Mayberry Optioned

It seems that John Mayberry lost the coin toss, as he was optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley with the activation of Shane Victorino from the DL.  The Phillies options appeared to be A) Optioning Mayberry; B) Placing Gload on the DL with his hip issue; C) Optioning Francisco or D) Subjecting Martinez to Waivers and offering him back to Washington.  Mayberry was hitting .231 with 3 HR and 12 RBI to go along with 4 stolen bases.  He had started 12 games in a row, and 16 of the last 17 for the Phils, playing a solid CF in Victorino’s absence.

It seems Mayberry because of his status with options became the easiest answer for the Phils, although in my opinion Martinez is simply a wasted roster spot at this stage.  Although Martinez has versatility, there are many more Michael Martinez out there.  There are also many more John Mayberry’s out there.  However, if the Phils are concerned with putting the best team on the field, a rostered Mayberry should be included.  Late in the game against a LHP, clearly you want Mayberry. He can steal a base and provide depth as a late inning defensive replacement for Ibanez/Francisco/Brown.

In any event, Lehigh Valley will have to make a roster move to make room for Mayberry. The ‘Pigs have several players who have opt out “options” in their contracts coming up over the next month including I believe both Brandon Moss and Delwyn Young.  Unfortunately, the player most likely to be affected by this is Rich Thompson (a personal favorite of mine), who may be headed to Reading in the short term as the Scott Podsednik experiment continues.

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  1. Clearly Michael Martinez is the greatest utility player in the history of baseball. Perhaps we if offered Singleton, Cosart, May and Valle, the Nats would let us keep him?

  2. Stinks for John Jr. Francisco’s been better lately, so it’s hard to argue Jr. really deserved the spot.

  3. I think this move shows more that Amaro fears the long term health of Utley, Rollins, & Polanco more than anything……if Martinez is optioned all they have left is Valdez….Im not saying I agree with the decision, rather this is how I see it.

    1. Agree here with their thinking, especially with Utley playing only about 5 days a week and getting a defensive sub often. I would have picked Gload for this move to buy them a couple more weeks to see if Gload can get healthier. Now both 1B backup options are either off the roster or incapable of playing D. I guess Raul or Utley would play for Howard now if needed.

  4. I would have guessed they would have DLd Gload…..the guy cannot run and has yet to hit an XB hit all year.

  5. Hey guys

    Mayberry, Francisco, and Martinez have all been putrid. There are varying reasons why. None of them is a difference maker. Mayberry has an option left. And will benefit more from regular playing time. Martinez has no option left. And Francisco’s suckitude is partly luck related.

    I like Mayberry too. But this is the 25th man on the roster. The real travesty is Gload remaining on the roster. I assume that will be rectified once Scotty Pods shows he’s ready to go, or Rube finds a better LH bat on the waiver wire.

    1. I agree that Mayberry and BenFran have been putrid…I dont think a word exists to accurately describe how bad Martinez is as a player. “MLB player” is not a word I would use at a minimum.

    2. Mayberry has been putrid? Offensively maybe, but he has excelled both defensively and on the bases. I think putrid is a bit harsh….

      1. Agreed.

        Mayberry certianly has some value. Even if he gives you next to nothing with the bat (which I don’t think is the case, but for arguments sake), he still plays very good defense which has SOME value.

  6. Hard to imagine why they wanted to keep Gload. Why continue to play a player short? Gload has been the missing man.

    1. Not hard at all to imagine why Gload is still on the roster. He is the Phillies best pinch-hitting candidate (faint, faint, praise indeed) until Amaro bites the proverbial bulllet & is willing to send a couple of young pitching prospects from the glut to acquire a more healthy leftthanded hitter than Gload and/or a right-handed hitter who can hit major league pitching–something Mayberry is unlikely ever to master, and something Francisco doesn’t do well enough to be more than the 5th OF.

      My guess is that Gload’s future as a Phillie can be estimated in days, weeks at most.
      But that doesn’t alter the fact that the Phillies need another OF beyond replacing Gload as prime pinch-hitter….and that should involve looking ahead to the 2012 season when Martinez likely will be/should be optioned and beyond Brown in LF & Victorino in CF the Phillies are still going to need a starting LF and a solid 4th OF (who can fill in for Victorino, who invariably is going to be on the DL for some period of time–he always is). Have never understood the fascination with Mayberry on the part of some fans: he simply will never hit enough to make it permanently in the majors…and IMO Franscisco has come to the end of any profitable stay in Philly.

