Threshers Recap – 7/2//2019

AC on the fritz.  So, this is going to be a very short recap.

I was at the Complex early.  Here’s a condensed version of what I saw.

  • Infield practice included Stott, Cornelius, and Baylor.
  • When they switched to charging balls, red shirts Cornelius and Baylor were waved off the infield much the Baylor’s chagrin.
  • Stott and Lee Sang hit in the second BP group.
  • It’s only BP but Stott has a smooth swing Lee Sang gets his bat thru the zone quickly.
  • After bunting practice, 4 GCL pitchers played pepper … until a coach caught them
  • During PFPs a pitcher seemed to have a problem with his ankle and went into the dugout to check.  Starlyn Castillo came over and helped remove spike and sock and checked his team mates ankle.  That level of concern by a start prospect impressed me.
  • The Phillies signed #30 Dylan Castaneda with what little bonus money they had left.  I saw him at the Complex in workout clothes, in spikes, and with glove heading to the back mounds.

Clearwater (10-5, 46-35)  lost to Fort Myers, 6-0.

Andrew Brown didn’t get out of the first inning giving up 6 runs and the Threshers had to play catch up all night.  Tyler Carr stranded 2 inherited runners and continued to throw 3.1 shutout innings with 3 strike outs.  But, each of 3 relievers gave up a run, stunting any rally.

The Threshers scored a run in the first inning on a ground out.  They closed within 5-3 with 2 runs in the third on RBI singles by Simon Muzziotti and Nick Maton.  They closed within 6-5 with 2 more runs in the seventh on Matt Kroon’s RBI double and Matt Vierling’s sac fly. Muzziotti, Maton, and Duran each had 2 hits.

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.329) assigned to Reading June 21st
  • #5 Spencer Howard (1-1, 2.25) placed on the 7-day IL on May 5th, shoulder soreness
  • #11 Jhailyn Ortiz (.220)
  • #12 Simon Muzziotti (.281)
  • #17 Kyle Young (1-3, 4.29) placed on the 7-day IL on May 1st, TJ surgery
  • #18 Nick Maton (.285) 
  • #19 Rodolfo Duran (.220)
  • #20 Daniel Brito (.241)

Lehigh Valley (39-41)  postponed. 

  • #3 Adam Haseley (.314)
  • #6 Enyel De Los Santos (3-3, 3.54)
  • #7 JoJo Romero (2-2, 9.64) assigned to Reading on May 18th
  • #10 Ranger Suarez (2-2, 5.68) recalled by Phillies on June 19th
  • #16 Cole Irvin (3-0, 2.35)
  • #22 Kyle Dohy (1-4,  6.83)
  • #28 Edgar Garcia (1-1, 1.65) no longer prospect eligible
  • #30 Deivi Grullon (.306)

Reading (10-6, 49-34)  

Game One:  Phils launch 11-hit attack en route to 5-1 win.  Medina gave up an unearned run in two innings.  McGarry shut out the Cats for four innings, 5 strike outs.  Addison Russ struck out the side in the final frame.  Jose Gomez went 2-3 with a HR and 3 RBI.  Bohm and Hall also had 2 hits and one double each.

Game Two:  Phils walk off in OT on Jose Gomez’ 2-run HR.  They had tied the game in the sixth on Grenny Cumana’s RBI single.  Cumana and Josh Stephen had 2 hits each.  Jake Hernandez, Garrett Cleavinger, and Jeff Singer each tossed three innings and combined to strike out 15 batters and hold the Seabirds to 2 hits and no walks.

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.268)
  • #2 Adonis Medina (5-3, 4.02)
  • #3 Adam Haseley (.268) promoted to Lehigh Valley on May 29th
  • #7 JoJo Romero (2-3, 6.38)
  • #9 Mickey Moniak (.266)
  • #13 Arquimedes Gamboa (.171)
  • #15 Mauricio Llovera (3-3, 4.26)
  • #21 David Parkinson (6-4, 3.31)
  • #22 Kyle Dohy (1-0, 0.82) – promoted to Lehigh Valley April 25th
  • #25 Cornelius Randolph (.235)
  • #28 Connor Seabold – placed on the 7-day IL on April 4th

Lakewood (4-9, 33-50)  lost to Delmarva, 8-4.

