Clearwater Threshers Recap – 8/18/2018

I am providing this for a discussion of the games played on Saturday, August 18, 2018.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

I attended the Phillies/Mets on Saturday.  It was the Phantasy Camp Reunion.  After the game we began the trek back to Clearwater.  I don’t expect that I’ll be able to provide even a basic recap.  But the link is above and this should automatically post some time after midnight.


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  1. Is it just me or does it seem Llovera pitches every other day? I guess not but he’s been very effective in his last 4 starts. Over 18+ IP, he’s given up 12 hits and 5 ER’s with 28 Ks and 4 BBs. He’s won 3 of those games plus a no decision.

    Interesting pitching sequence in the LHV 1st game. Singer started and went 1 2/3 inning and then Irvin finished the game going 7 1/3 innings. There was a rain delay so it the manager must have seen it coming and decided to start Singer then the rain delay comes and it was clear sailing after that. The starter came in and finished the win.

    1. Interestingly, Baseball 2080 recently scouted Lovera and gave him a 50 scouting grade. I was pleasantly surprised to see that as I was unaware that he had that much potential.

      1. When Rosso, Stewart, Jones and Parkinson were pitching really well at LKW, there were some people on this site asking why Llovera was still starting at CLW. He clearly has talent and he’s only 22. Eventually Rosso and Parkinson got the call up but Llovera just keeps humming along. I think he could end up as a reliever but if he’s still a successful starter, let him keep doing it.

      2. Yeah I think the reason that Llovera doesn’t get more hype here is because of the assumption that he’s destined for the bullpen. He’s a hard thrower with a high effort delivery who seems like he’d be best just going with fastball/breaking ball. Could be a back-end reliever.

    2. Yeah the game was started Friday night when it was obvious that there would be a delay. It was finished last light as part of a doubleheader. Smart move not warming up Irvin. Had both starters going, too, but it didn’t work out in extras of the second game partially due to some umpire snafus. I think we’ve got Eickhoff going today on rehab.

    3. I think the game began the day before and was suspende because of lightening and storms.

  2. A while back I noticed Moniaks splits and his hot streak. He had been batting 2nd
    Last night they bat him 5th and he went 0-5. Why tinker with something when it’s clearly working? I’m not a coach Or a scout obviously but I find it weird they make the lineup move.

      1. Green jacket, yellow jacket.

        When I looked at the box score it looked like 5th. Either way, he had been on a hot steak at 2, so why mess with it?

        1. When a player is in the batters box, they are focused on the pitcher. It doesn’t nor should it impact production where he hits in lineup. The two events are unrelated. He had a bad hitting day. Happens. No big deal. Unrelated to hitting 3rd or 2nd.

          1. Oh sorry I’m not a scout
            He could have been trying a bit harder than normal and therefore went 0-5
            He’s going to be a star for the Phillies in two years, just you wait

        2. TrollU,

          I was there. Mickey batted 3d. He also swung and missed badly on curveballs low and away.

  3. Some observations from the Thresher’s game:

    Llovera does have, as Murray succinctly states above, a strong arm. He sat 93-94, touched 95 and 96 frequently and looked as strong in the sixth inning as he did in the first. i suspect he could have pitched a strong seventh if called upon. Maintained good control and seemed to do well on his breaking pitches.

    Mickey Mo swung and missed on pitches low and away. He did that several times Friday, too, but also hit a line-drive home run that night.

    J D Hammer made his third appearance since returning from the DL. He looked good. Got 2-0 counts on the hitters, but also got them all out, including a K, in his inning.

    Got to see the famed Jakob Hernandez for the first time. If he wasn’t so tall, I’d call him roly-poly. Threw between 81 and 88 on the gun. But he got ’em out.

    1. Frank,
      JD, turns 25 next season and was a 4-year college guy, so he has to start to move pretty fast, starting next season…and hopefully it is at Reading.
      As a reliever, and if he can produce, he could get to Philly for a cameo by the end of 2019. The Gabe Express can’t wait for ever.

    2. Don’t ask me why but I like to trace the prospects back to how they were acquired. JD Hammer came from Colorado in the Neschak trade. Rereading the analysis and short stop Jose Gomez was supposed to be the best prospect in the trade. Don’t hear much about him. Does anyone have any insight.

      1. Aside from MLB Pipeline rating him 18 of the Phillies top 30, I know little about him. I believe he has a very good glove but the bat is very weak. Prior to the trade, he hit well in the rookie leagues and A ball. The Phils started him in A+ and he has shown very little with the bat. He’s not going to be in my top 30 and I didn’t see him in Matt Winks recent top 30. He’s still only 21 so I’m not giving up on him but he’s also not worthy IMHO of a top 30 slot.

  4. In the Iron Pigs first game, seven of the eight position players have been on the Phillies. I guess that helps explain AAA’s average age of 28.

  5. Just got done watching Phillies at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Phillies will be playing at Bowman Field tonight in Williamsport.I grew up in Lock Haven 30 miles away, made the Little League Team that lost to a team that was 1 win away from playing in the series. Back in the 60’s used to go to Bowman field where the Phillies AA team played, best player was Richie Allen. They tried him in center field before he went to
    Philly. They made him wear a hard helmet in CF after a few games because the high fly balls would usually bounce off the top of his head.

  6. Almost forgot, I played High School Basketball with Steve Keener who has been with Little League Baseball for 38 years and has been the CEO for quite a few years. The Lock Haven Little League did win the Little League World Series way back in its infancy. The Lock Haven Little League has evolved into the Keystone Little League which played in the series 8 years ago when the nightly attendance was 40,000 and the Phillies were at home and playing in front of 10,000.

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