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  1. Biddle with a great start. 9 ks and 3 walks. A little high on the walks but he only gave up two hits so not as bad.

    1. That’s amazing to read that. I think that KG said his stuff plays up out of the bullpen and I have a recollection from people on this site who go to games saying he is more 94-95 but perhaps he can ramp it up to 97 if need be.

      1. Utley does have problems with pitches up and in, but he eliminates the issue by standing on top of the plate.

      1. Basically every right-handed, lefty hitter has a hole up and in. Just swing a bat from the left side, imagine a high inside fastball and you’ll understand why. It just feels awkward.

        I sorta see Brown as a special case- he has enormous reach and doesn’t appear to be afraid of getting hit, (which opponents could change easily) so he dives into everything and successfully pulls outside pitches that most are taught to drive to the opposite field. Sometimes the pitches Brown hits the other way look so far outside, they’re literally off the plate. He lunges at those mid-to-outside pitches, bends his front knee and doesn’t keep his weight back, but it works. Can he keep it up? As long as he sees the ball well and identifies off-speed pitches, I don’t see yet any reason why he can’t. However- opposing clubs know how to exploit tendencies and I don’t.

        Just because Brown’s swing “doesn’t look right” doesn’t mean its wrong for him. He’s been hitting well ever since we stopped fixing his swing.

  2. Yeah that Brown guy sucjks:)

    Question I am really afraid to ask (and if it’s been commented on earlier my apologies – been away for a few days) but where did Mr. Gillies go? Two games at Clearwater and then POOF he’s gone. Hurt himself again? Resting? 🙂

  3. Cesar is getting better…and hopefully he fulfills my expectations: post-Utley 2nd baseman IF Utley goes only 2-3 more seasons. He is again showing his excellent ground covering at/near 2nd base. I’m a fan. Love to see him or Gillies leading off in 2 yrs or so. It’s been a double jump for him; he looks like he’s getting more comfortable with the change. Hoping for Collier in there, too.

    All this speculation is what lends so much flavor to Phillies fans beyond the big club.

    1. Hernandez and Hewitt are headed in opposite directions. Cesar is hitting .357 in his last 10 games with 2 HRs and 7 RBIs. He has 7 Ks and zero BBs in that 10 games stretch. Just from the stats, it looks like he’s gotten much more aggressive at the plate. When he was under .200, I’m sure pitchers were attacking him. Now he’s fought back with his own aggressiveness (is that a word?). Next thing for pitchers in A+ will be to do more nibbling or trying to get him to chase bad pitches. Hopefully Cesar will adapt and I’m sure he will.

      Hewitt on the other hand has been downright awful. He’s 0 – 13 and 2 for his last 25. Going back 9 games, he’s 4 for 37. Just a week or so back, there were guys saying Hewitt should be moved up. I don’t know what to do with him. If he’s taking up a spot on the roster that an Eldemire, Hudson or someone else needs, then I’m lost on what to do with Hewitt. He’s older than Galvis but 2 levels lower. Is there a solution? Is there a Charlie Lau or Billy DeMars out there to help him? Billy’s still alive. Maybe someone can get him to take a look at Hewitt.

      1. Hewitt- it is called a slump, a lull, a dryspell. It happens, that is how a player develops by learning to get around these situations. It is not that some blaze through an entire career with no setbacks. Still a potential HR hitter , should get more consideration than those that potentially offer less. As far as the great inconvenience of Hudson and Eldemire, it is rumored that Eldemire is injured again, but even if not what he and Hudson need is to show something where they are at, which neither has done much of as yet.. Galvis is young for AA. People could pick out age anomalies all day. How’s this? Hewitt is 7 months younger than Cameron Rupp and even with Hewitt’s current slump has produced far better offensive numbers on the same LO-A squad. Rupp, through his placement on various offseason prospect ratings was hailed as quite a find.. Still wouldn’t be a shock if Rupp was bumped down in time for the start of Williamsport’s season on Friday.

      2. We made this happen with my suggestion a couple of weeks ago that you suggest Hernandez get moved down. Your karmic powers are beyond compare!

      3. Don’t say Hudson–he has even more to prove and will need to show something at Williamsport. At his best last season he was” Hewitt lite”

  4. brown to me needs to learn.not every pitch is a homerun pitch, he really tries to kill everypitch,but you can see the power this kid has,hopefully he learns to take the outside pitch to left, has a lot of potential imo.and what a arm.