Kevin Gowdy pitched the final three innings and shut out the Shorebirds on 3 hits and a walk.  The BlueClaws scored 4 runs in the  bottom of the ninth on Cole Stobbe’s solo HR, Be Pelletier’s 2-run HR, and Rafael Marchan’s RBI single.  Marchan went 3-4

  • #1 Alec Bohm (.367) – promoted to Clearwater, 4/29/2019
  • #4 Luis Garcia (.201)
  • #8 Francisco Morales (1-4, 3.60)
  • #14 Rafael Marchan (.263)
  • #23 Dominic Pipkin (3-2, 5.24)
  • #24 Kevin Gowdy (0-3, 3.59)
  • #26 Jhordany Mezquita (2-5, 4.66)
  • #29 Manuel Silva (1-2, 4.97)

Williamsport (4-14)  lost to Mahoning Valley, 7-0 in a rain-shortened game..

The offense produced 3 hits and zero walks

GCL Phillies East (3-3)  suspended in the bottom of the 13th, 8-8.  I imagine the Phillies ran out of pitchers.

The Phillies used 8 pitchers including a catcher.  They had 15 hits.  Wilfredo Flores went 4-7 at the top of the order.  This game will be completed at a later date.  Usually the next time they face each other regardless of venue.

GCL Phillies West (5-2)  beat Yankees East, 4-0 on a combined 1-hitter.

Rixon Wingrove drove in the first run in the third inning on an RBI single.  They added a run in the fifth on a ground out.  And, they padded their lead with 2 runs in the eighth on a wild pitch and Edgar Made’s sac fly.

Brandon Ramey threw four more no-hit innings.  The 18-year-old has not allowed a hit in eight innings this season.  His 7 strike outs and 2 walks raised his season totals to 14 and 3.  I had him around 59 pitches.  His FB was 90-93 mph.  He slipped to 90-91 in the fourth, but  the heat and humidity was pretty gross.

Brett Schulze pitched two innings, gave up a ground ball single through a vacated second base position due to a shift, and recorded 3 strike outs.  His FB was 91-92 mph, but his biggest weapon was an uncle charlie on which he got 2 of his Ks.

Juan Miranda struck out the side in one inning.  His FB was 89-91 mph.  Dalvin Rosario struck out one in one inning.  His FB was 90-92 mph.  Nicoly Pina struck out one in one inning.  His FB was 93-95 mph.

  • #27 Starlyn Castillo has a blister on his index finger and appears to be close to his first action.  The finger is no longer bandaged.

DSL Phillies Red (16-8)  beat Yankees, 7-2.

DSL Phillies White (17-10)  lost to D-backs2, 5-4.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

The rosters and lists are up to date as of June 30th.

Today’s Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)
7/02/2019 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
7/02/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed C Deivy Grullon on the 7-day IL, fractured toe
7/02/2019 – Lehigh Valley placed RHP Tyler Viza on the TIL
7/02/2019 – Lehigh Valley activated C Matt McBride from the 7-day IL
7/02/2019 – Reading placed RHP Mauricio Llovera on the 7-day IL
7/02/2019 – Reading activated RHP Seth McGarry from the 7-day IL
7/02/2019 – LHP Chris Micheles assigned to GCL East
7/02/2019 – Albertus Barber assigned to Williamsport from GCL East
7/02/2019 – Brian Marconi assigned to Williamsport from GCL West
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed Dylan Castaneda, assigned to GCL East
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Esteban Cabrera, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Jean Cabrera, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Jose Colmenarez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Diego Gonzalez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Enyer Graterol, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Fernando Hernandez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Jean Hernandez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Diego Linares, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Raibiently Mercalina, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Jackie Pertuz, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Jesus Querales, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Ricardo Rosario, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Jehisbert Sevilla, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Brahian Silva, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Santiago Torres, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Randy Vasquez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/02/2019 – Phillies signed International FA Giussepe Velasquez, assigned to DSL Red (FUT)
7/01/2019 – Lehigh Valley released CF Lane Adams
7/01/2019 – RHP Blake Bennett assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/01/2019 – RHP Gilmael Troya assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
7/01/2019 – RHP Michael Gomez assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
7/01/2019 – LHP Jhordany Mezquita assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
6/30/2019 – Fernando Salas assigned to Lehigh Valley
6/29/2019 – Carlos Valero assigned to GCL West
6/29/2019 – RHP Jose Taveras assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
6/29/2019 – Clearwater activated RF Danny Mayer from the 7-day IL
6/29/2019 – RHP Gilmael Troya assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood
6/29/2019 – RHP Michael Gomez assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport
6/28/2019 – Phillies signed CF Marcus Lee Sang
6/28/2019 – Phillies signed OF Jadiel Sanchez

