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Schwimer Focused….

Michael Schwimer gave the assembled media, Phuture Phillies included some of his time prior to the game this evening against Gwinnett. Schwimer has been simply dominant lately, going 1-0 with a 0.64 ERA in his last 9 games with a save.  During that same time period, Schwimer has thrown 14 innings, giving up just 2 runs on five hits, while striking out 23 and allowing just one of eleven inherited runners to score.

With his profile continuing to rise on the Philadelphia radar screen and after some early season struggles, Schwimer has turned it around, “I have to give credit to two people on that.  Rod Nichols had tinkered a little bit, a few weeks back with some of my mechanics to get my front side turned in a little more and get more closed off.  I felt I was opening up a little bit early and I was able to be more deceptive to hitters because of that…I also had a meeting with Chuck LaMar a few weeks back and he talked to me about my mental demeanor and being more aggressive…rather than getting to cute and trying to make certain pitches in certain counts.  Those two things have changed the way I have approached pitching this year and it has a lot of positives.” Continue reading Schwimer Focused….

Around the System–Starters

A look at the current starting rotation at each level in the organization. Clearwater, as expected, standing out.

Lehigh Valley

Vance Worley, 23, 5 starts, 2-2 with a 3.51 ERA; 25.2IP 26H 7BB 26K, 1.28 WHIP, 5 HR allowed, .260 opp. avg., 0.96 GO/AO; .143 with RISP; .257 vs. LH, .262 vs. RH.  Clearly the Phils #6 starter, he has pitched well in Lehigh Valley excluding his last outing.

Nate Bump, 34, 8 starts, 2-3 with a 5.44 ERA; 43IP 60H 11BB 23K; 1.65 WHIP; 1.51 GO/AO; .335 opp. avg., .397 vs. LH, .292 vs. RH, .352 with RISP.  It simply hasn’t been pretty for Bump this year, with slight improvement over his last two starts.  He is getting hit hard and often. Continue reading Around the System–Starters