Around the System–Middle Infield

A first look at the Middle Infield. Look for the report on outfielders Sunday (Note: Stats are thru games of 5/9/11)

Lehigh Valley

Josh Barfield, 28, .237/.269/.281 in 97 AB’s.  2HR 12 RBI, 4SB 2CS,  5% bb rate, 16% k rate, .233 vs. LHP, .239 vs. RHP, .222 with RISP. 26 games at 2B with 2 errors, (.982), 4.23 R/F. Barfield has yet to get it going at the plate and is adequate in the field making the run of the mill play but nothing spectacular.

Kevin Frandsen, 28, .321/369/.505 in 109 AB’s,. 3HR 18 RBI; 6/6 SB; 4% bb rate, 5% k rate, .391 vs. LH, .270 vs. RH, .292 with RISP. 20 games at SS with 4 errors (.951); 3.85 R/F; 3 games at 1B with 1 error; 4 games at 2B without an error; and 3 games at 3B without an error. Frandsen has probably been the MVP of Lehigh Valley through the first thirty plus games providing plenty of punch at the plate and providing solid defense with versatility.  Scrappy, its difficult to not like the way he plays.

Brian Bocock, 26, Only 22 AB’s with Lehigh Valley so far after coming back from wrist surgery in Spring Training.  Hitting .182 in the early going. 6 games at SS with 1 error (.967).


Paco Figueroa, 28, was just acquired last week via trade from the Orioles organization. Hitting .267 in his first 15 AB’s. Has played 3 games at 2B without an error.

Freddy Galvis, 21, .241/.302/.371 in 116 AB’s; 3HR 12 RBI, 5SB 5CS; .286 vs. LH, .227 vs. RHP, .208 with RISP, 7% bb rate 14% k rate. 29 games at SS with 3 errors (.979); 4.72 R/F. Has provided a bit more punch at the plate then that expected and has been typically solid with the glove.

Fidel Hernandez, 25, .266/.304/.328 in 64 AB’s; 0HR 4 RBI; 1SB; 6% bb rate, 9% k rate, .313 vs. LHP, .250 vs. RHP, .188 with RISP, 16 games at 2B with 3 errors (.959); 4.38 R/F. Has also played 3 games at SS without an error and 1 game at 3B with one error. Workmanlike so far for Hernandez who will be spelling Galvis and Figueroa as time goes by.

Note: Harold Garcia is out for the year with a torn ACL and Albert Cartwright has yet to play this year and is on the DL.


Jeremy Barnes, 24, .272/.310/.351 in 114 AB’s between Lakewood and CLearwater; 1HR 14 RBI, 1 SB; 5% bb rate 13% k rate. 13 games at 3B with 4 errors (.907); 3.00 R/F.  15 games at 2B with 6 errors (.914), 4.27 R/F. AFter a difficult first several weeks in Lakewood, Barnes has been hitting well since his call up to Clearwater, playing primarily 3B with Mattair on the DL.  Has had some difficulty in the field at both 2B and 3B.

Troy Hanzawa, 25, .182/.234/.250 in 88 AB’s, 0HR 5 RBI; 1/2 SB; 4% bb rate, 23% k rate; .118 vs. LHP, .197 vs. RHP, .130 with RISP. 28 games at SS with 3 errors (.975); 4.21 R/F. Abysmal offense, solid defense.

Cesar Hernandez, 20, .184/.228/.195 in 87 AB’s; 2/4 SB; 5% bb rate, 21% k rate, .087 vs. LHP, .219 vs. RHP, .182 with RISP. 23 games at 2B with 1 error (.992); 5.22 R/F.  See Hanzawa with defense better than solid, leaning towards very good.

Matt Payton, 23, Has Played in two games and gone 4-6 at the plate. Has played 1 game at 3B without an error and 1 game at SS with 1 error.


Edgar Duran, 20, .255/.294/.330 in 94 AB’s, 1HR 8 RBI; 2/4 SB; 6% bb rate, 21% k rate, .288 vs. LHP, .247 vs. RHP, .238 with RISP. 27 games at SS with 9 errors (.913); 3.48 R/F. Decent at the plate for Duran, who has struggled in the field.

Carlos Perdomo, 21, .317/.356/.488 in 41 AB’s; 0HR 5 RBI; 2/4 SB; 2% bb rate 7% k rate; .200 with RISP; 9 games at 2B with 1 error (.976), 4.56 R/F; 1 game at 3B with two errors; 4 games at SS without an error

Alan Schoenberger, 22, .265/.301/.382 in 68 AB’s between Lakewood and CLearwater; 1HR 5 RBI; 6% bb rate 21% k rate. 15 games at 2B with 2 errors (.957); 2.93 R/F; 4 games at SS without an error and 1 game at 3B with one error

10 thoughts on “Around the System–Middle Infield

  1. You forgot to include that Utley guy who DH’d at Clearwater last night. I’m pretty sure he used to be a 2b with a little bit of range

  2. I agree a whole lot of not much. This could spell some trouble with an aging middle infield in Philadelphia and nothing close to being ready or even being quality enough to get ready some day. Hopefully the draft in less than a month can bring something.

    1. PP can’t always be the one who swoops in to make this point, so here goes:

      There are other ways to fill talent gaps than through the minor leagues, especially in the age of free agency. If having a potential major league regular at every position in the minors is the hallmark of a good minor league system, there haven’t been many good minor league systems in the past 50 years.

  3. Looks pretty bad. Frandsen is Valdez insurance unless Orr continues being pitiful.. Barnes can hit but of course cannot field.

    1. And he’s suspended, which leaves….? A draft, or failing that, an international signing season priority, with some $ behind the effort to get some MI talent to fill the black hole in our system. Rollins and Utley both aging. We need help.

  4. Boy after reading this I am not optimistic about the future of the Phillies. Clearly, we have huge holes in our talent base.

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