Crazy Day In Allentown

Although not necessarily prospect relevant, the goings on today in Allentown probably deserve a post of its own. It goes as follows:

3B Ronnie Belliard announced his retirement pre-game. He had been the primary starting third baseman through the first part of the season but had seen his playing time decrease with the addition of Pete Orr.

Speaking of Pete Orr, he had been penciled in as the starting 3B this evening, but was pulled from the lineup when his wife went into labor.  Replacing him was Jeff Larish, who was supposed to be used in emergencies only after coming down with the flu circulating around the clubhouse.

Onto the rotation.  Brian Gordon who has been atop the International League leader board in several statistical categories exercised an opt out clause in his contract that allowed him to leave if he was being placed on a major league roster.  That roster will be none other than the Yankees.  Tonight’s starting pitcher Nate Bump exited prior to the third inning after tweaking a hamstring warming up. FInally, the starter yesterday, Vance Worley, appears to be on track to make a major league start for the Phils on Saturday in Seattle after three good outings since being sent down to Lehigh Valley.

And so it goes, 60% of the division leading rotation.

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  1. Good luck to Gordon and what a great opportunity for him, shame its for the Yanks and not the Phils, but the guy deserves it. Just a shame the Phils saw jack squat in him as he has been nothing short of spectacular this year so far.

    Also a shame we’re spending 5+ Mil this year on the combo of KK, Baez, and Romero.

    1. Brian, I think you overvaluing Gordon too highly and see this as a desparate spot start by Yankees.

      1. Personally I value Gordon above Baez. Don’t you??

  2. I wonder how they fill the rotation spots.. Maybe someone from the Pigs’ pen like Drew Carpenter? Or a guy like Austin Hyatt from AA? Maybe even a Brian Mazone cameo lol

  3. It sucks to lose Brian Gordon. I would much rather have him in Philly and Herndon in AAA then have Herndon in Philly and Gordon on the Yankees. I wonder who will fill up the AAA roster. Overbeck could come up to play third but someone like Niuman Romero or Paco Figueroa could come up as well. I am curious to see what the phils will do to replace Gordon, Worley, and Bump though. Herndon will most likely come down for Worley but he is a reliever and most of the guys doing good in Reading are all relievers too. Maybe Rosenberg can start or Edell can move up. I’m not really sure if Hyatt or Ramirez have earned promotions yet.

    1. Overbeck probably won’t play third though. But him or Rizzotti could come up and play first while Tagg Bozied or Jeff Larrish play third.

  4. Make that 80% of the rotation. Eddie Bonine is headed for Tommy John surgery,

    In a situation like this I fully expect the Phillies will pick up a minor league veteran or two to fill the Lehigh Valley rotation.

    1. Agreed. Feirerabend and Bass (and their 5+ ERAs) will likely anchor the Pigs rotation. I’d rate to move Carpenter out of a role which he has surprisingly (at least to me) excelled in. Edell a likely candidate to be moved up. Outside of the organization for at least one of the other arms though. I have a good one. Kyle Kendrick

    2. Yeah, there is all these minor league veterans still looking to hook on with a team in the middle of June who will add so much. I say they call up Edell, with further bump ups through the organization.

  5. Has anybody seen Andrew Carpenter pitch lately? He’s definitely been a revelation this year in his conversion to a reliever. Be curious to see if there has been an uptick in his velocity as well as if he has a secondary pitch to get guys out.

  6. Let me see Baez or Gordon. Eventually they will HAVE to let Baez go. Today should of been a good day. Even one or two good games and Gordon might of been at least trade material. If they are keeping him because of Jose Contreras he can go too.

      1. and you don’t have a name. Is this you mr. baez? What would it have hurt to give the guy a try. They don’t even trust baez with seven run leads. So get a name or shut up.

        1. that’s strange. The boxscore I’m looking at shows that he threw an inning today in the game with a 7 run lead? No doubt having Carpenter or Gordon pitch that inning would have been much better..

  7. Please let Hamels be alright… we’re screwed if we lose him for an extended period of time.

  8. Would have liked to see the Phillies give Gordon the ‘longman’ role. I’d certainly rather see him eating innings than Romero. Problem is that with Herndon out for Worley that leaves Baez to be cut for Gordon. Despite the hatred for Baez, not sure I would get rid of him for Gordon.

    Though I agree that at some point Baez becomes unbearable and with the number of AAA relievers available, someone should be able to perform as badly as Baez. Phillies could at least go through Gordon then Perez or Carpenter. Also the Mathieson/Zagurski train could continue. Schwimer is the most deserving at this point but would eat a 40-man roster spot for the rest of the season. Stutes has done so but proven worthy of staying on the 25-man.