      1. The fascination is immense talent. He has an improved view of the strike zone but needs some coaching to look for certain pitches in certain counts. Runs the bases well, throws well and covers ground. His talent exceeds Francisco’s by a wide margin although he is far from realizing that talent at the plate. He was noticeably more alert in the field this time.
        Martinez is horrible,has been horrible and I will wager will always be horrible.
        An elite team should not make a practice of having the worst player in the majors as often as the Phillies have. See the gnome and mini mart.

  7. As bad as Ben Fran has been he still has a higher on base percentage than Jimmy Rollins! Martinez can’t hit and Gload has been hobbled. I have no problem with Mayberry getting ABs in AAA, but I like his speed on the bench although Charlie rarely pinch runs.

  8. I am disappointed by this move. Here’s how I see it:
    Martinez: keep as insurance for aging infield (but why didn’t he play when Utley was hurt? And how close can he come to replacing the production of All-stars like Rollins, Utley and Polly?). Could be very risky as a backup centerfielder.
    Gload: leads league in pinch-hits. Even singles can spark offense and he has shown som pop in the past. Cannot run the bases and is a poor outfielder, although he is also a fine firstbaseman (but he is now hurt).
    Fransisco: Has more major league experience than Mayberry. Has had success as a 4th outfielder (2010). Baserunning and defense are at best average, without possible improvement ( a guy like Brown may have difficulty with routes, but his athleticism should allow him to at some point become a plus outfielder). He has made some errors and has been caught stealing. He has also been picked off. As an everyday player, Fransisco could not have sustained success at the plate. He hit a ton of pop ups and weak ground balls. His average was unacceptably low. It is possible that he keeps hitting the ball hard but cannot find holes. Ben has options. There is no hope that Fransisco develops into anything more than a 4th outfielder. Will be a liability as a backup centerfielder. He has not shown that he is any better against lefties this year.
    Mayberry: His average is also unacceptably low, but it is higher than Fransisco’s. He too appears that he hits a lot of hard outs. His power is superior to Fransisco’s, even though he has half as many homers as Ben. Mayberry is clearly bigger and stronger than Ben and should have more homers than him in the long run. His low average could be due to pressure he put on himself when an opportunity opened for him when Vic went down. He went into a rut at this point. but at a certain point as he filled in for Vic, I think the trend changed. There is a slim possibility that Mayberry develops into a productive everyday player. The tools- size, power, speed- are there. Mayberry has distinguished himself primarily in the outfield. He should compile more assists than Fransisco because his throws do not take five bounces before reaching the targeted base. He plays centerfield extraordinarily well, drawing comparisons to Andruw Jones and Devon White. His baserunning is also excellent. He is very hard to double up, he can steal it seems whenever he wants to, he can score from second and go first to third. He is dangerous against lefthanders and could be nice to have as Brown continues to be held back by Manuel. He can also play first base. Who is the backup firstbaseman at this point? Not Gload, he’s hurt. Do they have a backup firstbaseman? Howard can’t play every single day.
    The way I do the math, Mayberry stays and Fransisco goes.

    1. Francisco was a nearly full time player for the Indians for two years with a ~.770 OPS and he’s 29. He’s not going to light the world on fire but even if you assume that’s his ceiling it’s more like ‘league average’ than ‘4th outfielder’.

      Mayberry’s clearly got better wheels than Francisco, and he belongs on the roster more than Martinez or gimpy Gload, but anyone who is comparing his fielding to vintage Andruw Jones needs to sober up.

    2. Bocock is a better younger version of Martinez who is sitting in Lehigh. Belliard and Barfield could do the same thing as well. D. Young could do it with terrible defense (not much different really) but a better bat.

      There is zero value in being 3 deep at SS at the MLB level.

  9. Tough situation for Mayberry. I hope he is able to bounce back quickly from this. It’s hard to see the big picture in moments like these.

    Mayberry has grown on me and I believe he has strong break-out potential. His defense, speed and power can’t be denied. His approach at the plate has improved but he still needs to get better at working the count, maintaining focus and getting his pitch. He no longer lunges at every breaking ball away and the better he gets at pitch recognition, the scarier he will be. I’m really pulling for him.

