Clearwater Threshers Report (4/25-5/1)

Recap:  The Threshers had a successful week, going 5-2.  Through the first month of the season, they are 15-9, two games behind Daytona in the FSL North.  They started the week by splitting a double-header with Tampa, winning the opener behind Trevor May’s best start of the year.  They then won two of three from Lakeland, with the sole loss being Jon Pettibone’s first of the year.  They’ll head into the new week looking to close out a series sweep of Tampa, having won on Saturday and Sunday.  Just a stat dump this week as time became scarce this weekend.


  • Cesar Hernandez:  0 for 9 (.000), 2 K, BB, SB
  • Jiwan James:  8 for 25 (.320), 2B, 2 3B, 3 RBI, 3 K, 0 BB, CS
  • Joe Savery:  9 for 24 (.375), 2B, 3B, 6 RBI, 3 K, 0 BB
  • Jonathan Singleton:  4 for 13 (.308), RBI, 6 K, 3 BB
  • Leandro Castro:  2 for 9 (.222), K
  • Sebastian Valle:  5 for 19 (.263), 2B, HR, 3 RBI, 5 K, 0 BB
  • Travis Mattair:  1 for 10 (.100), RBI, 2 K, 2 BB, SB
  • Domonic Brown:  7 for 19 (.368), 2B, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 3 K, 2 BB
  • Ebelin Lugo:  4 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 4 K, 0 BB
  • Jarred Cosart:  6 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 3 K, 1 BB
  • Jonathan Pettibone:  5 IP, 5 H, 4 ER, 2 K, 5 BB
  • Julio Rodriguez:  5 IP, 7 H, 2 ER, 6 K, 1 BB
  • Trevor May:  12 IP, 8 H, 4 ER, 14 K, 6 BB
  • Tyler Cloyd:  8 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 9 K, 2 BB

33 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers Report (4/25-5/1)

  1. Early on, the pitching has been disappointing in Clearwater. None of the top prospects have really leaped out the starting gate so to speak. Its very early yet though so its not a major concern.

    1. Yeah, good point. I was more focused on the much hyped big 3 of Cosart, Colvin and May. None have been hot as of yet and Colvin has, of course, been injured. Pettibone has been a pleasant surprise.

      1. J-Rod has been pretty good also. Even though he’s not one of the “top 3”. A few too many walks but he’s also getting his K’s.

  2. There’s been talk that if Brown does well at LV, the Phils will bring him up and platoon him with John Mayberry in left field, in light of Raul Ibañez’ slump. Has Brown played exclusively in right field to this point? If he plays some left field at LV, you can assume they’re grooming him for a platoon.

    1. Defensively, it would make more sense to move BenFran to LF and play Mayberry/Brown in RF based on their past experience at each position.

    2. “There’s been talk” from all of us fans. There hasn’t been any talk from anyone that really matters. The Phils aren’t going to bench or release Raul at this point. If it were to happen, Dom and Mayberry would play RF with Ben playing LF. Obviously, we need Dom to hit well at LHV for a few weeks to make things interesting.

  3. Can anyone tell me about Matthew Payton? I saw him just show up in the box scores May 1st. Could he replace Cesar Hernandez, so Cesar can go to Lakewood, to get his stroke &/or his head back in the game? Or could they swap Jeremy Barnes with Hernandez, since Jeremy’s done nothing in Lakewood (except commit 8 errors)? I’m not sure what Jeremy’s attitude has been since his demotion, but if he is suppose to supply a “veteran” presence, that hasn’t happened @ bat or in the field. I’m certainly not giving up on Cesar, especially with the dreaded SSS, but I’m thinking he could use a “breather” in Lakewood & his defense would certainly play well for that club & their pitchers. How many unearned runs have Lakewood pitchers given up compared to other clubs in the Sally? JMHO but wouldn’t that switch help both players mentally and maybe provide an additional benefit to Lakewood?

