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Around the System–Middle Infield

A first look at the Middle Infield. Look for the report on outfielders Sunday (Note: Stats are thru games of 5/9/11)

Lehigh Valley

Josh Barfield, 28, .237/.269/.281 in 97 AB’s.  2HR 12 RBI, 4SB 2CS,  5% bb rate, 16% k rate, .233 vs. LHP, .239 vs. RHP, .222 with RISP. 26 games at 2B with 2 errors, (.982), 4.23 R/F. Barfield has yet to get it going at the plate and is adequate in the field making the run of the mill play but nothing spectacular.

Kevin Frandsen, 28, .321/369/.505 in 109 AB’s,. 3HR 18 RBI; 6/6 SB; 4% bb rate, 5% k rate, .391 vs. LH, .270 vs. RH, .292 with RISP. 20 games at SS with 4 errors (.951); 3.85 R/F; 3 games at 1B with 1 error; 4 games at 2B without an error; and 3 games at 3B without an error. Frandsen has probably been the MVP of Lehigh Valley through the first thirty plus games providing plenty of punch at the plate and providing solid defense with versatility.  Scrappy, its difficult to not like the way he plays.

Brian Bocock, 26, Only 22 AB’s with Lehigh Valley so far after coming back from wrist surgery in Spring Training.  Hitting .182 in the early going. 6 games at SS with 1 error (.967). Continue reading Around the System–Middle Infield