    This move is sure to upset a lot of fans but there’s no way the Phillies should just dump Michael Martinez. He has value. His reserve role as a defender and pinch-runner is an important one. Simply giving him away for a quick fix makes no sense. I’m sure there were conversations with Washington about perhaps keeping Martinez via a trade but nothing materialized. I don’t get the idea the Nats front office is in the mood to do Philly any favors.

    This was a difficult decision but I think the Phillies did the right thing.

    1. Mayberry is a better pinch-runner than him so yeah…

      He has zero value. There is nothing he does that several guys at Lehigh couldn’t easily replace.

  10. I think the move is made for short term AND long term decisions in mind. Short term, Mayberry is not going to play much so more at bats are better in LV than sitting on the bench. He also remains fresh. As mentioned, Martinez, can play almost every position on the field and can run. Long term, I think they think Mayberry can play Left Field and want to develop him more. Some thoughts.

    I still think it is too soon to give up on Martinez. Players are not a dime a dozen that can play so many places on the field (he even pitches!).

    1. Rediculous, Martinez is complete crap IMO. He plays everywhere below average, name one position he plays where you can honestly say he’s got great defense?

    2. An obvious need for when we shoot through the whole pitching staff plus Valdez

  11. gload should have been on the DL..We are winning, and i would have like to keep giving mayberry the chance to put it all together.

  12. All this shouldn’t overshadow the return of Shane’s bat to the lineup.

    Also, this may be the best long-term solution. Fransisco’s game would not benefit from ABs at LV, Mayberry’s will.

    Finally, once we get to the post-season, Martinez and a pitcher will be most likely dropped from the roster in favor of two bench players. Right now, given what’s available in the organization, Orr and Mayberry are my leading candidates.

  13. What I don’t understand is if the Phils like Martinez so much he should have had more opportunities to start at 2B early in the year before Utley came back. Orr and Valdez weren’t setting the world on fire. Very strange. In his defense, he has not gotten consistent AB’s in my opinion to demonstrate whether he can hit or not.

  14. First of all if we have to carry a no hit utility man because chase is not right, thats nuts. i am sure there are better option than martinez. mayberry cant hit we all have seen it, francisco cant hit, and has no arm or range. what he did for cleveland has nothing to do with his failure here. he has shown nothing, this teams needs to find a right handed bat,

  15. Re:Martinez. The best team in baseball carrying a AAAA guy all year so they can stash him in AAA for the next couple years is exactly the opposite reasoning behind the Rule 5 draft. It was intended to force teams to give up talented minor leaguers blocked by good players. I like keeping him around. If the Phils were in last place, I’d say dump him and keep whoever makes the most sense, but while they keep winning, why not hold onto him if for no other reason than to run for Ross Gload when he gets a hit. He’s a versatile fill-in on a team that rarely uses it’s bench for more than hitting for a pitcher, and he could be a trade chip a la Fabio Castro. If it nets you one Matt Stairs homerun, and he doesn’t lose you any winnable games, he’s worth the roster spot.

  16. If the regular 8 come playoff time is what we think it will be (including Ibanez and Brown), our bench of Schneider, Gload, Martinez, Valdez, Francisco, and Mayberry or Posednik for the playoffs is not good enough in the post season. Without a true need right now to add a pitcher either to the rotation or bullpen, and most of the 8 spots in the lineup set, I would be shocked if Ruben doesn’t go get a 2008 version of Matt Stairs type guy or two to add to the bench for October. While Martinez isn’t costing us games now, he is taking up a roster spot from Orr, Barfield, Larish, or Belliard and one of those guys could become a good bench option for the Phils in October but that can’t be decided by how they are playing in AAA.

    1. Bench for the playoffs? Not a big deal. The regular line-up starts every game (other than C possibly), so only PH or late-inning defensive subs needed. Things are tight clearly then but if you lose based on your bench, your starters were clearly not good enough.

  17. Well, to Gregg’s original comment, Thompson’s on the 7 day DL. That makes two years in a row the front office has scr*wed him right at the start of all-star voting. Since he leads the league in SB (with 2/3 the number of AB vs. #2), and is tied for 9th in OBP, he’s still a legit contender for all-star status this year as well. I know where my vote’s going, anybody else want to join me?