        1. As someone noted earlier, Payton was probably just a fill-in. Keep geography in mind. Clearwater is in the same complex as the GCL team while Lakewood, Reading, Allentown are far north. You don’t want to disrupt a player’s living arrangements in New Jersey just to bring him into Clearwater for a week. Easiest just to call someone over.

        2. I’m assuing that Barnes will play 3B until Mattair is back and can also play 2B and SS to spell those guys. How long is Mattair out for?

  4. Derrick Loop career at Clearwater: 5-1 with one save in 24 appearances. 36 IP, 20H, 13BB, 1ER (HR), 39K’s. Lefty hitters batting just 1 for 16 (.067) this season with 6K’s and 1BB. When will someone give this guy a chance to prove himself at a higher level?

    1. Francisco is hitting .265/.354/.439, which really isn’t bad. That’s just a tic over his career line and he’s 29 so I think it’s a pretty good bet he can keep it up. Mayberry’s career AAA line is a little worse than that. Raul of course has been horrible at the plate and in the field so if Mayberry gets starts I hope it’s at Raul’s expense.

      I hope when they do bring Brown up they give him starts against lefties, too. Even if it costs a little production this year, if you want the guy to develop into a star at the MLB level you’ve got to get him regular time against both handed starters.

  5. I hope May gets command and control. I was leary of his demotion last year and was hoping his renewed success at Lakewood would prove to himself he could rely on his stuff. Still has high K rate so no reason to worry yet.

    Dom Brown is pretty good.
    John Singleton is pretty good.
    Joe Savery is also pretty good but needs to go through a full season.
    Cesar Hernandez might need XST then a trip to Lakewood.
    Glad to see Barnes promoted. He needs to be here and hopefully he can get some SS reps, but it seems like he is not much of a fielder. Suprised Schoenberger sent down though.
    Definitely the most exciting of all the levels.

  6. Pitchers are dominating this year?
    The sub Menoza line in MLB is like the MONEY PIT
    POSADA 13MIL .133
    RIOS 12.5 .155
    RAUL 12.1 .156
    CARL 15 .165
    WELLS 26 .170
    K.JOHNSON and even
    DAN (what were they thinking) UGGLA

    Maybe we should count ourselves lucky . We have cheap no hit guys.
    New faces are needed. Mr Brown and Overbeck front and center please

      1. It might be fleeting but its good to see a kid that has struggled as much as Hewitt get some small success as a pro. He’s a damn hard worker who has pushed himself for 3+ years to improve and its good to see at least some very small improvement.

        Good for him.

        1. It would also be nice to see him take a pitch. Not every pitch is to be swung at. He has power so if he learned to be more selective, he’d kick into a whole new level. 3+ years and he hasn’t learned that?

          1. If I were running org. I would at the end of the first year preach that the road to the bigs is defense and plate awareness. And fitness.

    1. The phils obviously like him or they wouldn’t have kept him around this long. Bocock is supposedly really good in the field but Pete Orr is actually doing pretty good as a hitter. I would love to see Bocock replace Michael Martinez though.

      1. I know nothing of Orr but he is hard to watch sometimes. I am ok with your idea also.

        1. I have to think that Bocock could at least break .400 for OPS and he’s a better defender than Martinez.

          Orr has a bit more value than either as he has proven in the past that he can somewhat hit MLB pitching.

          None of the 3 really have much value even as 25th men on a roster.

          1. Zero walks is a bummer. I don’t mind a slap hitter but Ashburn for one was running almost as he hit the ball.
            (I think it made him a tiny bit mad that Mantle could still beat him to first base)

    2. Bocock is MLB-ready as a fielder. Phils like him because he has shown 1 or 2 streaks with the bat, like last August. Chances are slim that that translates into a “light going on” and he becomes an acceptable MLB hitter. He is young enough (26) that Phils are hoping he is a late bloomer. Between him and Galvis, you have to think Galvis, being younger, has the better chance to improve as a hitter, via increasing strength/bat quickness (reported over the winter) and better plate discipline (our perennial hope for almost all Phils prospects).

  7. Jeremy Slayden got released after Matt Miller got sent to Reading. I’d rather have Slayden than Matt Miler.

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