55 thoughts on “Threshers Recap – 7/2//2019

  1. Hopefully of the 17 international FA signs there is a gem….a diamond in the rough among them.

    1. Since Juan Samuel in the 1980’s, the Phils have had one of their international signings make an MLB All Star team exactly once. That was Carlos Ruiz, a one time All Star. Says it all to me on that subject.

        1. Franco’s was a significant signing but he was no All Star. For a generation the Phils have not had an international signing become a star, let alone an All Star. That’s beyond a bleak record and I believe it’s unmatched in all of MLB. There are hopes for some current international prospects but that candle of hope has burned for a generation in the case of the Phils without igniting.

          Obviously, if the Phils were having great outcomes in the Rule 4 draft, their lack of success in the international market would mean less..

          1. Trying to compete in the Latin market with the Yankees, Dodgers , Cubs and Red Sox is probably fruitless.
            Besides having the money to throw at the kids…they have the name brand.
            So better to try to get numerous signings….and maybe that one, or sometimes two of the top 30.
            Also have to remember they were virtually out of the large money signings between 2002 and 2011 because of the previous regimes philosophy of trying multiple signings at lesser dollars and also a very tight budget.
            Tocci began another resurrection in big dollar signings again..culminatin with the $4M for Ortiz in 2015.

            BTW…Franco may have been the best LA signing ever by the Phillies…career fWAR of 42

  2. any info on why medina only pitched two innings last night? hope he is not hurt.

    1. I heard that he was just taken out because there was a long rain delay in the middle of the game. If so, there’s no reason for concern.

    1. This is actually an important issue. How valuable Moniak can become as a player will depend, in large measure, upon his ability to begin hitting for significant power. His added strength, his progression in controlling the strike zone and his developing hit tool are all positive signs that he can continue to evolve and grow as a hitter with power. So far, this has been a very encouraging year for Moniak.

      1. I was very excited when I read some of the responses that used Steve Finley and Jim Edmonds as comps for MM.

      2. Power can be measured in two classifications…ISO or strictly HR.
        IMO, Moniak will probably hover in that .180/190 ISO range with plenty of doubles and triples…gap power.
        The HRs may or may not come for another 4/5 years with strength and a different hitting technique involving more lift.
        I look at Christian Yelich…..a physicality profiled player like Moniak who in his first 1500 PAs in the majors did not crack an ISO of .120….then he exploded in his age24 season. Of course the obvious difference is that Yelich had a minor league ISO of approx .185, whereas Mickey Moniak’s hovers below .130
        I like to think Moniak can reach that 180/190 ISO.

        1. Romus, I agree. I have watched a lot of Moniak since he was drafted and have seen a lot of his ABs this year on MILB TV. His triples are mostly down the line or reach the fence in the gap. They are speed triples. They are not one foot from the top of the fence triples. He will never be a HR hitter. He wasn’t advertised that way when he was drafted. He has filled out a lot. Not sure how much more room there is. He doesn’t have the same type of body as a Yelich. Anybody expecting a lot of homers will always be disappointed.

        1. WOW, he is looking strong, could it be that his struggles were tied to his lack of physical strenght? and now that he is stronger we are starting to see his improvement.