    1. he took an outside pitch to deep left field where logan morrison made a nice catch in full stride along the warning track in front of the 374 mark… imo you should watch the game and not the highlights

      1. that was the best ball he hit on the night. it was a great pitch and he still crushed it. Morrison robbed him.

      2. same thing i was thinking he crushed that ball if it wasn’t for the wind it could of been a homerun, but logan morrison did make a nice play

  5. tom that was once, he was 2-28 i believe going into the game, just making a observation of what i have seen, hopefully he learns to do that more. if he doesnt they will keep going outside to get him out, i am not against the kid,and I did watch the game and have watch this kid at double a triple a . one at bat doesnt make a solid argument imo. its like someone came on here and tried to defend sardiana with his 438 obs he had only 17 at bats i believe, that made no sense follow his career to see he cant hit.

    1. 28 at-bats doesn’t make a solid argument either. Dom has shown patience at the plate, an ability to hit to all fields, an incredibly quick bat, and tremendous athleticism. Does he have room to improve? Absolutely. Are pitchers going to attack suspected weaknesses? Absolutely. Is this news to anyone? Absolutely not. He’s a rookie. Let him grow.

  6. You missed the Dominican Box: see under schedule game-by-game.
    Not alot to see there, just 4 hits, most by SS Angelo Mora- signed about 10 games back and in 10 games he has a .357 average and that OPS thing is up around .900. Just one thing some might find as a negative 8 errors. Looks like the makings of the long sought by some on here, good hit-no field SS. Is it too early for some of you all to start clamoring for a fast-tracking?

    With the move of Brian Gordon to NYY, possible DL’ing of Nate Bump and the likely Call-up of Worley, at least one pitcher can move up, it seems. I say: Edell to LVIP, Julio Rodriguez to RDG, David Buchanan to CLW, Lendy Castillo can assume spot in LKW rotation and Siulman LeBron to LKW relief.

    Key organizational move: Angel Chavarin to fill in as Clearwater back-up Catcher, freeing up Robert Stumpo to be Catcher at WPT. Looks like Stumpo and Francisco Diaz will man the catching duties while they work in the reputedly newly signed Asche as a Catcher.At least it is to be hoped, as it seems a waste of such a pick in such a draft, for another 1B/LF type and subpar fielder at 3B as some have speculated.

  7. Biddle has been settling down somewhat – his ERA now is just over 4, so he seems to be settling in nicely – similar to Colvin last year.

    It was also nice to see Savery hit a homer. He’s still struggling after his hot start. Hopefully he can normalize his stats some and maintain a .300/.360/.450 line – we’d probably all be pretty happy with those numbers

    1. “we’d probably all be pretty happy with those numbers”

      Sure, if he was 21. But he’ll be 26 at the end of the season, and he’s in A-ball. He needs to hit better than that if he wants to have a big league career. I know he’s had several years off from hitting on a regular basis, but time is not on his side.

      1. True, true – I’m not saying that he’s going to be a top 10 prospect. My expectations going into the year regarding Savery were minimal – that he would be more of a curiosity that we would follow but I fully expected him to be less than mediocre. I still doubt he will be anything more than a lefthanded Greg Dobbs as a ceiling, and (primarily due to his age) will not crack the top 30, but maintaining an ops in the 800s would be a successful year IMO

        – Jeff

  8. 1. OF – Domonic Brown (Phillies) – (.250) 2 for 4 with 2 HR (4) and 2 RBI (11)
    2. RHP – Brody Colvin (Clearwater)- (0-2, 4.70) – 5 IP, 7 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 4 BB and 5 K’s
    7. LHP – Jesse Biddle (Lakewood) – (3-6, 4.03) – 6 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 BB and 9 K’s
    12. 2B – Cesar Hernandez (Clearwater) – (.243) 3 for 5 with a HR (2) and 2 RBI (17)
    13. OF – Domingo Santana (Lakewood) – (.263) 0 for 3 with 2 BB and 2 K’s
    17. C – Cameron Rupp (Lakewood) – (.222) – 1 for 4 with a 2B (8), run and K
    18. OF – Jiwan James (Clearwater) – (.257) – 3 for 6 with a 2B (11), 3B (5), 2 runs, RBI (13) and K
    24. 1B – Matt Rizzotti (Reading) – (.306) – 1 for 3 with a run, 2 BB and a K
    25. RHP – Austin Hyatt (Reading) – (6-43, 4.35) – 5.1 IP, 4 H, 5 R, 5 ER, 4 BB and 4 K’s
    26. OF – Leandro Castro (Clearwater) – (.277) – 2 for 6 with a 2 HR (9), 3 runs and 4 RBI (29)
    27. OF – Miguel Alvarez (Lakewood) –(.287) – 1 for 4 with a run and 2 K’s


