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Clearwater Threshers Recap – 8/21/2018

So, I’m walking toward the backstop on Ashburn Field and I’m overtaken by Sixto Sanchez. I say, “Hi, Cito!” and he says “How’re you doing, man.” and chucks me on the shoulder. Day made.  I’m very aware of Sanchez’ presence at the Complex.  I watch when he is around to see if I can pick up on anything.  Well today, after talking with his friends among the GCL players, he disappears.  As usual.  I go about watching the game and anything that might be peripherally interesting.  I tweet out things of note.  (I’ll get to those later.)  When what do I see coming out of Spectrum Field.  Sixto Sanchez.  And it looks like he is carrying something.  A glove?  A glove!  A baseball glove! And he’s not carrying it.  He’s wearing it! On his left hand!  And what’s that in his right hand?  A ball.  A baseball!  He veers toward Schmidt Field.  I watch him like a cat.  He veers around the fence into the bullpen area between the fields.  I get ready to change positions.  He continues to the dugout and chats with somebody irrelevant.  Not me.  Not Ray Burris.  He restarts his journey and exits the dugout through the gate.   He has to pass me to get to the club house.  As he approaches, Isay”Great to see a glove and ball in your hands.”  Sixto smiles and says”Yeah, mah” as he chucks me on the shoulder with his glove.  I’m barely audible as I ask, “Wanna have a catch?”  This should have been my lead as I’m sure he didn’t hear me.  He stops to talk to his buddies again as I try to determine where he’s likely to throw.  He’s wearing athletic shoes (sneakers) so the mounds are eliminated.  I suspect that, if he does throw, it’ll be on the back of Roberts Field.  But, it starts raining and the game is halted for about 20 minutes.  Sixto peeks out of the club house once but never comes out again.  I make several sortees to the other side of the Complex building to see if there is anything to see. Nada.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

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