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Michael Schwimer gave the assembled media, Phuture Phillies included some of his time prior to the game this evening against Gwinnett. Schwimer has been simply dominant lately, going 1-0 with a 0.64 ERA in his last 9 games with a save.  During that same time period, Schwimer has thrown 14 innings, giving up just 2 runs on five hits, while striking out 23 and allowing just one of eleven inherited runners to score.

With his profile continuing to rise on the Philadelphia radar screen and after some early season struggles, Schwimer has turned it around, “I have to give credit to two people on that.  Rod Nichols had tinkered a little bit, a few weeks back with some of my mechanics to get my front side turned in a little more and get more closed off.  I felt I was opening up a little bit early and I was able to be more deceptive to hitters because of that…I also had a meeting with Chuck LaMar a few weeks back and he talked to me about my mental demeanor and being more aggressive…rather than getting to cute and trying to make certain pitches in certain counts.  Those two things have changed the way I have approached pitching this year and it has a lot of positives.”

Perhaps most importantly, Schwimer remains focused on the task at hand.  WHen questioned about the potential end of the world, Schwimer joked that he was currently focusing on the Preakness which was scheduled to occur before Worlds End.


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    1. I think Schwimer might be a few weeks away at this rate. The spots held by Baez and Herndon are completely assailable. If Contreras and Lidge get healthy on schedule he’ll have a more difficult path, but set backs happen and other guys could hit the DL. He’s definitely at the top of the list right now.

  1. I think Schwimer is the next guy up in the bullpen. I tend to think the only reason they didn’t bring him up this most recent time is that Herndon is only a very temporary situation until Worley is called up for his start. No point to start Schwim’s clock like that and Herndon is merely blowout insurance to save the rest of the BP with a multi-inning effort.

    Its been nice to have a steady stream of quality relief arms available in Bastardo, Stutes, Worley (when he was a swingman) and Scwhim waiting in the wings.

    1. Herndon and Worley are not competing for a roster spot – at least not yet. Blanton has not yet hit the DL. Once he does, the Phils have made it clear Worley will be promoted to take Blanton’s turn in the rotation.

      At this point, I don’t see Stutes going anywhere. Frankly, I think Baez’s days are numbered and thank God for that.

    2. I doubt the Phillies are worried about starting Schwimer’s service time clock. Worrying about a middle reliever becoming qualified for Super 2 status is a little far fetched.

  2. Another closer candidate in the system? It seems there are numerous young closer around the majors with veterans haning up the spikes or no longer deliverying in the clutch. A good savings for the Phillies versus buying an arm from free agency. Its nice to talk about a couple closer options out of the system.

    1. That works if they ACTUALLY bring prospects up and get them some experience. Schwim or Baez hmmm let me get back to you.

      1. Yeah, it’s clear that the Phillies are really holding back Schwimmer. Probably should have broken camp with him on the 25 man. Clearly he didn’t have anything else to learn in the minors.

        Look, I’m obviously rather sick of the constant carping about the organization – especially in a season where they are in first place despite having 8 key players on the DL for significant time periods. Maybe more on that later. But with regard to the relif staff in particular:

        (1) Two minor leaguers have been promoted because of injuries and are pitching great.
        (2) Two other minor leaguers have been called up for a few games.
        (3) The relief staff as a whole is pitching to a sub 3.00 era.

        And all anyone wants to talk about is Baez. Sigh.

    1. Kemp is certainly an interesting target – better than Pence IMO, for a number of reasons (though ironically enough rather similar to Pence at first glance).

      I think there are a number of reasons it is not realistic, starting with the fact that I don’t think that the current ownership situation in LA is such that trading a guy like Kemp is even possible. Salary is an issue also, not so much for this year but for next year.

      If it is doable, I wouldn’t offer that package, but I can see how you could make an argument for it. On a long term value perspective, that could go down as the second worst trade in team history, but then again it might not, depending upon how the prospects do, and if it gives them another title or two this year and next (it would increase the chances of that), then it might be worth the risk of losing out by a lot in terms of long term value.

  3. If prospects are to be spent personally I would like Span and let Vic sign or not.

  4. Trade Vic…now? Who plays CF? We should realize that he is an essential big part of the defense; nobody plays a better CF. Opposition players do not take that extra base because of his arm. If such a trade should happen, there would be a revolt by the pitching staff!

    Don’t we love his speed on the bases…?…his occasional home run, even though his OBA could improve; and his stolen bases. Switch hitting.

    Don’t see how he’d be replaceable now. He has ’12 in his contract, and then he’d hit FA again. Nobody in the system can be expected to be able to play a good CF by then.

    He surely gets taken for granted by too many of us.

  5. I know that what I am about to say some people won’t like and this has nothing to do with how Schwim performs on the field because I think he is a good pitcher with alot of upside, but I think he needs some help with his demeanor with the fans. I have seen numerous examples at Allentown where he either ignores them all together or when he does sign everything is personalized. I saw one teenager hand him a mini helmet with other players signatures on it and he goes “Too who?” meaning he was going to put the kids name on the helmet. It was obvious the kid was doing a “team” helmet and you just don’t do that. I am all for personaliziation on cards, etc, but to ruin the kids mini helmet, c’mon Mike. I told the kids dad to go home and use some WD-40 on it and it will wipe the name right away. I know signing stuff isn’t really their job, but why is he so worried about someone selling his autograph for 99 cents on Ebay.


      History’s greatest monster list:

      1. Michael Scwhimer
      2. Josef Stalin
      3. Adolf Hitler

    2. He was similar in Reading, an autograph collectors paradise! I collect 1 maybe 2 of decent players and he was known as a stiff and didn’t like signing for adults like myself. I know it isn’t his job, but I buy the tickets, the hats, etc that puts his butt in a nice ride. Just appreciate those that support ur livelyhood.

  6. What you say simply could not be less true. I see the interaction Schwimer has with the fans, the media and his teammates on a very regular basis. Very simply it is all positive. He makes time for the fans. EVERY game, he can be seen signing autograph after autograph along the base lines. What is different about him, is that he actually engages the fans and talks to them. You see “personalization” as a problem. It is PERSONALIZATION. Most couldnt care less who they are signing for. Schwimer actually asks a name. Having been at somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 games that Schwimer has been rostered, I can say that I can never recall him not signing for someone unless there was a circumstance occurring outside his control. In addiiton, there is plenty good that he does behind the scenes for which he seeks no attention, nor approval.

  7. Schwim is a real good guy. Having said that, I don’t expect to see him in Philly for awhile. Contreras will probably be back tomorrow (after throwing in LHV tonight) and that will likely send Herndon back to the minors. Lidge’s return will be later, sometime in June, and sonmeone will have to go then. Neither Baez nor Romero have a stranglehold on their spots while Bastardo and Stutes do as does Kendrick. Can’t ever have too many good pitchers.
    Signing Podsendik likes like a move for the major league team eventually… Anyone notice that Domingo is hitting over 300 in May??

  8. Talked to Schwim in Clearwater, very engaging, down-to-earth, cool guy. Funn, intelligent, interested in people. What kind of asinine BS was that above?

    1. I’m just following this second hand, but it is entirely possible that Schwimmer is a really nice guy, down-to-earth with lots of time for fans, who ALSO has a bit of an attitude with regard to autographs for adults and/or for people who he thinks are going to turn around and put the autographs on e-bay.

      In fact, based on the available evidence (including and maybe particularly his understandable but still intemperate post on the subject last year), I would reach the tentative conclusion that that is indeed the case.

    2. Is it my imagination, or did the autograph post from Schwimmer vanish from the archives?

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