    1B – Cody Overbeck (Reading) – (.281) 2 for 5 with 2 K’s
    3B – Carlos Rivero (Reading) – (.261) – 1 for 4 with 2 K’s
    3B – Travis Mattair (Lakewood) – (.158) – 0 for 3 with a BB and K
    SS – Freddy Galvis (Redding) – (.258) –1 for 5
    OF – John Mayberry (Lehigh Valley) – (.282) – 1 for 4 with a run and BB
    OF – Derrick Mitchell (Redding)- (.280) – 2 for 3 with a HR (11), 3 RBI (43) and CS (3)
    OF – Steve Susdorf (Redding) – (316) – 2 for 3 with a 2B (6) and a run
    OF – Joe Savery (Clearwater) –(.302) – 1 for 5 with a HR (2), 2 RBI (24), 2 runs, BB and a K
    OF – Zach Collier (Lakewood) – (.268) – 1 for 3 with a 2B (13)
    OF – Anthony Hewitt (Lakewood) – (.238) – 0 for 4
    RHP – Drew Carpenter (Lehigh valley) – (1-0, 1.79) – 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 BB and 4 K’s
    RHP – Justin Friend (Clearwater) – (2-3, 2.12, 19 SV) – 1 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB and 2 K’s (BS/win)

    1. He’s making my head explode. Left brain: He’s 24 in AA, he strikes out way too much, he doesn’t walk enough, his BABIP is above his career average, he is playing out of his gourd in June compared to OPSs of 750 in April and 727 in May. Right brain: He has four of the five tools and is finally putting it together, he’s continuing the surge he saw in the second half of last year, he plays great defense and is a handsome devil (just look at his picture on milb.com!). I hope he is a late bloomer and his career takes a totally anomalous, Ibanez-like trajectory.

      1. “he plays great defense and is a handsome devil (just look at his picture on milb.com!).”

        FWIW, I learned Derrick Mitchell is white.

        1. Wow I had no idea he was white. I blame the horrible stereotype that accompanies all toolsy players.

      2. His strikeout rate really isn’t that bad. His K/BB rate, on the other hand….

        I think I’m a Derrick Mitchell fan because he represents hope that toolsy player can put it all together, even after a season or two. If D Mitchell can do it, why not Jiwan James? Or Hewitt? Phillies have a lot of young “toolsy” players and it’d be nice to think that some of the ones who haven’t caught fire yet can, even if they’ve been in the system for a few seasons.

  9. – Is it time to give up on the Hyatt as a starter experiment? He seemed to to do better as a reliever.
    – What’s peoples opinion on Colvin? He’s really struggled.
    – For the past 2-3 years I’ve said Carpenter isn’t going to make it at the big league level. But this year he actually seems to be pitching differently. Went to 2 Pigs games and he seemed like he knew what he was doing. Can he make it or whould I just stick with my gt feeling on him as an org guy?

    1. Colvin’s K rates haven’t fallen, his hit rate is the same and his HR rate is lower. The only difference is that he’s walked more batters. Colvin started slow last year and he’s only seven starts into the season so I’m really not concerned at all. He’s at the same spot now as he was before the season started, IMO.

    2. You saw him as a starter. That experiment didn’t pan out, so they switched him to reliever. As a reliever his stuff seems to play up and he has some MLB value as a long reliever. He doesn’t have the best stuff, but he seems to be missing a lot of bats this year and his control has been very good (44 Ks vs 8 BBs in 40.1 IP). My hope is he takes over Kendrick’s spot in the bullpen, and Worley takes the 5th starter spot.

      1. I’m not a KK hater but if Carpenter could replace KK at a cheaper rate that would be great.
        Yeah his stuff does seem to be better in the pen but he’s still has the same breaking pitch or lack there of that caused him to get smacked around in the majors. I’m cautiously optimistic.

