2018 Post Draft Discussion; June 14th


Gabriel Cotto, the Phillies #7 selection in the 2018 Amateur Draft signed and took part in work outs Thursday morning.  Cotto (pronounced Koe Toe) is a LHP out of the Puerto Rico Baseball Academy.  I met and spoke with his parents this morning.  I also saw Jack Conley (#27) a catcher out of NC State.  Tyler McKay (#16) also signed (I’m sure I saw him at the Complex before I saw the Tweet that he signed).  None of these three are on the Phillies list, yet.  I have updated our tracker.

I watched the position players take BP.  A lot of them have some power, albeit BP power.


The Phillies have reported that 20 of their 38, 2018 Amateur Draft Picks were signed as of June 12, 2018.  On the 13th, word that #9, prep school pitcher Dominic Pipkin was also added to the fold.  All of these signings (with bonuses when reported) are included in the 2018 Draft Tracker.

In addition to the 21 who are reported to have signed so far, I have an additional seven or so on the tracker.  Some have indicated they intend to sign in social media or local news reports. Some have been seen at the Carpenter Complex.  Some have been seen in Philadelphia. Two have declined and are honoring commitments to FSU.  Note that agreements are contingent on passing a physical.

I will continue posting a 2018 First Year Player Draft thread so we can keep all our draft talk in one place.  This is where I will look for any information on signings you uncover and post in the Comments Section.  If you hear one of our new prospects has signed, please share the link here.

Of course, all draft talk is encouraged here.  I will start new threads if/when the number of comments becomes too unwieldy.




10 thoughts on “2018 Post Draft Discussion; June 14th

  1. good use of the underslot money of Bohm to add to the draft that was missing those other early picks

    1. Here are a couple of looks/reports on McKay:

      1. Hinkie how much difference is a 11/.5 to 12/6. I have no clue if its a big difference or not. like this kids size and if he is at 94 already with other good pitches has a nice chance to help imo

        1. It’s just the shape of the pitch. The 12/6 looks like the ball is rolling off a table.
          11th round pick Jack Perkins (who BTW now lists himself as a member of the Phillies organization on his twitter account https://twitter.com/jackperkins9?lang=en) throws a 12/6 CB. It’s an effective pitch. Seems to get lots of swings and misses.

        2. It’s a question of the arm slot that the pitcher throws from. A curve-ball thrown from a high arm slot will go down, a curve ball thrown from a 3/4 arm slot will move diagonally.

  2. … the one that got away 😦

    1. I suppose it came down to John A. scouting staff’s reports on Vierling vs Canning.
      I would like to see what the difference was between the two and what they may have felt was the deciding factor..

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