Around the System–Middle Infield

Not a whole heck of a lot to discuss in the middle infield from a prospect standpoint. Freddy Galvis and Cesar Hernandez are the two who are on the 40 man roster, while Edgar Duran has been worth watching as well.

Lehigh Valley

Josh Barfield, 28, .271/.309/.389 in 203 AB’s; 4 HR 28 RBI; 7/13 SB; 6% bb rate/18% k rate; .245 vs. LH, .280 vs. RH, .213 with RISP; .344 in May. 53 games at 2B with 4 errors (.983); 4.49 R/F. Barfield has come on nicely at the plate with some key hits over the last month. Defensively he is adequate at best.

Brian Bocock, 26, .220/.266/.262 in 141 AB’s; 1HR 19 RBI; 2/4 SB; 7%bb rate/23% k rate; .114 vs. LH, .253 vs RHP, .308 with RISP; .244 in May. 40 games at SS with 5 errors (.971); 4.35 R/F. His defense continues to be his strong suit, although it has not been quite as strong as in years past.

Kevin Frandsen, 29, Was placed on restricted list for use of performance enhancing drugs and is currently serving a 50 game suspension. Eligible to come off restricted list in early July.


Paco Figueroa, 28, .270/.352/.302 in 63 AB’s; 0HR 5 RBI; 2/3 SB; 11% bb rate/11% k rate; .273 vs. LH, .268 vs. RH, .294 with RISP. 20 games at 2B without an error (1.000); 3.40 R/F. 1 game at 3B and 2 in the OF. Serviceable.

Freddy Galvis, 21, .259/.310/.402 in 230 AB’s; 6 HR 23 RBI; 8/14 SB; 7% bb rate, 14% k rate; .282 vs. LH, .250 vs. Rh, .217 with RISP; .265 in May. 60 games at SS with 11 errors (.961); 4.48 R/F. Galvis has matched his error total from 2010 in less than half of the games played, which is obviosuly problematic for a guy whose fielding is supposed to take him to the majors.  Interestingly, if someone said he would be hitting .260 this year, we would have been very excited.  Still, the talent is clearly there if he can keep swinging a respectable bat.

Niuman Romero, 26, .191/251/.213 in 47 AB’s; 0 HR 4 RBI; 2/3 SB; .333 with RISP. 19 games at 2B with 1 error (.989) and 2 games at SS.

Note: Harold Garcia is on the DL and is out for the year.


Troy Hanzawa, 25, .225/.268/.312 in 173 AB’s; 1 HR 19 RBI; 2/3 SB; 3% bb rate, 20% k rate; .184 vs. LH, .232 vs. RH, .255 with RISP, .215 in May. 56 games at ## with 8 errors (.966); 4.07 R/F. Hanzawa has failed to put up decent numbers for two years now.

Cesar Hernandez, 21 .234/.266/.277 in 184 AB’s; 1HR 15 RBI; 7/10 SB; 4% bb rate, 16% k rate; .188 vs. LH, .250 vs. RH, .245 with RISP. 50 games at 2B with 5 errors (.981); 5.04 R/F. Hernandez has come to life over the passed several weeks offensively and has done a good job in the field, covering a ton of ground.

Fidel Hernandez, 25, .261/.288/.351 in 111 AB’s between CW and Reading; 1 HR 8 RBI; 1/2 SB; 4% bb rate, 8% k rate. 23 games at 2B with 4 errors (.961); 4.64 R/F., 8 at SS and 3 at 3B.  Organizational depth.  Has seen very limited playing time since returning to Clearwater.


Edgar Duran, 20, .264/.300/.362 in 174 AB’s; 3 HR 22 RBI; 6/10 SB; 5% bb rate 16% k rate; .304 vs. LH, .260 vs. RH, .257 with RISP. 50 games at SS with 12 errors (.943); 4.00 R/F. Decent at the plate, needs work with the glove.

Carlos Perdomo, 21, .248/.325/.312 in 141 AB’s; 0HR 13 RBI; 8/13 SB; 9% bb rate 9% k rate; .270 vs. LH, .240 vs. RH, .212 with RISP. 24 games at 2B with 4 errors (.969) 5.13 R/F., 14 games at SS with 1 error (.982), 3 games at 3B. Has played well in the field.  Should see continued playing time.

