Clearwater Threshers Recap – 8/15/2018

The Clearwater Threshers (66-54) beat Bradenton, 2-1.  Adonis Medina pitched seven, four-hit, one-run innings.  He struck out a career tying 12 batters.  Alberto Tirado got the win with a scoreless inning.  Jake Hernandez struck out two for his fourth save. 

The Threshers managed just four hits.  They scored two, late-inning runs on a walk, hit batter, sacrifice, a Luke Williams RBI single, and an Arquimedes Gamboa sacrifice fly.  Mickey Moniak had a single in 4 at bats to extend his hitting streak to 9 games.  He has had streaks of eight and seven since July 6th and an eleven game streak earlier in the season.  Since July 6th, Moniak has hit safely in 31 of 37 games. 

GCP Phillies East (26-19) no game scheduled. 

GCL Phillies West (25-21) lost to the Yankees East, 7-4.  Victor Vargas gave up 7 runs in four innings.  Adam Cox and Tom Sutera combined to strike out 7 in four innings.  Rehabbing Alec Bohm went 1-4 with a run scored.  Stoney O’Brien went 3-4 with a double and 2 RBI.  Luis Garcia had 2 hits.

Lehigh Valley (73-49) lost to Durham, 2-0.  Dave Anderson gave up one run on a solo HR in 5.2 innings while striking out six.  Jesse Valentin went 3-4 with a double.

Reading (58-62) lost to Hartford, 7-2.  Felix Paulino gave up all 7 runs in three innings.  Josh Tols struck out three in two innings.  Luke Leftwich pitched three, one-hit innings.  Kyle Dohy struck out three in one inning.  Deivi Grullon (21) and Malquin Canelo (8) hit solo home runs.  The Phils had 2 additional hits. 

Lakewood (76-44) beat Rome, 7-2.  Damon Jones pitched five, one-hit, shutout innings.  He struck out six and picked a runner off first base.  Nick Maton went 2-4 with a grand slam HR (7).  Simon Muzziotti went 2-4 with a double.  Rodolfo Duran went 2-4 with an RBI.  Madison Stokes went 2-3. 

Williamsport (24-32) beat State College, 5-3.  Francisco Morales lasted four innings, striking out six.  The bullpen took over and Austin Ross struck out four in 2.2 innings for the win, Robinson Martinez struck out four in 2.1 innings and earned his first save.  Ben Pelletier had 2 hits including a solo HR (6).  Jake Holmes and Keudy Bocio each had 3 hits and an RBI.  Jonathan Guzman had 3 hits including a double.  Jesse Wilkening had 2 hits including a double and an RBI.

DSL Phillies Red (27-35) beat the Rockies, 7-4.

DSL Phillies White (36-27) beat the Cubs2, 5-4 in a walk off.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Transactions (newest transactions in bold text)

8/15/18–Philadelphia activated C Wilson Ramos from the 10-day DL
8/15/18–Philadelphia optioned C Andrew Knapp to Lehigh Valley
8/15/18–Lehigh Valley released RHP Steve Geltz.
8/15/18–Lehigh Valley activated Drew Anderson from the temporarily inactive list
8/15/18–Lehigh Valley placed RF Jiandido Tromp on the 7-day DL
8/15/18–Williamsport sent 3B Alec Bohm on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies West
8/14/18–Philadelphia sent SS Pedro Florimon on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
8/14/18–Philadelphia optioned SS J.P. Crawford to Lehigh Valley
8/14/18–Milwaukee claimed RHP Jake Thompson off waivers from Philadelphia
8/14/18–Philadelphia recalled RHP Hector Neris from Lehigh Valley
8/14/18–Lehigh Valley placed RHP Drew Anderson on the temporarily inactive list
8/14/18–Williamsport sent 3B Alec Bohm on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies East
8/13/18–Williamsport sent 3B Alec Bohm on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies West
8/13/18–Philadelphia sent SS Pedro Florimon on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies West
8/12/18–Clearwater activated RHP Will Hibbs from the 7-day DL
8/12/18–RHP Blake Quinn assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater
8/12/18–RHP Harold Arauz assigned to Reading from Lehigh Valley
8/11/18–Philadelphia activated 1B Justin Bour
8/11/18–Philadelphia optioned Zach Eflin to Lehigh Valley
8/11/18–Philadelphia sent SS Pedro Florimon on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies East.
8/11/18–Reading sent RHP Mario Sanchez on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies West.
8/11/18–Clearwater sent RHP JD Hammer on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies East.
8/11/18–Philadelphia sent C Wilson Ramos on a rehab assignment to Clearwater
8/10/18–Philadelphia activated SS J.P. Crawford from the 10-day disabled list.
8/10/18–Philadelphia designated RHP Jake Thompson for assignment.
8/10/18–Miami traded 1B Justin Bour and cash to Philadelphia  for LHP McKenzie Mills.
8/10/18–RHP Harold Arauz assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading
8/10/18–Reading   activated 2B Emmanuel Marrero from the 7-day DL.
8/10/18–Williamsport  sent 3B Alec Bohm on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies East.
8/9/18–Bruce Wang signed as an international free agent to a 2019 contract