        1. I’m not a KK fan, but for a long reliever/spot starter a 3.52 ERA is pretty good. I still don’t want the Phillies to offer him arbitration & would be fine with having a cheaper player replace him next year (possibly Carpenter), but unless he breaks down over the rest of the season I expect we will see him back next year & I am okay with that, even if not thrilled.

          1. He hasn’t been that bad out of the bullpen. He had that one awful appearance against Milwalkee where he didn’t pitch for a week and a half and since then has been solid. I don’t understand what people expect out of Kendrick. He’s not a bad guy to have as a long relief pitcher/spot starter.

          2. Ruben Frank suggested the other night on WIP, KK is fairly marketable throughout the league and would be back somethinbg of added value.

    3. Colvin was injured in huis first start and he was out for a month. When he came back, he was shaking off the rust. Prior to his last outing, the 4 previous starts were pretty darn good. 2.73 ERA over those starts. He has been walking people too much and eventually it catches up with you. His last outing showed that. I think as he gets fully back into the swing, the BBs will come down and we’ll be talking about the top 5 prospect in the superlative again.

  10. Anybody who has watched Dom Brown in the big leagues knows that beyond his numbers, he has had great plate discipline most at bats and has hit a lot of balls hard for outs and foul balls, in addition to his 4 Homers and other xtra base hits. He is doing just fine and although he’ll hit a speed bump or two along the way, he’ll be fine.

  11. Interesting stat of the week comes from the Phils/Marlins last night. the Phils scored 9 runs but were 0 for 2 with RISP. Homers, homers everywhere … and Dom was right in the middle of them.

  12. A little off topic here (maybe a lot but it IS about a prospect) but hit refresh on my Baseball America Darft Database and saw the Phils have signed their second or two second round drat picks. Then my excitement was tempered when I saw a line I had missed previously in his BA write-up: “His best-case scenario as a pro could be as a utility player thanks to his glove.”

    Come on BA – can’t you let me dream a little more than that? He’s a second round pick! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the news from the Darft Database and the drat picks. In a way it was somewhat Darft and to me most of the non-HS picks were Drat picks. As to Harold Martinez being a best case scenario defensive replacement at 3B- nonsense. Who writes those things, probably some staff writer they have who only puts thoughts in print. Opinion not any more valid than that of others who do such things.

  13. Steve B, do you have a link for that? Be great if Quinn was signed this early as it would give him a full season in GCL.

    1. I believe if you get what he typed translated it refers to the 2nd of the 2nd round picks which would be Harold Martinez.

    1. Strange that Lino Martinez made the Crossctters roster, but not Miguel Nunez. What happened to the SS, Malcom?

      1. Martinez is older. And maybe they want Nunez to get a regular turn in the rotation. Nothing really to make of that move other than potentially a positive sign on Martinez.

    2. i find it strange that there are 8 outfielders, 6 3rdbasemen, 1 shortstop, and no one listed as a 2nd baseman,

      1. I think Payton can play some 2b. I think he did when he had a short stay at Clearwater this year.

        1. I think the listings were incorrect regarding Payton. He was drafted as a 2nd baseman and played 2b last year.

      2. Excellent observation – I had not noticed the plethora of 3Bs on the roster. How are they going to get playing time for Martinez, Asche, and Franco, all of whom are ostensibly 3Bs and have upside? I have to assume some of these guys will slide to 1B at times, but it’s not like they can pick up some games in the OF. There are hardly enough ABs to go around for Dugan, Altherr, Hudson, and Eldemire (who starts out the year on the DL).

        Interesting that Walter is on the DL, does anyone know what is wrong with him?

        1. Everything points to Asche being worked into Catcher, with only Francisco Diaz and Stumpo on board. Martinez gets all the time at 3B. Matthew Payton at 2B and Taylor BLack at SS, don’t need to play all the time, to me, and they can shift Maikel Franco back and forth there. Carlos Alonso also at 3B, he can be a reserve. Patrick Murray plays all the time at 1B. Surprised nobody “complained” about last season’s flavor of the month, Christopher Duffy starting off in GCL for 2nd year.

  14. Just read this on KLaw’s weekly ESPN chat — was anyone at the Lakewood game last night to verify (or deny?)

    Ira (New Jersey)
    Hey Keith, I saw Jesse Biddle last night in Lakewood and his velocity was only about 85. How much can a pitcher realistically improve his velocity from Low A until he becomes a “finished product”?
    (1:13 PM)
    If that’s true, it’s a major problem.

