Clearwater Threshers Recap – 8/19/2018

I am providing this for a discussion of the games played on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I attended the Phillies/Mets game on Saturday.  I don’t know where we stopped, when we got back on the road, or when we arrived home.  I expect that we will have driven about 14 hours on Sunday and that I will be arriving home in the early evening.  I’m sure that I will be in no condition to sit at a computer for a couple hours.

Hopefully, I’ll be at the Complex Monday, and Recaps will be back to normal Monday night.


17 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers Recap – 8/19/2018

  1. Starting to like what I am seeing coming from OFer Matt Vierling.
    Big and strong right handed bat (ISO.172) with above average speed and arm.
    Makes contact with only a 16% K rate…BB rate is 6% and could be better, but not ridiculously bad.
    Phillies may have found another 5th round gem.
    I will like to see how he handles Hi-A pitching next season.

      1. Did notice looking at Veirling’s ND profile…..he was a pitcher there along with Haseley @ VU and Hall @ DBU, when they were in college
        Johnny A. may favor those type of players with that unique collegian versatility.

        Could also come in handy for Gabe in blow out losses or extra inning games. 🙂

  2. Seabold with his best start to his season. That’s 4/5 really good starts for him.
    Altherr seems to finally have found his swing. Zach Green is having AAA success now. He has put himself back on the prospect list.
    The Cwater bullpen has been amazing. Russ leads the way, what avyear he’s had.

  3. It’s sure like Klentak missed on Cole Hamels at the deadline since the Cubbies gave up almost nothing to acquire me. Maybe because Klentak is looking closely at Bailey “baby California Kid Hamels” Falter who pitched another 0 run game last night. Falter is quietly having a good season. Bailey Falter is pitching at 1.80 ERA, 10.2 K/9 and 0.6 BB/9. Falter throws a FB-CB-CU in his pitching arsenal and none of the 3-pitch mix are considered plus yet. But Falter is on 21 yo and 6’4″ and looks really polished since he was drafted and his “pitchability” (command, makeup and feel) is really good, so maybe with time and projection, Falter and the player development teams can develop his stuff to be at least above average and make Falter’s ceiling to a #3.

    1. Though thinking perhaps Matt K.plans on considering resigning Hamels after the season when the Cubs do not pick up his last year under their team option.

    2. Thinking that Klentak is keeping his eye on the ball and remembering that one of the primary goals of 2018 was to evaluate their pitching talent to see what is needed moving in 2019 and beyond. Adding Hamels would have meant that either Pivetta, VV, or Eflin would have been bounced from the rotation into the bullpen or to AAA. All 3 will benefit from the experience of pitching is high-leverage playoff race baseball.

      Hamels has been very good since joining Cubs(he was not good in July when the trade was made) but he’s not a long-term fit in their rotation

      1. I agree with what you said but the Phillies is in a unique situation. Although the contention to NL East happened a year ahead, they need to take advantage of certain opportunities. There’s no better teacher than veteran leadership and the actual situation when each game that the players play counts.

        I might be biased on my opinion since I already wanted to reacquire Cole Hamels almost 2 years ago and moved on from Pivetta and Vinny as bullpen piece since last year.

        1. I assume the signing of Arietta was in part to become the veteran leadership for the rotation My only concern with bringing Hamels back was it would be looked at as an attempt to recapture the past rather than keep the vision moving forward.

          I get and agree with the idea of seizing the unexpected opportunity which is why I’m good with the moves to get veteran position players to help the offense. I just think the pitching staff has acquitted itself rather well and those young guys need to experience the pressure…

          1. and my apologies to all, just realized this is not in the open thread. I don’t like the high-jacking of the daily thread for big league discussions…

          2. At least for me, I don’t think that most expect a 2008 version Hamels assuming Klentak acquired him back. Hamels success with the last great Phillies team and his familiarity with the organization gave him that persona to the be the best mentor to the next group of Phillies rotation particularly Nola, who IMO, share the same make up as Cole Hamels during the WS run. Being a LHP is just secondary,

      2. I could have lived with Pivetta being put to the bullpen as he has been the most inconsistent of the three.

        1. I am not sold on Klentak as the GM as the cost for Hamels and Happ was not that great. If we don’t win the division I believe that this season would be a lost opportunity even if we arrived a year early. You just never know if Nola and the pitching will repeat this season’s performance.

  4. Kyle Dohy significantly jumped in the prospect map after dominating Low A. Dohy took the fast lane although his command is still a work in progress. Despite dominating Low A, Dohy’s BB/9 is 4.5 (which is high). Dohy’s BB/9 improved to 4 when he was promoted to AA, but at AA his BB/9 skyrocketed to 8.3 (and 5.2 BB/9 for 2018). On the bright side, Dohy improved his stuff by flushing a potential plus SL and his FB velo increased by 2-3 mph.

  5. Despite of the Vinny Velo-like issues (command and pitch efficiency), I like what I read about Spencer Howard. I don’t have the chance to catch Howard pitch in LWD yet, so I’m not sure how is his mechanics and delivery. Reports indicated of heavy usage of FB who looks electric at times (sitting 93-96 T98) mixing with some Cutter and good looking SL. CU was not being utilized as much.

  6. Another good game from Luis Garcia going 2 (or 4), 4 RBI, 1R and 1SB slashing 0.363/0.429/0.484 for the year. Hopefully, the wunderkid that the Phillies fans finally deserve.

    Carlos de la Cruz went 3 (or 5) with 1 RBI, 1 R game. de la Cruz strikes a lot and walk at an average rate so he is a high risk high ceiling type of prospect in the likes of Aaron Judge.

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