  3. Medina? I think it was due to a rain delay,could someone confirm?
    I’m ready for Alex Bohm to go on a A-Bohm home run tear! Very exciting prospect,Reading is the first box score for me to check. Next I look at all plays to see where he hit the ball,and he hits a lot up the middle and to right field! Would love to see his spray chart but I can’t seem to find it.

  4. LKW, since Bohm’s promotion quite a while ago, has been a significant disappointment. In the hitting department there are no LKW batters in the top 20 in anything. Wait… Stobbe, De La Cruz and Pelletier are in the top 20 in Ks. Great, he writes sarcastically. Wait again…there is one guy, Guzman, who is 2nd in SBs. If he’d get on base more, he’d have Gose like numbers.

    On the pitching side, Morales is up there in Ks and Mesquita, Gowdy and McArthur are up there in most BBs.

    On the team stat hitting side, LKW is last in 2B, HRs, Slg%, OPS and RBIs. They are 2nd to last in BA and OBP. At least they’re 3rd in the league in SBs but they are also 4th in the league in most times CS.

    I was hoping by now that the team would shake off a slow start but it’s looking like this is what we have to look forward to all year.

    1. His numbers don’t all jump out at you but Marchan is showing good signs. Hopefully he gets a little stronger or luckier and more of his contact results in hits.

      1. Agreed on Marchan. As long as he is a good defensive catcher, so far it looks like he can hold his own at the plate. He needs to find some pop eventually.

        1. So far, less than a ‘Ben Revere’ catcher.
          No HRs in almost 700PAs…..and an ISO of only .075….even Ben had an ISO of .082 in his minor league career.

  5. I find the Williamsport games very tough to watch. I know at this level it’s about development but when your 24 or 25 years old and still at Short-Season A and not because of rehab but that’s your plateau; it’s time to move on..Give the GCL players a chance…

    1. Okay, smart guy, I challenge you to name all the players on the Williamsport roster who are 24- or 25 years-old. I’ll get you started – Luis Cedeno (0.00, 1.80).

      1. “Okay, smart guy.” Really? Jesus, chill the F’ out… There is small handle full of players who were born in 94′ (1) and 95′ (3) that by now if their still in short season A ball it’s very unlikely they will ascend to the majors or even AAA. I’m just suggesting give the younger kids a chance…That’s’s all….

        1. As of today, there is no 24-year-old player on the Wiliamsport roster. The oldest is Omar Maldonado, who will turn 24 later this month, and who was signed last August. Adam Cox will turn 24 the end of August, was drafted last year. Taylor Lehman will turn 24 the end of December, was drafted last year. So you’re either arguing “Don’t draft college seniors,” or you’re arguing that the Phils should cut bait after less than one season if these guys don’t immediately impress.

          Luis Cedeno is 24 – but he spent 2018 in Lakewood and Clearwater; he’s bounced around this spring, but as of today, he’ in AA Reading.

          1. Also, the Phils have been using the Williamsport roster (which allows 35 players) as a place to “park” pitchers who are really at Lakewood or Clearwater, but for whom they don’t have roster space on those clubs. This is because they have extra starting pitchers assigned to those clubs – so after a pitcher’s start, they’ll sometimes “assign” him to Williamsport (or Extended Spring) for three or four days, and “assign” another pitcher in the other direction. These guys generally don’t actually go to Williamsport; they’re just off the Lakewood or Clearwater roster for a few days.

        2. Really? You’re going to come back at me like that? When you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about? There is no one on the Crosscutters’ roster who is older than 23 now that Cedeno was returned to Reading, So, take your crap elsewhere.

    2. Aparicio is a 19 yo catcher who’s hitting very well. If Marchan or Gutierrez were to move up, I’m sure Aparicio would get the next shot. Corbin Williams has absolute speed to burn. He’s getting on base at a .385 so he can show it. Tatum is a 23 yo but was drafted in the 10th round this year. He’s hitting .333/.438/481 and throw a .919 OPS in there. This is such short season stuff that a trend is hard to determine yet.