  18. Mayberry seems like a good 5th OF. He is a one dimensional hitter: can hit lefty fastballs, but has other useful skills. I was surprised by his excellent fielding at CF. I know he played some the last few Spring Trainings but did not hear much about him and he rarely played CF in the Minors. As a quality CF his value increases significantly. He has decent speed but I am not sure he is a bona fide base stealer like Posednik (was).

    I think he is a great platoon option and hopefully could be a good pinch hitter against lefties. The problem is that Francisco is a better all-around hitter and also happens to bat right handed. He has a better track record and if Gload goes to the DL would be the primary pinch hitting option.

    I find it ironic that the Phillies are so left-handed as hitters (Utley, Howard, Ibanez, Brown) but do not have any decent ones for the bench. Orr and Posednik seem worse than a hobbled Gload. Though Gload basically did not have a fielding position, he will eventually have to go.

  19. if we would ve lost Martinez …we have Belliard Young and Barfield all at Lehigh…I have to imagine all 3 could match the output of Martinez…its not like Martinez is 22 or 23 with a super future ahead of him…I wouldve put Gload on dl for two weeks cause hes not giving us anything with injury…thanks for reading

    1. Don’t forget Pete Orr who also should have stayed on the team instead of Michael Martinez. I like Pete Orr. It seems like he is always giving it his all. He always runs his hardest.

    2. Don’t forget Bocock.. He’s already on our 40 man roster so no other moves need to be made. They must have him on the 40 man roster for a reason.

    1. SUre is, and well deserved. Threw a scoreless inning in relief of Hyatt last night.

  20. I just find the continued bizzare anti-Francisco posts laughable – I can see why people think he is miscast as a regular, though there are worse regular corner outfielders out there. But to suggest for even a second that he be dropped from the 25 man … is beyond absurd. As a fourth OF, his current role, he is one of the best in either league.

    He has been fine – or even better than fine – this year in everything but BA, and that seems to be mainly a matter of luck. Even his defense, by two seperate analytical metrics, has been above average this year.

    This isn’t a knock on Mayberry either. I think Gload should have been DLed instead. Well, not a knock on Mayberry except to the extent that some people here seem to have some pretty bizzare opinions about his potential … based on what? His genes? He is 27 years old, he’s not going to get any better. He has enough pluses to fill a bench role – less well than Francisco in almost every respect, but again Francisco is an exceptionally good 4th outfielder.

    1. No, it has zero to do with genetics. In fact, if it had to do with genetics, without seeing the guy, I’d think he’d be fat and slow like his Dad. He’s not fat and slow – he is highly athletic and runs like a deer. It is this inherent athletic ability that suggest, perhaps (nobody knows for sure, of course, it’s just a hunch), Mayberry might still have some untapped potential. As previously noted, he’s also very useful because he can serve not only as a potential 4th outfielder and pinch hitter, but also a late inning defensive replacement and pinch runner. Ben Francisco is currently a better hitter and may always be a better hitter, but he does not have as broad a skill set as Mayberry, although, admittedly, having a broader skill set does not necessarily mean the guy is a better player (currently, he’s not a better player than Francisco), only that he is more versatile.

      1. I guess I just don’t buy it. Lots of players never reach their “potential.” It’s one thing to look at a raw 23 year old and see room for growth. It another to look at a 27 year old. Sure, not every player follows precisely the same development path. But most of the time, players who appear to improve signficantly after year 27 are (1) illusions of context, (2) illusions of sample size, (3) players who demonstrated minor league skills but took longer than usual to adjust at the major league level, (4) players who didn’t get much of a chance to play in the majors until after they were 27, or some combination thereof. None of those apply to Mayberry. How often does someone with Mayberry’s demonstrated skill level at 27 improve signficantly? Not often at all. Even someone like Ibanez – a classic late developer – put together some pretty good minor league numbers – much better than Mayberry’s.

        I mean, it would be great if you were correct – I hope you are -but IMO if it happens, it is MORE likely to happen if he plays regularly in the minors than sporatically in the majors. So if anything, that’s a reason to send him down.

        Again, not meant to be a knock on Mayberry, who has enough positives to play a decent bench role on a good major league team.

    2. Exceptionally good fourth outfielder? He does not have any plus tools–poor defensively, does not run the bases well, average hitter at best. Very hard to watch. With his weak arm he needs to cheat in more if he ever hopes to cut off a run like he should have last night.
      This team needs a fourth outfielder who can run and throw.

      1. Okay … I continue to be baffled … frankly it is the most bizarre thing I have seen on this site, and I have seen some pretty weird stuff.