Alan Schoenberger, 22, .203/.255/.297 in 148 AB’s between Lakewood and CW; 1 HR 12 RBI; 1/2 SB; 6% bb rate 25% k rate; .136 vs. LH, .217 vs RH, .221 with RISP. 33 games at 2B with 5 errors (.963) 3.74 R/F., 5 games at 3B, 4 games at SS.  Schoenberger has had a rough first two months.

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  1. You know, I had not paid attention to Galvis all year (I only follow the minors a little). If he does have plus plus defense at the ML level, hitting a .712 OPS at AA as a 21 year old really is more exciting than I had realized. I say this because if what we are seeing in run production at the major league level is a trend and not a fluke, the day of the all glove little stick SS will be back by the time he’ll be called up.

    As one who watched his share of Ozzie Smith, I would love to see this kid play every day.

    1. The only issue with that is Ozzie was a Plus Plus Plus Plus Fielder :>
      That and he could do backflips.

    2. I like to compare him to Adam Everett who was a solid 2.2-2.5 WAR (or 1.3 to 3.8 if you like B-R’s WAR better) player in the 4 seasons in which he accumulated 400+ PAs. Everett was able to play 11 seasons in the majors because of his ++ defense. He was also the starter on a Houston team that made it to the World Series.

      Weak hitting, good fielding players aren’t the ideal but the Phillies did it in 2008 with Feliz and Ruiz. You can always get away with one in the lineup as long as he plays a premier defensive position.

  2. Maybe some of those errors are due to a bad firstbaseman. Is it Rizzotti or Overbeck who’s playing first for Reading? But perhaps Rizzotti caught Galvis’ throws last year. In any case, he could be in a defensive slump and has the talent to put together a stretch of defensive brilliance.

    1. The one error I saw in person was due to Galvis reaching a ball up the middle but kicking it away as he slid, allowing the runner to reach second base. The types of errors are listed in the box scores so an enterprising person could easily break them down by fielding and throwing type errors.

  3. It’s not unusual for Gold Glove caliber fielders to make a lot of errors their first few years in the majors too – I seem to recall Rolen and Roberto Alomar both having 20+ errors their first year or so. They typically settle down
    Personally, I find myself looking for Galvis in the box scores daily, which I don’t recall ever having done in prior years. So I guess I’m on board the bandwagon too
    – Jeff

  4. If Galvis is projecting power in the teens, it becomes easier to see him in the bigs. Whether that power is stadium related or if he’s figuring it all out I will leave to the scouts or at least people who see him play with any regularity. Anyone fit that bill and have an opinion? Is he wall scraping in a high school stadium or is he really developing some power?

      1. I had not considered the year over year in the same park. I still wonder if he’s actually got real power or “Reading Power”.

  5. If the Phils can sign a good number of the young MIs this same topic will be very interesting in a couple of years.

    Knapp out for season with shoulder.
    I believe Drabeck off 40 man? 52 bbs in around 76 innings 5.60 era.
    Happ 5.04

    Rough year for former Philly system pitchers

    1. Drabek was sent to the minors, but not removed from the 40-man. … Carlos Carasco had his second straight scoreless outing last night, so it wasn’t a total bust for former Phils prospects.

      1. Those were his two longest outings as well. He lowered his era by more than a run to around a respectable AL 4. He’s still a young pup at 24 too.

      2. Others… Gio Gonzalez, Gavin Floyd, and Carlos Carrasco are doing all right. Outman is just getting back… we’ll see how he does. Drabek will be back. This is a rebuilding year for the Jays so time in minors won’t hurt. Happ is struggling though…

  6. According to the Hog-Blog the Yankees have signed Brian Gordon off of the LV roster. He had a stipulation in his contract that as of 6/15 he could leave if a ML team would put him on the 25 man roster. He never had a chance to start with the Phillies but I would have liked to see him get a chance in the BP. He was really very good so far this season at LV.

    1. I just saw a comment about the on and immediately came here to see if there was something about it. It’s great to see the guy get a shot as a pitcher in the big leagues but that is the last team I want to have to root for. I still wish him the best.

      By the way, I also so Ronny Belliard announced his retirement. No even sure if this is worth mentioning.

  7. Brian Cashman (and his team of scouts) seems to be an excellent judge of talent. Freddy Gracia, Bartolo Colon, Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones (I think he’s helped them this year) are all under the radar guys whom he spotted. Pretty excited to see how Gordon does.

    1. Andruw Jones hasn’t been very good but you can add Russ Martin to the list and still have a solid case.

    2. Don’t fret you have Baez to keep you warm. God help me I don’t understand. Gordon would of been more exciting here. Besides he could of help pinchhittting

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