  9. I definately agree with Edell getting the call up. Not sure what other pitching moves. Not sure Hyatt is ready. Struggled tonight. Ramirez is definately a no. Rosenberg has pitched well recently…Maybe? Worley will be back the following week. Maybe signing a minor league FA is the best. Rizzotti or Overbeck should get the call to AAA. But stranger things have happened and you might see Rivero get the call.

    1. Don’t see none of that .. Unless Barfield can opt out shortly and goes, Barfield stays at 2B and Orr at 3B or they switch around at times. Need for a back-up at SS and other IF positiohs, I say Niuman Romero is called up.

  10. I think Hyatt might be on his way to the Iron Pigs and Pettitbone to Reading. I can’t think of any more moves off the top of my head. Maybe a signing of Bonderman?

    1. Also would like to see Rizzotti move up to AAA. If he hits there it would do wonders for his trade value.

    2. Hyatt has not excelled of late, they should up the more veteran Edell to LVIP. Julio Rodriguez should get the call to RDG in response, as I believe he is the really the one with best performance there. If no organization has signed Bonderman even to a minor league deal as yet , why would one assume he is healthy and if healthy still able to be remotely effective..

  11. Gordon was barely a blip on our radar and now everybody is upset he is gone. He was an ok 33 yr old outfielder turned minor league pitcher. He wouldn’t have been in our top five choices of replacements on April 1st if we had injuries to the big squad. He was having a great year and wish him luck but I have a feeling when he hits the mound for the Yankees we will find out why he is a minor league pitcher.

    1. Agreed. It’s always amusing how every year some 30-something minor league lifer becomes the next indespensible cog in the Phillies system.

      I hope Gordon goes to the Yankees and does well because its a great opportunity for him and a feel good story but in the grand scheme of things, his leaving the system has no impact other than removing a successful starter from the Iron Pig’s roster.

      1. Exactly.
        It is hilarious how predictable the comments will be, when something like this happens. Brian Gordon, really?

    2. If people on here knew so much, Gordon would never even be considered for an MLB roster because he is too old, used to be OF and all that. The fact that he is now being added to not just an MLB roster but Yankees roster shows that as incorrect. As far as the consideration of being added to MLB roster, I called it, I called it first, and I called it early. How so? I simply looked at the results of 2 games and noted around 7 IP and around 70 pitches, called it as pitching efficiency and noted it would not be a surprise for Gordon to be called up at some point. To which was responded by the above negative caveats. See, that was real statistical analysis, something which predicts real world results, as opposed to the simple recitation of someone else’s formulaic contrivance, which the commenter knows not the method of it’s computation. There should be a massive re-thinking of who the real experts are on this subject.

      As to people who wish to dump on Gordon’s chances at MLB billet, I called not for his results when arriving at MLB, but it seems to me that if someone of Gordon’s level of attainment at the AAA level ,if indeed has so little chance of MLB success, It would seem to prove , at some level , that stats are meaningless, another theory I have explored.

      1. You make it sound like the Yankees have good pitchers that Gordon is taking a job from. I guess you find it easier to make your point when you ignore facts.

        1. Agreed. Going into the season the Yankees were already hurting for pitching which is why they brought in Colon, Garcia, etc. Now with the injuries they have, they are scrambling for starters and are taking a shot at Gordon because he’s available, not necessarily because they think he’s been overlooked and underappreciated.

        2. I read this when first submitted, only now I think I understand what is meant. I predicted Gordon would be an MLB call-up at some point, nothing more. When someone is called up to MLB it presupposes the person he is replacing is either injured or ineffective. If the MLB team was all comprised or players doing great, then there would be no need for a call-up.

      2. Exactly. I, for one, have massively rethunk my positions , and now anoint your brilliant (and thorough, mind you) analysis of 2 games of a player’s career as the my new formulaic contrivance of choice… of course of which I know not the method of computation. (I also love the Yoda effect on your word order! 2 stars!)

        And after I have reviewed your latest analysis, I will then immediately disregard it because, since you are my new true expert, I can only conclude that stats are meaningless!

      3. Marfis, please don’t tell me that you consider Brian Gordon as good as Vance Worley? If you put Gordon up on the Phillies what role would he fill? This shows how desperate the Yankees are as they did not promote anyone from their own system. I don’t wish Gordon ill will but there is no way that he reaches the 7th inning with only 70 pitches in MLB. He reminds me of Joe Roa; great AAA pitcher but poor MLB pitcher.