        Fourth outfielders are BY DEFINITION below average players – if they were average, they would be regulars. In fact, there are a good number of below average players who are regulars. So maybe part of the problem is a weird kind of unreasonable standard for a fourth outfielder. Sure, he has no exceptional tools – but few 4th outfielders do – or, if they do, they have glaring weaknesses.* Otherwise – they would be regulars for someone.

        So let’s break it down:
        (1) This year, EVEN with very poor BIP luck, he grades out as an average hitter. (wRC+ 99) For his career, he is a bit above average. (wRC+ 105).
        (2) Weak arm? Well, his assist rate per 9 innings in the field is actually a tbit above average – slightly better than Pence, who has been turned into some kind of baseball god around here. Maybe players run on him because his arm isn’t respected, hence the high number of assists? Could be. But again … he is a 4th outfielder.
        (3) Does not run the base well – well that’s a subjective area – honestly there are few people, myself included, whose subjective opinion I trust on this. Certainly not yours. But the one analytical base running metric widely available to the public shows him as a BETTER THAN AVERAGE baserunner. Not fast, but makes smart decisions on the bases.
        (4) “Very hard to watch.” – well that’s it, exactly, thank you for proving my point. A certain group aroind here has developed an odd prejudice againt Francisco, so all of the sudden he is “hard to watch.” Well cry me a river. I care about the team winning, period. Style points mean nothing.
        (5) Defense, which you don’t mention aside from his arm – certain people whose opinion I do not respect have decided he is an aweful fielder. That does not match his reputation among people whos opinion I DO respect. Nor does it match the various analytical defensive metrics, someof which regard him well, some poorly, but on the whole he actually comes out a tad above average. Say average to reflect his reputation. That’s fine for a … say it again … 4th outfielder.

        I decided to look back over the past few years to see how the Phillies’ 4th OF did. You have Geoff Jenkins (cough, cough); Francisco MUCHbetter. 2 years each of Ledee and Michaels – both IMO better than the average 4th OF – but Francisco is better than both. And … maybe this explains it. One year of Jason Werth, one year of Shane Victorio. But that’s not the norm. It’s quite unusual to have players that good as a a 4th OF.

        And really I think that explains it. Doesn’t justify it, but explains it. People hate irrationally hate Francisco … because he isn’t Jason Werth.

        *Which Francisco doesn’t – he is solid if unspectactular pretty much across the board.

      2. And I’d rather have a 4th OF who can hit – and Francisco can – than one who can run and throw (again, not that I buy that he is bad at either, though neither is his strength). Corner OF who can do all 3 are regulars.

        1. Completely agree with you Larrym. I think the Phils are lucky to have Francisco and thought it a very astute move at the time of the Lee trade that RAJ got him. Ben’s numbers in the Majors are comparable to Mayberry’s minor league numbers. Furthermore, Ben’s overall minor league numbers were way better than JMJ’s ever were.

  21. It is time for Kratz to replace Dane. Schneider won’t be back for quite a while and Kratz is doing very well.

    1. Does anyone know if Kratz has serious defensive deficiences or if he has problems managing a game behind the plate? Otherwise, it would seem to me that this guy has superior hitting capabilities for a back-up catcher and, in fact, might be a better hitter than many starting catchers in the big leagues. Can anyone who watches the IPigs regularly shed any insight on this?

      1. I don’t get it. I have seen probably in the neighborhood of twenty ‘Pigs games this year and Kratz is decent calling a game, very good arm and well above average offensively. I dont know how that translates to the majors other then to say it transaltes better then Sardinha.

      2. He’s not on the 40 man and Sardinha was…that’s the main reason they did what they did. Also, Sardinha was more familiar with the staff.

        Stupid? Maybe but that’s the reasoning.

          1. So if they wanted to swap now, which they clearly don’t but let’s dream for a second they did, does Sardinha have an option or would he be put through waivers? I’m hoping he has no options and someone else would take his worthless self off our hands. Loser. Can’t wait to see another run score tonight because he can’t block the plate.

