Daily Archives: May 12, 2011

A heartfelt thank you is in order

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, as we’ve reached a rather substantial milestone here at phuturephillies.com, crossing the 6,000,000 hit mark. When this site was conceived at the end of 2006, it was just an idea in my head. If you know me at all, you know I have lots of ideas, and I fail to follow through on 99% of them, its just the way my mind works. This one, proudly, I’ve followed through on, and it wouldn’t have happened if not for the constant support and encouragement I received from the regular readers way back in the beginning of 2007 when the site really started. I’ve learned a lot since then, especially from the people who have contributed here regularly in the comments. We’ve come a long way from 100 hits a day and a handful of comments a day.

There are a billion people I need to thank, starting with the regular writers here: Gregg, Dave, Chuck, Cody, Andy, and for providing daily updates on our Top 30, Ketch. Gregg really deserves a special mention here, as he’s gone well above and beyond the call of duty, especially when I’ve been strapped for time, to provide breaking news posts and detailed information on all of our affiliates, especially at Lehigh Valley. Those who have contributed posts and features before include: Jordan, Ben, and Ryan. Also, the alumni who have moved on to bigger and better things: Kevin, Jeff, Dan, Zac and anyone else I’ve sheepishly forgotten. Gracious thanks go to Todd, who helps maintain all of the rosters and transactions portions of the site, as well as to Rob, who contributed the current banner to the site. Also Chris, who helped me with some of the CSS edits when we moved to the current layout. A special big time thanks to Michael Schwimer, who has provided invaluable content to the site and helped bring it to other avenues, which has no doubt attracted more readers to the site. A thank you to Kevin Goldstein, Keith Law, and the others I can’t mention (their preference) who have provided me with excellent information and opinions on our prospects.

But the biggest thanks of all goes to YOU, the reader, who keeps coming back here every day, even in the depths of winter when we’re scraping the barrel for things to discuss. Even on the deadest of days this winter, the site still received thousands of hits a day. It is this level of dedication and interaction from you, the reader, who makes this place run. I can’t ever say enough thank yous to those who have donated their time, energy and even money to making this site what it is today. It is your dedication and support that made this place what it is and makes me want to improve it and make it even better.

I hope to see all of you (and a bunch of new faces) when and if we hit 7,000,000 and beyond!