      As a team, Wmsprt, pitching isn’t bad. They’re in the top 5 in most categories. Hitting they are in the middle of the pack. Their record doesn’t reflect a team that should be .500 or so. I think it’s a case of hitting well when the pitching sucks and not hitting well when the pitching is good. This should straighten out over time. As for your note that there could be some older deadwood on the team, playing 8 games or 10 games is too soon to pull the ripcord.

  6. Hey Jimmy, after yesterday’s tease, I waited for this recap all day. You said Stott, Lee Sang and Sanchez were about to hit then the rain came and they weren’t able to. So I was excited to know how they hit. I know its only BP, but did Sanchez hit. How hard did they hit em? Were there line drives? Did they hit em opposite field? I heard that Stott can really hit, did he put a lot of balls out? I heard Lee Sang has a lot of power too. Did he get any out? I cant find anything about Sanchez hitting so I would love to know how he hit. You set me up with a great cliff hanger but didn’t deliver the goods because of the broken AC..DANG..

  7. I stayed for the whole doubleheader at Reading last night – 2 hour rain delay 2 innings into the first game was totally the reason why Medina was pulled. Since the second game went into extra innings and I didn’t get home until about 2:45, I’m not quite up for a long write-up so I’ll give three quick bullet points. Please feel free to ask any questions and I will answer as I can (slow day at work fortunately):

    – Medina was sitting around 91-93 and occasionally hitting 95, with breaking stuff low to mid 80s. I couldn’t really tell much about ball movement or command due to where I was sitting. It’s a shame I couldn’t get a full sample size but he looked good.

    – Bohm looks like he might not have a long stay in Reading. The starter in the first game for NH came out throwing 95-96 and overmatched Josh Stephen. Bohm was late on the first pitch he saw and fouled it off. He adjusted on the second pitch and roped it for a single into left-center. In the sixth, he scorched a double into right-center. While hitless in game two, with the team trailing in the sixth, he had a terrific at-bat to draw a one-out walk to start the rally and score the tying run.

    – Addison Russ has struck out all six batters I’ve seen him face in the two games I’ve seen him this past week. Fastball around 96, mid-80s slider. His minor league stats all point towards him being in the Phils (or some MLB team) bullpen next year.

    – Bonus Bullet Point: Not sure how much of a prospect Seth McGarry is, but he had a gutty relief performance. 4 shutout innings, not very dominant but got two DPs to help him out and was able to reach back in the final inning to strike out the last two batters (I believe) and hit 93 on the gun. I remember seeing his splits vs RHB and he was dominant but New Hampshire had a fairly lefty heavy lineup, so kudos to Seth.

    1. Kudos to you for staying thru the whole night.
      Not many I am sure hung around until the end….in wet seats
      A real trooper jeffo.
      And also a very good report.

      1. Thanks Romus.

        For the record, it started raining again just before midnight. At the point my daughter and I moved behind home plate so we could get under cover so we generally stayed dry. She did a quick guestimate and came up with around 112 folks in the stands. As soon as Gomez hit the walk-off, it started downpouring again so perfect timing.

        BTW, in the 8th, Bohm took a called strike around eye-level and was not happy. One of the Reading coaches quickly jumped on the Ump and got himself thrown out but Bohm was pretty incensed and Williams had to protect him (a benefit of an empty stadium was clearly hearing him yell. “ALEC. NO!!!” Bohm ended up striking out swinging on a pitch that didn’t look like a good one and he was pretty incensed.

      2. Yes, thank you for the information. Why did Bohm play 1b and DH and not at third?

        1. Yes, good question. I can see a star prospect getting a blow as DH in 2nd game of double header but why isn’t he playing 3b every game otherwise?

          1. I don’t want mobile players unless they are utility players. Atlanta has 7 position players that never leave their spots. LF will be at third next year, only one.

          2. No idea why he wasn’t at 3B. My thought process is that he should be getting as much reps as possible at his likely MLB position. Two things I suspect are that the Phils want him to have some versatility, but that doesn’t quite make sense since he not exactly blocked by Franko. The other scenario would be that the Phils know he can handle the position and it is only a matter of time before he gets called up so they are playing him at First and DH occasionally to lower his possibility of getting injured. It’s not a particularly good theory but I suppose it is plausible.