          2. My mistake, I thought he was. It makes no sense other than the comfort factor then.

  22. 1) Martinez does not have to be on any post season roster. Once the rosters expand he is safe so they only need to keep him 2 more months.
    2) Starting at SS next year… Martinez. Don’t laugh, I do not think Jimmy Rollins is on real strong ground here and I think they think Martinez can make the necessary plays.
    3) If D Brown starts to play every day, Mayberry makes more sense playing every day in AAA.
    4) Agree with PP… none of the options for 23, 24 or 25 are playing very well so what does it matter really who gets sent down.
    5) Charlie needs to start playing more small ball because the 3 run home run is not a part of the offense this year. If this is the case, keeping Martinez around makes sense because, a) he is small, b) he plays a lot of positions
    6) Gload is Matt Stairs wihout wheels. On Gload they need to take what h is or replace him. Problem is, there is no money in the budget to replace him. Best bet is moving Kendrick to get a bat and this may be why tey are starting Kendrick this week (showcase or the Pirates one or the other).
    7) They are still in 1s place despite all the injuries and poor hitting. Their farm clubs are doing great too. Someone will hire Ryne Sandberg as a major league manager in the next 12 months and Mark Parent needs to be brough to the majors as Charlie’s replacement in 3 years or so.
    8) Please stop whining about spending money on the draft. The Phillies are tapped out financially from an operaions standpoint (and debt wise too). Besides, the shotgun approach they use to signing in the draft and in Latin America has produced a lot of ballplayers. The logic of spending $5,000,000 on 2 guys versus $5,000,000 on 6 guys when the talent of an 18 year old boy is being evaluated is immutable. There are few sure things in a horse race run in the mud. The Phillies bet the field and it is a smart way to go.

    1. Martinez will never be a starting SS in the Majors and most definitely not on the Phillies. That is the most absurd comment I’ve ever heard someone make. He’s not an MLB caliber player…he just isn’t. He’s most definitely not a starter, let alone a starter on a playoff team. He’s not a young up and coming prospect. He’ll be 29 years old in Sept. He’s a org filler type player.

  23. well im either too dumb for this site or marfis is too smart…but its obvious to me that people wanted martinez gone for his lack of production…and a move of gload to the dl would be an option to buy time before making a decision…so im still going to pass next time a correspondence course is offered on in game management

  24. I don’t think you can judge Martinez based on his current average. He’s not getting regular playing time. The same nonsense was said about Brown last year. The fact is that Manuel said that Martinez made the greatest defensive play he has ever seen in spring training. Manuel compared him to Omar Vizquel and said that he could hit .260. When I look at him, this seems right. I think he could be an everyday player if he is surrounded by other players who can hit for power and drive in runs.
    I wish the Phils had signed Beltre instead of Polanco to play third base. Third base is a power position.
    A key stat for Brown: 5 k’s in 38 at-bats. Polanco has 17 K’s in 221 AB’s. Brown is doing just a little worse than Polly in this area. The sample is still small, but just looking at Brown, he seems to be a guy who, when he falls behind, will work the count or foul pitches off and make solid contact at some point. This makes him more similar to Utley than to Howard. When Howard gets behind in the count, I can’t help but expect him to go down. He’s still extremely productive. But, low K’s for Brown are very impressive for a young player, although, as I said, the sample size is still too small for us to decide what kind of hitter he is. Also, it seems Brown has opposite-field pop that Utley lacks.

    1. I don’t have any problem with Beltre, but replacing Polanco or wishing we had someone else is the least of our problems. The guy is playing a gold glove 3B, has the highest average on the team, strikes out less than anyone in baseball, and is the only true situational hitter we have on this team.

      1. Exactly. And you can’t compare Domonic Brown with Michael Martinez. Brown is 23 year-old blue chip rookie. Martin is a 28 year-old Rule 5 refugee. They don’t play similar positions, they are not of a simlar age and they don’t have similar abilities (one has a lot of ability, the other has some physical skills but questionable ability). It’s a real apples and oranges problem.

        Now, if you want to talk about whether Martinez should compete for a spot if Rollins leaves as a free agent, that’s a different discussion (seems a little strained to me).

  25. If the goal is to put the best team possible on the field then this was clearly a mistake. Martinez just does not belong on a big league roster. Mayberry is better in almost every way but speed.

      1. Well, he does play 1B pretty well.

        The ability to play infield is overrated as we have other guys in AAA that could do that and hit much better than him.

          1. ANd in that scenario, its an issue for just one game and there are options to deal with it like moving Chooch to 3B (which was already done once this year and in the past). Afterward, a move is made and the team is fine. It becomes a weighing of value to the club…Martinez on the bench as a 3rd SS/backup infielder or Mayberry as a 5th OF. Which offers more value on a night to night basis? Mayberry is a faster, better baserunner and a better hitter.