        1. Did not say anything about Vance Worley. I opined on the possibility of Gordon getting an MLB callup and it was disagreed with. Just pointing that out. Yankees have lots of top prospects , but will not rush them. They are very adept at first hand observations , such as Bartolo Colon and/or Freddie Garcia. Must be Hubris to think Gordon will be totally incompetent, because not highly touted by themselves. I would guess he would be middlin’ or slightly better.

  12. Danys Baez is so bad that I wish we would have been able to give Gordon a shot. If it didn’t work and Baez was gone, honestly, who cares . . . I’ll bet money that Schwimer would be more effective than Baez and, in fact, I’m glad someone mentioned Carpenter because he has turned the corner in a big way.

    On another top . . . Domonic Brown . . . holy cow. He did “it” again tonight – twice. “It” is Domonic’s incredibly unusual ability to adjust his bat speed and angle mid-swing. He slowed and then accelerated his bat on both home runs tonight. Again, I cannot emphasize how unusual his bat control is for a power hitter . . . no less a 23 year-old power hitter. Folks, I think we could be looking a guy who will become one of the best players in baseball over the next 10 years or so. He is extraordinary and you have to hand it to the people in the organization who refused to include him in the Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay or Roy Oswalt trades – it appears they knew exactly what they were doing.

    1. Baez has pitched a total of 4.1 inning in June so his place in the pen is rather insignificant. Not sure why the Phillies would want to call up a legitimate prospect to the big club to pitch 4.1 innings over a 2-week period.

      Baez serves his purpose of eating innings in games that are out of hand. With the exception of the 12-inning game against Pit when he was the only guy available other than Madson he hasn’t pitched in a meaningful game since the 19-inning game with Cincy where he was terrific.

      It would make little sense for the Phillies to eat the remaining $1.6M of his contract just to give those meaningless innings to someone else.

    2. Very exhilarating post. Excellent observation. His swing is controlled that his hands and wrist adapt to opportunities midswing. Totally see it too…

  13. Hyatt and Ramirez are in funks right now. Something I never thought I’d say, Rosenberg in the best starter Reading has. He should be moved up even though he still projects as a reliever. Carpenter is an interesting choice but he has been so successful as a bullpen guy who might be needed in Philly this year, do you really want to lose that track? The CLW staff is so young that I don’t see a double jump there. Is Matt Way done for the year? Tyler Cloyd should also get a look. He’s made a few recent starts and has been effective. Edell is an option but I was hoping for someone that was more of a prospect. But I’m sure he’ll get one of the spots. When’s Mike Cisco due back or is he done for the year?

    1. rizzotti imo will be traded within a week. i hope so. the worst in bb is to see a kid with mlb ability languish in the minors. he deserves his shot. the perfect amer. league 1st or dh. as i said b-4 to oakland for willingham. btw hamels is fine, although it was a little scary last night. anon-2

    2. Rosenberg is not ready to be promoted. He just began pitching as a starter. Maybe he gets a two or three start “look see” at AAA at the end of the year, but he needs to just focus on what he is doing and show that he can be consistent.

  14. i wonder what they would want for willingham??? cant be much, secondary prospect like rizzotti and a pitcher?? just wondering

    1. I read on MLB trade rumors that he projects as a “type A” free agent. This will inflate his price a little because Oakland could keep him and collect good draft pick(first round or supplemental dpending on who signs him) if he leaves as a free agent.

      1. He makes about 6 million. I’m not so sure he would offered arbitration by the A’s or Phillies. His type A status might not mean much.

  15. They’ll probably move Les Walrond and Ryan Edell up from AA. That’s two replacements. A signing from an independent team is also likely.

  16. There’s always so much pitching upheaval at AAA that finding serviceable minor league veterans is not too difficult. Of the Reading pitchers, maybe Edell and Hyatt can get the job done in Lehigh Valley. But they will still need help. And considering they are in first place with a great fanbase, I hope they get it. It doesn’t help the farm system to promote kids who aren’t ready just to fill a roster need at AAA.

    FWIW, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s rotation has a 23 year old with a 3.33 ERA, a 24 year old with a 2.95 ERA, a 24 year old with a 3.04 ERA (scheduled to start on Thursday), and a 24 year old with a 3.92 ERA. All four are among the Yankees’ top 20 prospects. For as much flack as our own front office gets, I can only imagine what we would say if the Phillies made this kind of move.

