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2011 MLB Draft Preview, Part 1

Welcome to my first look at the 2011 draft from the Phillies perspective. In past years, minorleaguebaseball.com had lots of scouting reports and videos available, making it easy to check out a bunch of the top 100 prospects. This year, it seems they’ve decided not to do that, instead just posting a few videos and no detailed scouting reports. Maybe they’ll have more before the draft, hopefully they will. Instead, I’ve had to go and do a bit more digging, hence, this piece being delayed a bit. Also, with the Phillies not having a first round pick, my desire to dig in to the draft has been diminished slightly. That said, its still one of my favorite events of the year, and I have plenty of thoughts. I’m planning on putting up a few more draft pieces before the actual draft takes place, then of course we’ll have an open draft day discussion, and I’ll compile all of the picks, as well as info on all of the picks and then my instant analysis. For now, check below the fold for my first look at the 2011 draft and what to expect from the Phillies.

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