  26. I don’t know, it seems to me that they have four or five guys throughout the minors who could replace Gload today. Rizz, Overbeck, Larish, Bozied. Gload isn’t fit for the field, a few of the above mentioned could play the field a bit and provide some real pop.

    No problem with Mayberry going down. They need to get him on track, best way to do that is play everyday which he will do in AAA. He has something to offer the team, but they can make do without him until he gets back on track.

    Martinez had to stay – either that or find a way to get Orr back up. Need two guys who can play infield.

    1. Kratz might even be able to replace Gload. Then you’ve got a pinch hitter and a third catcher. Something to consider.

      As for the other guys, the only one who I think, currently, would have a prayer of doing well as a pinch hitter would be Rizzotti. I don’t think Overbeck, while he has a ton of power, is sufficiently advanced as a hitter. But, obviously, there’s a good chance Rizz might also be overwhelmed though frankly, having seen him hit and having observed his strategy at the plate, I doubt it.

      1. I’m still puzzled as to Kratz’s lack of opportunity to join the Phils with the injuries to Ruiz and Schneider. Must be because of Sardinha’s familiarity with the current Phils staff.

    2. I really do find the Gload situation mystifying. If you’re going to carry a player who can’t play the field – and IMO with a 12 man pitching staff you should simply never do that – he better be incredible offensively. And Gload isn’t bad, but …

      I asy this as someone who generally does not second guess the team’s roster decisions – there is always a reason and usually a very good reason for their choices. But this one mystifies me.

  27. And Mayberry is back up.. Gload to the PAternity list for at least 4 days and the Phillies recalled Mayberry.

  28. LARRY this is a pennant contention team, how many good teams have a guy as ben for a regular, you must be watching a different player than the rest of us , he has aduqate defense at best, with no arm, no average, ok speed, really he is nothing special. and he should not be on this team.

    1. Mike – the regular argument is MUCH different than the 4th OF argument. He is probably miscast as a regular – though I’d much rather have him than Ibanez – but he isn’t a regular now, he is a 4th outfielder.

      Arguing that he doesn’t belong on this team is … and I have gotten a reputation as a little nasty lately, so I will try to put this diplomatically – is not a credible argument. At all. It is not even CLOSE to the truth. It’s weird, based on no facts, and just plain … bizarre.

  29. Raul Ibanez is close to done, but he is a better offensive option than Ben Francisco for this team. Ideally Ibanez and Mayberry would be used in a platoon in order to maximize what they bring to the table. Ben Francisco should be a bench player, nothing more.

    1. Well you could be right. The team seems to think so, and unlike some here I respect management’s decision making.

      But that doesn’t mean they are always right. My take: first of all, if you are a ride the hot hand kind of person, sure, go with Ibanez. I’m not. That said:

      (1) Offensively, I think it’ mostly a wash, with maybe even an edge to Francisco. But if Ibanez has any edge, it’s not much.
      (2) Ibanez is a horrible fielder. Even though Francisco is only mediocre, he rates a huge edge here.
      (3) Francisco is a right hander, a small but real positive factor for this team.

      I hesitate to rely on WAR, mainly because I don’t fully trust the defensive ratings, especially for partial seasons. But the Fangraphs version of WAR gives a huge edge to Francisco, 0.9 to -0.7. Yes, minus 0.7 for Ibanez, chiefly because of defense. (’s WAR is closer, with still an edge to Francisco. I always cite Fangraphs first for consistency so I am not tempted to cherry pick the better number.)

      But on this reasonable people can differ. To argue that he shouldn’t be on the team at all is a bad joke. Even if you think Mayberry is better (he isn’t), you keep Francisco as the 5th OF and DL Gload.

  30. i realize this is off-subject, but why doesn’t howard hit the ball to the opposite field anymore? is he being pitched differently, or has he just developed bad habits?

  31. While this is certainly not the worst Phillies team ever assembled and it could prove to be the best ever before its all over, but at this point in the season it might be the boringest in the team’s history.

  32. Howard doesn’t hit the ball to any field 80% of the time. The other team after doing the shift, should put the third baseman behind home plate in case he actually foul tips one at some point, which is more likely than him hitting a fair ball at this point.

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