition well.

  13. Bumping again. Cloyd is now a darkhorse to be the 6th starter for the big club next year while pitching at AAA.

  14. I follow him just about every start and he goes to the seventh or eighth inning every outing. He locates his pitches well, changes speed like a veteran and makes hitters look foolish with his slider and nasty cutter

  15. Started Last Night and got the win. Went 6 innings gave up 4 hits and 1 run that was earned. 6 K’s and 2 BB. Over the season he has a 3.14 ERA, 8.05 K/9 innings and 1.36 BB/9 innings and averages about 6 innings per start. Definetly looks like Bull Pen help for the near future at the very least.

    1. Actually those over the season numer are just for the time he spent in Reading this year. It dosen’t factor in the time in Clearwater

  16. I was one of Tyler Cloyd’s coaches when he was in high school. I’m telling you, he knows how to get people out. He’s a fierce but calm competitor and will be an asset for any team he plays for. He is a bit thin yet and needs to add som more muscle which could add some mph but he is durable and a gamer.

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