    1. i was told by a scout at reading as soon as oakland falls out, if they do, rizzotti who btw is not considered a secondary prospect by many teams will be dealt. who else but willingham. if u want to throw in a pitcher go right ahead. the older hamels gets the more he resembles lefty.

      1. Well, “secondary” prospect depends on what he’s being traded for. I am extremely skeptical that we could get Willingham straight up for Rizzotti, but perhaps Riz with one or two “secondary” pitching prospects. At which point, with two or three “secondary” prospects… what does “secondary” even mean?

      2. I don’t see it. Why would Oakland want Matt Rizzotti when they already have Chris Carter at AAA? I don’t see Beane making that trade.

        Besides, I wouldn’t want to make that trade for Rizzotti’s sake. Hitters with better pedigrees have absolutely died in that organization. I don’t know if its the ballpark, bad instruction or lack of spending for necessities, but every hitter who goes there just collapses.

        1. You wouldn’t make that trade… for a solid right handed bat to possibly help you win the world series because you’re worried about whether or not Rizzotti would succeed in Oakland? Rizzotti is never going to contribute to this franchise except in a deal like that.

  17. i dont see hamels as lefty. lefty was slider fastball and his slider was dominate, hamels is changeup, fastball pitcher and more finesse than lefty.

  18. Wow what a chaotic night for Leigh. Now I understand that Gordon is what he is and Worley is hopefully the future replacement of Blanton, but why couldn’t they give this guy a shot? Showcase him. Maybe he can fill a void in the pen where Herndon/Baez struggle or act as the 5th starter till Blanton is ready. I’m not upset since I do understand the other way to see it but I just don’t understand what it could hurt to give him a chance.

    By the way anyone surprised by the performance Carpenter’s been giving? Is he a legit option for the pen next year? Because they’ll need arms back there and they need alot of cheap ones to keep this team the way it is.

    1. I absolutely think Carpenter will be in the running for the long-man role in the pen next year. No reason not to give him the shot and little reason to pay much more than the min salary for a guy who by definition pitches mainly when the game is out of hand. They know they are way over-paying KK for that but that move was made prior to getting Lee so can’t fault RAJ for it. But he is certainly not offered that salary by this team next year.

  19. Here’s the deal with Carpenter: As a reliever he’s using less pitches (fastball and slider if I recall) and being more agressive. He’s not “saving” anything for the next time through the order. I’ve seen him a ton this year and he does look very good. The only questionable outing I recall is the one spot-start he had. I would absolutely not move him back to starter unless absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, it might be absolutely necessary. We’ll see.

    Perez has not looked good at all lately. He’s either can’t find the strike zone with a map, or is giving up hits like crazy. He doesn’t look balanced or sharp in his delivery. At this juncture, I consider him the one weak link in the IronPigs ‘pen. Well, Chapman can get hit, too, but he’s really battled and handled things well when put in some difficult situations.

  20. I predict Gordon might have some early success the first few times out as nobody has seen him pitch, but after the league gets a book on him it doesn’t sound like he’ll be a factor. I wish him luck though, great story.

  21. Leave Herndon in AAA stretch him out to a starter. KK to LHV. Carpenter long man in Philly. Walrond and Edell to LHV. Problem solved except for the continued painful saga of JC and Baez. Any ideas besides see ya.

    1. i ment hamels deliverty and mecanics . very smooth. obviously not lefties great slider.

    2. Carpenter has gotten pounded every time he has pitched in the major leagues… and you want to option Kendrick down, who’s had maybe 3 bad outings all year?

  22. I MEANT secondary to mean, a guy like petits, type not a top flight prospect, or a carpenter type.

  23. Astros ax pitching coach Brad Arnsberg. How the hell does Wade do it?

  24. I am not a Baez fan either, however, his job is to pretty much be what Clay Condrey was (before he was inserted in good roles, of course) and eat up innings in blowout situations. Why waste a Schwimmer-type on that when he can be pitching in crucial situations and then take over in the ‘pen next year? Would you call up say, Jonathan Singleton to be the 5th OF?

    Whole point for major, secondary and fringe prospects is to get valuable ABs, valuable innings pitched and progress only when the level seems “mastered”. I would say mastering a level means hitting/pitching well and getting out of funks, slumps, etc. That’s why I think Singleton struggling is better for him than dominating the SAL. He’s gotta deal with adversity, play through small nicks and bruises, etc. before he becomes the superstar that he could become. I don’t think he’s over-matched, I just think he’s going through a rough patch that he’ll be fine.

    Just my .02

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