49 thoughts on “Clearwater Threshers Recap – 8/15/2018

  1. You accidentally wrote that GCL West won their game, Jim.

    Thanks for the write ups as always.

  2. Medina gets me excited with games like this. He just needs to be a bit more consistent but the ability is there.
    Doesn’t it seem like Luis Garcia always gets two hits?
    Jake Holmes is still moving up my list, this kid is really good.

    1. Medina’s 3 of 4 April starts have skewed his overall metrics down.
      His May and June months were dominating.
      July and August’s seven starts , so far, need to be more consistent between great starts and mediocre starts.

  3. With Knapp being sent down it made me wonder why the Phillies saw him as a better catcher than Rupp. I know Knapp will be back up in September and Rupp has not been in the
    Majors since he left Philly but does anyone know what the Phillies saw in Knapp that didn’t see in Rupp?

    1. FWIW, better plate discipline and he is simply younger than Rupp who had reached his ceiling as a major league catcher with below league avg defensive skills as a backup.

      1. also rememeber, looking back, 2018 was supposed to be a year of finding out about players with some small improvement in totals wins. we just happen to be contending when we were not expecting to. so part of the plan was to give playing and developmental time to Alfaro and knapp

        1. srussell…..Alf’s swing and miss is so exasperating to watch.
          Great raw skills…arm, speed, power, together with a great desire and attitude, but when he gets two strikes, forgetaboutit.

          1. OMG ! for sure. its a tough balance. Alfaro, kingery, Crawford , Quinn, ptichers like santos, drew Anderson, Irvin, all needs reps and experience to reach whatever peaks they have but right now the team is in no position to give it to them given the standings

    2. The Phils already saw enough of Rupp to determine that he is a marginal player. No need for the Phils to make a comparison. Knapp is projected to be a back up Catcher where his hit tool should play out as a pinch hitter.

  4. I’m still thinking why Medina and Howard are not promoted yet. Medina got hurt by some HRs this year, despite of the inflated ERA his numbers are still good this year.

    1. i would assume the reason neither of them has been promoted yet is because each of them, while intermittently dominant with big upsides, have been troubled with inconsistency. I would assume they want to see a little of that ironed out first

    2. I’m thinking they are slow playing these guys for now. The system is pretty talented across the board and having guys appear dominant at lower levels may help to increase their intrigue with other clubs should the FO decide they want to make a move or two this off season.

      Probably wrong but a theory none the less

  5. Scheiner should have been promoted two months ago. I think that Joe Jordan feels Lakewood needs his bat in the lineup considering the huge disappointing year Ortiz has had. However, since the minors are about individuals and not necessarily W-L records he should be in Clearwater.

    1. Grullon is projected to be a good defensive catch (which he is since he was signed) with back up catcher profile. Grullon’s offensive breakout will force the Phillies hand to consider protecting him from Rule 5, otherwise, some teams will take a chance on Grullon.

      MattWink rated Grullon as #20 prospect in his updated mid-year prospect ranking. I will probably not rank Grullon that high, but it shows that Grullon is relevant again.

    2. Grullon is 22 yo in his 6th pro year having 1,700+ AB and career 0.250/0.297/0.390 slash. Grullon’s major league number will probably close to his minors number so not bad for a back up Catcher with defensive skills.

      1. Saw that when Klaw posted it. Not very encouraging. I’m chalking that up to we value our prospects far more than they’re actually worth.

        1. Or maybe Keith Law is wrong? I don’t know which it is but I don’t take Keith Law or any other single persons opinion as gospel..

          1. Yeah I’ll go with we’re wrong as hopeful fans as opposed to Klaw and all the scouts he speaks with who watch Deivi night in and night out.