        2. What’s the big deal if Bohm played as a 1B or DH for a game? It’s better than giving him a day off. Be concerned when Bohm played at 1B full time. I don’t expect the Phillies to call up Bohm this year. So Bohm has the rest of the year to play 3B. Bohm has been playing 3B for a long time so taking some days off from the hot corner will not hurt his development.

          1. I’m with you Kurdt. While I’ll like to see him get as many games in at 3B, I think the organization feels he is more than capable at third, and my firsthand experience (while limited to one game, albeit a very active one) would confirm that.

            If the guy is a good enough ballplayer, he could handle playing a few different positions. If I’m not mistaken, Kingery and Galvis respectively played 2B and SS almost exclusively in the minors yet came up to the majors with the expectation of being Utility Players.

    2. On Seth McGarry – I’ve seen him in REA last year and he is a prototypical fungible pen arm that projects as a AAAA journeyman. McGarry’s stuff is average-ish (no above average pitch) and his command is hot and cold.

      Luke Leftwich, another fungible pen arm, is the better prospect than McGarry – which shows how marginal McGarry’s ceiling is.

    3. great report, thanks.

      i will be at the reading games in richmond over the weekend and maybe, with the short outing, i will get a chance to see medina pitch.

  8. Another excellent job by jaKe the caKe last night (3 IP, 1 R, 1 H, 0 BB, 5 K). Since May 25, the hefty lefty has totaled 21.2 IP, 2 ER, 8 H, 7 BB, 27 K.

    1. Also pleasantly surprised to hear Brandon Ramey was hitting 93 MPH. As a 6’3″, 170 lb 18 YO, he’s got plenty of room to fill out/add velo. He was actually the #2 kid from his HS team taken by Johnny Almaraz last June. Ramey went in the 30th round. DJ Carpenter was drafted in the 15th round, but didn’t sign. While Ramey has been “lights out” so far for the Phillies, Carpenter was just average (at best) in JUCO year1.

      1. Yeah only 2 starts but impressive early returns. Especially if his fastball is low 90s already. It’s always good to bring in a lot of HS arms; that’s why I’m glad Castaneda signed even though I know nothing about him.

      2. Waylon Richardson (2018 Rd 40 pick) is the pitcher that I’m interest to know how he pitch (hasn’t thrown a pitch yet since drafted). Richardson is a big RHP with a strong arm, he might be a gem in the making.

      3. Ramey as a local Philly kid may really want to get to CBP as soon as possible.
        There may be some extra incentive for him
        He turn down that college commit to California State – Bakersfield….to sign with the Phillies.

        1. Whoa….I was way off by about 3K miles..Martin Luther King Riverside CA HS , not Philly.

    2. Hinkie, I’ve been intrigued by this guy for a while but never see anything posted about him so kinda figured because of his size. Is he considered a prospect? At some point in the future perhaps you could give an update on him and your thoughts.

      1. Boobie … I’ve been a Jakob Hernandez fan since he was drafted. Despite his physique and lack of any velo (upper 80’s), he just continues to succeed (mostly due to his above avg FB). At some point, he’ll hit the wall, but I’m going to continue to hold out hope I see him at CBP some day.

        1. I think he might’ve touch 90-91 a couple times last night, but he does seem to have a good variety of breaking pitches. He is certainly getting decent results as he works through the system. He wouldn’t be the first Plus-sized relief pitcher (Rich “El Guapo” Garces, Aurileo Lopez, Charley Kerfeld, etc)

  9. Glad to see Spencer Howard get thru his possibly last rehab assignment before getting back into the Thresher rotation
    Assume he will get the start vs Palm Beach on Monday or Tuesday.

    1. Howard didn’t have the greatest line (2.1 IP, 3 R, 3 H, 1 BB, 3 K) vs GCL hitters … but … he did K Dalton Pompey (who was there on a rehab assignment) twice.
      Looking forward to seeing him eventually spending some time in Reading this summer.

      1. I think his pitch count limit must have been 50 or so…..the MiLB line i think is incorrect.

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