    1. I saw Biddle a few weeks ago at Lakewood and he was hitting 91 on the gun, but mostly sitting at 88-89. For what its worth, I thought the gun may have been a click or two slow, but who knows

        1. Thanks for the replies. From everything I’ve read, Biddle was said to be at hi 80s/lo90s. Perhaps it was just a slow-gun at Lakewood last night

  15. I think KK is a different pitcher this year. His location is better and the movement on his pitches is better. His stuff is never going to blow you away, but this doesn’t have to happen. Look at Jair Jurrjens. Remember, KK is young and he is developing. Last year, he held his own. This year I think he has taken a step forward. Or maybe it’s just that the Marlins have zero life. No, he was pitching very well against the Cubs before the rain delay and this year in general has made me like KK more.

  16. wow first round pick and only throws 85 that to me is suprising. dont care if he is lefthanded that velocity is horrible.Can;t see him improving 7-9 miles a hour now,

  17. DPhrey – there is a link to the BA site that shows the updated signing information including what the bonus was. That’s a site for subscribers. I could share that, but then I’d have to kill you, hopefully before PP kills me for sharing restricted content on his wonderful site:)

    All that said, the site below is a BA site that’s free and shows the signed players in bold so as long as you aren’t too into the bonus/slot/over slot stuff this will let you know who is/isn’t signed. And to save you a click – Quinn is not signed yet. Martinez, the second of two second rounders I mentioned above is the highest player signed – and he’s one of all of three signed at this point.


    1. BA is just very slow updating the signings. For example, Brock Stassi signed already but it’s not listed on BA. How do I know he signed? He’s listed on Williamsport’s” roster on their website.

  18. I don’t doubt for a moment that Biddle threw an 85 mph fastball, but supposedly reached the mid 90s in a pre-draft bullpen session and wouldn’t have received a big check if that weren’t true.
    Throwing strikes with consistent velocity is one of the first things any professional pitcher must learn, especially at that age, when they’re still maturing physically. There are plenty of possible explanations for him being clocked so low: it was a two seamer or cutter, he was concentrating on throwing strikes, he’s going through a dead-arm period, he’s working on mechanics, slow gun, etc.

    BUT- it can’t be entirely dismissed either. This isn’t the first report of him being clocked so low. What I would worry about is his physical condition. Everyone likes that Jesse’s such a big kid, but I’d worry about him getting too big; that is- soft. He’s listed at what? almost 240 as a 18 year old? I can’t comment on how well he carries the weight and give him the benefit of the doubt, but most kids gain weight after age 18. I’m not saying he can’t gain weight or suggesting he needs to lose any, but he probably doesn’t have a big-league body yet,(who does?) and could struggle to maintain optimum velocity without his body being in peak condition. Fitness is one of the easiest things to fix, and losing weight could even hurt his velocity, so its definitely not a long-term concern. Even without being in Halladay shape, Jesse’s huge body should pad his velocity if he learns to use his legs properly.

    Actually, his velocity could naturally drop, so thats another thing to consider going forward, with Biddle or any pitching prospect. A national voice(Goldstein?) voiced this last year in response to a question about Biddle’s projectability & said a lot of guys actually lose velocity after high school. Its unfair to single Biddle out; its just easy to because he doesn’t have much room to grow and has such a large velocity disparity from start to start.

  19. This is why analyzing anything on a 1 game level is pointless. I’m sure he threw a pitch 85 today. I’m sure he throw most of his fastballs between 88-92. I’m also sure he’s going to hit the wall sometime soon, if he’s not already hitting it now. High school pitchers in the Northeast aren’t conditioned to throw nearly as many innings as their counterparts in Cali, Texas or Florida. This is his first full season. He’s now thrown 67 innings this year. He threw only 43 last year. I’m sure the Phillies are going to try and cap him between 110-130 this year, so he’s right on schedule.

    Some days guys simply don’t have it. Oswalt’s fastball was 2-3 mph off when he came back off the DL, and he was throwing fine in his last start, velo wise. It happens.

  20. DeFratus promoted to AAA! Makes sense- hopefully this means Schwim gets a shot and Aumont can handle the closer role full-time in Reading. Those three are basically the only prospects that need to be pushed in the short-term, based on performance, need and the impending free agency of most of the big league pen. The success of Worley and Stutes can’t reflect poorly on them either.

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