    3. There has been very little talk about Grullon here. He is definitely hitting much better in Reading then he has ever hit before. What about his defensive skills? Does anyone have an informed take on his prospects for the majors?

  6. Has anyone seen any new-ish scouting reports on Moniak or Haseley? Last year – I recall there being concerns over both players from the scouting community. Anyone see a more recent report on either of them?

    The results are obviously better – but where do the scouts stand on them today?

    1. I just asked Lead Prospect Writer, @ Baseball Prospectus. Here is what he said:

      1. I find it interesting that you asked specifically “have you seen Moniak” he replies “the recent reports I’ve heard”

        Isn’t that suspect? Suggests to me that he hasn’t seen him therefore doesn’t have his own opinion to work from.

        1. that is exactly what he is saying. he hasn’t seen him but has spoken with others on his team and that is what he has heard. take from it what you want.

        2. This is fairly common. National guys can’t cover the full country, even those who do this as a full time job (hell pro scouts normally either have an area or set of teams). So they talk to people who do and try and build an up to date picture of the player.

          1. I get it I just don’t value it all that much perhaps. I don’t remember where guys like Mookie Betts ranked or even Matt Kemp back in the day.

            I do remember that Dom Brown was once #4 in all of baseball (I believe) and Byron Buxton was like #1 for quite a while. Not sure if JD Martinez was ever ranked. I’m guessing there are a number of players in the game today who are AS caliber or even above average MLB players who never sniffed a top 100.

            1. DMAR…you rascal, you!.
              1. Betts….one time in the top 100 ….pre-2014…BA @75—-MLB….@ 62…and that was after his Hi-A season and right before his AA/AAA and MLB debut
              2. Kemp…….one time on BA Top 100….all the way up to 96 prior to 2006 rookie season with the Dodgers.

              Hint…RHBers generally get lower ratings than LHBs

          2. @MattWinks – i agree with you on the national guys. That’s why I told Romus before that I think that local guys have better handle about the Phillies prospects than the Callis/Mayo of the world. These national guys will just ask their stuff to gather information and get their evaluation based on that information provided.

            1. KuKo….and I told you…I trust the Callis/Mayo sources, than all the other pundits.
              And I told you why…no need to repeat it again.

            2. Sorry, everytime I see Jose Gomez’s name in the Top 30, I can’t control calling out Callis/Mayo. I can see the logic why Cozens it at #16, but Jose Gomez at #17?!? WT…..

            3. Hey…at one time, Dom Brown was on everyone’s top 5 list……it happens.
              The only drawback I see with…..they are very slow in their re-works and mid-season is not a total re-work, but rather a shuffling of the deck upon trades and prospect transactions between teams in July.
              They do their in depth work in the off-season prior to the upcoming season.
              And as for Jose Gomez……willing to bet he drops on the Phillies prospect chart..

        3. No, but it means all the Milb scouts that have seen him first hand don’t see anything different nor do they see anything to be encouraged by. That’s still not good BTW.

          1. No, it means the contacts that he has haven’t changed their opinion. I am confident that he hasn’t talked to ALL Milb scouts that have seen him first hand…

            Too many make the mistake of taking what these guys say as fact rather than for what they are, informed opinions. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong…

            1. You’re right – there could be one scout out there who doesn’t think MM is a bust. Let’s find him and get his opinion stat.

      2. Just another blow hard that doesn’t see things in person for himself. He must b so smart. Telepathic. Never even heard of that guy.

      3. ” in the recent reports I’ve heard…” hey hack, try going to a game and see something for yourself instead of sitting behind a keyboard. Probably meant that for more than one person

  7. Yesterday, I asked if anyone had heard anything about what was ailing Carlos De La Cruz. He had been MIA for a week and a half. Jim posted he would look into it when he got back to Clearwater (thanks for that, Jim).
    De La Cruz answered my question himself today. What’s ailing him? Apparently, nothing. He got back into the lineup with a vengeance this afternoon. 2 HR’s for the kid !!! IMO, De La Cruz may have the highest ceiling of any bat in the Phillies system.

    1. In the GCL he has 6 HRs , one below the leaders with 7.
      Most are older than him…but one player, a year younger…Anthony Garcia, of course of the Yankees..

  8. And let’s not forget Moniak is second in the league now with 26 doubles and I think is only 2 more away from setting Clearwater record . Such a bust. I think he’s the fourth youngest kid in the league or was anyway with any substantial playing time. I have seen this story before. Seems like the kind of kid that will prove everyone wrong or right however you look at it

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